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„So what is the plan now?" Milli asked looking in the round of superheroes and soldiers.

"Finding Zeno and get the other Winter Soldiers under control," stated Natasha Romanov," anything else is not of importance now. Do you know were the base is situated?"

"Yeah. It is in the middle of nowhere. Around- here." Bucky Barnes motioned to an area in Siberia, Friday had opened.

"Do you want to join us your Majesty?", the winged man Milli learned was called Sam Wilson or Falcon.

And thus bickering started between everybody, except the Asgardians.

"By the way, FRIDAY where are Hulk and Dr Banner?"

We do not know, Miss Milli. He got lost during the fight against Ultron.

"How can someone lose someone as loud and big as Hulk?" she mumbled, and the Asgardians looked as confused as her.

"Heimdall? While they are bickering like little school children. Could you please find Hulk and bring him here?" Her husband called to the ceiling, he knew how much his wife cared for her friends and that she will be worried soon.

"You think that is a good Idea? This building won´t be able to survive an angry Hulk."

"Of course I am, my Love. You said it yourself, Mr Secretary Ross is looking for him, why don´t we help him? Maybe he can concentrate on really important things then." The god of Mischief smirked at his wife.

Ross would deserve that, so much is sure. But –

The young mother wasn´t able to end his thoughts, because a loud BANG echoed through the building and the floor shook like a bomb had just exploded in close proximity.

"It seems Heimdall was able to locate Dr Banner. Now he just has to find us." The princess mumbled.

She just wanted to send the wolf to track the giant down, when the wall behind Natasha exploded in debris and a angry looking Hulk (dressed in a loincloth and a helmet- he looked like an gladiator of ancient Rome) made his entrance, to the surprise of everybody else.

"This not Asgard. Where is Hulk?"

"Heimdall brought you to Berlin, Germany. How are you."

"Hulk back with friends. Hulk good now. You miss Hulk?"

"Of course we did big Guy." Natasha smiled, and the young woman was sure she saw relieve (one of the kind a lover would feel) wash over her eyes.

"How dare you to bring that monster here!" Secretary Ross fumed, caching the Giants attention.

"I thought you were looking for him." Loki said with a shrug.

"You- you. You and your traitor of wife. I should-"

"They Hulks friends! You not threaten them. Hulk smash!"

"Calm down Hulk. You see, he is angry because he failed. Again." Tony laughed, clapping the big guy on his lower arm.

"What about Zeno." Okoye asked cold. "He need to get caught." The black skinned woman had a wary eye on the newest arrival.

"She is right. We should go. FRIDAY get the quinjet ready. Does your Majesty join us?" Tony piped in.

And the prince of Wakanda shook his head.

"Then. Let´s go!"

An hour later only Loki, Milli (with Sefa on her arms), Thor, Okoye, T´Challa and Sergeant Barnes were left in the meeting room.

The warriors Three and Lady Sif had returned to Asgard earlier and Secretary Ross had left without a word.

"Why did you run?" T´Challa asked out of the blue," If you are innocent, why did you run?"

"Would you have listened to me if I had stopped and explained. Or would you have attacked me and tried to kill me?" The man in question answered, it was evident in his voice he was tired.

"That what I thought.", he stated after a heavy silence, "I couldn´t take the risk."

"How did Colonel Zeno know the words to turn you, friend of Steve?" Thor boomed.

"Had a book. I don´t know if it is the only one, but as long as the words are out there, I am dangerous. Best is to just lock me into a cell and throw the key into a Vulcan."

Everybody's heart clenched at that moment. The ex-assassin had just been cleared of all crimes and redeemed his freedom and jet, he told them to lock him away.

"I believe Stark can help you. Although I am not certain he will. Can´t you help him brother. You can enter the thoughts of someone after all."

"I can enter, but neither change nor delete them. But I am sure Prince T´Challa know a certain someone, although said someone is quite young, who could have an idea how to help." Loki answered his brother and looked at the man in question.

What is he speaking about. I thought Wakanda is a third world country or isn´t it?

"I will ask. Until then I am willing to let him stay in Wakanda. There are areas, so excluded that no one would look there for you." He told the former suspect, sincerity in his voice.

"My prince-" Okoye wanted to interject but he had none of it.

"He was a victim of that man, just like my father. I won´t see him caged like an animal. Maybe it is time to make friends. With all the threats coming to the surface."

"As you wish. But I don´t think the elders will like your decision." She mumbled

"That is the purpose of elders. But they don´t need to hear of this." And thus it was decided.

"Will he really be safe there?" Milli asked her husband with a hushed voice.
"Don´t worry my Love. He will be in the best hands."

"I trust you with that." She answered him and placed a light kiss on his lips.

