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This story is set around five years after Avengers I. Jane and Thor married shortly after those events and therefore Thor II never happened. It is in the timeline before Avengers:AOU ( So , it will be slightly AU) Hope you don´t mind and should you, no one forces you to read this :P

"Just for understanding. Your mother found a spell to bind Loki to another person, what would prevent him to do bullshit and at the same time make him learn to value other life. If you are not able to find someone, he will be imprisoned for the rest of his life." Steve Rodgers, better known as Captain America, asked his Asgardian friend.

"Exactly." The god of thunder answered with his booming voice.

"Why would anyone help Reindeergames? He nearly destroyed NY and wanted to reign the world. He Killed 80 people in three days, for gods sake."

"But he is still my brother!"

"Easy big guy." Natasha Romanov intervened before anything ´could escalate.

"What´s going on?" Milli asked.

She had just entered the common room, still wearing her gym outfit.

"Lady Milli. A pleasure as always to see you."

He pulled her in a bone- crushing hug making her laugh.

"Easy big guy. What brings you here? I thought you have to stay in Asgard until the trial of your brother is finished."

She asked him with a smile.

The two of them were always getting along quite well since when they had met after the battle of New York. Milli had worked as a personal assistant for Tony Stark but was with Pepper Potts for the whole time.

She had always loved the old Nordic tales and had spent every second possible to listen to the god of Thunder and his tales, that's when they became good friends.

"Point Break is looking for someone who would willingly help Reindeergames, so he doesn't get locked away." Tony Stark, aka Iron Man informed her.

"What´s the problem with that? He´s his brother after all." She shrugged. Milli had always a bit different look on that topic. For she, he seemed like someone who was always (at least 4) steps ahead of his opponents, so attacking the realm his brother loved, seemed a bit odd to you.

And she had later seen footage of him, after he came through the portal, he looked ill and weak and considering he grew up with Thor, you were confused. But falling down into space must do that to you, but there, you were still wondering how he got to earth.

"So, how do you want to help your Brother?"

"I need someone to who is willing to be at my brother's side, so he learns the value of others live. My mother found a spell to strengthen that connection." He explained again.

"That's it, just spent time in Asgard helping your brother?"

"Exactly. The Spell my mother found, will hinder him, to endanger the volunteer or others with his ability." He sounded enthusiastic, to have found someone who was interested in his plan.

"Sounds good to me. When can we go?" Milli answered him, without much thinking.

It sounded interesting, she could visit Asgard and help a friend to save his brother. And what could go wrong, Thor had said the spell will hinder Loki to hurt her.

Thor´s face was beaming in glee, the faces of the other AVENGERS had mostly the look of shock or disbelieve.

"You can´t be serious Milli."


"I just want to help Thor. And think about it, who would pass off an opportunity to live in Asgard for some time." She argued with her friends.

"There is no way to change your opinion. Is there?" Tony Stark asked her with a sight.


"Fine. I will need to find someone to do your job until you come back. And I don´t do that for Reindeergames or Breakepoint -maybe a bit for thunderking- but for you. But don´t come back crying like a baby if he hurts you." The last part was said with a brotherly mocking voice.

"Never! So, I still will have a job when I come back?"

"So, when do we leave Thor`? I need to make some calls and pack a few things." She asked her friend.

"Tomorrow in the eve. But I will call Heimdall, so he can inform mother I found someone willing to help and she can start with the spell. And Jane will be more than happy to have another Midgardian woman in Asgard." He answered her.

"That's settled it. Tomorrow brunch and later today a little party." Tony declares. " JARVIS. Inform the kitchen about the brunch."

"I just informed the kitchen. With the notion of Mr. Odinson being part of it as well. I also stocked the order up because of this." Came the mechanical voice of the AI.


Milli used the hours until the little party started with packing everything she needed for a longer holiday, including all of her favourite clothes, some books, an handheld console made by Stark himself, with all her favourite games on it, as well as her Starkpod (what essential like an iPod, only 100000 times better).

You were ready to visit Asgard.

