Ask and ye shall receive...eventually. Long overdue, find below the family tree for the various Blythes, Blakes and Merediths across Everyday Courage. There is probably a version of this that could get positively Tolkienien in detail; rest assured I spared you that. But I thought we could all probably use a crib sheet. N.B. For clarity, where families have intermarried I have only referenced them once. Likewise, where names appear with no birthdate appended, these are people who live with the family and have been referenced throughout the story - Alinya

Beginning with the Blythes, Anne and Gilbert's children and grandchildren are as follows

In Kingsport:

Larkrise: Jem Blythe m Faith Meredith, September, 1920

Christopher Edward Blythe, b. June 1922
Helen Clare Blythe, b. June 1923
Sophy Amelia Blythe, b. December 1927

Edward 'Teddy Lovall
Katherine 'Kitty' Forster
Animals: Dog Tuesday, Dachshund

Fox Corner: Shirley Blythe m Marsali 'Mara McNeilly, June ,1922

Iain Alexander Blythe, b. February 1926
Isobel Elspeth Blythe, b. November, 1933

Mharie McNeilly
Animals: variously cats Pilgrim, Innocent and Pius, though never simultaneously.

At Ingleside, P. E. I.

Di Blythe m. Alastair McNeilly, July, 1926

Robert Hector McNeilly, b. September, 1928
Abigail Laura McNeilly, b. October, 1929
Aurelia, b, August, 1932 - d. August, 1932
Animals: Dulcinea 'Dulce' and Flossie, dogs; Meg and Tam, horses

In Toronto:

The House on Maple St: Rilla Blythe m. Ken Ford, December, 1921
James Kitchener 'Jims' Anderson
William Maxwell Aitken 'Liam' Ford, b. September, 1923
Anthony Aloysius Ford, November, b. 1925
Elizabeth Alice, 'Sissy' Ford, b. June ,1929
Animals: Electra and Mehitabel, cats, Mops, Dog

Of the remaining Merediths that leaves in Glen St Mary:

Old West House: Bruce Meredith

Then to be awkward, travelling more places than anyone could reasonably want to hear about:

The 'Wandering' Merediths: Gerald 'Jerry Meredith m. Nan Blythe, March 1921

Miranda Olivia and Amanda Cordelia Meredith, b. October 1921
Beatrice Portia and Harriet Deborah Meredith, b. March 1934

And in Singapore,

Trinity House: Carl Meredith m. Li Ka Wai, December 1928

Iris Cecilia Una Meredith, b. January 1933

Una Meredith

Animals here include: Puck the monkey, Neni the cat, Akela the dog and Papatee the buffalo

But it wouldn't be half so fun or confusing if I hadn't brought the hapless Blakes into this nonsense. So Jo and Phil's various descendants go as follows:

In Halifax:

Sam Blake m. Elinor 'Ellie' Cameron , December, 1918

Evelyne 'Evie' Blake, b. January, 1920
Emma Blake, b. August, 1923
Elinor 'Nell' Blake, b. January, 1930
Animals: one cat, unnamed

Jacob 'Jake' Blake m. Retta Madder, July 1914

Jacob Honour Blake, , 1915
Andrew James Blake, b., December, 1919
George Everard Blake, b. February, 1922
Benjamin Eustace Blake, b. October, 1924

In Bolingbrook:

Mount Holly: Ruth 'Ruthie' Blake m. Mark Watson, August, 1923

Matilda Frances 'Mattie' Watson, b. December, 1925
Mark Andrew Watson, b. April, 1926
Henrietta Juliette 'Hetta' Watson, July, 1927
Michael Gregory Watson, May, 1929
Gabriella Alexandrina Watson, September, 1931
Viola Abelia 'Villy Watson, March, 1934

And over in Glen St Mary at the former home of one Miss Cornelia, we have:

Naomi Blake m Fred Arnold, August, 1927
Joanna Louisa 'Joanie' Arnold, b. August, 1929
Phillip Frederick 'Pip' Arnold, b. April, 1932
Gordon Blake Arnold b. May, 1935

Alice Caldicote, District Nurse
Animals: Snowy, dog

Important to these characters but unrelated:

Penelope 'Poppy' and Peter Prewett
Animals: Paisley, dog, Proudfoot, cat (formerly Mandy Meredith's)

Judith and Goerdie Carlisle
Assorted children (Gremlins)

Persis Ford, Cassandra 'Cass' Hargreave