Story Time

"Storytelling is the essential human activity. The harder the situation, the more essential it is." Tim O'Brien

One of the few pleasures that Garrick Ollivander took in life was startling his clients when they entered his shop, 'of course it isn't so amusing when the tables are turned', was the only thing he could think when a fist stopped barely one inch away from his face when the startled teen got a rather violent reaction to one of his usual shenanigans

"I'm sorry, got a little surprised there, you must be Mr. Ollivander?" said the teen retiring his fist

"That would be correct Mr. Potter" answered Ollivander, even without looking for the scar. The boy was the living image of James Potter and those eyes could as well have been taken out of Lily Evans face "I apologize as well for the little scare, now if you give me your wand arm, we'll have you fitted with a wand in no time"

"I'm ambidextrous sir" said Harry

"Then any arm will do" answered Ollivander and casted the standard spell on the measuring tape that took way more measures than strictly necessary but was much simpler that the spell specific to take only the measures he needed "It seems only yesterday that your mother was in here herself, buying her first wand. Ten and a quarter inches long, swishy, made of willow. Nice wand for charm work." said Ollivander in his usual fashion while looking for an appropriate wand for his latest customer "Your father, on the other hand, favored a mahogany wand, eleven inches, Pliable, a little more power and excellent for transfiguration. Well, I say your father favored it, but it's really the wand that chooses the wizard, of course." while this was not exactly accurate, it surely sounded good, and Garrick Ollivander always had a flair for the dramatics

"That will do," he said, and the tape measure crumpled into a heap on the floor. "Right then, Mr. Potter. Try this one. Beechwood and dragon heartstring, nine inches. Nice and flexible. Just take it and give it a wave."

Harry took the wand and waved it around a bit and… Nothing happened

"Maple and phoenix feather, eleven inches, quite whippy. Try…" Harry waved the new wand around and… again nothing. Ollivander frowned at this.

"Here, ash and unicorn hair, eight and a half inches, springy. Go on, go on, try it out." Harry tried, and tried, and tried again to no effect. No explosion, no light, nothing. While It was not expected to have a perfect match in the first try, usually the wand showed some kind of reaction that showed how compatible it was with the wizard, it was through those reaction that the right wand was found, by seeing the level of compatibility a particular wand had with a wizard it was an easy for a master wand crafter to guess what assortment of wands would have a higher or lower compatibility level with the same wizard, kind of like the hot and cold game, the fact that Harry didn't react at all to the wands he was given meant that either he had no magic, which he knew was not true; after all he could feel the boy's magical power and if anything his aura was rather strong, or it could mean that his magic was so special that only the right focus could channel his power.

Ollivander let out a sigh, he loved tricky customers, the challenge felt like a game, a test of his skills, but this was not that, this was simply a chore, he either tested every single wand of his shop on him or he offered a custom wand. The custom wand he didn't want to offer, after all it was known to master crafters that magic matured with the body and the mind and that while those that could afford it ordered a custom wand in their early twenties because it was when the best match could be found, to give a child with not training a custom made wand could be a wonderful thing, giving a faithful companion to help him grow, but it could also have adverse effects, either influencing him too much in his development or stop working after a few years, and both would be a strike to his pride as a wand maker.

Ollivander was musing all of this as Harry tested his seventh wand when he noticed that Harry was staring intensely to a box in one of the shelves, observing this with curiosity, Ollivander took the box and gave it to Harry who opened it and took the wand which… threw small sparks. A not rare if rather substandard reaction to a wand bonding with its wizard, Ollivander suppressed a sigh of disappointment; he was actually expecting something more out of all this.

"Mr. Ollivander" called Harry

"Oh! Of course Mr. Potter, that one is ebony and unicorn hair, rather rigid, good for… Actually a rather average one in most fields, with an emphasis in precision work, a wand that covers for weaknesses rather than emphasize strengths. Anyway maybe I can interest you in a bit of cleaning wax? It pays to always have the wand in good condition." Said Ollivander returning to business

Shaking his head Harry said "No, I mean… Is it usual for the wands to make… sounds?"

Ollivander gasped at this 'the singing of the wands…' but such thing was impossible, the singing of the wands was a phenomenon that manifested in powerful wizards that were well attuned to their own magic, and, although the boy was certainly powerful, that kind of thing could only come through experience, an untrained boy "hearing" the wands was unheard of!

