Aogami Pierce felt crushed

'why Monty?, why?, you fake god, i knew that it was too much to ask for you to be a true prophet, your view on Remnant was too ireall, seriously an all power full Aura?, do not make me laught!, it takes years of training to undertand the 2 most basic ability of Aura Burst to increase parameters and Aura Sence to felt the danger of the Grimm

'but this.. this..'.

He looked around but still felt nothing but despair

'i did not say anything when you made Gun-Blades something that was weird, i mean it was pretty cool in concept but pretty much a failure in aplication, unless the people in question were good mechanic they would find themselves at an impasse whenever a gear broke down, and do not let me get started on Dust Casting, seriouly anything that neededs more than a single magazine worth of dust is something that no one oustide of the noblity could affort!'

His dreams, his ambitions, the reason for all those years spend at training schools, all pain and sweat had been for naught

'but you had to do this!, why the hell did you make me belive that the changing rooms where co-ed?!, why did you make me belive that i could step inside while a girl was in middle of changing and only clad in her underwear?, why did you make me belive that if i was carefull enough in my placement some girl would eventually bend down giving me a full view of her lovely behind while she put on a sock, or a shoe, or a heel blade'

for Aogami Pierce was a pervert whose only reason to become a Huntsman had been a rumor that Beacon had only one changing room shared by both genders, the rumor had not been wrong, there was only one locker room where everyone stored their combat gear but the actual changing did not take place in here, it took place on stalls that were actually separated by gender

That or in their dorm rooms, Aogami wasn't really sure at this point but he should probably had predicted this result by comparing it with the locker rooms at Signal Academy


He eyed a twin tailer purple haired girl, her hair extended almost to ground level and was a light shade of purple, a shade of purple that if he were a little more interested in clothes or Art he would know was lavander, she was also wearring a white dress that stoped before her knee and made of a some kind of white silk cloth, Aogami was pretty sure that there was a breeze he could get a panty shoot

'curse you insanely hard Dust casting!, curse you too unfarily expensive Dust cristal!, why did i chose sword instead of staff?, i should have been more determined to be a Dust mage, a wind Dust mage!'

The girl's pretty face turend to Aogami, most girls at this point would notice how he had been eyeing them up and in this case his admiration for her legs, but this one was diferent, when she settled her lavander eyes on him, she followed his gaze to her body and rather than frown she smirked, with a wink she simply moved on leaving Aogami gapping

'she must be a pervert, i bet she wears black lingerie under that little white dress of hers!'

But further thought was halted when something, or in this case someone, took hold of the back of Aogami's jacket and hauled him from his seat before smashed his back against the lockers

The first thing he saw was yellow

The second was a glowing pair of red pair of eyes

"hello~ Aogami~"

"hello Yang" he said pretty calm about the whole 'getting smashed in a locker', they were hunters in traing, they had aura so they could be pretty rough...

"so, can you tell me why you are here?" she asked with the mix of lovely growl that Aogami asociated with Yang, where it not for the rather hot hand (literally) burning away at his Aura (and flesh) he would have felt touched for all the effort she put just in intimidating him

"i want to be a hero?"

"Do Not Lie to ME" she snarled abandoning the visage of civility

"I AM SORRY!" he squealed "i hear that changing rooms are co-ed and couldn't stop myself from applying!"

The woman, no, the dragon, noodded "yes, that is just like you would do, always the pervert that would bring the discusion of perverted anime to school"

She narrowed her eye at him "but you see, i have problem, while i was prepared to get rid of you for Ruby's sake, she is now in Beacon and with both of you on the same school..."

'Ruby is in Beacon? how did she?- No!, focus brain, important matter to our continual survival is the angry girl in front of us!' "i see, worry not i will not talk to her-"

His sholder hurt, Yang was strong, very, very strong, she could easily lift a motorcycle over her head when enhaced with Aura and could even lift Aogami without tapping on it, so it was not a very much of a surprice that she could somehow hurt him despite of the defensive forcefield that was protecting his body

"no, that won't do" said Yang releasing the pressure on his shoulder just a little bit, enought that it wouldn't break or cause a squeak but not enought to stop hurting "if you stopped talking with Ruby she will be sad, and lonely, we wouldn't want that to happen, would we?"

