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Shawn looked down at the little pink bundle in Juliet's arms. He didn't think it was possible for anything to be as perfect as his daughter was. The only other person he had ever felt so much unconditional love before was his wife. This little girl, only two days old, had already stolen his heart, and he loved it. Juliet's 15-hour-long labor had been scary and intense for everyone, but she was finally here and life could not be perfect.

Shawn was taken out of his thoughts when the door opened and a nurse came in with a few papers.

"Okay Mrs. Spencer, all of the tests came back normal and you and Emma are ready to go home!" she said. "I'll bring you back the discharge papers in a little bit to give you time to pack up and change."

Juliet looked excitedly at Shawn and then at her baby. "Your hear that Emma? You get to go home!"

The baby opened her eyes and yawned as if in response.

Shawn gasped, "Oh my gosh, I totally forgot to install the car seat!"

As if on cue, Henry walked in the room.

"Already taken care of! I saw it was still in your living room when I went to get Juliet's iPad from the house," he told them.

"Thanks Dad. I guess with Jules going into labor two weeks early I thought I still had enough time."

"Let's just hope your kid isn't as much as a procrastinator as you are," Henry sighed.

Juliet smirked as Shawn squinted his eyes at his dad.

"Okay, well I'm going to get on my way then. See y'all later tonight?" Henry asked.

"Sounds good," said Shawn. "Thanks again, Dad."

"Thank you Henry!" Juliet chimned in.

"Don't mention it," Henry replied, leaving them alone in the room.

Shawn picked up Emma from his wife's arms and held her as the former changed into normal clothes.

"I absolutely hate hospital gowns. I don't understand why they have to make them so uncomfortable!" she said, expressing her frustrations.

"I know right? I mean if you're in the hospital, you're probably hurt and uncomfortable anyway, why do they have to add insult to injury? Don't they know that you deserve nothing less than the finest hand woven silk imported from China?"

Juliet giggled. "A girl can dream, but I guess we'll never know."

The nurse walked into the room with the promised discharge papers and a pen. Shawn listened as she gave very clear instructions to Juliet about taking care of herself and scheduling appointments for Emma.

"Ready, Jules?" Shawn asked, placing his hands on the back of the wheelchair the hospital provided for their exit.

"Absolutely," Juliet said to Shawn, then whispered to the bundle in her arms. "Momma needs to sleep in her own bed already."

Shawn wheeled them out to their relatively new SUV. He fumbled with the buckles but eventually got Emma strapped in properly before helping Juliet into the passenger seat. He hopped in the driver's seat and sighed deeply. "Okay... Let's do this."

He carefully backed out of their parking space and pulled out of the parking lot, driving with the most amount of caution he possessed. He had precious cargo that he had to protect.

As they slowly made their way home through backstreets, Juliet couldn't help but giggle.

"Shawn, you're driving like an old lady!" Juliet laughed.

"Hey!" he said, defensively. "Old ladies aren't quite as observant as I am. Plus when was the last time you even heard about an old lady getting in a wreck?"

Juliet couldn't help but shrug and agree with him. "You can't do this every time she's in the car!"

Shawn pulled up to a red light, not too far from their house. "No, but I can try."

"I know," Juliet smiled at stared at Shawn. She never would have guessed all those years ago that the reckless, chance taking, man-child she worked with would become such a caring and responsible husband and father. He was still the light-hearted and fun man she grew to love, but there was a whole new mature side to him that Juliet loved too.

"Why are you staring at me?" Shawn asked, puzzled.

"I'm just thinking about how much I love you and what a great father you are."

"Aw, I love you too," he replied.

Shawn drew his attention back to the road as the light finally turned green. As he pulled forward into the intersection, time seemed to suddenly move in slow motion.

He could see the 18-wheeler on their right side. It was almost at the red light, but it wasn't… stopping. His mind, racing a million miles faster than the truck, could see the impact playing in his head several times over. Shawn panicked and stomped on the brakes, the pedal going all the way to the floor.

Stop, stop, stop, he thought.

But it didn't.

Everything went back into normal speed as they were t-boned and their car started to flip. The sound of their screams and glass and metal crunching had barely reached Shawn's ears before everything black.

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