"It… can happen sometimes, rather they always do but not everyone can hear them…" said Ollivander still astonished by this boy

Harry nodded examining his wands "hmm, of the ones I tried I can only hear this one, but… the sound is… opaque?" that was pretty much all the explanation that Ollivander needed, it seemed that the boy would need a custom wand indeed if the only match in his store made him feel such a weak link, the boy seemed exceptional enough that a custom wand wouldn't be detrimental "there is other though, but none of these" signaling the wands around him "I can hear one underground, like… It's exited, euphoric even" Ollivander gaped again

'Could it be? Could this boy be the owner of THAT wand?' though Ollivander with excitement "Mr. Potter, please follow me, we may find your match yet"

Ollivander guided Harry to the backside of the store and through a spiral staircase to the basement. The basement itself was what you would expect from a wand crafter storeroom, there were boxes with what were likely failed wands, piles of different woods around, vitrines with animal parts, likely to be wand cores, and, an ornamented door.

Ollivander pulled out what Harry recognized as a Head of House ring and pushed it against the handle in the door, which opened it with sounds reminiscent of a Gringotts vault door opening in a smaller scale.

"After you Mr. Potter" said Ollivander prompting him to enter.

Beyond the door was a little room dimly lit, a lot of trinkets and artifacts that Harry didn't recognize were reverently put in various tables and vitrines in an orderly manner that contrasted greatly with rest of the store. Ollivander got close to one of the tables and took an ornamented wooden box.

"Most of the wands in this store are made by the present generation Ollivander, there are some that were made by my predecessors, but every one of them were made by a member of my family, there is only one exception" Said Ollivander while reverently opening the ornamented box

Inside of the box was a stick made of what seemed to be crystal, crystal that transitioned from pallid yellow to reddish brown "We call it The Crystal Wand, fossilized elder wood, thirteen inches, double liquid core of basilisk venom and phoenix tears, my family found it a millennia and half ago and to this date we have no Idea of how was it made… But don't let me bore you with such things, try it out"

Harry looked for a few seconds in fascination at the beautiful wand in front of him before taking it into his hands.

The feeling was overwhelming, hotter than an active volcano and colder than the core of a glacier, he felt happier than the most accomplished man in the world and as devastated as the one who lost everything, as powerful as a god and as insignificant as a bacteria. All while light and darkness were swirling around him and his new wand, like dancers in a violent yet tender dance, as terrible as war and as wonderful as a lover's embrace… And as suddenly as it began, it ended with the darkness and the light entering the tip of the wand and disappearing from sight

"Well, that was certainly more interesting than your previous wand Mr. Potter, I have to say that we can only expect great things from you, that wand was guarded by my family for a long time, mighty wizards and accomplished scholars have tries to get a reaction from it without as much as a single firework" said an awed Ollivander while looking at him like he was a particularly fascinating piece of artwork in a museum "In another note, from what my family has been able to deduce, this wand will likely not work for your everyday spells, so while unorthodox I recommend you take the other wand as well" said Ollivander while returning to the store proper with Harry right behind him

"How much will it be for both?" asked Harry, not particularly concerned, after all is not like he had money problems

"mh? Oh that will be seven Galleons Mr. Potter" Harry gaped at the low price which made the wand maker chuckle "Don't look at me like that Mr. Potter, the first wand bought by any wizard are subsidized by the ministry so that a young wizard only pays 10% of the cost, thus seven galleons, as for the crystal wand, that one was not made by my family, only guarded and studied by us, it would be preposterous for me to take payment for it, although I may interest you in a couple of wand holsters? I have a feeling that one such as you will benefit from having his wands available at all times"

"Ehh… yeah, of course, as you say" said a slightly unnerved Harry

"Well let's see… here we go, dragon leather bracer model, you insert you wand in this hole, it's bigger in the inside, when you need the wand, just snap your hand and it should be ejected, ready to be wielded"

"Right… Thank you, so one wand, two holsters and the wax, you think I'll need anything else?"

"Not really, so 30 galleons each holster and 3 galleons the wax so… 70 galleons in total, like if you were getting your second wand… which of course you are" said Ollivander with a chuckle

"Yeah" answered Harry with a wry smile while putting the coins in the table "Thank you for everything Mr. Ollivander, have a nice day"

"Likewise Mr. Potter, oh and if you could relate me the workings of your more especial wand I would be most grateful, I have to admit that I find hard to suppress my curiosity"

"Of course, it would be my pleasure" said Harry exiting the shop

There was no hesitation in Harry's steps as he went to the next store, he saved it for last because he anticipated it being the one he would be spending the most time in.

