"How did we find ourselves in this predicament?" Nico commented in annoyance while having her nose pinched since she was being a useless idol girl.; her and the other gassy girls being within the trash can at the Cloud Cuckooland.

"Less complaining and more shooting!" Humba snapped while using her magic to harness fart gas out of her butt; her rear serving as a literal ass blaster to take care of the germs.

"So I don't exactly know if this is the proper place to be speaking." Guffo spoke in obvious fart sounds. "But I do appreciate you girls for coming here and taking care of these pesky germs!"

"It's the least we can do to help!" Tooty responded while also partaking in the tooting to take out the germs.

Nozomi was making methane alongside her fellow farty females while singing to the tunes of her poots. "We're giving them a good taste of To-Do-Ke-Te!"