In parallel worlds, in alternative places, in diferent timelines and destinies, our story takes place of one of such events

The world of Remnant, a place that many would call magical and yet this is a world where mankind walking along the edge of life and extinction

In this world we see ozpin, Headmaster of beacon, the greatest academy to train warriors to protect humanity from creatures of darkness

And his blonde assitant, Glynda Goodwitch, feared as a strict teacher without a sense of humor

Currently they are flying on a bullhead to a location on the wildnes outside of the kingdom borders

"Ozpin" asked the blonde woman "why are you wasting our time when we have many preparations for the year?"

"we are not wasting our time Glynda, we are just looking for a solution for one of our troubles"

She frowned "the only problem we could not deal with back at Beacon, is one whose solution i doubt we cold find in middle of nowhere"

He smiled to that "you must have faith, while i have no doubt that Doctor Poledina is the best scientist when it comes to the study of aura, he is far from the first person to chase after on such mistery, tell me Glinda, do you know the ancient ways?"

She tried to think about it but... "i am confused about what you may refer, there are many things that could be considered 'ancient' in this world"

* chuckle * "Sorry, I forgot about that for a second, more acuratelly do you remember the legend of the spirits of light, the ones that keep the darkness at bay? their traditions is what i am refering"

"Let me think" she said titling her head in thought "it was from before the kingdom of vale was founded, if i remember correctly the land was from ... Hyrule?"

"Yes, one of the last precursors to the modern kingdoms and whose ways to use Dust were so developed that legends says their 'mages' could even travel through time"

"yes, i do know that" she said "and if i remember from one of Peter ramblings the legend told about 4 spirits that stoped monsters from encrouching on their territories, but that was strange since Grimm were not untold in their legends"

"that is to be expected, the role of the spirits was not as hunters, it was of gate keepers to the realm of light, they would 'bless' an area, from lack of better world, and this would make it harder or even impossible for Grimm to encroach on such location, it was when the Grimm dared to cross that heroes of their legends were made, but te most curious part is that for them it was know that if a spirit lived on a location, then even an ancient Grimm would have trouble when invading such land"

"and you are saying that it is true?" she was really hard time beliving such rumor

"in a way, all legends are true, but with time facts are distorted by judgement and emotions"

At that moment nad before Glynda could get an explanation the pilot spoke "Headmaster Ozpin, we have reached the village, do you wish for us to land in there or-"

"no" said the Headmaster to the intercom "just leave us on the beach and we will walk to the town"

"you haven't explained" said the woman

"what better explanation than to see it yourself?" said the smiling man

Glynda could only let out breath

"the village of trampoli" said Ozpin, he and his blonde compation were now walking upon a little dirt road, it was a little more than 20 minute walk and it conected the village with a small beach, the Bullhead could not land on any other location due to the local geography lacking a clearing big enough to do so, it even could varely do so on said beach even for it merely had been a patch of sand between rocky clifsides

"a little place know by not many people, once upon a well know vacation spot for those who live withing the region, but now it is a place that rarely sees visitors outside of those willing to be in touch with the 'spirits' or novice archelogist that will be send to this place to have their field practice by the study of the mining relics"

"we are in middle of nowhere" said Glynda glaring "no matter how you paint it, that is the true"

"well, i can not deny that this location was originally chosen due to being a rather remote yet convenient location, the cliff sides that made it impossible for us to land in the village naturally protect from the wandering Grimm, but the village itself was founded before the great war as a result of finding out that there were Dust mines, but around 50 years ago the caves were almost dried up so people started to leave"

"history aside, i am more surpriced that you know so much about this location, a place so far away from the kingdom is usually unknow to anyone but the locals, i would expect it from Ooobleck but you rarelly bother with anything outside of the fairytales"

He chuckled "oh~ so very true, however i have a friend that told me an interesting fact about the legend of the spirits, because ot this i bothered to learn other aspects of the location to gain a little hindsight on the story"