"Flourish and Blotts, here I come" said an almost giddy Harry as he entered the bookstore

Surprisingly in a society that is capable of compress space, Flourish and Blotts was a tightly packed store, the shelves were stacked together very close to each other, there was stacks of books in the floor, and for some reason there were bookshelves in the ceiling, Harry could only be thankful that apparently that early in the morning he was practically the only customer.

The quantity of books and the titles was simply fascinating, after asking in the desk for a 1st year school book set; Harry went to explore the other titles. Books like "Modern Magical History", "Great Wizarding Events of the Twentieth Century", "The Rise and Fall of the Dark Arts", "Magical Hieroglyphs and Logograms", "Self-Defensive Spellwork" started to quickly stack in his arms, that was of course until he found those books.

"Harry Potter and Temple of Doom", "Harry Potter and the Secret of Atlantis", "Harry Potter and the Silverlight Princess", "Harry Potter and the Ancient Kingdom", "Harry Potter and the Door to the Beyond", "Harry Potter and the Concert of Darkness" and "Harry Potter and the Crystal Palace"

There are simply moments so surreal that you start to perceive a ringing in your ears, as if reality was drifting away. Harry Potter was experimenting such moment; the fact that they were selling fiction books of him was simply surreal. Harry didn't even register an emotion at the moment.

Harry took a calming breath and counted to 10… Then took one of each of the offending books and put them together in the stack, there was simply not avoiding it, the books existed, if the episode of the previous day at the Leaky Cauldron was any indication, then he was going to have to put up with more than one moron that believed that he did what was written in them, so he had to read them, even if only to not be caught with the pants down when some idiot asked him where was Atlantis.

Still a little bit dazzled, a suddenly very tired Harry carried his rather big stack of books to wait for the couple of customers that were before him to pay; he still couldn't believe the sheer gall of the people that wrote the damm books

Harry paid for his books and after storing them safely in his trunk and carried himself to the ice cream parlor; it was time to replenish lost energy.

"Harry and his companions had no other choice but to follow the path deep into the jungle, after that disastrous fall from the cliff they had simply no way back to carry on with their vacation"

"They were surrounded and they knew it, the strange creatures wouldn't let them go, Harry knew that it was ill-advised and perhaps foolish of him, but he simply couldn't let his companions die. So Harry threw a pebble to one of the creatures and ran, ran and ran and only looked back upon reaching the doors of the temple, with the army of creatures after him he knew he probably wouldn't see his friends ever again"

"The temple had not been kind to Harry, but he persevered nonetheless, with the doors sealed and an army of demon dogs and serpents between him and the entry there was simply no other way but forward, through that simmering portal that promised nothing uncertainty and mystery"

"The great city was simply put a sight of beauty, high building made out of glass and chiseled stone with glowing orbs of magic, the paths were adorned with gold and onyx and in the center a great black dome that seemed to eat the very light that surrounded it"

"Humanoid fishes! Undead squids! Flying fireballs! Was there no end to the madness of this place? Fortunately for Harry he seemed to have found a refuge, there was no monsters or any general craziness in this building… Only a very pretty pendant in an altar… 'It wouldn't be right to let something so pretty going to waste' though Harry taking the pendant… and then the rumbling began"

"Harry kept running from the collapsing ceiling, the building was simply gigantic, he must have been running for an hour already, 'why, oh why the hell did I take that necklace' lamented Harry as he kept running for dear life"

"'At last! A place to rest', though Harry as he collapsed against the giant crystal that was in the center of the chamber, falling asleep in seconds"

"'An angel' though Harry, there was no other apt description for the silver haired beauty that was looking to his eyes, he could only watch mesmerized as the girl seemed to study him with profound curiosity with those amethyst eyes that seemed to look into his very soul until finally broke the silence "were you the one who freed me?""

