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It had been six weeks since Berlin and today was Loki´s birthday and Thor and Jane had babysitting duty.

Milli was getting dressed inside the joined closet, while her husband took care of their daughter.
"I could help you with getting dressed, Love.", he told her from where he stood, Sefa in his arms.

"No need, I am totally capable to do that myself." And we don´t want you to see your birthday present to early. "But you can help me with my hair if you want."
"Of course my Love."

She was dressed in a black dress with silver and emerald detailing and very sexy (but comfortable) Victoria's Secret lingerie.

After the Avengers had caught Zeno, Natasha and Pepper had gone shopping with her and the young woman was confident her husband will like his present.

"You are as beautiful as ever. Now come here," he motioned for her to step closer, so he would be able to do her hair. "Anything special you want?"

"Surprise me." She mumbled as an answer, before giving her husband a quick kiss on the lips.

The second their lips met, she felt her husband´s magic flow through her and settle in her hair.

"Do you like it?" He asked, when her eyes felt on her reflection in the mirror. Her hair was braided to rest around her head. Taking a closer look, she noticed it resembled a sleeping snake.

He and his snakes. I like it though.

"It´s beautiful. Now I believe your feast starts in a few minutes. I know you don´t like feasts very much, but your mother would miss you. We don´t need to stay there for too long." She whispered against his skin.

"I know, my love. Now let´s go." He offered her his arm, and she gladly took it. Sefa was laying in her other arm and Fluffy was walking behind them.

The feast was still in full swing when husband and wife left it around seven hours later. Sefa and Fluffy had left hours prior with Thor, much to his dismay. Both of them were a bit tipsy, but not far as drunk as on her birthday, when Sefa was made.

"You know, the ´few weeks´ are over and I am sure you are ready for my birthday present for you." The young woman whispered with a seductive voice. "And before you ask, my midwife told me it would be fine as well."

Within an instant she was pulled into a deep and longing kiss, her husband´s hands roaming over her hips and sides. Her hands rested on his clothed chest and she pushed him towards the bed.

"You are wearing to much, Love." He mumbled against her lips.

"Then do something against it." She told him with an seductive smirk, her hands playing with his hair and her lips engulfed in a dance with his. Just a second later, she was only left in her new underwear.

The man´s eyes roamed over his wife´s body, taking in every little detail there was. The lingerie she wore was emerald green with black bows and silver strings.

"This is why you didn´t want me to help you? Even more beautiful than before." He breathed against her throat.

"Yes. Didn´t want to spoil the surprise.", she whispered, "But now it's you with too much clothing."

"I don´t know what you mean." Her husband said with an innocent smile and was only left in his underpants from one second to the other. "Why don´t you let me open my best present of today?"

Kissing her, he lifted Milli up and laid her back down on the bed. Hovering over her, his hand caressed her soft skin, only to rest on her ribcage his thumb brushing over her covered nipple. A deep moan escaped her lips, when his hand pulled the cup of the bra down and one of his nails scratched her sensitive skin.

"Loki." She moaned. "Spell."

"Soon, my Love. But first let me keep tasting my delicious present." He chuckled and brought his attention back to his wife´s breasts. Her bra had magically disappeared.

When she gave him a small smile, his other hand grabbed the one breast while his tongue played with her nipple.

He drew circles around it, sucked at it only to let his teeth gently scratch over it.

Ever move sends little sparks through her body and the knot in her lower belly tightened more and more. Millie´s breathing and heartbeat increased, and she enjoyed the way her body reacted to her husband´s touches, it had been too long since the last time.

On its own, her hand tangled in his hair, trying to press him further against her chest.

But he was to strong and she too weak, she only managed for him to move his attention to her other breast.

Her nipples were hard, and the air against her wet skin, made her body shiver in a good way.

A first silent moan escaped her lips and she knew, her panties were soaked by now.

Loki´s attention became more and more of a torture and she longed to feel him between her legs.

Like he was able to read her mind, his free hand wandered down, only to rest on the hem of her trousers for a short while. She felt magic wave through her veins and she knew he had just cast the protective spell.

Soon his fingertips played with the strings that secured them on her hips, before finally opening them.

He repositioned himself, one knee on either side of her legs, both hands were now resting on the hem of her trousers, his fingers brushing beneath it.

A light tuck, told her to lift her hips, and he immediately pulled down her panties.

She was now completely naked in front of him.

He laid down next to her, one arm holding is whole bodyweight, the other hand resting on her crotch his lips attacking her throat.

"Loki please, stop teasing." She breathed, a plea in it.

He chuckled against her skin and let his hands slip between her legs, brushing against her wet dripping folds.

His wife opened her legs a bit, to give him more space and an easier entrance.

He brushed his fingers over her clit a few times, before entering one of them inside her pussy.

Her body yearning for more contact, she let her hand wander up and down her husband´s body, until she reached his midsection and her hand brushed over his erected penis.

Without a second thought, she opened his underpants and stroke the freed member.

Suddenly, his fingers were gone, and the young woman frowned at the sudden loss, but her face softened when she realises, Loki had moved his position to be between her legs, both of his hands resting next to her face, the tip of his dick grazing her folds and clit.

Slowly he entered her, enjoying the warm feeling he had missed the last months. He stopped for her to get used to his size again, before he began to roll his hips into her.

Every thrust sends jolts up and down her spine and it didn´t take long for her to feel her release approach.

After a particularly well-placed thrust, the knot broke and her body was shaken by uncontrollable spasms, stars entered her vision and for a second, she forgot how to breath.

Loki helped her through her release by slowing his thrust and placing kisses around her neck.

But he wasn´t finished with her.

When her breathing had slowed down again, he slowly pulled out and motioned for her to lay down on her stomach, all the while kissing her sensitive skin of her neck and lips.

A shiver went through her body when the gods strong hands roamed over her back only to give her ass cheeks a squeeze, making her moan and push her ass up to meet him.

Lokit´s dick twitched at the sight of her dripping core in front of him and he had to use all his strength not to cum then and there. It had really been a long time since the last time they had sex like that. Sure they had pleased each other with their hands or mouths at the early stages of her pregnancy, but that wasn´t the same.

He couldn´t but trace her spine with his tongue and light kisses, while positioning himself.

With one swift (but careful) motion, he entered her again until his thighs connected with her behind. A short pleasure-filled scream escaped Millie´s lips and he couldn´t but groan as well.

The husband knew he was close, but he tried to stretch it out as long as possible, not wanting to leave his wife any time soon.

His strong chest pressed against her back, and the deep thrusts soon made her walls clench again when her second orgasm of that night rolled over her body and after two more thrusts Loki followed her over the edge, spilling his seed deep inside her.

He slumped down, careful that he doesn't crush her with his weight, and tried to catch his breath.

Milli needed a bit longer to catch herself, but she enjoyed his warmth and weight against her back.

"This was the best present I could have ever wished for." He mumbled against her skin, before leaving her, only to lay down next to her and pulling her into a thigh embrace. Her head was tucked under his chin and his arms snaked around her waist.

"I am glad you like it. I definitely did. We need to get your brother to watch over Sefa more often." She whispered, exhaustion catching up to her.

"Sleep, Love of my life and rest. For we have all life left." He mumbled and with a wave of his hand, they were clothed in their usual night gowns.

"And I wouldn't have it any other way." She answered with a huge smile

Soon both were asleep in each other's arms, thanking Thor that he had never said anything about a wedding.