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It was a cold and rainy afternoon when Galion entered the meeting room, a tiny prince wrapped tightly in his arms, tiny arms around his neck and face pressed into his shoulder. Thranduil called for a break immediately.

As swiftly as proper manners would allow in such a setting he crossed the room to his attendant and seemingly melancholy son. Upon seeing him Legolas detached from Galion's throat and reached for him, face void of its usual bright smile.

"He found me near your study, apparently he had gone there to find you," Galion said, passing Legolas from one set of warm and loving arms into another.

Thranduil pulled him against his chest, small head just below his chin, "Come here, little leaf."

Galion held the door open for all three of them to slip outside into the hallway, where there was less of an audience. He waited a few moments, very gently rocking the small elfling before asking very softly, "What's wrong, my sunshine?"

Legolas shrugged, so Thranduil readjusted him so that they could look one another in the eyes. Sometimes his son did come and find him just because he missed him, or had something he wanted to tell him. But this was not one of those times.

His eyes were sad, and he was soft and unmoving like he was only moments before sleep. Thranduil ran a hand through his son's hair before pressing it against his cheek, "No something is bothering you. You can tell me anything, you know that, right?"

Legolas pressed his lips into a line and nodded just slightly, glancing down he began idly braiding his father's long blond hair, "Sometimes I get sad."

For just a moment it was as if the air had been sucked from his lungs, and he swallowed past an impossible lump in his throat, "Sad about Nana?"

The elfling nodded, so softly it was hard to notice. Thranduil hadn't noticed the tears until Legolas wiped his cheek for him, "I still get sad about her sometimes too."

"She used to read me stories when it rained. Can you tell me stories about Nana?"

"Tell me about when you met."

Thranduil looked down at where his son had sprawled across the carpet in front of the fire, "Again?"

It was hard to see him very often now since he had moved to Ithilien, but sometimes he still got to.

Legolas glowered up at him half-heartedly, "Yes again."

There was a flash of lightning and Legolas counted out loud for the both of them until the lightning flashed, and then Thranduil began the story of how he met his wife all those years ago. For what seemed like the thousandth time


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