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The three of them sat peacefully atop the mountain that they lived beneath, legs dangling off the edge as they gazed across the treetops. The air was light with the promise of oncoming spring and the woodland rang with peace.

"Feels weird." Thranduil announced.

"Absolutely," Ferdan agreed.

Quickly followed by Galion, "I keep getting the feelings I've forgotten so do something, but we've done it all."

Ferdan narrowed his eyes at the skyline, "You ever think that maybe we actually died at Dol Guldur and this is just what the Halls look like?"

"Everyday," Thranduil said.

"Pretty much constantly," Galion agreed.

Their legs swung back and forth idly while they all contemplated the world and future set before them. "What do we do now?" Thranduil asked.

"We drink." Ferdan answered with conviction.

"We drink!" Thranduil and Galion echoed, each laughing when Ferdan handed each of them their own bottle of wine from the bag he had brought.

"We should cheer for something," Galion mused, "Make a toast, I don't know."

"To what?" Thranduil asked.

Galion suggested with a shrug, "I don't know, surviving maybe?"

"Not killing one another," Ferdan corrected.

"How about all the wonderful elflings we managed to raise and not completely screw up?" Thranduil asked, glancing to either side to gauge their reactions.

"Not killing any of them in the process," Ferdan corrected again, "No matter how much I wanted to at times."

"Also a valid suggestion." Galion said, "Showing up all the other realms who thought to little of us?"

"Ohhhhhhhhh," Thranduil said, "That's a good one."

"No." Ferdan said solidly, "They didn't show up in our lives till they last minute, they don't get to show up in our toasts."

Thranduil shrugged, "Also valid."

"Alright then, dark cloud," Galion snapped at Ferdan, "What do you suggest then?"

Ferdan scoffed, "I'm having a perfectly good time shooting down all of your suggestions, you're the one that wanted to do this weird toast in the first place."

"I will throw you off this mountaintop," Galion threatened, "So help me-"

"Help you, who, exactly." Ferdan interrupted, "There is nobody nearby powerful enough to even make a difference, if they had to choose between keeping me from falling off a cliff and you falling off the cliff.. "

Thranduil mused over their brewing argument, "It really is a wonder we haven't killed one another."

Ferdan whistled and spirled a hand doward.

"Truly." Galion agreed, with another glare to Ferdan.

Ferdan remained unfazed by the hatred he was receiving, "A true testament to our willpower, really."

"Let's be honest," Galion continued, "Thranduil would eventually be forced to help me because his life would fall apart with me."

"That fair," Thranduil pointed out, "It really would."

"Plus," Galion continued louder as Ferdan repeated his whistle but this time completed with an explosion sound, "The war is over, so why do we need a weapons master?"

"Thranduil's been a mess a lot longer than you've known him. I can't die either, I've dragged him through three ages, almost. And with his luck if I died, he would manage to die in the last few hundred."

"Also true," Thranduil agreed, "He knows too much. I can't let him get back to my father before I do. It would be the fourth kinslaying."

Galion narrowed his eyes at Ferdan, "That's fair. You are a spiteful creature."

"The most spiteful." Thranduil and Ferdan said together.

Ferdan leaned across Thranduil to get closer to Galoin, "If you push me off this cliff, I'll ruin lives you didn't even know you had."

"Ugh," Galion pushed Ferdan away by the head with disgust, "You're so annoying."

Ferdan just shrugged, "Deal with it, we just established neither of us can die."

Loudly, before either could say anything more Thranduil lifted his bottle high into the air, "Cheers to Eternal Annoyance!"

Two bottles clinked against his, and two voices loudly agreed. "Cheers to Eternal Annoyance!"