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-place unknown time unknown-

-Byakuran's pov-

I am hidden entirely so that not even the sky lady herself can see me as i watch the flaming wolf that is Tsuna's soul beast form control sky flames that are not her own as they kill Renato leaving only a burnt body behind as they and the sky lady leave for the life stream, i walk out of the forest before sitting down beside the burnt corpse of Renato Sinclair the man who the woman that i loved chose i use my snow flames to light a cigarette before taking a long drag as my mind wonders off to the last time that Tsuna and i talked before her death a week later.

(17 years ago one week before Tsuna's dearh in Sky's promise)

(place Byakuran's house rooftop time midnight)

(Byakuran's pov)

(My light lavender eyes turn crimson in rage as i say emotionlessly "You can't complete your side of our promise because you care about me!?" a humorless laugh rips though my throat as i say coldly "that has to be the cruelest lie you've ever told me even in all our years knowing one another after all Tsuna we both know that what you just told me is complete Bullshit!, andi may hold feelings of love for you feelings that are very quickly becoming those of hate, but you aren't capable of feeling anything for me after i am nothing but a means to a end for you even now after you've become Renato's mate, i still remain nothing more than a used condom or perhaps the puppet who's strings you've just completely shredded as you watch the stringless puppet burn, what well happen to me, to them now because of your selfishness is forever stained on your claws Tsuna this is your fault, Now Leave before you don't get the chance to die in a week's time" Tsuna uses her night flames to go to her home in Japan.

And i can already feel the affects of what the woman that i loved has done to me a week before she is meant to die, i glare at the crescent moon as i feel the bond's between my six elements and i break beyond all repair and i think to myself [I'm sorry my elements but there is no stopping this the seven of us get to pay with our bond for Tsuna's final mistake and me well let's just say i won't be the same after this is over] as i light a cigarette with my sky flames one final time.)

-present place Italy time unknown-

-Byakuran's pov-

I am ripped out of my thoughts by the sound of a stick snapping near me and i see a now grown up Fuuta who is walking towards me with his night flames flowing around him i tilt my head slightly to the side to avoid the path of the on coming bullet aimed for my head as i say calmly "why are you trying to kill me ranking child" Fuuta eyes bleed crimson as he turns his eyes turn to the burnt corpse of Renato his father before they return to me where i am still sitting on the ground beside the corpse.

I grasp a thread that well force me into another world that is one of the many alternate universe's to this one and i begin to count down from 7 to 0 in my mind as Fuuta says coldly " Byakuran Gesso for the murder of Renato Sinclair with sky flames due to jealously on a count of your obsessive love for Tsuna Sinclair, I Fuuta Sinclair third leader of the Vindice family i give you the punishment of death by my hands, do you have any last words?".

I smirk darkly at Fuuta as i say calmly "it wasn't me after all I'm not a -" he never gets to hear the rest of my sentence as i am forcibly removed from the world i was born in as i am forced into another hopefully one where i can find the Tsuna from my dreams because Tsuna Sinclair sure as hell wasn't my mate.

The landing is violent enough to injure as well as knock me unconscious and the only thing that i know about this new world is that i am outside some where unconscious while not in my human form.

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