A/N OK so the wait on chapters may be longer from now on. A review has made me rethink the way i've written this fic, it's not a bad thing, it was constructive, i'm just taking what they said into consideration. In regards to Tom's behaviour, i get that i've written it in a way where it seems sort of normal for a teenager to act that way, when it's not. i didn't understand that the way i wrote Tom is manipulative and emotionally abusive and that it shouldn't be palmed off so casually.

I'm going to try and write this with more awareness but it wont be perfect and for that i apologize. So i'm trying and i do read your reviews and actually think about what yall say so enjoy my bechloe fam. xo


"Dude, no" Beca's shakes her head "I'm not giving it to you" her face hardens as someone gives her that look "as adorable as I think you are, you're not getting any" she remains strong in the face of ultimate cuteness.

Apollo whines softly, his chin resting on Beca's knee, brown eyes pleading.

"I don't know if you understand no but no. I read that macadamia's are toxic to people of your kind" The teenager stuffs the rest of her macadamia cookie into her mouth "Sorry bud" she pats his soft multicoloured fur affectionately.

The German Shepard sighs as though this is his toughest day.

"You read that?"

Beca rolls her eyes "Yeah I read it on a website" she knows Chloe heard her being all weird, talking to her dog as though he understood everything she was saying.

The red head joins the younger girl on the back porch staircase "You do that often? Read articles on dog diets for fun?" She looks over with an amused expression.

The junior snorts "Yeah, for fun. I just didn't want to accidentally kill your dog one day" she looks down at the animal using her knee as a pillow "He keeps following me around, I'm worried that one day, I accidentally drop a piece of chocolate and then boom, the Beale family has a hit out on me"

Chloe falls into a fit of giggles at the ridiculous scenario "You're paranoid"

"No I'm not. Where'd you hear that? Is someone starting rumours about me? Is it my brother? Is it Jesse? Is it you?" Beca rambles psychotically, looking around suspiciously.

Now Chloe is laughing loudly, her head thrown back in amusement "You're so weird, stop"

Beca smirks proudly as she averts her gaze down at the adorable canine "You're the one who insists on hanging out with me, Beale"

Chloe snorts softly "What's does that have to do with you being a weirdo?"

The brunette shrugs "I mean... like people like you and people like me don't really become the best of buds" she clears her throat slightly "Usually..."

Chloe's brow furrows in confusion "People like me?"

"Yes, Red" Beca sighs, she rolls her eyes and ignores the way their shoulders are bumping against each other "People like you"

"You know that's not an explanation, Mitchell" Chloe purposefully smushes herself against her friend "What red heads and brunette's? DJ's and Singers? Extroverts and introver-"

"Dude, I don't know. I mean you're so like..." Beca tilts her head and considers the person next to her "Perky and happy and like..." she scrunches her nose "Pretty"

Chloe's head luls back in laughter "What?" she shakes her head bemusedly "Seriously? You don't think you're pretty, Beca?"

Beca shrugs her shoulders "I don't know, I know I'm not unfortunate looking but I think I'm more of an acquired taste which is fine but you're just like... universally pretty"

"An acquired taste?"

Beca nods "I mean, I know that this is all society telling me that pretty is certain shapes of noses and faces and shit but like conventionally... you're just on another level in my humble opinion"

Chloe giggles, rarely do people make her stomach twist in giddiness "Well Mitchell, if you're an acquired taste then consider my taste acquired"

And that's all they say on that for that afternoon. Mainly because it was getting dark but also because it was clear Beca didn't even know what she really meant when she said 'people like you'.


"You do realise that you're now the one who asks me to come to the games with you right?" Jesse murmurs as he pulls into the schools large parking lot.

Beca's eyes roll in irritation "I'm not even denying that I go to watch Chloe any more. She is my friend ass-hat. I come to all your weird young people short film shit and I go to Olivia's plays. Why is it weird that I support Chloe's cheerleading?"

"It's not weird, it's just that your brother has been playing football since he was a sophmore and you never came to his games until Chloe turned up" The car smoothly fits into a parking spot, Jesse looks at his best friend with a raised eyebrow after killing the ignition.

"I know, I know i'm a terrible sister" Beca growls, she feels an uncomfortable sensation in her stomach, guilt "I wish I loved watching sweaty boys tackle each other to the ground and get all macho but I don't and Tom never really cared if I went or not"

Both teenagers exit the car, looking at each other over the roof "But Chloe does?"