"Harry and Elethya carried on in awkward silence, Harry was not very thrilled with his new position as "vanguard for any potential dangerous situations", apparently Elethya Wynzorwyn was a princess of all things and she expected him to give his life for her like it was the most natural thing in the world, the only silver lining was that apparently she was a very good archer, of course without bow or arrows it was a moot point anyway"

"The ungratefulness of the princess was starting to grate him. He had just saved her from a massive undead thingy and not even a word of thanks "But of course you saved my life, it is your purpose, after all you can't expect me to be exposed to danger can you?"… Harry couldn't believe the sheer arrogance and self-entitlement "I. Am. Not. Your. Subject. And even if I were, did you ever think about how my family would feel? Of the people and the dreams I would leave behind? You are nothing but an ungrateful and useless pampered girl!" screamed Harry in anger before storming out of the room leaving behind a princess with a confused and hurt expression in her face"

"The bridge was collapsing, Elethya was already in the other side if barely, Harry gave a jump to try to avoid falling into the river of lava underneath, but it was not to be. Harry started falling, in his mind no doubt that he was going to die in a few seconds, his last regret being that he didn't fix things with Elethya, he had being angry at the time and didn't think that it was simply normal for her, given the life she lived. Just as he finished closing his eyes, he felt a hand closing in his arm; he opened his eyes just to find the princess, half body sticking out of the cliff, grasping his arm, "What are you doing? You are going to fall!" screamed Harry "I'm not leaving you to die! I'm proving you wrong! I'm not useless!" screamed Elethya, In that moment the pendant in Harry's pocked started to glow and Elethya started to suddenly feel stronger, still with great effort she brought Harry up to the edge of the cliff where he climbed and fell onto his back exhausted, only to realize that Elethya was glaring at him "I'm not useless" she said with puffy eyes full of tears "no, I guess you are not" said Harry smiling"

""Your necklace… It must be a crystanium key!" said an exited Elethya "a what?" answered a confused Harry" "I came here with my uncle, It was supposed to be an excursion to a explored ruins… but I touched that big crystal and it trapped me" explained Elethya while dragging me to one of the less deteriorated buildings "He said something when we passed through this building, something about a door through space and time, if we use it we may be able to return home! He said something about needing a crystanium key" "oook…" answered Harry with a wry smile, asking himself if she realized home for her was not home for him"

"The "door" had a translucid shimmer all too familiar for Harry, there were no controls in sight, nor anything apparently useful for that matter, but there were simply no more options, the city was infested with monster at this point, so it was either keep going forwards or get eaten "Together?" asked Harry "Together" answered Elethya with a beautiful smile"

""Elethya!" screamed the tall and muscular man that had the same silver hair and amethyst eyes that Elethya "Oh my daughter! You are back! This is a day of joy indeed. Wait, who is that man? Guards!" "No! Father, this man is my benefactor; he is the one who saved me from that horrific place!" "He did?... well come here boy, you are going to clash cups with me! If you really saved my daughter there is to be a banquet in your honor! Hahahaha!" Harry was more than a little overwhelmed by the boisterous king"

"What? You want to go home? And where is that?"

"I don't know what we can do, ask Audristan, he is our best scholar here, if anyone can help you is him"

"Not here, no, no, no, definitely not here. But maybe the badlands, from the badlands you could go anywhere, but the way to the badlands is dangerous! Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. Dangerous indeed! Terrible the fate of those who enters the badlands unprepared… You are too weak! The badlands would kill you in seconds!"

""Hiya" screamed Harry as he swung his sword against the training dummy, it had been three years since he arrived to the kingdom of Thecarom, of which Elethya was the princess. Harry had been training in the ways of the sword and using magic like the wizards of Thecarom, 'wandless magic… If only the people back home could see me!' though Harry while throwing a fireball at a practice target"

"Harry swung he sword against his instructor's and saw how his opponent weapons went flying away "you are ready, there is nothing else for me to teach you" said Ramayar, the best warrior of Thecarom"

"Harry saw all his new friends that had come to say good bye to him with tearful eyes, this may not be the place he was born, but it sure was home now "are you sure you have to go?" asked a downtrodden Elethya, in the time he spent in the Kingdom they have become much better friends. "I have to… I'll come back one day, I promise" answered a conflicted Harry. Elethya nodded, then, too fast for him to react, her lips were on his. It was more magical than anything else he had seen or felt, the moment the beautiful princess kissed him, the world was put upside down and at the same time everything made just so much more sense. The king let out a heavy sigh "Very well, the promise has been exchanged. But! The ceremony is to be in five years time!" said the king screaming at the end. "Five years? But father!" said Elethya "This is not up to discussion Elethya!" the princess pouted cutely at this "Eh, Elethya… Promise? Ceremony? What are you two talking about?" asked a bewildered Harry, he knew he was in trouble when he saw Elethya mischievous eyes "Why, we are betrothed of course" Harry fainted"

