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ENTRY: 607


It is commonly said that to follow a Litwick is to leads to damnation of one's soul. This is not fully true of course. As far as Imperial Researchers—and documents dating back to before the Age of Strife—are concerned, there is no connection between this Pokémon and it's evolutions and the Arch-Enemy. However, that does not mean that this line is safe. Litwick is known to slowly consume the life energy, or soul, of the beings that follow it, leading to a slow and painful death. As such, Litwick and it's evolutions are often hunted down and eliminated by the Ecclesiarchy, as to be killed by a Litwick prevents the person from joining the Golden Duo in the afterlife.

All this does not mean that Litwick and it's evolutions cannot be used at all. A psyker with enough power and wards can prevent their soul from being totally consumed, while still allowing the Pokémon to feed. However, there are reports of less powerful psykers who have accomplished similar feats, though the veracity of such accounts is difficult to ascertain. What is known, is that psykers capable of bonding with the Litwick line are rare, and are often shunned by the Imperium at large. At times however, such psykers can be found amongst the ranks of the Astartes as Librarians, and Litwick and it's evolutions become powerful companions. One such Librarian is Chief Librarian Ezekiel of the Dark Angels, who has a small entourage of Litwick and it's evolutions.

ENTRY: 608


Often seen around the many battlefields of the 41st Millennium, this Pokémon is known to consume the souls of the fallen. It's kind is seen the most around Regiments known for siege warfare, such as the Death Korps of Krieg, and among Space Marine chapters, most commonly the Dark Angels and their successors. As this Pokemon is often associated with death, it is viewed as bad luck to see one before a great battle, for its presence ensures that the ensuing battle will be massive and full of death.

Rare is the time this Pokémon captured, as the superstition surrounding it's line is great, thus leading to it being feared. However, it has been found in use among the more unhinged Sisters Repentia, as they believe that they are not even worthy of joining the Duo in the afterlife, letting their souls be burned in Lampent's fire. This behaviour is also seen in atoning heretics. The Dark Angels and their successors have also found a use for Lampent, though what it is remains unknown, though rumors persist about this Pokémon's sinister purpose.

ENTRY: 609


Feared for its ability to fully consume the soul, this Pokemon is commonly used by the Ordo Hereticus of the Inquisition to punish a heretic from even beyond the grave. Used with Dusknoir, who will retrieve the spirit from the Warp, an Inquisitor will judge the spirit that has been condemned, and if they have been deemed not worthy of being turned into a Ghastly, they will be consumed by Chandelure, forever unable to join the Duo in death. Because of this Pokémon's role in the Inquisition, it has gained a fearsome reputation.

Even rarer, Chandelure can be seen with the Culexus Assassins of the Officio Assassinorum, where its talent is combined with that of the Culexus' Blankness. These Chandelure tend to be more vicious, and often give no quarter to no one.