"of course not, i always like-" *presure* "i always felt kind of sympaty for Ruby, what with being so... er.. develo-" *presure* "gif-" *presure* "distant from her peers, her talent puts her apart form the group"

He said between treats of pain that stoped him from saying overly intimated words, seriouly you just give [The Talk] to a inocent little girl who had been wondering what her older sister had been doing with her boyfriend and the next day Yang Xiao Long declares you her mortal enemy

'That was years ago! you should let go of the grude by now! stupid bimbo shouldn't your memory be worst than this?!' of course Aogami had the presence of mind to not speak such words aloud

Sadly for him, by this point in their 'relationship' Yang Xiao Long could pretty much read his every thought with just eye contact

She pulled her first ready to punch and-

Aogami felt the burning hand leave his shoulder

"Yang? Where are you? Aogami!" said a rather short girl with black and red hair, she was animatelly speaking for someone that wore so much black "what are you doing here? You didn't say you were goin to Beacon!"

He shruged ignoring completely that Yang had been treatening his life a few seconds ago and only stoped because she did not want her sister inocent little sister to see such effective use of violence "i suddenly changed my plans, Vacuo legendary Bikini wa-" BANG

Aogami turned to look to the smoking hole next to his head, both him and Ruby turned to look at the calm, and cool Yang Xiao Long whose harm was outstreched in his direction and her weapon deployed

She put down her first and smiled with her deceiving purple eyes "sorry, my arm twiched"

"Yang~" Ruby whined "you have to be more carefull, you almost hit Aogami, what would you do if he couldn't pull his Aura fast enought? He could be killed!"

"yeah~" drawled yang with a shrug, not a big one at that taking more interest in her nails, her non-painted nails "we wouldn't want that would we?"

"of course not! i have few friends and you two are the only people i know in here" she said sad and depressed

When Ruby's gaze felt down Yang mouted a few words to Aogami

['say that again and i won't miss next time']


"don't worry Ruby" said the blue haired boy "Yang shots are not enought to kill me"

"not for lack of trying" muttered the brawler

Ruby smiled then frowned when she looked at his plain clothes "didn't you bring a weapon with you, where is Clarence?"

Aogami had a moment when his mind worked in overdrive, Clarence had been his weapon at signal, the creation he had managet to craft to pass his class and because the idea of a flaming sword had been awezome, but with his trip to Vacuo in search of the mythical swimming class in bikini offered by Shade Academy he had to pawn his weapon to pay for the trip and after finding out that it was a bust and doubling back in search of the legendary co-ed changing room he would no longer be able to pay the loan to get it back from the pawnshop

But to tell that to Ruby would be like telling a five years old that Christmas wasn't real..

No, it would be like the time he did tell Ruby that Christmas wasn't real, Yang had almost killed him back then so it would likely be worst today,

'if i told her what i did it migth be akind to bringing a puppy to a kindergartener, letting the kids play with it for a while and then shot the dog in front of the whole class'

But he was Aogami Pierce, one of the few Hutsman in Training that bothered to learn actual strategy and tactics instead of practicing over choreographed battle moves, so while he had not been able to affort more than a fancy letter opener, it was a fancy Dust letter opener

"behold!" said the blunette pulling out the blocky object from his the right pocket of his jacket, it was simple blue square thing that barelly had the correct shape to be held like a knife handle but lacked the blade, it also had a button and a knob that looked like volume controler and more importantly a hole on one side that Aogami made sure to not point at himself "this is Horizon Edge, a Hard Light Proyection Blade!"

All of this was said with emotions that he did not really felt, after all they were for the sake making Ruby happy which would mean his continued survival, and humans could do incredible things to survive

Some times Aogami wondered what Yang would do if she knew that if she had not forced him to be nice to Ruby he would have moved on and barelly qualify as an acquaintance rather than a friend

But hate and anger were really bad emotions that clouded one's judgement, the boy could not blame the sister for what she did, and he got the better deal as he had two busty-


He stoped thinking and turned back to the little hunter "so what do you think?"

The red haired girl gived him a shacky smile, the kind of smile that a child put when they found that their grandparents had gifted them another sweater for Christmas

"it's wonderful~" she lied, her eyes pretty much said 'kill me please'

Aogami expected that, he felt the same when he bought it, cheap stupid thing wasn't even the rigth size for him and the handle was so square that he couldn't really use it for anything more than wild slashes

But he could not say that

"yeah, look" and he pointed the hole to the end of the hallway, making sure that no one was in the way


"woah~, i didn't knew it could do that" said the impresed red head

'me neigther' he admited on his thoughts but this had been the modification that he added, the blade originaly extended no more than his tumb so he had spend a night modifing the device so he could actually use it as a sword, it wouldn't have been particulary resilent but he could hide it pretty much anywhere and there would not be a need for a sheat

The result howeveer

From one side of the locker room and till next wall extended a blue translusent Dust proyection, it was more than 10 meters when Aogami had not expected it to go more than 1


And the blade disapeared when the Dust was spend

'stupid blocky thing, why can you not work propelly?'