"Harry cut down his twentieth demon of the day. It had been a week since he entered the badlands, a week since Elethya had kissed him. He had yet to see anything in the red dirt wasteland anything but the archway he came from, and demons, lots of demons. A week had transpired, and yet Harry knew his adventure had just begun"

"The place was like an amphitheater made out of black and violet stone. From what Audristan had told Harry, he had to stand in the center and concentrate in the place he wanted to go, and the knowledge of how to go there will be simply be given to him, so that he did, standing there for a couple of minutes, concentrating in Home, in the friends he left behind, in the grave of his parents he had more than three years he didn't visit. He knew his return would not be definitive, after all there was a very pretty princess he was totally going to marry, but he still wanted to see Home"

"Harry was starting to think that he underestimated this place, like greatly underestimated. A natural conclusion of course, a month since entering the badlands and hundreds of demos killed and he knew that he had barely a third way through his journey. There was a great black dome in the horizon, it was not related to the reason Harry was traveling the desolate place, however he felt compelled to investigate. He would later come to both bless and curse the moment he made that decision"

"The inside of the dome was poorly lit, and dirty with what seemed to be animal waste, red candles with black fire casted a dim light in the center of the circle where a congregation of the most heinous creatures you could imagine, and then it started… The Concert of Darkness"

"Harry knew at once what was happening, it was in one of the many legends of Thecarom, The Concert of Darkness, a horde of particularly powerful demons that destroyed entire worlds, and it always started with the wails and laments of an assortment of unfortunate victims of the last world they conquered, all while the demons sang terrible sound of victory"

"Harry ran. He didn't care if his body broke from the strain, The Concert of Darkness had gathered, and by the location in the badlands they only had one viable target… Thecarom. He would not let his friends die, he had to warn them so they could do something, so Harry ran, slicing any demon he encountered and paying no mind to the injuries he sustained, barely resting three hours a day just to wake up and keep running. It had taken him a month to reach the dome of the Concert of Darkness, it only took a battered and injured Harry a week to make his way back, but he would be able to warn them. He was going to save them!"

"A Horde of demons? Are you sure? But… The Concert of Darkness is supposed to be a myth… If what you are saying is true we must prepare ourselves… and be ready to evacuate the women and the children… this may be the end of Thecarom."

""NO! I will not leave! I can fight! This is my home!" Said the princess with teary eyes "Enough! Listen well Elethya… Our people need leaders; they will need someone to look upon tomorrow. Women without their husbands, children without their fathers, and the few protectors that I had to almost whip into agreeing to go. They are going to need someone to look upon. And the ones who remain need to know that their families are going to be looked after, that they have strong leaders, and there is no other I can trust with that duty but you my daughter" said the resolute King"

""My young friend… I leave Elethya in your care, I'll fight at ease until the end knowing that she is in capable hands, I'll see you again in the Fields of Aether" Harry could only nod, he would like nothing more than to fight side by side with the king until the end, but he didn't dare tarnish the resolve of the monarch"

""This portal will send us to a relatively small world; there will be fertile lands and water but little more… Also I'm afraid that the coordinates in the badlands are too close to our current world. We will have at most two years to look for other solution until we suffer another invasion. Even then is the only way we have currently of traveling in masse to another world without crossing the badlands" Said a grim looking Audristan to the war council"

"TODAY! We die… The horde of demons is going to arrive at any minute now; they want to destroy everything we hold dear, our kingdom, our homes, our families… AND I SAY THEY WILL FAIL! They may lay waste to our homes, they may destroy our bodies until we are nothing but puddles of blood, but they will not end us! Because there behind us is the future! Our wives, our children! They will live to see tomorrow, they will be the proof that we were here! Today! Alive! Fighting until the last man fall! Because even when this land is no more; they won't be able to destroy our legacy, our history, our future!"