"Well... yeah" Beca swings the door shut and dawdles over to her best friend with a pensive expression "She gets all pouty when I don't"

Jesse likes to think that his lovely best friend intelligent and has functioning eyes but days like this are when he knows that if a giant billboard in bright colours, with the words ' BECA & CHLOE ARE IN LOVE WITH EACH OTHER' hit her square in the cornea, she'd say it was just a friendly eyelash on the loose. "And you can't have that can you?"

"Have you ever seen Chloe's pouty face? It's a face that you don't want to see"

Jesse keeps it to himself that he has seen that face and it doesn't have much of an effect on him but he lets it go... for now "Thanksgiving is next week, what are you doing?"

Beca shrugs "Probably the same as all the other thanksgivings i've had here. Turkey with my dad and Sheila"

"Tom goes to visit his dads family huh?" Jesse asks, remembering that's what usually happens. Tom always comes back with some cool new thing. His dad spoils him for his lack of presence in his son's life.

"Not spending time with Chloe?"

"Nah, her family goes back up to Chicago to visit family" Beca sighs and Jesse thinks he hears disappointment for just a moment "But she said next time she visits, she'll take me"

"Oh... right" Jesse turns his head away from Beca as he can't seem to stop the expression of what the fuck forming. He doesn't mention how weird that is for two friends who have known each other for four months.


"Dude, no way" Beca is standing in the kitchen cooking dinner. It's the day before thanksgiving so Chloe is probably somewhere in Illnois. Toms driving up to his fathers tomorrow morning. Beca was spending her day dreading thanksgiving but now, her mood has done a complete 180 "You actually got me a job?"

Tom chuckles as he sits down at the counter with a bottle of water "Yeah bro, Luke said he'd call you on Sunday"

Beca grins widely, her face lit up like a Christmas tree "Shit dude, that's so awesome. Thanks" she is practically giddy. Which is weird because Beca is never giddy.

"No problems, man. Now you can save for a car" The quarterback smiles at the way Beca is almost jumping up and down, he knows she really wants to be able to drive her own car.

Beca looks down at her phone and then up to her food which is starting to burn "Shit" she turns off the stove before quickly tapping on her phone "You mind watching the food? I've got to go tell Jesse"

Tom nods. Which is then immediately followed by a 17 year old running quickly out of the kitchen and up the stairs.

The phone call between Jesse and Beca is short lived and congratulatory, so the small brunette thinks that she has enough time to make another phone call.

"Hey you" Chloe says with a wide grin, she loves when Beca calls her first.

"Hey guess what"

Chloe is sitting in a rented car with her family, their attention on the red heads phone call "You finally decided to wear glasses in front of me?"

"No I got a – wait why would that be somethin-"

"Don't worry!" Chloe cuts off her friend, she didn't mean to say that, it was just what the red head was thinking about when the Junior called. "You got a what?"

The younger girl makes a mental note to talk about that later "Oh right, Tom got me a job!"

A high pitched squeal screeches through the speaker.

"Dude" Beca holds the phone away from her ear "I like my ears functioning"

"Sorry! I am just so excited! Oh my gosh, you got a job!" Chloe squeals again on a quieter scale "Is it at Luke's station?"


There is some scratching against the microphone on Chloe's end before Beca hears a muffled "I know right!" then the familiar voice is clear again "Mom and Dad said congratulations"

Beca's smile, if possible, just got wider "Oh tell 'em I said thanks"

There's some more chatter on the other end before Chloe returns to the phone conversation "Oh and the twins want to remind you that you owe them $2 each for that bet you lost"

The brunette rolls her eyes playfully "Alright, alright, whatever" she chuckles "Hey i'll message you later, i've got to go cook dinner"

"You better! I'm so happy for you, Becs!" Chloe's sincerity can basically be felt through the phone.

"Thanks Chlo, talk to you soon" And with that, Beca hangs the phone up. The adrenaline fading, being replaced by contentment.

"Babe, you've only been there for two weeks" Chloe says distractedly. She's doing the dishes while her friend is sitting at the counter with a notebook in front of her.

Beca tries to ignore the fact that Chloe just called her babe. She saw the word come out of the red heads mouth and it seemed as natural as though she was saying her name.. "Uhhh... well yeah and I don't think I can stack another record and deal with Luke flashing around his abs every so often. It's too much"

Although she is complaining, she's started saving money for her car, her dad even agreed to pay half if her biology marks stay up.

