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Warren had never really considered how his younger cousins had discovered the world of Fablehaven. The conversation had never really come up, and either way he had just kind of figured that Stan had told them at some point in time. But, one afternoon as he, Tanu, Vanessa, Kendra and Seth walked along the wide road that led to the site of the Old Forbidden Chapel and Seth was talking excitedly to Tanu about the mission he, Kendra and Bracken had returned from only a few days ago.

"Hey, that`s where we kicked Muriel Taggert`s butt!" Seth called, pointing at the mound of flowers and plants in the distance that used to be the forbidden chapel. Whenever Warren had come to Fablehaven, the Forbidden Chapel had always been a staple in the view from the roof of his cabin

"Who's Muriel Taggert?" Tanu asked curiously. From the other side of Warren, Kendra smirked at her brother.

"Yeah Seth, who is she?" She teased. Seth frowned at his sister, pressing his lips together stubbornly.

Kendra laughed at him, turning her attention to the rest of the group, "Muriel Taggert was a witch that was bound to Fablehaven. She ended up escaping and tried to free Bahumant." She clarified.

"Bahumant? The demon?" Warren asked. He of course, knew that Bahumant was bound to Fablehaven, but the demon was never really talked about, given that there was always the general impression that it was a painful topic.

Kendra nodded, "Yeah he's bound right under there actually, in the old basement of the chapel."

Vanessa brows furrowed slightly, "And this witch tried to free the demon?" Warren knew that Vanessa`s knowledge of Fablehaven was extensive, given that she had to learn everything she could about the preserve in order to take control of it, but apparently, she didn't know the story either.

Kendra gave a slight smile, "Mm hmm. She used to be the wife of a caretaker but after she got involved in dark magic, she was bound to a shack in the woods by a rope that held 13 magic knots."

"How did she get free?" Tanu inquired.

At the question Kendra breathed out a laugh. "Well, when Seth and I got to Fablehaven, there were only two knots left in place. The knots could be undone by a mortal in exchange for a favor. We used one of the knots on Seth and the other on Grandma, which ended up freeing her."

"On Seth?" Vanessa put in, apparently now invested in the conversation.

Kendra smiled mischievously at them, and called ahead to her brother, "Seth, remind me, how did Muriel's first knot get undone?"

Seth groaned at her, turning around and sticking his tongue out at her.

"Well," Kendra began still smiling, "Seth captured a fairy and accidently turned the fairy into an imp, so as retribution, the fairies turned Seth into a-" she managed to stifle her laughter, "A walrus." She finished through her laughter.

"A walrus?" Warren repeated loudly, stopping in his tracks and staring at Kendra.

Kendra burst into peals of laughter that began to take over all of them. Eventually they all sobered enough to continue and when they did, Kendra continued her story.

"And well after that, Midsummer's Eve happened and the house was destroyed." Warren noticed that Kendra was rushing through this part of the story, perhaps the spare Seth the shame of his past mistakes that only a few, including Warren himself were privy to. Warren noticed Vanessa looking at Kendra strangely, but luckily decided to say nothing.

"After that, we found out that Grandma had actually been turned into a chicken, so Seth and I used the last knot to transform her back into human form." Kendra informed them as they got closer to the site of the Forbidden Chapel.

"And then we went to see Nero!" Seth jumped in, having apparently gotten over his bashfulness.

"Right," she replied, nodding at Seth,

"Muriel had actually been orchestrating the capture of the house from behind the scenes, so we had to figure out where she had taken Grandpa and Lena."

"And Nero helped you?" Vanessa asked, arching one of her brows at her.

Kendra exchanged a glance with Seth, "Well yeah, we didn't have much to give, so we gave him a massage."

Everyone looked mildly alarmed, Warren included, except for Seth who, obviously had experienced it.

Seth grinned at them, "Yup. And then, Grandma told us all about Zzyxx, in case we didn't live through the rescue."

Kendra elbowed Seth, "Don't sound so happy about it." She cleared her throat, "Anyway, we went to the chapel and tried to rescue Grandpa and Lena, but Seth and Grandma got captured.

"You didn't?" Warren asked, surprised.

Kendra pouted at him, "Don't sound so shocked about it. But yeah, I hadn't broken the treaty, so no one could hurt me. I escaped and went to the Fairy Queen for help." She paused for a moment, considering. "That was actually how I became fairykind."

"Wait, so why didn't you escape Fablehaven when you could?" Tanu inserted.

Kendra shrugged, "Who would come back to help them if I didn`t? It's not like anyone would actually believe me if I told them the truth, so I took a chance and hoped it would turn out alright."

"And it did!" Seth said brightly.

Kendra smiled, "I rowed across the pond and asked the queen for help. No thanks to the naiads of course."

"What happened next?" Warren asked curiously.

"She told me to collect blood, tears, and milk and create a concoction that would transform the fairies," She grimaced, "And then I was attacked by Mendigo, but luckily for me, he fell into the pond. Then, I made the blood, tears, milk mixture got the fairies to try it." She gave a sheepish smile, "I had to try it first though, so the fairies would." She laughed out loud, "Actually, if they hadn't made me fairykind I would have died. Turns out the concoction is deadly to mortals."

"And then the fairy army saved us, trapped Muriel and Bahumant down there and all was well!" Seth finished with a flourish, leaping atop the mound of flowers and dirt that covered the chapel.

They all stopped and stood for a moment looking at the mound, contemplating the story.

"So they're still there, huh?" Vanessa asked quietly. Kendra responded with only a brief nod in her direction.

"You know a lot of other things happened too." Seth whispered, a cheeky smile spreading across his face. They all looked up at him expectedly, waiting for him to continue until Kendra seemed to understand.

"No!" Kendra cried, "Seth, we are NOT talking about the cow!"

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