Witchyworld was normally a bustling amusement park in the Isle O' Hags despite its disgusting stature, but bizarrely enough it was quite empty. Nonetheless, a group of adventurers decided to check it out. Toujou Nozomi a magician, Humba Wumba being an archer, Nico Yazawa being a cheerleader, and Tooty being a healer. The group was making their way through the deserted Witchyworld as they came across the huge blue and white tent that held Mr. Patch, with a prop of his head being attached to the top of the tent. Nico was eager to get some fries while Nozomi craved burgers, but Humba and Tooty were able to pull them away from the fast food joints.

"So what's the goal of this again?" Humba asked as she brushed her red feathers.

"We gotta go and get Mr. Patch's treasure!" Tooty exclaimed as she was playing her flute.

"So long as we can be able to get his patches... we should be fine." Nozomi stated as she was looking at her tarot cards.

"Pfft, he doesn't sound that threatening if he's called mister." Nico stated as she shook her head, wanting to be the focus of attention as the other girls ignored her.

The group entered the tent, with Mr. Patch the inflatable green patched up dinosaur inflating himself to a giant size as he coughed beach balls at them, the group being forced to separate as the spotlights were all on him.

"Thought you could sneak up on me, huh? Well tough! You're gonna have to do more than that!" Mr. Patch exclaimed as he began to slowly move around.

"And then you have to find a way to get his patches! What will you do?" Eli narrated, with all of the girls playing this bizarre game inside one of the caverns populating the Spiral Mountain, with it raining outside at night.

"Hold on, how can we be sure that we're going to strike him?" Nozomi stated as she was sipping some soda, letting out a huge burp as she blushed.

"Well he inflated himself, right? I'm sure you can be able to get him." Eli pointed out as she fixed up the position of the book she had in front of her.

"I can use my archery to get him, but how are the others going to cover me?" Humba asked as she felt a rumble in her stomach, patting it as she shook her head.

"I can use myself as a cute distraction! No one can ignore my adorable charms!" Nico squealed as she pointed at herself, with everyone staring blankly at her.

Tooty let out a squeaky fart as she moved her right hand around. "But what if he summons those punching gloves? How are we gonna stop that?"

The group of girls all murmured as they were quite perplexed, with them wondering how they were going to handle this situation as thunder boomed outside with a bright flash of lightning.

"Well, don't just stand there! Distract him!" Nozomi snapped at Nico as she was trying to see which tarot card she could use for a magic spell.

"Uhhh... okay!" Nico exclaimed as she dashed to the farthest point of the tent westward, bouncing as she tried her best to get Mr. Patch's attention. "Nico Nico Nii!"

Mr. Patch blinked several times in confusion as he turned around, ignoring Nico as he kept slowly moving around due to his huge size. Nico then began to act like an angry chimp as she was enraged at being ignored. Of course, this caused her to be punched by one of the red boxing gloves popping out of the ground. Nozomi was wounded by this sneak attack as well, with Humba running around on the grass trying to find a good shot at Mr. Patch. Tooty used her grizzly prowess to climb up the tent, pulling out her flute as she played it, healing Nozomi and Nico as Mr. Patch coughed a beach ball at her, knocking the girl bear down onto the grass.

"Ouch! He's too much!" Tooty groaned as she rubbed her butt, being more injured by another boxing glove popping right in front of her.

"Couldn't we have picked an easier boss?" Humba stated as she was caught off guard by one of the beach balls bouncing around, falling on her back as she was then stomped on by Mr. Patch.