Chloe drains the sink and dries her hands, she looks at the brunette with both eyebrows raised.


"You really have a problem with Luke showing off his abs?"

Beca's face transitions into an expression of confusion, she swears Chloe knows that while she doesn't mind the company of boys, she does prefer girls... romantically.

The Senior catches the bemused demeanour. "Is Luke not your type?" Sure she's assumed that Beca has an interest in girls but that doesn't mean she has to slap a label on her.

"Oh uh..." Beca sighs, she has literally been parading around for the last 4 months thinking that Chloe knew "Well... not really?"

"Not really? Or not at all?"

Beca doesn't really enjoy the whole process of having to explain her sexuality to anyone, especially girls who look like Chloe. "Well-" she sighs, she just gets all awkward and weird "i don't know- it's just weird and uncomfortable, dude"

Chloe leans on the counter that the brunette is sitting at "Well I can't assume that just because you flirt with Stacie every so often, that you're gay right?"

"Well no, I guess not" Beca leans back in the tall chair, she doesn't like being physically close to people when the topic of conversation is awkward.. "That would be- yeah good point Beale"

"Thank you... Now that that is settled" Chloe winks flawlessly before standing up straight and gripping the edge of the counter "Are you nearly done?" she eyes the book in front of her.

"Uh wha-" The brunette looks down at the book in front of her perplexed, she's not used to people just moving on from that conversation. Even Olivia, whom is bisexual, had a long conversation with Beca about it. "I- uh yes?"

Chloe glares at the page, it's completely empty.

"Dude you were talking to me. It's hard to write a song when you've got someone speaking to you" Beca's music assignment is due at the end of Junior year but it's not something she can just whip up in one night. They have to write a song. Everyone in her music class can either play an instrument or sing so they are marked on the one they excel at. Beca just happens to be good at both but only Jesse and her teacher know that.

"I don't understand this assignment" Chloe reveals, her arms across her midsection. "You have to write lyrics to a song but you're playing the piano?"

Beca can't tell Chloe that she has to do both, that would lead to Chloe wanting to hear her sing. "Yeah... it makes no sense" she looks up at the clock on the wall, it's getting pretty late "I'm going to get in so much shit" she shakes her head, this is the latest she's stayed at the Beale residence before.

Chloe looks up at the clock as well, she sighs. They had a late dinner tonight. Beca is normally home by eight but the family persuaded the two teenagers to go for a walk with Apollo down to the local park. They got home just as the sun had set. "Oh sorry about that... Is your dad going to be mad?"

The younger girl scoffs "My dad? Uh no. Tom will probably give me the third degree though"

"Is he still-"

"Chlo, the only way he'll ever stop being entirely jealous is if we stopped hanging out" Beca closes her book and clicks her pen "So..."

"Which isn't going to happen" Chloe states without hesitation.

Beca's feet land on the floor and she climbs down from the stool that is probably too tall for her "If you insist but I guarantee you, it'd make your relationship a lot more relaxed" She walks towards her back pack which is hanging on a hook next to the twins.

"Well it wouldn't make me happy"

The brunette hears that the voice isn't following her, she turns to see that Chloe's feet are firmly planted in the kitchen, just as is her decision. "Okay... well I guess Tom can keep being jealous" Beca smiles momentarily before turning back to her bag, she takes it down from the hook. The air is still tense, she's not getting those happy vibes that normally radiate off the other girl. She turns again to see that Chloe is still standing still, her expression pouty.

God that pout is like Beca's kryptonite. She sighs loudly, she really can't stand seeing that face. She drops her bag to the floor along with her notebook and pen. "Chlo..." she takes cautious steps towards the red head "What's wrong?"

Chloe's bottom lip is jutted adorably and her eyebrows are scrunched together. She looks like a puppy dog who is a little angry and a little sad. "If I said that we shouldn't hang out any more, you wouldn't even be upset."

Beca steps closer, if this was any other person then that'd be accurate but it isn't any other person, it's Chloe. She thinks back to her attitude and the way she's been acting when a break in friendship is mentioned... "Oh dude, no-" she realises that she's never been out right against seizing communication with Chloe, hell she's even suggested it. "Chlo, you know you're my friend"

"Yeah I know that but I also know that if we were to stop being friends because of Tom, you would be fine"

She's a runner, not a fighter. Hiding emotions is easy when you don't really let yourself get attached to people. She's always been a runner. Run away from confrontation and your problems as fast as you can has always been her motto. Mainly because she's never deemed anything worth the pain.