"what? What happened?"

"experimentation, i modified the circuits to make the edge longer" he admited 'just not this long' "but it seem that it burns the Dust Batery pretty fast so i will need to keep it shorter" 'and preferably to some leght i can actually wave around like a weapon'

"i see" she nooded not as bad as she had been but neither as hopefull as Yang would have wanted, it was more of a mixture of someone who liked to see new weapons but felt let down when they were not as good as they had expected

"so, Ruby, why don't we go around, get our weapons and preferably make plants to get in the same team?" said Yang with a cheerful smile pulling an arm over her sister shoulder

"what?! But weren't you goin about how i should get new friends and expand my horizons and grow up?"

"pfft, me? no way, are you saying i did something like a responsable person would do? That was dad's 100 liens talking, they were wasted anyway" she said guiding her sister far from the blunette

"see you latter Aogami" said Ruby cherrfull waving off and in a much better spirit now that she would get paried with her sister

Aogami for his part sighed and moved a hand through his hair, now he needed a plan to make sure that he would not be on Ruby's team, or Yang's, which pretty much mean that rather than let things be he would have to...


Put some effort on this and scout for possible teammates

With a light sigh he focused internally and then felt the energies around the locker room, some migth be unable to do this but Aura sence was a basic tecnique that anyone could develope, it was merelly a more advanced version of Danger Sence that everyone awoke after unlocking their Aura

This one did not grant some supernatural perseption of the world, it merelly allowed the user to sence the presence of people and measure the Aura in others, it was also a pretty bad way to do it because you did not know how much skill that person had

But it was faster metod so he searched for possible targets

There were 20 individuals currently on the locker room

He felt one Aura that was particulary big, when compared to everyone else this person had at least twice the amount of the bigger ones in the room and 3 times for a regular student

He followed the lead and walked in silence while focusing on his target to not miss him

Eventually (and not very hard in a single room) he came across a black haired blue eyed boy that was talking with a short orange haired girl

Aogami Grimazed to the fact that those two were really friendly to each other, that pretty much mean that they were planing to become partners and any attemp to get in between them would be seen with a negative light that would sour any relationship, but he had already started scouting so...

He opened his eyes and left them measure his potential

People joked that his semblance should be called 3 sizes scouter because he could actually use it to gain said information, he prefered to simply call it [scan], for it allowed him to the dimensions of an object withing his sight but it was more complicate than that and when used on a person...

By calculation through an estimation of distance and scale he could find the Height

[Height 173cm]

By taking in acount the tendency of Aura to keep a certain rate of BMI once active and that he already knew height, he could easily know weight with a little formula

[Weigth 60kg]

By acounting the weight and muscle definition of the target he could come with an aproximation of the natural streng of a target

[Base Streng 215kg]

By observation of simple traits such as ears, teeth, hair and nails he could easily notice if a person had the wild traits of a faunus or the more plain ones of a human


By use of Aura Sence and a measurement againts his own power and a comparation against the stronget teacher at signal along with the 'weigth' of aura he could calculate the level of experience

[Aura level 55]

By calculation of said experience against the natural life force he could give a numerical value to the total of their Aura

[HP 16549]

By measurement of Aura Level and Natural Streng with acount of Aura Burst he could calculate the max output of a target

[Enhaced Streng 1373kg]

By knowledge of their natural output and limit of their sttreng he could calculate how much damage to they could put behind a single attack

[Attack 413]

so when put together it allowed Aogami to see some kind of character status

[Height 173cm]

[Weigth 60kg]

[Base Streng 215kg]


[HP 16549]

[Enhaced Streng 1373kg]

[Attack 413]

Welp, that was strong, the faunus boy had at least 5 times more Aura than Aogami himself, and his stats were also kind of amazing when you took in acount that he could likely raise a ton over his head

In other words if Aogami tried to figth him he could not win

Still, the blunette had long learned that his semblance could not be taken at face value, it had been born due to his obscesion with PocketGrimm and took more of teorical stats for rate of battle rather than actual results, attemping to use it for more than a frame of reference would end badly for himsef due to actual battle being far more complicate and a place where creativity and skill had more meaning than raw atributes

yet for sake of curiosity he focused on the energetic girl

[Height 155cm]

[Weigth 43kg]

[Base Streng 108kg]


[Aura Level 26]

[HP 2628]

[Enhaced Streng 378kg]

[Attack 151]

Meh, not as amazing, she would likely be surpased by Yang... maybe

Aogami felt for other power sources, focusing on those two would only lead to trouble if they thought he was some interloper

He fount another and followed... and blinked

This guy was huge, like super huge, he was

[Height 210cm]

[Weigth 88kg]

[Base Streng 330kg]


[Aura Level 31]

[HP 9261]

[Enhaced Streng 1323kg]

[Attack 661]

Overall he actually was stronger than faunus boy but... Aogami could not work with him, someone that wore bandages over his eyes, had white hair and could go around wearring no shirt to show off his abs while wearring a cape was cool, too cool and a recipe for disaster.