"Harry looked around at the roughly made houses that made most of "The settlement", none of them were well made, but that was only to be expected, the builders were for the most part teenagers and housewives, the only men that came with them were the scholars so they didn't lose the knowledge and wisdom of the kingdom, a very select group of craftsmen to serve as teachers and mentors and an elite group of soldiers so the new generation was not left helpless, all the other men had given their lives to contain the demons, to destroy even if it was only one more so they had more time before the next invasion, Harry silently swore that their sacrifice wouldn't be in vain"

"Harry and Elethya walked side to side around the city, they had cemented themselves as the leaders of the new kingdom in the last year but not much advancement had been made as to what to do next, the fact was that they simply didn't have any good choice, they lacked the troops to fight the demons and any attempt to make a portal to another livable world had been futile, Harry himself had leaded some expeditions to scout the conditions of the Horde and the findings had been discouraging, they had concluded they had at the least nine months and at the most twelve to do something"

"The last few months had been stressful to Harry and Elethya, the knowledge that they had to do an unknown something if they wanted their people to survive was consuming them. It couldn't really be blamed them that they were incredibly hopeful when Audristan called them claiming to have a possible option for their conundrum. "Oh. Enter, enter, yes let's see, I was reading the reports of the place the place you two met, I believe It's called Atlantis? Well, the first time I read it I thought it sounded familiar but couldn't place my finger as to why… It results however that a similar place was visited various centuries ago by some adventurer, he recovered a rather interest selection of books from the place. Look here, this one talks about a place called the crystal palace. Basically a massive ward deployer that protected and hided their civilization, this one other I believe explain how to operate that portal that connected home, but I've yet to translate it, hopefully you'll be able to reroute it here. Never the less you should probably prepare. We only have ten months at the most, and I don't think I'm likely to find another solution" Said Audristan without his usual over the top eccentric speech"

"It's surprising what difference makes to have company in a demon infested inter-dimensional wasteland, this was at least the impression that Harry held after three months of traveling the badlands with his companions, an elite group of Thecarom most capable warriors and the most learned scholars, their destination? Atlantis, probably the only place within their reach capable of housing and protecting the survivors of the fallen kingdom. Some may doubt the wisdom of sending so valuable living resources into a fool's errand, but there was the thing, this was a last ditch effort, the settlers of the fallen kingdom wouldn't survive another attack of the demon horde, so everything that could be put to rise the success rate of the mission was taken, if it was the princess and her fiancée, then so be it"

""Hurry up dammit, only a couple miles more" screamed Harry to the soldiers, the poor schoolars were being carried in their shoulders as to not slow down the group. The party had attracted the attention of a rather big group of demons while bring relatively close to their destination, and while it was nothing they couldn't defeat, it was extremely likely that the demons would get reinforcements and wipe them out, "C'mon we are almost there. Johnas what the hell are you doing!?" screamed Harry to the soldier that for whatever reason started running in the opposite direction "It has been an honor Sir! But I think we both know you'll need some time to cross the gate, you won't make it without a distraction" said the brave soldier drawing his sword to confront the group of demons"

"Atlantis was just as Harry remembered, with the aquamarine color in the buildings and plenty of gold in the decorations, the demon fish-men and undead squids, it almost comical how he could now cut through them like they were butter when they had terrorized him just a few years back. It was pretty clear that their objective was under the ominous black dome he remembered from his last time in the place, with a sense of foreboding Harry saw no other choice but to lead the expedition to the strange construct"

"The dome was a curse… Ok that was not much of a surprise, the problem was that it was a demonic curse, as soon as they started running test against the thing it started spewing demons left and right, fortunately none of the demons were particularly strong but the constant harassment was taking the toll on the defenders and the scholars didn't know how much time it would take to put down the cursed ward"

"A frantic Audristan was casting spells while looking at the numerous magical implements deployed around the dome "It's almost done, a few more seconds!" screamed he exited to get something done after a week of work "It's dissipating, prepare for whatever is coming" the whole expedition braced themselves, prepared to face whatever eldritch abomination had put the curse in place, and then… nothing, the dome simply vanished revealing a beautiful palace made out of blue crystal surrounded by seven majestic towers in which were carved different symbols. Everyone was taken by the magnificent sight until suddenly there was a rumble and everyone felt the great pulse of magic that travelled the area, while everyone was looking around them confused Audristan alone was ashen faced by the event "no… no, no, NO!, this can't be happening! we were so close!" raged the elderly scholar"