"Come on, Red, you know that's not true"

"Do I ?" Chloe's arm are tightly crossed across her chest, she really is concerned that Beca doesn't care for her as much as she does. Tom planted the seeds of doubt apparently.

"Why are you saying this?"

"Becaus-" The red head realises that her boyfriend wouldn't like if she discussed their argument with his little sister. "I just feel like sometimes you don't care about me, about this friendshi-"

"Woah" Beca, for the first time ever, initiates physical contact. A hand on the forearm is like a huge deal. "Dude what the heck?" She can see cerulean eyes watering over and if a pout is her kryptonite, then Chloe's tears are like the fatal blows that end her life... or resolve.

"I just- I feel like-"

"Why are you crying?" Beca has never been good at emotional situations such as these, which is why she asks stupid questions and says the wrong things.

"Because I care about you and I want us to be close but you are always pushing me away" Now for the first time ever, Chloe steps away from affection

Half the time Beca isn't even aware of the fact that she pushes people away. Sure she avoids telling people too much about herself and she'll never really tell someone how she truly feels deep down but she doesn't see that as pushing people away, that's just being a private person.

The brunette feels the warmth of Chloe disappear from her finger tips "Chloe"

"Can't you at least tell me that this friendship means something to you? Not my family, not my relationship with Tom, not tutoring but our friendship"

This is around the usual time Beca would be running for the hills with all intent to avoid Chloe for a few days. Emotional confessions and confrontations really don't sit well with her but this is Chloe and anything with Chloe can't be the usual.

Beca steps forward with an apologetic, yet honest expression "I- um – I've never been good at friendships or relationships, I don't know how to talk about my feelings and I'm totally ignorant to what others are feeling but I hate that i've made you feel like this because you mea-"

and then of course. Beca's phone rings. Every thought in Beca's head is in caps locks, the thoughts are along the lines of how this ISN'T A MOVIE.

With another apologetic look towards Chloe and a glare down at the offending item, Beca realises that she can't just hang up because speak of the devil and he shall appear, 5 minutes late but still.

"What?" Beca answers bluntly.

"Woah what's your problem?"

"I'm not sure yet, how about you tell me yours so I can figure out mine"

"Sheez" From the tone of voice, Tom is clearly caught off guard "Alright, calm down. No need to bite my head off. I was just wondering when you were coming home"

"I'll be home when I'm home" Beca replies immediately. After a moment of silence, which she takes as Tom's reply to her unusual show of aggression, she sighs. She's being unfair "Sorry, man. I'll be home in a bit. Don't wait up" and with that she hangs up and looks at Chloe who was watching her with interest.

"Sorry" Beca apologizes with a deep exhale

"It's okay" Chloe nods with an understanding but brief smile. The way Beca snapped at Tom made her think that maybe Beca cares a little more than she lets on.

"I – yeah... okay" Beca doesn't really know what to say now. She was getting all passionate and deep and then she was interrupted which is embarrassing for some reason. Now her anger has dissipated and all she feels is guilt.

"What were you saying?"

Beca thinks back to right before her phone rang "Oh uhh- just that I'm bad at showing it but I do care" she shrugs nonchalantly

Chloe's teeth grind together for a moment, she was about to get this passionate confession of how Beca actually cares about her and their friendship but again, always getting interrupted.

"Okay... Thanks I guess" The redhead sighs in defeat, she'll have to make do with that "Sorry for getting all emotional" she drops her head to look at her feet, she hopes Beca doesn't take this as her being clingy "I know you hate that"

The younger girl steps further into the kitchen, she tilts her head to catch cerulean eyes "Hey" Chloe looks up and she believes she might be having a stroke because Beca has her arms open awkwardly. Beca's offering a hug to Chloe.

Beca never offers hugs to anyone but the younger girl feels like since her words seem to make everything worse, maybe offering something that she knows is important to the red head will help show that she really does care.

With minimal movement Chloe wraps her arms around the shorter girl shoulders, pulling her close to her chest. Her eyes flutter close with content as she feels Beca's slender arms lock around her waist and her chin rest on her shoulder "You're ruining my rep, Beale"

Just two teenage girls holding onto each other tightly, both with soft smiles on their lips.

