As Tier Harribel was chained and and left for dead, watching the Wandenreich invade Soul Society from a Garganta that she was forced to open, she thought about her centuries-long life.

She couldn't remember the time of when she was a human anymore, it had been far too long since she had became a Hollow. But she could remember some of her early days as an average Hollow. They were not much different than that of any other low level Hollow. Finding souls to eat to fill her endless hunger that could never be sated. Fighting the occasional Shinigami, which ended with her either eating their souls or on occasion running to fight another day. Those days continued for a long time.

Until the day when she was in Hueco Mundo and she became a part of a Gillian-class Menos, or more commonly Menos Grande. That time was blurry for anyone who became a part of a Gillian, for a Gillian consisted of thousands of Hollows all in a single body moving with the same purpose that was the size of a skyscraper. But, there are those within the Gillian who are able to become the 'core personality' of the Gillian and are able to 'control' the body. This is the case of what happened with Tier. So she continued to feed on both souls and her fellow Gillians. Her time as a Gillian was much shorter than compared to her low level days and the next time she regained her 'sense-of-self,' she was an Adjuchas-class Menos. Much smaller sized Menos that typically looked like beasts and insects. For Tier, she was reminiscent of a shark.

As an Adjuchas, she traveled the desert surface of Hueco Mundo watching her fellow Hollows fight and feed on each other. And Tier became both depressed and disgusted at what they, Hollows as a whole, were forced to do in order to survive. In order to live they had to feast on each other so that they could not only grow stronger but to also prevent them from regressing back into Gillians. And it was at that time that she, Tier Harribel, would put in her best effort so that her brothers and sisters would no longer have to feed on each other in order to live.

Tier didn't know how or why it happened, but after that day she changed again. Her form became more human-like and her endless hunger finally seemed to have been sated and her powers became top-class. She had become a Vasto Lorde. The top of the food chain for Hollows. As a Vasto Lorde she gained a small following, a Facción as it was later called, of Adjuchas consisting of a deer-like Hollow named Emilou Apacci, a lioness named Franceska Mila Rose, and a snake named Cyan Sung-Sun. They were her family and she would do all in her power to protect them.

Then came the day that she met him. The bastard, who she believed in,that could help her with her dream. The Shinigami named Sosuke Aizen. He had betrayed Soul Society to obtain an item called the Hogyoku, a device created by a man named Kisuke Urahara that was capable of dissolving the boundary between Shinigami and Hollow. Aizen offered her the power to fulfil her dream and she took it. She became an Arrancar, a Hollow that has removed their mask, and became a part of his army. She was an Espada, the top ten Arrancar in terms of their power, and she was the third most powerful in his army, the Tercera Espada. Each Espada had was an aspect of death, Tier's aspect was that of 'Sacrifice.'

Tier fought for a man who she believed in and he betrayed her. Aizen cut her down and left her for dead for she had been deemed 'not strong enough to fight him.' If it wasn't for one of her former enemies healing her, she would have died that day. After all the fighting ended, she was one of the few surviving Arrancars that were left. To her, she thought that all the fighting with the Shinigami was over and that it was possible for them to live in peace. And they did have peace for nearly two years.

Then Ywach invaded Hueco Mundo, with his Wandenreich and the Sternritter leading the charge, decimatting the Adjuchas, her Fracción, and herself. The Wandenriech used them all as playthings as they tested their techniques against them, seeing how long they could last, or in her case, just plain tortue.

And thus as she closed her eyes, she smirked, for she knew that Kurosaki Ichigo would win just like he did against Aizen. And that brought her all the comfort she needed to know before the cold embrace of death took her.

Far away from the world that contained Soul Society and Hueco Mundo, there was a world that contained a village called Konohagakure. Within that village, a certain woman was currently giving birth to her first child. They were on the outskirts of the village in a cave that was covered in seals to prevent the worst case scenario should it occur. For this woman was the host, a Jinchuriki, of the Kyuubi, a powerful nine-tailed fox that could lay waste to the world just because he was in a bad mood. If a female Jinchuriki was giving birth, the seal that held the Kyuubi would weaken and it was possible for him to break free, thus the reason for the seals.

"IT'S YOUR FAULT! YOU DID THIS TO ME MINATO!" She yelled towards her husband named Minato and she clenched her fist down on his hand, nearly breaking it.

Minato could only let out a dry chuckle and have an awkward smile on his face, because it was true... but it did take two to tango. Not that he was gonna tell her that, especially not right now."Yes, yes Kushina. It's all my fault."

"DAMN STRAIGHT IT IS!" The now named Kushina yelled back at Minato.

"Kushina," the doctor started. "You're almost there, just give one final push."

"DON'T TELL ME WHAT TO DO!" Minato could only apologize to the doctor as his wife gave the final push for their child to come to the world.

Soon enough the cries of a child could be heard all throughout the cave they were in. Everyone was happy that the birth was a success and that the worst had not happened.

"Congratulations, it's a girl," the doctor announced after having cut the umbilical cord. The doctor brought the newborn babe to the exhausted mother so that she could see her child.

"She's beautiful," Kushina let out weakly.

"Just like her mother," Minato said as he walked over next to his wife and crouched down to be on the same level as them. Kushina let out a weak chuckle and a small smile as he said that.

"You see that man little one," Kushina talked to her daughter. "He's your papa."

"Hi there," Minato gave a smile to both his wife and daughter and waved as if his daughter could actually see what he was doing at the moment. "Seems like we can't use the name Naruto since she's a girl."

"No, we can't," Kushina agreed with her husband.

"Jiraiya-sensei will be a bit sad, but I think he'll understand."

Kushina let out a small laugh at her husband's attempted joke. "He will. I'm sure of it."

The two new parents were in their own world for a moment, the others in the cave letting them have it because it was a new experience for them, and just enjoying the fact that they were now parents.

"Tier," Kushina suddenly spoke.

"Hmm?" Minato looked at his wife.

"That's her name, Tier." Kushina smiled as she held the newly named Tier closer to herself.

"Tier," Minato let it sink in for a moment before he nodded his head. "Nice to meet you, Tier-chan. I'm sure you'll do great things in your life."

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