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-place park time unknown-

-Fuuta's pov-

My breath is caught in my throat as white flames die away to reveal a flaming large black wolf male with flaming black eyes, a pair of large flaming silver/golden angel wings then on a chain around his neck hanging is his wedding ring from when he was alive, beside this wolf is another slightly smaller one, a flaming dark brown female wolf with a Tri colored/cloudy white eyes, a pair of large black/purple/orange angel wings and toxic green lightning like scars on her left leg/ankle and her chest/ribs/back, then on a chain around her neck hanging is her wedding ring from when she was alive.

Byakuran keeps his hate filled dark lavender gaze locked solely on my mother's flaming form even as he says seriously "Chrome, Shoichi go stand behind the bench and watch most importantly don't let them touch you they're no longer among the living" Nagi and Shino who have apparently have been Chrome and Shoichi this whole time do as their told and i watch with the remaining Arcobaleno from a safe distance, as Byakuran says harshly "you'll need to come to us, our legs aren't working like they used too, but then again you already knew what would happen the last time we talked one week before your death, i bet you got a sick joy at the fact i even showed up before you died on your deathbed didn't you Tsuna" he spats out my mother name like something it's bad, sickening, vile even, which is something i find very odd mostly due to the love he was always known to have for her during her life.

my parents sit side by side almost close enough to Yuki and Byakuran to be able to touch them then a voice i having heard in a very long time rings out as my mother says "those markings, the scent of blood and death clinging heavily too you, what did you do? and i see you still care about me enough to marry a copy from another world no less" yuki tightens her hold on his hand and he does the same while the clearly pissed off man, bares his fangs dangerously "Leave my Angel out of your fucking bullshit Tsuna, and you know damm well what we did, Ninth shattered Yuki's soul with his seal and you, you Tsuna shattered mine by breaking our promise the last time we talked, you broke a sky's promise and because you died every single amount of the backlash was forced onto my dead rainbow and me, both of us were broken, we knew we would never live to have our revenge so we fused our almost none existent souls together thus we formed a sky strong enough to not only hold two elements, but to survive this long but we aren't able to survive any longer our time is up, now why don't you tell Fuuta over there who really killed Renato after all we both know it sure as fuck wasn't me".

My mother's ears go behind her head in rage? as she bares her fangs at the pair of former sky's then it clicks inside my mind that my mother knows the rules to the game because she is the only player, only when i see Byakuran smile a too wide smile full of fangs which is mirrored by Yuki, chrome and Shoichi as the former sky says "we win Tsuna" both my parents move forward as if too touch the both of them to kill them.

To stop them from winning but they already have, that only becomes even more clear to everyone watching as both of my parents end up on the other side of the bench having gone right though the four of them, i see Shoichi, chrome, Byakuran and Yuki all start to fade away in wisps of feather like wisps, Yuki mouths out a name to me and i give the slightest nod of my head, letting the woman i still love know i heard her soundless request to which she gives me gentle yet remorseful smile, as her husband smiles sadly at me while holding her Shoichi and Chrome both have a hand on each of their shoulders, and i cant help but wonder what the fuck is happening to the four of them.

And judging by the pissed off forms of the flaming wolves that are my parents i'd say ether it isn't good or that that they won the game and my mother proves this as she says harshly "Fuck i knew he was smart but i didn't know Byakuran was this smart! not only do i need to somehow tell our son that im the one who killed you, but we lost the game all because the four of the destroyed their souls completely so now when we get home we cant even beat the shit out of them for answers or anything because their not going to the life stream, i knew he was pissed but to do all this just to get back at me is fucking insane!" they disappear in a flash of white flames more then likely headed back to the life stream.

Not that i really care for some reason at the moment maybe due to the fact after i die one day and join the life stream then i well get my answers one way or another, no the only thing i care about is finding out who and where Riku Gesso is to inform them of what just happened, and strangely enough it's Skull who informs me that he knows the person Yuki wants to know about all of this i open a portal of night flames right into the mans Livingroom Skull steps though first and i close the portal behind me leaving the remaining Arcobaleno to do as they wish in Italy.

A four year old kitsune female with Byakuran's white hair and Yuki's silver eyes she is wearing a black dress with no shoes on her clawed feet, her white ears are alert an forward while her long furry white fox tail is laying across her lap while she sits beside this worlds Kyoya on the sofa, i see Skull holding a woman with long black hair and steel gray eyes wearing a black-gray-jade kimono she has tears running down her cheeks as she hits his chest with her fists but the worlds strongest cloud does nothing to stop the clearly upset woman he just lets her hit him while he whispers sweat nothings and sorrowful apologizes to her.

The four year old girl looks at me as she says knowingly "i am Riku Gesso, so your Fuuta my father's hunter my parents and my god-parents leading pawn in their game, if you return to me what's in your right pocket i well tell you something weather what i tell you is good or bad is up to you to decide for yourself" i reach into my right pocket pulling out three rings one white ring made from solid ice more then likely snow flames and the reason it was snowing at the park, one silver ring made from Yuki's moon flames, the final is a great surprise to me, because i know it's the mare sky ring but something is wrong about with it, the once purely silver wings of the ring now with the right wing now being golden-yellow i feel Shoichi's sun flames while the left wing is indigo mist flames no doubt Chromes own flames, and the once bright sky orange gem now very badly cracked white-silver swirls though out the whole gem with small barely noticeable sky orange shine-tint to the gem.

I tilt my to the side slightly in confusion at the strangeness of the mare sky ring but even though i am very confused at the moment i still head Riku all three rings Riku hands Kyoya the silver ring and she keeps the ice ring then both of them put the rings on the ring fingers not before Riku holds the mare ring between the claws of her right thumb and pointer finger as she says calmly "adults are silly right Kyo? if my parents had let me help them by giving them my sky flames then they and their two elements would still be alive, instead of my mother and father dying from their souls finally shattering into a thousand pieces Shoichi and Chrome both went with willingly to their deaths by destroying their own souls, and like grains of sand from an hourglass that has been broken, and once there is no way to turn back the hands of time to put things back the way they once were" Riku gives me a knowing as she puts the mare ring which for some odd reason returns to it's original state no longer broken and the colors are the right ones now.

Riku holds out rainbow thread to me while she says "here this one works the same way as the thread you used to get here go home Fuuta your time here is over and as such you are no longer a pawn in anyone's game except your own unless you'd would like to stay to watch from the best viewing place in this world when it comes time for me to play my own game" my pitch black eyes mirroring the milky-way galaxy down to the last star using my power as the ranking child i am now able to see all the lies, truth and a good amount of Riku, however their are two truths that make me smile gently as i say proudly "to think that any sky could be strong enough or even would lay their claim to me has always seemed strange, impossible even to me and yet here you are trying to do just that and actually succeeding in such a feet, but i cant stay not even for you although shall return in time to not only watch your game but to help in the game as well, after all what rain in their right mind wouldn't be right beside their sky as they destroy a world or six, see you later Riku" i open a portal of night flames under my feet and i land in my world inside office only to go back to my newly found sky's world at the site of my office filled from floor to celling with paperwork, but not before leaving the ring of night with my grandfather knowing he'll take uyp leadership of our family again because i am never returning to my world ever, some would say i am pulling a Byakuran but that's not truly what i am doing i am only doing what i want for a change of pace and that's to day destroy worlds beside my sky and fellow elements.

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