"Sorry" Chloe realises she has never been so happy to hug someone before.

Meanwhile Beca is trying to ignore how hugging Chloe is slowly becoming more appealing. She shakes the thought out of her head before chuckling "I'm not"


"Hello?" Chloe picks up the phone with a large grin on her face, trying to not laugh when in Beca's present is proving difficult.

"Hey babe, do you wanna come over and watch a movie?" Tom just got back from training, he's showered and fed but now he just wants to spend time with his girlfriend.

"Oh um..." Chloe looks up at Beca who is going through a crate of records. She's sitting on the desk keeping the younger girl company at the radio station, this is the first time she's managed to convince Beca to let her visit.

The brunette who was meant to finish this crate twenty minutes ago is smirking, she's listening to the hesitation in her friends voice and the way the red head is staring at her. It's amusing for some reason unknown to the younger girl.

If Chloe's pout is Beca's Kryptonite then Beca's smirk is Chloe's. "Sorry baby, i'm just at-"

A small squeak sounds from the smaller girl, Chloe's brow furrows as she sees that her friend is shaking her head and dragging her thumb across her neck suggestively.

"I'm just about to take the twins to soccer training?" It sounds like a question but if Tom notices he doesn't say anything.

"Oh... okay babe" Sure Tom is a little disappointed that he won't be able to see his girlfriend tonight but if she's busy then there's not much that can be done about that.

"I'll see you tomorrow" Chloe is still watching Beca do her job and Beca is still smirking because she knows that training is tomorrow not today.

"Alright babe, see you then"

Chloe hangs up the phone the moment she heard the start of his see you, so when three very specific words were said accidentally. She didn't hear them.

"Dude, you know if you told Tom you were here, he'd lose his shit right?"

The red head sighs as she lies back on the desk she's on top of, her head hitting the wood with a soft thud "I just lied to my boyfriend"

"Yeah you did" Beca chuckles to herself, finding it amusing for some immoral reason. That is until she realises that she would hate being lied to "Oh dude, you totally just lied" she drops the records back into the box before stepping closer to look at the other girls expression.

It's indistinguishable "I know" she props herself up on her elbows "what was I thinking?" her blue eyes wide with shock at her own actions.

"Well I guess my death miming wasn't really helping" Beca mutters as she puts one hand on the edge of the desk Chloe is sitting on.

"Yeah! You're right, its totes your fault" The slight quirk of the red heads lips is light, playful and to Beca's concern, cheeky.

"Okay I wouldn't go that far, Beale" Beca rolls her eyes, she's about to step back to her task but as she does, she feels two legs wrap around her upper thighs, dragging her back. She squeals in fear and amusement. "Dude!"

Both girls are laughing loudly as Beca turns in her captives legs, she's trying to break free of the lock but cheerleaders have impossibly strong legs apparently.

The raucous of giggles and teasing is halted almost immediately as a forced cough interrupts them.

Beca head practically snaps as she looks over her shoulder to see her boss. Not Luke but Lukes dad. The Boss boss "Oh shit" she utters under her breath.

Chloe leans to the side to see the person standing behind Beca "Oh shit" she utters identically.

The legs hooked around Beca relax and fall back to their original position while the newly released captive turns around slowly "Oh he-ey Charlie"

"Beca" He nods. Charlie is sort of the opposite of his son, less clean and sharp more rugged and indie. Man bun and all. He's greying but that just adds to his charm, as does his accent. He looks at the red head who is still half lying on the desk "Girl i've never met before" Another nod.

"Hi" Chloe smiles nervously, with a small wave of the hand

"Let me guess..." He holds his finger up in thought "You got hungry and your friend brought over dinner for you?"

Chloes eyes light up at the accuracy "Actually that's exactly what happ-"

"Chlo" Beca taps the knee that's right behind her, she gestures to the empty take away containers sitting on top of an empty crate besides them. Chloe deflates slightly, she was extremely impressed by that guess.

Charlie's face goes from faux serious to reminiscent and amused, he laughs deeply "Ah I remember what it was like to be young and in love"

Beca may hate movies but she loves really badly written cartoons for some reason. She's sure she looks like one right now actually, eyes bulging out of her head and jaw dropping. She hears the familiar sounds of a certain cheerleaders giggle behind her.

