It was an hour ago, when Milli found out, that soon, she would be married to the god of mischief.

She was currently sitting on her balcony, enjoying the view: under her was the city of Asgard and behind that was the sea. Flowers grew over the railing they were of different colours and had an enjoyable smell.

She was thinking about nothing in particular and still couldn´t believe that she was in Asgard.

A knock on the door pulled her out of her thoughts.

"It's me Jane."

"Come in." She answered.

"Nice ceiling. I came to look how you are faring." She sat down on one of the other chairs, next to Milli.

"I am doing good. Bit shocked and I want to deck your husband over the head with something heavy. But maybe I should have asked a few more question before offering my help. What´s done is done. And I will never get a better chance to visit Asgard." She explained.

"I don´t know what to say. Milli. I can´t thank you enough for helping my husband. He loves his brother."

"Don´t mention it. And yeah, the ceiling is awesome. I love fantasy. And know I am living in a place like this."

"I am still in awe, and I am living here for almost 6 years. You will never get used to it."

Boom boom boom

Came from the huge door.

"Thor." Both women said in union, making them both smile.

"Come in!" The young woman invited, and in deed the god of thunder opened the door. An uncertain look on his face, she saw he was sorry for the missing information.

"Over here." His wife called out.

"Milli I am here to apologise to you." He started, not looking in her eyes. " I should have been more specific I -"

"- You were just so happy you found someone willing to help you, that you just forgot. It´s not a perfect situation, and trust me I really want to smack you over the head, but I understand. But trust me- you owe me big one." She told him calm.

"Whatever you need, I will make it happen. But I did not come here alone to apologise. I wanted you to meet my brother." The last part was said, with the usual booming and exited voice of your friend.

"I will see how our son is faring. You two have fun." Jane explained, before kissing her husband and disappearing through the door.

"Thor, I mean it. I am not angry with you. Ok, maybe a bit. But I understand. And to be fair, I knew I will have to spend time with your brother, I think what shocked me, is the fact that there will be a title bound to it."

There was silence again, when a sudden thought crossed her mind and she stopped dead in her tracks.

"Thor- when I am married to your brother. Do I have to-you- know- uhm- share the bed with him to really make the bound?"

"Lady Milli, my brother and you will have to share a chamber but that should be all, though I am not sure why sharing the bed would be needed to get married. Is that something you earthlings do?"

He had stopped as well.

"Thor with sharing a bed, I mean sleeping together as in having sex." The last word was mumbled, not because Milli was prude in regards of talking like that- working with Tony Stark had get her used to comments about that, but because she didn´t want guards and others to hear her.

She was able to see him understand what she had just said.

"No. No. No, the bond is finished as soon as the vows are said, and father gave you his blessing. Everything after that is up to the both of you."

Thank god! That would have been awkward.

She breathed out with a smile.

"Cool. And no Lady Milli anymore, I am soon to be your sister-in-law. Call me Milli or Mils."

"As you wish. Now let´s get to my brother." He smiled down at her

"Let´s go see my future husband."


The walk to the dungeons took them around fifteen minutes but she didn´t mind. Asgard just was to beautiful.

Guards stood at alert when Milli and the god of thunder passed them.

"These stairs go down to the dungeons. Father didn´t want him to stay in the luxury of his room. He has been down there since we returned to Asgard."

He Explained.

"Does he know about the marriage thing?"

The silence can only mean no.

Calm silence accompanied them the rest of the way.

"Brother." Thor greeted Loki, who was imprisoned in a square cube, with transparent barriers to separate them.

It was nicely furnished and the man they were visiting sat on a chaise lounge a book in his hand and an annoyed look on his face.

"I am not your brother." He hissed.

"I want to introduce you to Milli." Thor spoke, ignoring his brothers comment.

"What is a mortal of Midgard doing here?"

"She will be the one supervising you. Mother and I chose her."

"I could brake her neck with one snap of my fingers. Who is she that you think she will be able to keep me under control and help me?" Loki sneered.

Nice to meet you as well.

"Mother found a spell to bound you to her, you will not be able to harm her or others with your abilities. The vows will be held in three days. You already gave your promise to mother so there is no way to return that now." Thor´s voice was stern but friendly.

"I will not be married to a weakling. She is unworthy of a god like me."

"I believe that means, he didn´t know that part either. You guys suck at giving important information like this, you now that?" The young woman growled quietly.

"Father declared this your punishment. You will do the vows and that final. She was kind enough to offer her help in that matter and you will not speak like that to her." His voice was loud now, and the woman thought she heard far away rumble.

Ouch, my ears.

"Thor shut up or I get deaf." She hissed this time.

"I don´t care about you. To me you are nothing but an ant. Not even worthy to be smashed by my boot." Loki growled at his future wife.

"We will see you in three days' time. Fare well brother." Thor guided his friend back out of the dungeons, and back to her room.

This will be fun.


The rest of the day went by without much trouble. After lunch, Jane and Lady Frigga joined her in her room to speak about what will happen after she will be wet to Loki.

"The Ceremony will be held in the throne room. Only those who are needed will be there. After that there will be a little feast. My son won´t be able to be too far away from you, because of the spell, that means that the both of you will need to share a chamber. You can be away from him as far as you want, but not the other way around."

"Have you planned whose chamber we will be sharing." Milli asked interested.

"It´s only fair that you will be able to keep your room. Servants will move my sons bed and clothes as well as a few belongings, to it during the day." Lady Frigga explained.

"What will happen, should Loki be too far away from me?"

"Should he stroll to far away, his body will start to feel like gets burned alive. I don´t wish that on anyone, but in the end, it is to help him." She explained with a sad voice, knowing it will be her spell that would hurt him.

"The same will happen, should he try to hurt you with his abilities."

