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Roxas groaned as he exited the dark swirling portal. The Corridors of darkness, or 'CoD's' as he called them, always made him feel sick to his stomach. He never admitted it, but darkness always seemed to unsettle him… He wouldn't say he's afraid. He couldn't feel that way, right? No… It just didn't feel right going through them. Maybe it was because of his element… or power… was light. He was just going to go with that assumption for now.

He had no idea why Xemnas wanted to bring him here, to this… place. Or why he had bring the girl along… Aqua was her name, right? She always stared at him and Xemnas weirdly… when she first saw him she called him Ven… Who he still didn't know who that was. These 2 were hiding something… and he knew it. And he would find out what… maybe…

They weren't the only one's acting weird though… Axel was too. He always seemed to stare at him as if he just realized he had a scar or something… Xigbar stared at him as if he was calculating his next action… Xaldin stared at him sometimes, as if wondering about something. Something Roxas didn't know… But why were they? Why did they do it? And why were Luxord, Saix, Demyx not in on it? Or was Saix in on it? He couldn't tell with the blue-haired man...

He wasn't unhappy that they weren't. If anything, it made him feel less tense. Well, except Saix. But that didn't matter right now. In front of him was a bizarre mostly dark yellow castle, with dark green roofs, going sideways and upside down in some places...He had been here once before, looking for Xion with Axel… But last time he fainted. In front of him, Xemnas with his black cloak on, hood off, and Aqua, with a mostly blue, black, and dark grey, feminine looking armor, with to ear like things on her head, that went backwards instead of up.

And he himself? He was in his normal cloak, normal blonde windswept hair, normal big blue eyes. He halted, staring at the castle. He couldn't go in there… what if he fainted again? He didn't want to. It had… hurt. Aqua had noticed him halt, and turned to look at him "Is something wrong…?". He turned his head toward her, then at Xemnas, then at the castle, then back at her. "I-I… I can't… Go in there…" Xemnas stopped, and turned to look at him "And why is that, V- Number XIII?".

Xemnas kept almost calling him 'Ventus' as will... Roxas was beginning to think Xemnas had known Ventus as well… but how? And How did he know Aqua as well? He shook those thoughts away. They weren't important right now… "Last time… I… I fainted…" He looked down. It made him sound weak… but it was the truth. He couldn't lie to the superior… Right? He didn't want to… Something made him not want to…

Xemnas turned to the castle "There is nothing to fear, Number XIII. Aqua has control of this castle. Nothing will harm you.." Roxas swore that Xemnas almost sounded…. Concerned? But he couldn't be… Why would the Superior worry about the lowest number like him? And he couldn't, right? They were both nobodies… Being without hearts. Thus, without feelings.

Aqua nodded "He's Right… Roxas…" She hesitated to say his name. She always did. Probably because he reminded her of that 'Ventus'. He hated it. He wasn't Ventus. He never would be. He was himself. And No one else. They couldn't change that.

He sighed "Alright…" He still didn't like this. He didn't trust the castle. It made him feel… Wait… No. Right. He couldn't feel. It just unsettled him. But at the same time… it felt familiar. Like he was meant to be hear… Nice green grass… Two mountains with golden chains coming out of them, connecting to a white castle, with white stairs that led to the castle. 3 friends, staring out at the stars, as a meteor shower went on. A place to call… Home…

He shook his head. Wait, where did that come from? What was that place? Why did one of the friends look like Xemnas? Why was Aqua there? Why did… He shook his head once more. No. It didn't matter… stay focused… The 3 entered the castle. The white hall stretching out before them. Roxas expected pain to come, and he shut his eyes. But none came. He slowly, opened his eyes, and glanced around. No pain. He was ok.

But… He felt like something was calling him… Where was it coming from? He couldn't tell… But… He started walking. But Aqua stopped him with a hand on his shoulder. "Don't wander off… This place is meant to trick anyone but me, or people with me,".

Roxas stared out at the long white hall, sighed, and nodded "A-Alright…". Aqua gave him a small smile, then summoned her keyblade. It had a mostly white hilt, with what seemed like red pipes connecting parts of the hilt. The blade was black, and ended actually looking like a key. It's keychain was black, and at the end, it looked like an upside down nobody symbol. I wonder if they got that idea from the nobody symbol, or if the nobody symbol was based on that Roxas mused.