The radio station owners laugh eventually dies out to a chuckle "It's okay Beca, guests are more than welcome" he walks forward towards the airing booth with a smile. He taps the desk as he passes the two girls "Just remember, no sex on the desk"

Beca chokes and Chloe laughs.

Considering no one corrected the boss, that won't be the last time he mistakes them for a couple.


"Ah Tom! It's good to see you" David extends his hand out to the younger boy "I thought I heard the sound of Bardens Quarterback walk through our front door"

Tom meets the hand offered firmly with a mandatory chuckle "Hey Mr. Beale. You look well, Chloe tells me that you were at the last home game?"

The architect nods and hums in confirmation, he opens the back door for the teenager "You've got a good arm, my man" he pats his daughters boyfriends shoulder as he leads him out onto the patio.

Tom, who is experiencing a small amount of fear right now, chuckles modestly "Thank you sir. I'd hope so"

David guffaws loudly at the teenager. He also notices the way he tenses slightly when Apollo sits up from his place next to Ryan and Liam.

"Hey everyone" Tom utters through a forced smile. He's already nervous enough by the thought of having lunch with his girlfriends family but the still growing German Shepard is proving to cause him to loose the last of the cool he had left.

"Hey" Both Ryan and Liam say in unison, they're more interested in the food in front of them to be honest.

Cassandra smiles warmly at the boy, she can see by his body language that he's nervous. "Hello dear, I hope your hungry. David doesn't have a good eye for proportion so we have enough food to feed an army."

David feigns offence, he's waiting for a sarcastic or at least humorous reply, something like 'well that's pretty crappy considering he designs building for a living' but that's something Tom's sister would say. Not the young man in front of him whom just laughs and nods his head "Yeah, I'm starving"

"Well, take a seat" Cass gestures to the four empty chairs

"Where's Chloe?" Liam asks as he watches the quarterback sit down as far away from the twins as possible. It's not the twins he's trying to distance himself from, it's the canine who is now standing on all fours, ready to sniff this guy again.

"Uh, she said she had to call someone" Tom answers without thinking, he didn't think much of it.

"Hm okay" David sits down next to his wife who is pouring out glasses of water from a cold glass jug. "Well I'm sure she won't be too long"

"Unless she's on the phone with Beca" Liam utters as he watches Apollo approach Tom from under the table

"Yeah, then we won't see her for like 20 hours" Ryan agrees and then laughs at himself. All other Beale's are too preoccupied with Apollo's thorough sniffing to laugh at the clear exaggeration.

Tom on the other hand, is too distracted by this talk of Beca and Chloe talking on the phone. He didn't think people did that any more, talk on the phone for hours that is. Especially two people who see each other as often as they do. "Huh"

"Apollo" Cass warns in her mom voice as the German Shepard begins to growl quietly. He's sensing some weird vibes off this human.

The quarterback tenses, he can hear the dog growling. He feels a range of emotion, fear, anxiety, embarrassment and just a touch of anger. He hates that his girlfriends dog hates him.

At that moment Chloe walks out with a despondent expression, she normally loves their Saturday lunches. Plus it's nearly the start of winter break, two weeks off of school is always good.

"Hey sorry about that guys"

Cass tilts her head in thought, normally Chloe is very vocal about what is making her feel even the smallest bit down. "Who was on the phone dear?"

The eighteen year old walks over to her spot in between her boyfriend and mother "Oh it was just Beca" she dismisses it but she doesn't miss the way her boyfriend's neck tenses when she places her hand on him "Is Apollo being grumpy again?"

The psychologist sighs, she'll talk to her daughter about that later "Yes, I think he might be a little jealous of the steak"

"I understand that, would you look at those juicy T-bones!" David gestures to the plate full of hot meat he just grilled proudly.

Everyone laughs, some genuinely amused, others not so much.


With full bellies, Tom and Chloe are lying on her bed, the red head is on her phone curled up against her boyfriends side while Tom is looking around the room he's not in very often.

Tom reckons the lunch went well, Chloe was a little less talkative than usual but he was a little distracted by the German Shepard giving him the stink eye for the most past but thankfully, he got distracted by the bones he was given.

Now that Tom really thinks about it, he notices the way Chloe was constantly checking her phone and zoning out of conversations. "Are you okay?" he mumbles looking down at the girl against his side. They've been dating for 4 months and he already knows that she's normally very vocal about what's making her upset.