"Good to know. Is there a robe I need to wear?" She asked, trying to change the subject.

"Yes. It will be ready in the morrow for you to try. Jane and I will help you to put it on and get ready for the ceremony. My husband will speak the vows, you have to repeat. As soon as they are spoken the spell is finished. But know enough of this. You soon will be my daughter-in-law, time to get to know you better.

They asked you about your favourite things (like food and colours), what you were working on earth and so on. Soon it was time for dinner and after this Milli returned to her chamber, deciding to check out the in-door swimming- pool, as long as she is alone in there.

It took only half an hour to be filled.

In the meantime, she had gathered a fluffy towel, her PJs, her Starkpod and her favourite book.

Time to relax, who knows when I have the next opportunity to do that.

Releasing a deep breath, she allowed herself to relax inside the huge tube.

Relaxed and clean, she laid down in her bed and was fast asleep.


After a quick breakfast the three women were seated on the soon to be wed´s balcony, waiting for the seamstress.

"As you probably know, my son's colours are green, black and gold. The dress itself will have similar colour -pattern."

A knock on the door brought them out of their conversation.

An elderly woman (older than Lady Frigga) entered the room, carrying a dark green and black dress.

"This is the poor woman to marry the prince." She greeted her.

"You can leave the dress here. I will use magic to fit it perfectly." Lady Frigga ordered, resulting in the woman leaving after a short bow of her head.

"Incredible. I am sorry Milli she had no reason to speak to you like this."

"No problem. So, how do I get in this thing?"

The dress was made of a beautiful dark green fabric. The top had a silver intricate breastplate with black cloth held it in place, it crossed behind her back, where it fell down towards her knees.

The shoulders stayed bare, only a bit of the black fabric wrapped around her upper arms, held together by filigree silver beads.

Her feet were covered in green leather slippers.

"You are looking wonderful. It´s a shame the most part of our citizen won´t be able to see you. I have just the right jewellery to fit this dress. But you will need to wait until tomorrow for you to see it."

Queen Frigga told her.

"These colour suit you. I remember when I tried my dress for the first time. I cried the whole fitting."

Jane said, tears started to form in her eyes caused by the memory.

"You could pinch me with a needle." Milli suggested and the princess started to laugh.

Fitting had lasted for almost the whole day. Lady Frigga and Jane showed her their outfits for her big day. They were a lot simpler and held in their husband's colours.

"You are looking beautiful as well. Lady Frigga, Jane. When do I have to expect the both of you tomorrow?" the young woman asked interested.

"We will come here in the late morning, with food. We will be ready by then and then help you get ready. Thou I will come by earlier, to wake you up, so you may use the bath a last time in peace." Jane declared.

"I will be ready when you return."


The morning of her wedding day went by as told. Jane woke her up after which Milli entered the bathroom and got herself presentable, meaning she took a bath (shaving her legs and armpits in the process).

Finished, Jane and Lady Frigga came into her chamber to help her get into the dress (just like the day prior), doing her makeup (they highlighted her eyes but kept it natural) and putting her hair in a wonderful braid with little silver beads.

A silver snake laid around her neck (a bit like a choker would), Lady Frigga was right, it perfectly fit the style of her dress.

"I had always planned to give this to Loki's wife, should he ever marry. And so, I give it to you."

Now she stood in front of the throne room (doors still closed) and waited for Loki. They would walk towards Odin side by side.


"Nice to see you as well, Loki." She greeted him.

"Filth." He held out his hand for her to lay hers in it.

He was wearing black leather pants, with high boots (also black). A dark green (the same colour as the green of her dress) shirt, a black and green leather coat that had golden highlights as the final layer and golden shoulder and armpieces were completing his outfit.

His hair was pulled back into something that looked to the bride as a low bun.

Not bad looking. Stay focused, dammit!

The doors opened on their own, revealing over a hundred people, most of them wearing the guard's uniforms. But near the throne itself stood different warriors in different armours.

Lady Frigga, Jane, her son and Thor stood in the first row, Odin stood in front of his throne.

Milli was able to feel the anger, fear and distrust radiate from the guards. The feeling changed a bit, when they came path the more personalized warriors, they only radiated mistrust.

Only those needed my ass!

"It is time for you to speak your vows!" Odin's booming voice declared.

Loki was the one who started.

"You are Blood of my Blood, and Bone of my Bone.
I give you my Body, that we Two might be One.
I give you my Spirit, 'til our Life shall be Done.

You cannot possess me for I belong to myself
But while we both wish it, I give you that which is mine to give
You cannon command me, for I am a free person
But I shall serve you in those ways you require
and the honeycomb will taste sweeter coming from my hand."*

After Milli ended her vow. Odin stepped forward.

"Now you are bound one to the other
With a tie not easy to break.
Take the time of binding
To learn what you need to know -
To grow in wisdom and love.
That your marriage will be strong
That your love will last
In this life and beyond."*

Thor and Jane stepped forward to congratulate the newly wed pair, followed by their son and then the Allfather and Lady Frigga.

Milli smiled the whole time and thanked each of them. Loki's face held an annoyed look on it. He ignored every wish and Milli was sure, wasn´t it of his newly found freedom and the spell that hindered him from causing harm. He would´ve hit Thor the moment he pulled him in a bone crushing hug.

As of an unspoken signal, everyone left the hall and moved towards the dining hall.

Only Loki and his new wife stayed back.

"Husband." She greeted Loki, looking in is eyes interested in his reaction.

Just like she expected there was first a disgusted glimmer in his eyes, before he sighted, rolled his eyes.

Let´s taste the famous Asgardian mead. I need is with Mr. Grumpypants as husband.


With this, Loki led his new wife towards the feast, he knew he would hate.

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