I honestly didn't want to post this but I figured that you guys deserve to at least hear from me and why I've been absent for 7 months now.

OK, so... as many of you can tell, this isn't a proper update. I have been working on Chapters for all my stories, those published and those not published, but have made little headway into them as of late. December I just took of because it's December; Jaunary was busy due to Deployers coming home; Febuary I moved; March had a funeral that had some important people coming; April was a test for promotion; May was for a PT test; I've been had to get my pay corrected this month as well as deal with my roommates crazy GF who thinks she can throw her weight around the apartment we live in even though she doesn't pay bills, tries to get me to clean up her mess of dishes all the time, and is now pregnant...

Suffice to say, I've been a little bit busy. Do not worry though for I still am writing, even if it is bit-by-bit.

You can all expect something in the near future and this will be deleted once the chapeters start going up again.

BTW, I'm beta-reading a TitanfallXRWBY story... that dude needs it and has been helping me get more done in the sense that it's been pulling me back into writing.

So I do apologize to you all and thank you for your patience with me.

Stay Frosty,