"Yeah..." Chloe does want to talk about what's upsetting her, she normally does but she agreed that she wouldn't talk so much about Beca "I'm fine, babe"

"Okay" Tom sighs, he doesn't believe her but he decides to let it go because he knows that if she wants to talk... she'll talk.

They fall back into a silence, just the usual sounds of people moving around downstairs and loud video games coming from Ryans room. Chloe tries to sigh quietly but it's apparently not something that she's capable of doing and apparently Tom notices.

"Okay if it's because of Beca, then just tell me." Tom doesn't really want to talk about his sister but if it stops his girlfriend from being all mopey then he'll do it, begrudgingly so but he'll still do it.

Chloe sits up from her place next to the quarterback "No it's fine. I'm just tired"

Tom also sits up "You've barely spoken all day and you keep looking at your phone. So something is wrong and the only person that you've spoken to since last night was Beca and your family, so Beca's done something and if you won't tell me then i'm going to have to call her because we can't hang out properly if your all... down and stuff"

"No!" Chloe leaps forwards to grab the hand that was reaching to his pocket, she holds it in both hands "I'm just over thinking, sorry"

"Over thinking? About what?" The brunette boy asks with a raised eyebrow, over thinking is Beca's thing. Chloe normally just thinks about it, talks about it and then does something about it.

"Nothing" The red head shakes her head "I'm being silly"

"Okay then but what were you and Beca talking about this morning?" Tom probes curiously, he's now genuinely interested because he's getting the feeling that she's hiding something from him.

Chloe lets go of her boyfriends hand before sliding to the edge of the bed "Nothing, I just wanted to make sure she was okay"

"What made you think she wasn't okay?"

The cheerleader sighs while standing up to look out her window "I just got a feeling that she wasnt okay"

"So she didn't reply to your texts" It's a statement rather than a question, the constant phone checking was a dead give away.

Chloe swivels around with her phone in her hand and a specific look in her eyes tell Tom that he just opened the flood gates to the rant dam. "But it wasn't like she was asleep or busy, she was replying all morning but when I mentioned todays lunch, she stopped and it wasn't like a dead conversation-" because it never is between them "- I asked her if she wanted to come to my dads soccer game tomorrow and then she didn't reply. So I called her and she was being all dismissive and vague and i'm pretty sure she didn't even say bye"

Tom listens to the rant with mixed feelings. Okay mostly just one... and it's often associated with the colour green.

"Like she still hasn't replied to my text, she's totally avoiding me again"


"Yeah first time was like a month ago but that's besides the point. Something is upsetting her and it has to be me because she's avoiding me"

Tom will admit that Beca has a few avoidance tendencies but still, Chloe is getting awfully worked up over this. "She hasn't replied in like 4 hours. Calm down"

"Yeah but why hasn't she replied?"

"I don't know, Chloe" It sort of sounds like Tom is snapping at his girlfriend. Each time Chloe talks about Beca, the more angry he feels himself getting.

"I should call her again" Chloe is looking down at her phone, she's not really listening to her boyfriend. She's too invested in the decision she's about to make. To call or not to call? That is the real question.

"No you shouldn't"

That reply get Chloe's attention, her ears perk up at the raise of tone, sort of like a pre-yell if that's a thing and Chloe doesn't like it one bit. "And why not?"

Tom gets off the bed, his face is scrunched in anger and a little confusion. Chloe is either ignorant to her own behaviour or is aware of it and does not care that it hurts her boyfriend and it's really pissing him off. The feelings of green intermix with red, and emotionally and visually that's not pretty "Because you're with me. You're not dating Beca, you're dating me. You should be worried about our relationship and not why Beca isn't replying. I'm here, Beca isn't"

Chloe steps back at the raised tone of voice, it's increasing with every sentence "You want me to stop worrying about my friend because I'm with you? Tom, that's ridiculous!"

Every word that comes out of Chloe's mouth is adding to the anger and frustration that is bubbling up inside of the teenage boy "If it was the other way around, I guarantee you wouldn't give half a shit about whether I replied or not!" Finger pointed at the red head and eyes narrowed in spite. He's been holding this in for too long.

And there it is.

The statement that gave Chloe an epiphany. She pictures herself in that situation and honestly... she probably wouldn't care as much if Tom stopped replying while she was with Beca.