She sighed and rubbed the bridge of her nose, Ozpin was once again goin in his mysterious drables, now she would not get the story from anyone but the locals, unless ofcourse she wanted to listen to his long draw explanation

There was a reason Ozpin was the headmaster rather than a teacher, his awarenes of the world darkness was equal to the biggest ranks of Vale Council, men and women who had made the choises when it came to dealing with the darkness since the fundation of the kingdom, he also belonged to more than a few secret groups and therefore was constantly worring on the latest inminent threat to humanty

Yet because his position was as a leader he could not show this worry to his 'troops', not without leting moral fall and then would everyone died to the Grimm, he would therefore mislead people in some ocasions, this was particulary good for politics for it allowed him to talk for hours without revealing information, but it also told Glinda that he was nerveous about this subject, that there was a chance that the 'answerd' he was seeking might not work and so he did not want her to know what was being expected

"so, who are we searching for?" she asked

"Shiro fujimoto" said the man

"the paladin?' she said in surprice

Shiro Fujimoto was not a nobody, while she may had never meet the man in person, there was no aspiring huntsman in her generation who had not know about him for he was titled as the strongest huntsman in Remnant, or at least had been till Qrow had inherited said title after his retirement

'The paladin' on the other hand was merelly a nickname given due to him due to him being a follower of some religious group, and while she was unaware on this group wasl she knew it was that his fighting style derivated from the teaching of their warriors

"just the person" admited Ozpin "now we are here"

And they where, Trampoli was not a big place, no more than a dozen buildings on paths made of dirt, one even had a clock tower, another was a church, she could not get hint about the others but she did have a few questions about the strange sight that was the green plant that grew to the sky

But Remnant was fileld with unexplicable mysteries, and she had seen weirder things on her time as a huntress

They walked to the church

The door was open so they moved inside

The first impresion of the interior would be that it was a dark place, then that it was somehow warm, illuminated in many colors from the colored cristals on the windows, it showed that the village never had more than a hundred individuals for there were only 4 stalls on each side of the small building

Between the stalls was a red carpet and on the end of said carpet was a man wearring a black priest robe, he was rather short when compared to her, he looked on his 50 and had glaces, and yet she could regocnize who he was

This was The Paladin, Shiro Fujimoto, he had the presence of wam, calm and piety that he always know for and yet, what passed by Glynda's mind was not that

'why do respected powerful men have white hair and glasses?' she resited the urge to search her own head in attempt to find discolred tones, she was not a man a man but she was power, respected and wore glassess

"welcome to Trampoli's church, is there anything that this servant of the spirits can help you with?" asked the man in a jovial tone, it was warm as a welcome and aceptable between stranges

"don't you recognize me old friend?" asked Ozpin

The man frowned and scofed, but Glynda could recognize that it was most likely a joke, there was no true emotion in said action "you refer to the 'friend' who you only write to asking about more and more children tales?, one i keep telling him that if he wants to know more, then come and ask them in person but still insist that he will not?"

"if you wanted to see me you could visit Beacon any time you wanted" countered ozpin "you will be welcomed and could even give a spech to the students"

"man, that is cold" said the priest acting as if he was pierced in the heart "to forget that some people don't have their own personal bullheads, even if i had wanted to go to Vale i would first need to go to the nearest village, that is half a day of travel in Grimmlands, then i would need to send a request, something that Trampoli can not due to the montains that protect us, we do not have CCT in here"

"really?" asked Ozpin talking out his scroll "i had wondered why you never answered my calls, i now have an answer to that question"

"i do not have that trouble, could it not just be your scroll being defective?" wondered glinda aloud, she was not a student to feel embarased about pointing someone esle mistakes

And it was a recurring problem with Qrow

The priest waved off her sugestion "your Bullhead acts as a relay point, anyways, after asking for a ride i would need i would need to wait a few Months for the next travel, unless ofcourse i am willing to pay a small fortune to get a personal airship but even then it would take at least a week"

"what about simply traveling there? There are cars and there are roads"

"10 hours trip on airship means that it would take more than a week by car and almost a month with all the side roads and constant need for backtracking, ofcourse i could always take the train but the station is a days long trip on car and as a priest from the church i do not have a car so it will take at least a week"

"i will admit that i migth not have taken that in consideration when asking you to visit, but in my defence as a former number 1 huntsman it should not be hard to acomplish"

"it isn't hard, it is tiresome, there many Grimm on the region"

"does this region keep no Huntsmen outside aside of yourself?" asked Glynda

"i am retired, i do not count, people here are simply that though"

"what about the Kingdom? it might be a minor one but the kingdom of Hyrule is still working as capital of the region, they surelly have means to patrol?"

