Here is a challenge that I like to issue to all your writers. I would like to see the Major (Any canon version) from the Ghost In The Shell series end up in the Naruto world. Here is the rules.

1. She must be in a body that has nano repair systems since Technology is limited in that world.

2. Body wise, she cannot be no older or younger than two years than Naruto.

3. She must have interest in Naruto, romantic or not is up to you even though I like see her being romantic with him.

4. If Romantic relationship, then her body must have organic components that will allow pregnancy and sex.

5. Her body must have the cyber hack mobility, but use of chakra like Ino's family Jutsus do but without the danger or the ability to delete or alter memories.

6. She will keep her skill set secret and will train Naruto so he would be better and to use his brain.

7. She will also gain any info about Naruto and tell him, but instruct him to remain loyal to the leaf in memory of his parents since they died for it.

8. If she is a civi, then she must hide herself form Naruto Haters. If Ninja, then find a way for her to be on his team. The third will support her, but only to make Naruto happy.