"Loki. If we are back on Asgard, what do you think about showing Sefa the clearing? I am sure my horse will be ready to get ridden by then. Fluffy need to be able to run more as well, he is a big wolf after all and not a little Chihuahua."

"Whatever you want my Love. Your wish shall be mine order." He mumbled into her ear and hugged her from behind.

"I love you Loki. But we won´t do anything you don´t want to do."

"Always looking out for my wellbeing. I still don´t know what I did to get you as my wife."

"You can thank your brother for that, as well as for Sefa. It seems he is involved into everything good happening to us over the last months." She breathed.

"It was me a pleasure and I am glad you are not mad with me." Thor laughed, not at all ashamed that he had listened into the conversation.

"Oh I am still a bit mad about you getting us drunk. I felt like death the first couple of weeks carrying Sefa. For that, you will have at least ten times babysitting duty, when WE chose it."

"I am fine with that sister."

"That includes feasts." She grinned and immediately the god of thunder pouted, he loved feasts after all.

"But- Fine I believe I can do that. But only ten times." He answered, his head hanging low in defeat.

"And the first time will be my birthday in a few weeks-time, brother." The god of Mischief smirked.

"But birthday feasts are always the best feasts."

His birthday is in a few weeks? Need to find a gift then.

"We should wait till the others return though, I want to at least say good bye before returning to Asgard." Milli stated, her head resting against Loki´s shoulder.

"Then we need to find a place to stay at."

"That the easiest part. FRIDAY. Does Stark have a penthouse in Berlin I don´t know of, where we could spend the night?"

"I fear not. But I have orders to book whatever hotel room is needed for the Avengers and friends of Mr Stark. I could get you a suit at the Ritz-Carlton."

That sounds good. I could take a relaxing bath in a normal sized tub. Sefa would have her own room with Fluffy. Mhm-

"That would be appreciated. -Don´t deny it, my Love, your face is telling enough. And I don´t need the bond to tell that you are longing for a relaxing bath right now. I believe it is almost time for our daughter to sleep." Loki answered for her, she had gotten used to it by now that he was able to read her like an open book.

"Do you wish for a driver to drive you?"

"Is it far from here?" She wondered, after spending almost the whole day in that depressing room, she wouldn´t dislike a little walk.

"About twenty minutes by foot."

Not too far then.

"I think we will walk then. Can you show me the directions?"

And without a second delay, the AI showed four different ways to the destination.

"Thank you."

"I booked the Grand Suit for you, under the name Stark. They are aware of your daughter and will have a little bed prepared for her. It is paid for three days."

"Thank you FRIDAY. Prince T´Challa, is there anything we can do for you, or something you want to discuss before we depart?"

"No. We will wait here for the return of Mr Stark and the other AVENGERS."

"I will organize pillows and sheets if anyone wants to rest and food will be brought in about half an hour. I hope Pizza will be sufficient, Mr Stark wasn´t very creative in that manner with my programming."

"Thank you FRIDAY. We will go then. Mr Barnes, should you need anything, don´t fret and ask FRIDAY for help. One advice though, don´t drink the mead, should Thor offer you some. Last time Steve had one – let´s say it won´t end well."

"Thank you. For everything. I don´t know how to thank you-" He smiled, his eyes tired.

"Don´t worry about it. This is nothing. Relax and rest. Or Steve will turn hell over when he comes back."

"This suit is nothing compared to the simplest rooms on Asgard, but for tonight it will be sufficient." Loki told his wife upon entering the bathroom.

"Not everybody can life in a palace, you know. Now, why don't you join me? The water is perfect, and I would love to snuggle with my husband for a while, without fearing to drift away."

Slowly, like he wanted to tease her, Loki got rid of his Midgardian clothes and joined his wife in the big tub.

Pulling her against his chest, the couple enjoyed their time alone.

"Your birthday is in a few weeks, is there anything I should get you?" She asked, her thumbs drawing circles on her husband's skin.

"As long as I can spend it with you and our beautiful daughter. - and Fluffy," He added when they heard a little whine." I am more than happy."

"But there must be something else you want." She frowned and turned around to face him.

Now she was straddling his hips and her breasts were pressed against his chest.

"You know what your midwife said. No intimacy for the next couple of weeks. And right now, you make it very hard for me." He groaned, it took all of his restrain not to ravish her then and there.

"Only a few more weeks, Love and I shall be fully yours again." She breathed against his lips, "But for now, why don´t we get clean and then to bed, I am getting tired."
Instead of an answer, her husband began to soap her in. His fingers caressing her delicate skin and his lips catching hers.

"I love you so much Milli."

And I love you. I have the perfect idea for a present. I bet Natasha and Pepper would love to help me to buy some new lingerie.