The party that followed was nothing extraordinary and the brunch the next morning was relaxing.

"Lady Milli, are you ready? This will be funny." Thor asked her, excitement evident in her voice.

"Sure. Let's go!" She laughed as an answer, truth is, she was ready the second Thor had proposed his plan- she always had dreamed about visiting the home of the north gods.

"Heimdall! Whenever you are ready"

A last wave towards her friends, and she Thor and her Bags were ingulfed in a rainbow, before standing inside an golden dome.


"Welcome to Asgard Milli. I am Heimdall. Lord Thor, your mother is awaiting both of you inside the throne room." Heimdall told them.

"We will be on our way. Thank you Heimdall."

"That was the famous Bifrost and this is the even famous rainbow bridge. That's even more beautiful than imagined." The Midgardian mumbled in awe.

"How will we get to the palace? I don´t hope by foot. " She asked Thorin interested, hoping they would take one of the flying ships he had told her about.

"We will be riding. You are able to ride a horse, aren´t you?" He answered a bit taken aback, he hadn't thought about the possibility of someone not able to ride a horse, every Asgardian child was thought this as soon as they were tall enough.

"Let's say, I won´t fall off, as long as the one I ride is calm. A few years passed since I rode one the last time as a kid."

"Don´t worry. Asgardian horses are very calm." He assured her and lent her towards the two white horses that were waiting for them.

Shit. Why are Asgardians this tall?

"Thor. Ehm. I think I need your help to get on him. I can´t even reach the saddle to pull me up."

Milli told her companion earning her a heartful laugh.

"I am sorry Lady Milli. Here you go." And not a second later, and without any struggle, Thor had lifted her on the horse.

After he had fastened her backs on the horses, they were of towards their destination, in a fast trot.

"You must be the young lady, Thor had me informed of. " An elderly woman, who Milli identified as Lady Frigga, mother of Thor and Loki and wife to the Allfather Odin.

"It´s a pleasure to meet you Lady Frigga." She answered the queen with a little bow.

"None of this bowing. I should be bowing to you for helping us. Now enough of this, I will show you to your room. It is quite late, and I believe you must be tired."

"Thank you, Lady Frigga."

"I already ordered food to be brought to your room."

This statement brought a smile to the young women´s lips, the last time she had eaten something was early in the morning at the brunch.

The queen directed her through a few different halls and corridors until they reached a huge golden door.

Everything here is gold. Do they have the philosopher´s stone?

"This door opens to the royal ward. As you are helping us with this situation and will be spend a lot of time with my son, my husband was open to allow you to live here as well during your stay. There will always be guards stationed in front of it. But don´t worry, they all have been informed of you. But I have to ask you, to not wander the palace alone. Should no one of us be with you, please wait here for a guard to accompany you. But this will only be the case, until Loki will be with you. And don´t worry. Those doors might look heavy, and trust me they are, but magic is worked into them, so they open to those who are allowed in that ward, without any strain."

Before the sentenced was ended, the doors swung open and revealed another hall.

"On the left is the dining hall. Behind this door is a room my husband used to converse with his council. This room is the royal library, we have a public one as well, that is three times that big." Lady Frigga informed her while they passed door after door before they stood in front of a flight of stairs.

"These stairs lead to the living quarters. The left wing is reserved for my husband and I. The left wing has the rooms of my son Loki, and my grandchildren. As well as the Room my son Thor and his wife share and of course yours as well. Your bags were already brought in and I was free to stock of the bath with oils and soaps, as well as a few Asgardian clothes and dresses."

Milli stared at the black and golden door in awe, it was huge (at least two meters wide and three high).

"The room is under a spell. It will decorate itself in a way of your taste. Why don´t we step inside and I can show you where everything is." She told her with a motherly smile.

Without another word, Milli pushed against the door and the moment her fingertips came in contact with it, it sprung open revealing a monster of a room.

