Leaf was laying on his best friend, Chip, on a bench in a small park. Well, 'best friend' was something to call him, but really he was Leaf's biggest crush, Leaf normally wouldn't think having a crush on a guy would be weird but because he's started going outside a lot he's learnt that having feelings for a guy is frowned upon by some people.

He still hasn't told Chip he's "gay". Why do people have to make such a big deal about it? Why couldn't he just be a dude that likes dude? It turns out while thinking about this, he was daydreaming directly into Chip's eyes.

"Hey, dude? Leaf?" Chip's mellow, calm, beautiful, amazing voice brings Leaf back to reality. "Hey, Chip!" Leaf cheerily replies, he forgot what he was thinking about in the first place. Oh, right… Being 'gay'.

"Whatcha thinking about?" Hahah, shit. "Uhh," Leaf clears his throat and sits upright. Well, I have a crush on him, I might as well tell him. "So, uh, you're my best friend, right, Chip?" Chip looks surprised because of course he was Leaf's best friend, he'd risk the world for Leaf. "Yeah! Of course, dude!" Chip smiles and softly punches Leaf's shoulder. "What do you need?"

"I need to tell you something. It's super important to me and-" "Dude, did you get one of your cat capes stuck on your favourite jumper again?" "No!" As much as Leaf loved Chip he hated it whenever he interrupted his sentences. "It's something else! More important." Leaf looked upset and was in a very closed position, arms holding on to his legs. This told Chip it was something genuinely important.

"I…I'm…" Why couldn't the words come out? Leaf had the feeling that tears were going to start coming out, his voice started to sound incomprehensible. Chip look very concerned and worried, he put a hand on Leaf's back. "It's okay if you don't want to tell me now-" "I'M GAY!" Leaf covered his mouth, then hot tears starting falling from his eyes. He did it, but in a really embarrassing way. While crying, Leaf unknowingly starting biting off the skin off his fingers. Chip saw this. At this point he was used to seeing Leaf do this but he knows that its pretty bad. "Hey! Don't bite your fingers, man!" Chip pulls Leaf's hands away from his face and puts a pack of tissues from his bag in it.

"Look, it's okay if your gay. I don't mind, you're still Leaf to me…" Chip shows Leaf a reassuring smile. Leaf, with tears still falling out of his eyes smiles. Leaf goes ahead and hugs Chip tightly, Chip's jumper was getting wet but Chip didn't mind, Chip wasn't used to hugs, he was usually told by his scout troop that it was 'really feminine' and 'gross' but… this felt nice. Chip hugged back, patting Leaf's back. They stay there for a few minutes and then pull apart. It was enough time for Leaf to stop crying though he was sniffing a lot.

"So, why are you telling me now?" Chip asks. Leaf freezes. Oh crap. Uhhhhh... "'Cause… uhh… You know, Marigold?" Chip nods. Leaf sniffs. "Well, she's also gay… And has a girlfriend." That excuse doesn't make any sense! But when Leaf looked over at Chip, Chip looked like heart shattered into a million pieces, soon he started crying. Leaf hugged him, though he did let a little bit of laughs escape his mouth. "It'll be okay, Chip…"