"Hey Stacie?" The long legged brunette looked up from her book to her roommate who barged in their room with an unsure expression on her face.

"Yes, Chlo?"

"I like this girl and I think she likes me too but I'm kind of not sure if she's sways the same way" she shrugged with an uncertainty. This surprised Stacie since Chloe was never unsure of herself, she's always confident and proud of herself.

"When did it became an issue for you if the one you like likes you back or not? You're Chloe Beale, one has to be blind to not like you, you know" Stacie has already closed her book and focused her attention solely at the redhead whose fidgeting at her own bed.

Chloe gave her a small smile as if she's shy at Stacie's compliment at her. Stacie tilted her head, observing her friend as Chloe kept looking at her fidgeting hands. "What is it, Red?" Stacie knew there's more that she wants to share.

"It's just that, I really like her Stacie" Chloe looked up and Stacie caught her small frown and she looked like she's about to cry. One thing that Stacie learned from their years of friendship is that when Chloe pulls up that little frown on her forehead, the waterworks will start any moment.

"Okay, okay. What do you want me to do?" It's a question that made Stacie cringed on the inside because she knows that there's nothing she wouldn't do for her friend. They were roommates ever since they were freshmen and now that they're seniors they both still live in the same dorm plus they're pretty much attached to the hips.

"Go on a date with me?" Stacie was stunned for a moment because how could that solve Chloe's dilemma? She liked this girl and her solution is to ask her on a date?

"Come again now?" Stacie asked again because it don't make sense.

"I mean, go on a date with me at this party, I know she would be there, I want to make her jealous." Chloe clarified and Stacie felt a twinge in her heart as she hears those words from her. She didn't expect it and she kind of felt used, though she asked for it so she just pushed aside her feelings and just nodded at her friend.

"You would?" Chloe asked surprised that Stacie agreed to her.

"Yes, Red. But you better be the one paying for our fake date" she winked at her friend before she was tackled down by Chloe. A flash of red, a loud squeal and smell of vanilla attacked her senses and all she was able to do was just catch Chloe's weight so that they won't fall from her bed.

"Thank you Stacie, you're the best! Love you!" She heard Chloe mumbled against her neck. After a moment Chloe disentangled herself from her friend with a pleased smile on her face. When she got her back from Stacie, the brunette's smile fell and she just watched Chloe walked out of the room.

The weight of what just happened dawned on Stacie and she's not one for anxiety attacks but at that moment she felt like having one. Stacie has developed some undetermined feelings for her friend, she doesn't even know when it started but lately she feels different towards the redhead.

She's eager to see her everyday, she has caught herself staring at Chloe most of the time that they spend time together, she also thinks about her more often; what she's doing, who is she with, and other thoughts that she knows is way more than being friendly.

But one thing that confirmed her attraction to the redhead is the way her heart flutters every time she would see Chloe, regardless of the mood that she's in. It's like her world stops as Chloe walks in and she can't look or focus at anything else.

That is why she knew she was in trouble the moment Chloe has asked her to be her date. Stacie don't believe in unrequited love that's why she's trying her best to really not pay attention to her infatuation towards her friend because she knows that Chloe don't feel the same way for her.

She heaved a loud sigh because she have a feeling that this would give her a severe headache and if this jealousy thing worked out in Chloe's favor, heart break.

The party that Chloe was talking about was at frat party which made Stacie think that the person that Chloe likes might not sway the same as her friend. There's a lot of hot guys and Stacie appreciates all of them but ever since her little crush at her friend started, she can't look at any other people.

The party was a full house, loud music, strobe lights, drunk college students, some Stacie thinks are even high college students. She spotted some making out at the dark corner of the house and some at the dance floor, but she's not going to judge, she was once that person a few years back.

But the hand intertwined against hers is what makes her feel a little dizzy. Chloe's hands are so soft and fits perfectly against hers and she doesn't want to let go. But the odds are not on her favor for Chloe let go of her hand the moment she spotted a tall blonde and a short brunette that Chloe is waving to.

Stacie was left at her place for a moment as she watched her friend greet her own friends. She saw Chloe waved at her, calling her to her group and Stacie squared her shoulders and put her game face on. But as she walks to them she wondered who between the two woman has Chloe's admiration.

"Hey" she said cooly, eyeing both the blonde and brunette, they both look good in Stacie's opinion, Chloe has really good taste.

"Hi!" The blonde replied and the brunette just nodded her head, looking unimpressed.

"Guys, this is Stacie, my girlfriend" Chloe introduced her and her heart skipped a little, her arms landing around Stacie's waist. It kind of felt good to be introduced that way even if just for pretend. Both woman looked surprised and Chloe looked pleased at their reaction.

"Hi, I'm Aubrey" the blonde introduce herself.