The simple conclusion is that big guy was the kind of person that would hoard all good looking girls for himself while Aogami got nothing

With faunus boy one could at least trust that because of wide spread discrimination, Faunus Boy would be unable to hoard all girls to himself, but in here the blunette would amit that unless this guy had some serioulsy big character flaw he would get every girl in his team as a love interest

And it was not just some small flaw like being cheerfull but something big enough like being gay

So Aogami moved to the next signature

This measurement was a close one between 2 people that had similar streng but he discarted the weaker one when he revealed himself to be nothing more than a dark sniked man in armor

He therefore focused on the other and found none other than Pyrrha Nikos

[Height 183cm]

[Weigth 60kg]

[Base Streng 150kg]


[Aura Level 34]

[HP 5832]

[Enhaced Streng 648kg]

[Attack 388]

She was Mistral 3 times regional champion, she also had become Aogami's living proof that he could not trust levels and stats to hold in battle when she had defeated people far stronger than herself on her first attemp at the same championship

But more importantly, she was a good looking red haired girl with an hourglass figure and mesmerizing green eyes, traits that Aogami would not get easily tired off when looking at her every day on the next 4 years

Then he noticed that to the ide of Mistralian Champion was another girl, she short and had the ethereal beauty of a fairy but her combat potential was also pitifully weak, as if she had thought that physical atributes did not influence their results

[Height 160cm]

[Weigth 46kg]

[Base Streng 23kg]


[Aura Level 22]

[HP 428 ]

[Enhaced Streng 71kg]

[Attack 21]

To be honest the only other person the blue haired boy could compare her with would have been Ruby, who also was 2 years younger and a speedster

But then again he could kind of recognize the girl, it was hard to not identify a popular singer when you loved the femenine half of humanity

She was Weiss Schnee

And like any other Schnee had a Glyp semblance and was a Dust mage

Something usefull in a battle but far from Aogami's first choise, after all he wanted a meat shield not a support caster and if his strategical deduction was right while a Dust mage might be interesting result on tournament style they were next to useless when doing missions

Do not misundertand, someone that could bring fort the power of the elements was not weak but Dust casting was that Dust casting and it spend a lot of Dust when used propelly, meaning that unless you brought a wardrobe worth of Dust everywhere then someone that focused on such style would be the worst person on a battle of atrition or a long term survival on the wild

It could kind of be compared to having a mage in your RPG party, it would be great for bosses and special enemies but when you could not get back to a town you had to save the MP for important battles and while simple with drones that would follow your every word without complain, when done with living people you needed a special kind of mentality to allow their moral to remain high while when one of their members was doing nothing most often than not

'then again everyone uses bullets, and with bullheads we are unlikely to need more than a day for a mission, would it be so bad?'

Maybe it would not, but between Pyrrha Nikos, Faunus Boy and Orange Girl there were no remaining spots in his team for the Schnee Dust Mage

'but how do i get Pyrrha Nikos in my team?'

It was then that he hear it "you can do it Jaune, just like dad said, have confidence, confidence, Confidence! "hello~ snow angel", yes, that is good, 1,2-" a blonde boy gathering the courage to talk with a pretty girl

Faster than Aogami could process the actions taken by his own body he had 'clumpsily' triped up the unknow boy 'accidentally' smashing the face of the blonde against nearest locker and likely giving a conclusion when said person failed to be engage his Aura on time to protect himslef

"sorry, i didn't see you" he told the boy with as much sincerity as he could muster, which wasn't much but said boy was too worried with a bleeding nose to notice

"gah, why~? Am i cursed or what?" asked Jaune

"woa~ that is a lot of blood" said the blunette "shouldn't you use your aura to stop that?"

"Gesundheit?" asked the bleeding blonde

"..." Aogami stared in confusion

Could it be possible that someone managed to get in the school without knowing what i Aura?

'i know some say that you only need to ace combat or Academics to get in Beacon to the point that some students barelly know how to figth but this must be a joke! How could someone get in here without knowing about Aura?'