"It's not the sam-"

"Yeah it's not the same because when you're with Beca you barely reply to me but when I'm with you, your phone is glued to your hand"

A thousand thoughts are running through her mind, hundred emotions course through her and no words... mostly because it's true.

"Tom jus-"

"No, I'm getting so sick of this! I don't want to have to ask you to pay attention to me! I love you Chloe but that doesn't mean I have to deal with this shit" Tom's voice is loud enough to be heard downstairs.

Chloe wants to yell back and tell him that it's not her fault that she can't stop worrying about Beca but he just told her that he loved her. Her eyes widen in realisation, she doesn't know if she loves Tom or not, what the hell do you say when you don't know? "please stop yelling"

Tom shakes his head with a mirthless chuckle "Of course you wouldn't say it back" he strides past the red head towards the door.

"Tom!" After descending one step Tom turns, his jaw clenching and nose flaring. Chloe doesn't see anger born from jealousy any more... it's more anger born of hopelessness. "Babe, I'm sorr-" he looks like he's about to cry

The quarterback shakes his head "No you're not" his eyes narrowed in an accusatory manner "Do you even want to be with me any more?"

"I do like you Tom" Chloe steps closer to him cautiously, her hand outstretched towards him "but I don't know what I want. We've only been dating for four months, I can't forc-"

Apparently that was the wrong thing to say. The worst thing to say going by the reaction that follows. Well interrupts.

His tone of voice loudens , he's ignorant to the fact that the whole household can hear him "Four months in and I love you! Four months in and you'd rather spend your time with my little sister! Four months in and we barely know anything about each other!" He shakes his head with a sad, defeated smile "-but I guess you're too busy trying to get to know Beca huh? I bet she's told you everything because you're different, right? Beca might actually choose you to be the person she lets in. I bet Beca's told you all about her mom, she's told you her deepest fears, right?"

Chloe's eyes are watering, the tears are threatening to spill over. She doesn't know what to say but apparently she doesn't have to say anything because her 'boyfriend' isn't done yet.

Tom shakes his head, he knows he's getting riled up and he hates that he's like this. He takes a deep breath, he steps up closer to Chloe. His expression is more hurt than angry now. "I am here and I'm here loving you but you're too busy wondering why she's upset... Honestly Chlo, if Beca trusted you enough, if you were as close as you thought you were then you would know why she's upset today. On the day of all days. It's not about you Chloe. She's only ever been about one person and that person is not you. I don't know why you're so obsessed with her but you've got to do some serious thinking because I am here waiting for you to realise that I want you. I want to be with you and for the first time in my life, I am in love with someone and you don't even know it because you're too obsessed with my sister and I'm not saying she doesn't care about you because she does and that's what makes this so annoying, you two are closer that we are and I don't know if that's the way it should be" His voice is finally calming down, his words seem a lot more intense than when they were shouted from the top of his lungs.

Chloe doesn't know what to say. There are too many emotions and words and not enough time to process.

"You're seriously not going to say anything?" Tom utters, his eyes becoming glassy as he stares down at the girl he's fallen in love with.

"What am I meant to say to that, Tom?" Chloe shakes her head and steps away from the quarterback "90% of what you just said is so... so manipulative and- and kinda abusive honestly. I know you have strong feelings towards me but you can't talk shit about my friendships in hope i'll leave them for you?"

That breaks Tom out of his sadness immediately and it turns into guilt. He opens his mouth to defend himself but if he has learnt anything from being with Chloe, sometimes if he's getting defensive, that might mean there's a reason for it "I think I have to see someone about this" he shakes his head. Since he's started highschool, his anger issues have gotten worse.

"Yeah... I think we need a break"

The quarterback nods once, he sniffles "Yeah, I guess"

Chloe reaches forward and wraps her arms around him "Okay Tom" she inhales as he wraps his bigger arms around her pulling her close, like he's scared he's going to lose her forever.

"I'll see you at school then" Tom mumbles into red locks that smell like a breezy summer morning. He rolls his eyes, a breezy summer morning? Tom hates being in love.

"I'm sorry abou-" Chloe pulls back from the embrace "all of this"

Tom squeezes his 'ex'- girlfriends hand "You can't apologise for my issues"

The red head returns the hand squeeze with a small smile before Tom nods his head and walks down the stairs by himself.

Leaving a confused and emotionally drained Chloe at the top of the staircase, her arms wrapped around her middle and her eyes on the floor.