A Bowl of Dumplings and a Foot Massage

Tigress walked to her room, she couldn't do any training today, or for a while, the small bump on her stomach was the reason. Still a smile curled her lips as she gently rubbed her stomach. "Only four more months," she purred and opened the door.

"Surprise Kitten," said her husband Po. He was smiling at her holding a bowl of dumplings and looking like the happiest person alive.

"Hello my panda," purred Tigress, the smell of the dumplings reaching her nose, it made the baby hungry.

"Here Tigress, have a seat and I'll rub those tired feet of yours," Po said helping her to her chair, he made for her last year as a birthday present.

"Thanks Po, this is really nice of you," she said sitting down.

"Nothing is too good for my true love and my child," Po said kneeling before her. Tigress only smiled as she ate the dumplings he made, the baby enjoyed them immensly. Po gently rubbed her feet and hummed a soft tune. His paws felt great on her feet, massaging all the stress away.

"Hmhmm, the baby is enjoying the attention," Tigress told him.

"Good, I want you two to both be happy," Po said proudly.

"How is the house coming along honey?" asked Tigress, eatting another dumpling.

"Well got the main structure built just working on the rooms, then it should be done hopefully before the baby is born," Po said rubbing her toes.

"I haven't even thought of any names yet," Tigress admitted.

"Well we can always go over ideas," Po said sweetly, rubbing her left foot. "If it's a boy how about Phoebus," Po asked. Tigress just gave him an odd look then shook her head no.

"We are not naming our child that," she told him.

"What it means sun god, at least that is what people told me," Po admitted. "Okay how about Chao it means excellent," Po told her.

"Hhmm that one could work, how about if it's a girl how about He, that one means lotus flower," Tigress told him.

"It does sound nice but I think some people may tease her, how about Song, that is a pretty name," Po said.

"And why would you choose that name," Tigress demanded crossing her arms.

"Easy Ti, I always thought that name was pretty even before I met Song, please don't be upset," Po explained. That seemed to appease Tigress for her face softened.

"Well how about Zan?," Tigress asked.

"I like that one," Po said.

"Well so far we agree on two names for a boy but what if it's a girl?" Tigress questioned.

"How about Jade?" asked Po smiling.

"I don't know too common, I believe the child of the dragon warrior and the master of hard style should have a name that really stands out," Tigress told him. Po nodded and began to think hard at the girl names that would fit what Tigress wanted.

"Well I know Jia means good, Mei means gorgeous, amd Min means intelligent," Po told her.

"I like Jia, that sounds pretty," Tigress said.

"MIng means enlightening and Mu means admired," Po told her.

"Wow you really put some thought into this," Tigress said sounding impressed.

"I um been looking at books that have baby names in them," Po said blushing.

"You are so adorable," Tigress said kissing his cheek. "I hope our son or daughter is as sweet as you," she added.

"I hope they are as brave and strong as you," Po admitted.

"Do you think our child will look more like me or you?" asked Tigress.

"Whatever our child looks like I will love them as you will," Po told her squeezing her hand.

"I am excited and nervous," Tigress admitted.

"Hey I will be with you every second as will our friends and family," Po told her.

"I know honey, I love you," Tigrees said smiling at him.

"And I love you, Kitten," Po said kissing her.

the end

Author's Note: Hope you all enjoyed this story. This was a request from kungfupandafanatic, so please review.