Her whole apartment would fit inside the main room (at least twice!), the ceiling reminded her of the great hall of the Harry Potter books, she was able to see the sky, which at the moment began to turn into a beautiful sunset. On the other side of the room were three enormous windows, one of them let to a balcony, the others had a seating area (on the left) and a little desk (on the right) in front of them. The wall on the left were disrupted by two big doors, that opened up to a bath and an walk in closet (Milli believed) and on the right side she found a king-sized bed with a little trunk in front of it.

The colour scheme was black and turquoise with light walls and the magical ceiling.


Fuck me this is awesome.

"The left door opens to your closet, the right to your bath, they are connected. I must admit, all rooms are under this spell, but you are the first who caused the ceiling to change in a way like this. You will be able to sleep under the stars."

"Thank you, Lady Frigga. I must admit, I read in a book about this kind of ceiling and It was always a dream of me to have one like this."

"I will leave you alone now to rest. The food is on the table over there and I will get you in the morrow for breakfast. But before I leave, I am afraid, I will need a bit of your blood to finish the spell."

Ten Minutes later Milli stood in her bathroom, staring in awe at the little indoor pool that was meant as an equivalent to a bathtub.

Damn, why is everything here this extreme? Not that I am complaining.

The next morning came and Milli was awoken by a light breeze and a knock on your door.

"Lady Milli. I hope you are well rested. My daughter in law and grandchildren can´t wait to meet you."

"Good morning Lady Frigga. I slept wonderful, thank you. How are you this morning?" Her guest asked entering the room.

She answered still tired and with a yawn.

"I am well, thank you. Let's get you ready."
Milli entered the closet after the queen and got dressed in the simple trousers the queen handed her and one of her simple black t-shirts, before she tried to tame her morning hair.

Half an hour later, both woman sat on a long table in the dining room, Frigga had shown her the evening prior and waited for the rest of the family to show up, all except Loki, who (Frigga had informed her) stayed in a cell until the moment the spell was finished.

After Odin, followed by Thor and his family were seated, the breakfast started when suddenly a little voice piped up.

"Are you the one who will marry uncle Loki?"

The whole table went quiet and the young woman nearly choked on the bite in her mouth.

Wait what?

She must have had quite the dumb folded look on her face, because Jane (Thor´s wife) piped up with an unsure voice.

"Are you all right? Thor, you did tell her that the spell, to work properly, requires for your brother and her to be married, right?"

Ever so slowly (still processing the new-found information) she shook her head, staring at her friend.


"I told her they would be bound to another, as well as their fate." He answered his wife.

"Thor- the way you said that, indicated that the spell is only so long active, until your brother learned his lesson. And you never EVER mentioned a marriage. At least not to me." She said quietly.

"I wondered how my son was able to find someone willing to marry Loki in such a short time." Frigga mumbled. "Milli I am sorry. When I started this spell, I thought you knew about this. Once started this spell is bound to the Persons involving it."

Frigga started to apologise to her, the embarrassment evident in her face.

"That means, this spell will only work with me, right? You can´t find someone else now." She moved her look towards the queen who nodded in response.

"Well, that means then I will get married to the god of mischief." She mumbled more to herself than anybody else.

"I don´t understand."

"I am none who breaks promises made to good friends and I promised Thor to help his brother. And divorces exist on Asgard right? It´s not like a have someone waiting for me on earth. So why not. What could possibly go wrong. Only two favours: One, next time send someone to supervise Thor, no offense. And second: Thor, don´t you dare to tell this to either one of the Avengers!"

"I am sure, there is a way to annulate that wedding, if you wish, after Loki was helped. Right, Frigga?" Jane spoke up, after a short, but heavy silence.

"It is very uncommon, but yes there is a way. But there is no way of telling, how long my son will need to learn that lesson again. It could be weeks, months or years." The queen answered her daughter in law, but looked at Milli at the last part.

"I knew there was the possibility of me staying here for the next years, I just didn´t know I have to wed him. But what, if I die of old age before he changes his mind? The spell is bound to me."

"With the marriage you are granted the lifespan of an Asgardian." Odin said. "And what shall happen after the divorce, should it be needed, shall be decided when the time comes."

"I can accept that. So, when´s the big day?"