"the guards are a joke, i would trust more a farm boy than their whole army, the only thing protecting that town is merelly that the walls are too hight for Beowolves to bother, little towns like this are the work of the spirits"

"spirits..." said Ozpin in a far away gaze "yes... i wanted to ask about them, you said in your letter that they sote the feelings and restore the wearness of the soul but you weren't clear on how is done, if not too much of an inquire, could you explain?"

"..." Fujimoto stared with a measuring gaze, it was not too often that Ozpin found himself feeling that this person was someone that was his elder and therefore someone that was wiser than he could ever be

but that was just a moment that pased in the next thought

"if you promise to not tell the secrets i shall explain, this way you will not waste your time asking another chasing the legend, but if you decline you will need to wait a year before asking my aprendice"

"i ask no more than that" afirmed the headmaster

"fine, follow me"

The trio left the church

Trampoli wasn't a big village, if you traveled for a few minutes not more than half an hour you could cover the whole location from edge to edge, if you ran you could likely make it around the whole location and the beach in the same time

Because of this it was a rather short trip to the entrace, were a rather short wood fence that would merelly serve to mark the limits of the town and keep farm animals from wandering out

But they didn't go to the fence itself but rather to a tree just past the border

In there one could see a white glowing Dust Cristal hanging a little above head level, further examination would also reveal that it was not the only one, every 5 or 10 meters you could see another cristal shining

Father Fujimoto did not take it a way, he merelly took a similar stone but unlike the fellow it was not glowing

"this is what we call a Spirit Cristal, or as know by researchers in Atlas, White Dust"

Glynda was somehow surpriced at the conclusion she reacehd "the legend of the spirits is an acient metod of sintetic dust manufacture?"

Both men gived her a glance


"as i was saying, this is a Spirit Cristal,or as helpfully pointed out, Sintetic Dust, the faith of the spirits came to this discovery hundreds of years before Vale's fundation, upon that time someone learned that a clear cristal was 'empty' and could be charged with aura acting as some sort of external container"

He glanced at them "i know this is basic but it is part of the tale so bear with it"

"so, as for the second aspect the first followers were normal people, and those normal people who found that among the population there were those that have a particular afinity to slaying Grimm and i am not just refering to just awakening Aura but to have a certain kind of atributes that Grimm found repulsive, this trait was therefore recognized as holy light"

On this he chaneled his Aura to his hand, the clasic shine of it's presence was there but somehow felt more 'pure' and 'welcoming'

"people with the trait were then recognized as holy warriors, but the faith didn't really beging there, the faith was formed when someone finaly thought "Dust can be used by anyone, so what would happen if i put 'holy light' in a depleted Dust Cristal?" "

He did so and like those in the trees it began to glow

"and so a the first Spirit Cristal, or as it was know at the time, a Sacred Stone, was formed, as a weapon it was particulary good at destroying Grimm, weapons made with it could cut through Grimm as hot knife in butter, but the better and more productive aspect was that if wore as a pendant it would 'cleanse' the wearer from negative emotions, used as a perimeter like you see here, they will act like a barrier to protect a village"

He smiled

"and there you have the fundations of the Faith of the Spirits, a simple metod to create a version of bug repelant that works on Grimm, the rest of the 'tenans*' are merelly the way people found worked better, for example if you pray the cristal will have a easier time working for you are already calming yourself, the existance of a 'spirit' to answer your call working with the same feeling of reasurance that a parent brings to child with a nigthmare, Grimm will therefore find it more repulsive o come close to the cristal than they are attracted to your flesh and leave, if you are good person you generate good emotions and the cristal won't be tainted by the negative feelings that taint your aura and so forth"

Glynda sighed, that wasn't...