Aqua made her way down the maze of white hall ways, Roxas and Xemnas on her tail, and soon they made their way to a door. Aqua seemed to hesitate. Looking back at Xemnas and Roxas "Xe-..." She paused. "You can call me by that title. Only the members of my organization must call me 'Superior'." He stared at her. She sighed, shaking her head "A-Alright… Xemnas…" To her, the name didn't sound right. She knew that somewhere in him, Terra was there… And maybe… He could help her get Terra out.

She turned back to the door, holding out her keyblade, and light gathered at the tip. It shot out, hitting the door, which then opened. Aqua stared at the door, then back at her two companions, took a breath in, and entered. Xemnas followed with little hesitation. But Roxas stopped. He felt a pull toward the room… What was in there? He finally questioned. Why did they need to bring him?

He was the lowest member, number XIII. They wouldn't need to bring him… Aqua was the guide. Not him. Xemnas was strong enough to protect her if something happened, and he was sure she could protect herself as well. So not a guard. So why bring him? What was the point. "Are you coming, number XIII?" Xemnas's deep voice sounded from inside the room.

Roxas didn't respond. Why? Why? Why had they brought him here?! Aqua peeked out "Roxas… are you coming?" He stared at her "You don't need me, i'm sure…" He said queitly. They shouldn't need him…

Aqua looked slightly startled, and bit her lip. Xemnas was then in the door way "Number XIII. Come. on." Roxas stared at him. Xemnas's voice was demnading. But at the same… time… it held… Fear? Why did he sound like that? Was he… Fearing him not entering the room? Why? Why did he need to enter? Why did he feel a pull?

Aqua looked at Xemnas, then at him "Please…. We just don't want you to get lost…" She almost sounded like she was begging him. He stared at her suspicously, but slowly entered. Xemnas and Aqua moved out of the way, as he looked around. It was a round room, with the same upside down nobody symbol on the wall. And in front of them in the white room, was an equally white throne. Roxas blinked…

The pull was stronger… He was getting a headache… he put his hands to his head, clenching his teeth. Images he couldn't make out flashed fast in his head. The headache got stronger. He heard voices, one deep, one feminine. Aqua and Xemnas… but what were they saying. He barely felt it when Xemnas picked him up, moving toward the chair.

The headache was growing stronger now. What was going on?! Aqua promised it wouldn't hurt! Why did it hurt?! Why was it hurting more?! What were these images?! WHAT WAS GOING ON?! He cried out, whimpering.

Xemnas walked around the chair, and stared at the figure in the chair. This was the moment of truth. He barely noticed Roxas's whimpering. Aqua flinched at it though. The poor kid… But Xemnas had said he was just a vessel… It still hurt to see him like this… someone who looked exactly like Ventus…

On the throne, was a blond haired boy, his hair the exact same shade, same windswept, spiky look. Same pale skin…

Different clothes.

Different name.

Different story.

He had a half white, half black jacket, with gold, blue shoulder armor, and a white and black checkered band around his wrist. He also had armor around his stomach, with dark grey shorts that turned to light grey on the way down. His shoes were metal, mostly black with some gold and tan color on it. His face looked so peaceful…

Xemnas set Roxas down near the boy, before nodding at Aqua. She sighed, and slowly walked over, before grabbing the whimpering Roxas's hand, and the sleeping Ventus's hand. She looked at the very similar kids, then straight at Ven "I...I need you back… You're going to come home, Ven…" She looked at Roxas… "This is your Heart… Terra found it for you… I told you i'd be back before you knew it," She smiled softly.

Roxas had stopped whimpering, and his eyes were closed. He looked peaceful, just like Ventus. She then let put Roxas's hand on top of Ventus's, before letting go, and looking up at Xemnas, nodding "It'll only be a little…". Xemnas nodded back, and left the room "He should see you first…" He then left the room. She saw a bright flash behind her, and looked over.

Roxas was gone.

Only Ventus remained.

Big blue eyes slowly opened for the first time in about 11 years.

Outside the room, the superior put a hand to his head, groaning.

And Orange eyes flickered to blue.

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