""Audristan what happened? We did it didn't we? We collapsed the curse!" asked the princess "I'm afraid we may have accelerated our own demise your highness, that cursed was tied to an inter-dimensional beacon, now pretty much every demon in the badlands know that there is something here, as you can imagine that includes…" "The horde…"completed the princess "Rigth… We don't have nearly enough time, we need someone to return home to set the connection to the portal coordinates in the other side while we set the defenses of the crystal palace and the way back will be infested with enemies." "I'll go, we can't afford to be slowed by numbers" immediately volunteered Harry "Not alone, you will not, I'll go with you" said Elethya in a commanding tone, Harry was about to protest but the look in her face spoke of her determination, this was not the girl that childishly demanded things to be done for her, neither was she the teen that didn't want to leave her father behind, this was the young woman ready to give everything for the last chance her people had to survive, reluctantly Harry gave a nod"

"The return trip had been brutal, with all the hundreds of demons they had to kill Harry and Elethya were simply tired and weary when they finally reached home, unfortunately for them however, time was of essence so they quickly set the militia to organize the people while they set the portal, it would take several weeks to evacuate everyone, and they didn't have that kind of time"

"Your highness, the scouts report that the horde is advancing to our position, they'll be here in just 10 days."

"We only have evacuated half of the people. There is no time!"

"Harry and Elethya stared grimly at the war council "We need to send a sabotage squad to the horde. Explosives, poison gases, and a few warriors should be able to hold them in the badlands for long enough to complete the evacuation, I will not lie however, this is a mission behind the enemy lines, those that go, won't likely return" Said Harry in a somber tone, he had been studying with the few retired generals that didn't remain in Thecarom and it had been drilled in his mind and being the need to make difficult decisions "With your permission your highness, I will appoint myself to this task" said an impassive Ramayar, Harry was not particularly surprised. He knew that Ramayar mourned more than any other survivor the opportunity to die by his king side defending his homeland, it did not however, diminish the pain he felt sending his mentor to a suicide mission"

"The evacuation was complete, only Harry, Elethya and the newly appointed royal guard remained, Harry had insisted in being the last one. He didn't have much hope, but he was not going to evacuate until the last minute, in the off chance that his friend and mentor returned alive "You should go now, I'll be there in a few hours" said Harry absentmindedly "I'm not leaving you behind" said firmly Elethya, their last few months had hardened her to the point many called her "The Warrior Queen" she even had a scar running through her cheek from their last time in the badlands, to Harry however she looked more beautiful than ever "Highness, the rift is opening" said one of the soldiers waking Harry from his musings. This was it, it would either be demons or Ramayar through that rift and Harry couldn't help but hope, as the rift opened however a hideous creature exited screeching and running to cause destruction. Harry allowed himself a second of mourning before saying "set the explosives charges and open the gate! We are leaving" Harry would make sure to use his more devastating spell before departing"

"Harry and Elethya stood before of the massive stone monolith in front of them, a giant tombstone and monument in which was carved the name of every single man and woman that died in defense of Thecarom and of those brave men of the suicide squad that gave their lives so everyone else could evacuate. Fortunately their new home had the basic infrastructure necessary to support a country, even if most of it was in a grave state of disrepair. Many wanted Elethya and Harry to wear the crown as soon as possible, but they wanted to wait the remaining two years that the late king had ordered before marrying and Elethya refused to be crowned alone, besides, Harry had yet to make that trip Home and being a monarch would leave him little time for such things "This place is never alone" said suddenly Elethya, and it was true, one of the first things built by the settlers in the "New Lands" you never found the place without someone mourning late friends or family "They are hurting, the wound left to us as a people is deep and the scar won't heal for a long time" Elethya then looked at him with pleading eyes "promise you won't leave me, they want me to lead them, to help them heal, but… I'm not strong enough, I can't do it alone" Harry was heartbroken at this sight, It had taken a few months of peace for Elethya to break the hard shell she made for herself after her father's death and even then she only dropped it completely in front of Harry "You'll never be alone, whatever you have to do, well do it together" said Harry planting a soft but passionate kiss on her lips"

Harry stared dumbly at the pile of books he just finished reading. As far as literature aimed at teenagers goes, it was actually far from the worst, it was just the sheer gall of publishing books using his name without his consent, and they didn't even have the decency to add a disclaimer about it being fiction. Harry felt a heavy sigh leave him as he allowed himself to fall in his bed, no even 48 hours in this new society and he already needed a solicitor, but that could wait, right now he was tired, and those soft pillows were tempting him.

A/N: I always though that it was pretty lame that those fics in which someone published Harry Potter books never bother to show what actually happens in those books, so I gave it a go and I have to say that while it was tons of fun to write, I also got a major writers block halfway through so I can understand why is not commonly done, with that in mind...

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