Ozpin Spoke "that is not very helpfull" he said bluntly

Fujumoto sighed in exasperation "what do you expect?, religion is usually born when people without knowledge try to make an explanation, it is mean to reasure the mind, not to trully find the solution of the trouble, as you and i well know there are myths about at least 5 diferent gods of thunder god of thunder somewhere"

Leaving out a breath Glinda chose to ask, Ozpin could be very obstinate about revealing secrets but she would not be wasting another 10 hours in a bullhead without gaining any kind of information

"is there a way for your people to help those who have their aura damaged beyond natural means of recovery?"

The father frowned "like what? There are many options it could be shattered, mutated, drained, corrupted"

"i think she was drained" wondered Glinda if you could trully call it that to ripping off the half of someone's soul "someone tried to steal her Semblance and she had not been very well since then"

Fujimoto smiled "had you asked this to anyone else then i would tell you that this person would likely have been sentenced to death, after all the faith does have records when people tried to 'pass on' the 'blessing' to more 'worthy' followers or simply to their heirs, eveyone of those that 'lost the light' ended up death, even a partial transfer usually ended the same after goin through 1 to 5 years of decaying healt"

This didn't sound good

"however" the father smirked "my faith is not really about following a bunch of senceles rules, it is about discovering often overlooked aspects of aura and finding positive uses for them, it is also just your luck that my aprendice might just have the Semblance that you may be searching for"

"well" said the headmaster smiling to the possible hope "this might not be as i had planned but it might be good enough"

Author Note

the knowledge of Hyrule is not important, it is simply so you willl have an idea of what you should try to picture when thinking about a version of Remnants past, at least my version of Remnants past, you can now picture what kind of fun Professor Oobleck has when he goes in his Archelogical explorations.

the location is somewhat of a mid point between Vale and Vacuo, it is also on the souther side of the continent and next to the coast, Trampoli is hidden by a montain so Grimm can not get in there but it isn't really that good of a location since no one wants to go there on the first place.

the distance between countries was decided by Earth equivalent, Groenlandia for Atlas, Eu (los Angeles) for Vale, Brazil for vacuo and Argelia for Ministral, they simply were locations that i saw in the map and chose because it felt i simply wanted the aproximate flight time between nations.

it takes 14 hours 25 minutes to reach brasilia from los angeles, or so it says in google, it took 10 hours for a Bullhead from Beacon to reach Trampoli as Saunus is [U] shaped giving it a similar distance.

The Faith of the Spirits is OC, is an idea created from Twlight Princess and it's 4 Spirits of Light, at leats when i was thinking about it, the whole religion is a corrupted version of catolisism/budism whose only real goal was to teach people how to create safe zones and use their cloacking metod but it snowballed and created a religion, due to the fact that 'worry' is a negative emotions and failure to surive could be seen as a sin (proof that you were evil because the 'spirits' did not protect you) they can sometimes get vicious when left uncheked, but most often than not the followers usually are just ordinary people living ordinary lives as farmers.

Their 'holy light' is based upon Higurashi Kagome and her miko powers being super effective against demons but useless against humans, the barrier is on RE:Zero

Father Fujimoto might be a strong character but he is also retired and unabaliable to be moved, think of it as trying to move the boss monster out of the boss room in a dungeon, this is because he is a background character without active involvement in the story, his aprendice is also not really as strong as someone who was 'trained' by the strongest huntsman should be, this is because Fater Fujimoto is more like a school teacher than a personal trainer, is just that trampoli does not have many people to be taught, so it is more like he thaught him how to read then told him to read a book on swordmanship and go practice by himself rather than actually give him personal instruction, though he did give him some personal tips from time to time, those were rare.

-i am still wondering if i should follow the 'no magic' rule-