Still, he could not just walk away without breaking the honor code in the brocode when the guy he had basically c*ck-bl*cked was in need of help, it was not the way of the bro

'i hope i do not regret this'

He put a hand on the blonde- Jaune's shoulder

"you know, Aura, the regenerative forcefield that every hunter has?"

"er, of course i know what Aura is" he nooded but did not meet eyes

Aogami knew that Jaune did not, even if Jaune were not such bad liar, the blunet was particulary good at feeling out energies and had already been searching for them, he suspected it was part of his semblance but the measurement had always been simple

A person with Aura felt like a burning candle, the line varied acording to how strong their aura was

a Grimm flet like a patch of ice, more acurately an ice cube that you felt when extending your hand in the dark

in such analogy people without Aura were like non burning candles, they had a potential but lacked the light, because of this he could not feel them a acuratelly, a few steps at most before they blanked among those who burned brigthly

"you should study about it" said Aogami feeling his own reserve losse a fraction, it was around a 1/5 of his total stores, maybe ΒΌ "it is the basic of combat for a Huntsman and necesary to beat Grimm, but don't worry too much everyone has it"

The next instant his Semblance found Jaune

[Height 185cm]

[Weigth 68kg]

[Base Streng 102kg]


[Aura Level 1]

[HP 616]

[Enhaced Streng 102kg]

[Attack 10]

Plainly put Aogami did not know if this was good or bad , he had not seen a lo of levels 1 because how fast the first few level could move when unlcoked, by the time he had found his semblance to a level of measurement his class had already moved on, and when he planed to see those people whose aura had just be unlocked they had already advanced a few levels in a single day of sparing

It had not been till his third year that Aogami had been able to see how Aura after paying a professor in boze, but that had been almost a year and he had already forgoten their meaning

'at least he has more raw power than Schnee'

Having paid back to his unaware wingman Aogami left Jaune alone while the blonde searched for 'Aura' in his scroll, he did not worry and simply left it out of his mind

*Breath in*

*breath out*

Aogami Smiled

'Jaune must be some kind of savant'

He steped forward

'he came up with a tactic that could be worth a genius but did no know how to use it'

The blunette got between the red and white haired girls

'after all he did forget something that is basic when dealing with girls'

He smiled

'they are contraditory beings who don't want what they should and want what they do not have'

"hello~ snow angel"

'for some strange reason they won't pay attention when you try to earn their feelings but if they somehow come to the conclusion that you think another girl is prettier than them...'

He very pointedly ignored Pyrrha's existence, for the next minute he engaged in a battle of wits to not reveal that despite his chessy pic up lines aimed to 'snow angel' he had absolutely no interest in her outside of her worth as a mean to make Pyrrha jeaolous

When the red head nailed him to a wall so he would stop 'bothering' Weiss, Aogami knew that so long as it was possible she would do anything to secure him as her partner

He made an extra effort to look bothered by his failure when Ruby came to his aid

Yang however appears to have noticed his true goal (as expected of his nemesis) but just had a complicate expresion crossed through her face, before she nodded with some resigned approval

little did he knew that what Yang actually thought, it was that when The Invencible Pyrrha Nikos, 3 times Champion of Mistral Regional Tournament, and possibly best figther of their generation, found out that she had been tricked, she would not be happy with Aogami, because of this Yang would have to resign to not be the one to kill the Blue Haired Pervert

AN: Aogami's Semblance treats people like RPG characters but he does not trust it because of the diference between Pokemon Anime and Pokemon Games (or Yu-Gi-Oh! game and Anime), A.K.A. narrative vs turn based combat, in one you get fire vs water advantage, while the other has created a cloack of mist that is being used to play ninja.

i will use the system to entretain myself and make sure i keep it fair and square, but narrative will NOT be:

-Pyrrha is mesmerised

-Jaune used flip flop, but missed

-Pyrrha used Milo

-Jaune took 628 points of damage

-Jaune fainted

-Pyrrha wins!

-Pyrrha has won 1 exp

Next chapter is finally initiation, hopefuly no one will die since i wanna know what the results of playing Aogami's game will be to see if their luck is holding, if they fail i may need to pull a Deus Machina to keep them from dying... this might actually mean that plot armor is on when i am not looking at something.

maybe i should play pokemon rather than write fanfic...

Part of me actually blames my education for my need of measurement, stupid handsome matematics, stupid physics and your interesting quantifiable mechanics, no one told me learning had drawbacks!, but i do not blame chemistry, i am bad at that one.