"Beca" the shorter brunette said. Stacie shook both their hands and lazily rested her arms around Chloe and pulled her a little closer. She has fantasized this kind of moment many times; being introduced as Chloe's girlfriend, acting like one, being a couple in front of other people and just being able to hold Chloe close to her even without any valid reason.

Stacie looked at Chloe, her stomach dropped as she see how beautiful and relaxed her friend looked. She was laughing at what the shorter brunette is saying, subtly touching the brunette's arm.

It wasn't long before Stacie realized that it was the brunette who Chloe has a crush on. She was always looking at her, touching her or just making conversation with the brunette. Aubrey just chimed in when needed but is still participant in their conversation. But she noticed how Beca is subtly touching the blonde beside her, she's looking intently at her when Aubrey is speaking, and Aubrey always looking at Beca as if they're having a silent conversation when Chloe's not looking and she's feeling a vibe between the two that they're together.

But it didn't stop the hot feeling that surged through Stacie's veins as she continues to watch Chloe tries to flirt with Beca. Chloe seems enjoying the small attention Beca is giving her when Stacie thinks Chloe deserves more and better. She tried her best to really act cool but she just had enough. She placed her arms again around Chloe, gave her a little squeeze and pulled her closer against hers, and it distracted the redhead a little bit that made her look up to Stacie.

"What's the matter, honey?" Chloe asked sweetly that Stacie's jealousy almost vanished. The pet name didn't help and just made her feel weak on the knees. The small frown on her face smoothed out.

"Do you want to dance, baby?" She asked Chloe and it made the redhead smile at her. Chloe looked back at her companion as if asking for permission to which both of the woman agreed.

"What's happening Stacie?" Chloe immediately asked when they're out of earshot. She looked concerned and Stacie thinks if she noticed her change in mood.

"Nothing, I just wanted to get out of there." Chloe still seemed oblivious that Aubrey and Beca are together. She wanted to tell her already but she don't want to break her heart but she deserves the truth. Stacie is conflicted on the inside that she didn't notice how she was just staring at her friend.

"Is something bothering you?" Chloe asked again as they sat on the porch outside the frat house where Stacie has dragged her friend. Chloe's in Stacie's personal space and this is the first time that she felt uncomfortable.

"I-, I need to tell you something Chloe, and I hope you won't get mad" Stacie didn't expect this is how her night would turn out. But she can't hide her feelings anymore, she don't want to see Chloe flirt again in front of her again.

Chloe nodded in understanding. She made a distance between them so that she could compose herself.

"I-, I like you Chloe, and not just a little but I like you a lot." Chloe don't look surprised at her revelation, didn't even flinch.

"Heck, I think I'm inlove with you!" She wasn't able to stop herself from bursting it out. She heard Chloe gasped and her expression went back to neutral.

"I'm sorry,-"

"How long?" Chloe cut her off with her simple question, her expression not changing.

"Excuse me?"

"How long have you been hiding that you love me?" Chloe clarified, a small smile gracing her face.

"Uhh. I-, I don't know how long but if I'm going to guess, for months now" Stacie answered truthfully. She can feel her heart pounding inside her chest, she doesn't know where this conversation is going.

"Finally!" Chloe exclaimed and it confused Stacie a little more because she has no idea what's happening inside her friend's head.

She was about to ask what's happening when she felt soft lips against hers and hands behind her neck. It took a moment to register to her that they're kissing, Chloe is kissing her. She wasn't able to kiss her back because she was surprised but when she felt Chloe's about to stop, she placed her hands at the back of Chloe's neck and kissed her back.

Stacie smiled into the kiss, savoring her first kiss with the woman she liked, her questions pushed back at the back of her mind. When air was needed to breath, Stacie didn't let Chloe go yet and she just rested her forehead against hers.

"Wow", was all she was able to say and Chloe just smiled back at her, but still has her eyes closed.

"Yeah" it was a breathy response from the redhead.

"So does this mean-",

"Yes" Chloe cut her off again.

"So the fake dating-"

"It was for me to confirm if you like me or not." Chloe replied with a lazy smile on her face.

"But when-"

"I don't know but I think it has been awhile for me too." She replied sheepishly at Stacie and all the brunette wanted to do was to lean in and kiss her swollen lips again.

It was a lot to process for Stacie but one thing she is very sure of and happy about is that Chloe likes her back.

"You're lucky that I really like you, Red. Or else-"

"Or else what?" Chloe asked with a challenging tone on her voice. But instead of answering the redhead, Stacie leaned in as if she's going to kiss her again but in the last second she leaned closer to Chloe's ears.

"Why don't we go back to our room and find out what I would do to you?" She said in her most seductive voice and she felt Chloe shiver under her touch and heard a small groan from her friend. Stacie smirked, satisfied that she has this kind of effect on her friend. Chloe immediately stood and grabbed Stacie's hand and dragged her across the campus as fast as she can.