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Authors note: I'm jumping the years of the Harry Potter timeline about ten years ahead in order to correlate with the recent release of the new Mummy film. This is so that Harry will be a bit more older and a lot more mature. I want him to have a hardened personage as this chapter will reveal the reason behind his damaged mentality. I hope you enjoy.


North Sea


May 29th, 2007

7:39 PM

The night was was cold, the waters choppy. The waves lightly slamming into the vessel as it made its way towards its intended destination. The scent of the sea wavering in the cold, Dementor filled night sky. The vessel was small, reminiscent of an early to late 1800's Fishermans ship. It chugged along into the dark nights' waters with none of its occupants speaking, the silence only being drowned out by the sloshing of the outside waters. The waves crashed hard against the small boat as it sailed towards the Prison only meant for the worst of the Wizarding Worlds offenders. In this, only seven people were on board the said ship this night.

All stood as the Captain of the sailing vessel directed his boat towards a docking pier that was now within visual range mere meters of the infamous Wizarding Prison. Of the six, only three dared to look up at the large, towering structure, as one of the six shook with a haunted look, and another, his companion, comforting him as she touched his shoulder.

Sirius Orion Black, Lord and Head of the House of Black, looked and beheld his wife to be, Amelia Bones, as she comforted him with a soft touch, and a comforting smile. She knew, like the others, that he was still haunted by the years spent in this retched place that he now found himself returning to in order to 'Rescue' his boy. But, now a days, he was even worse than before. And it all had to do with the spirits of ones whom had once called Sirius their friend and brother.

It all started after Harrys incarceration when Sirius began to experience nightmares many a night. He had dreams of James and Lily, calling him 'betrayer, liar, oath breaker', followed by many more foul, crude names, insults, and terms used against him. No matter what Amelia tried in order to calm his mind and remove his haunting nightmares, nothing helped, until one day, Sirius finally snapped, only to act in order to silence the screams of the ghosts of his deceased friends.

Even now, the shell of a former man could barely smile at her in return as he then turned his attention to the person waiting on the pier for the arrival of the party.

On his left, stood Albus Dumbledore in his purple and golden robes, looking ever more the age he truly was as the recent week had not been kind to him since they had learned of a ruse that had caused them to all to turn on the Godson of Lord Black.

It was only a week earlier when Draco Malfoy, son of Lucius Malfoy, had drunkenly stumbled out of Knockturn Alley within the Wizarding Shopping Center, ignorant of his surroundings due to his inebriated state, that he found himself face to face with a very crazed and desperate, Lord Black.

A flash of red from a wand in the face of the near 18 year old, and the young adult fell into the arms of his captor. A second later, and with a 'crack', both individuals were gone.

The next day, Sirius dragged the barely haggard Malfoy into the DMLE, throwing him into the desk of Amelia Bones. Things happened all too quickly from there, when it was learned that the charges once held against Harry James Potter, were false, and that an innocent had been imprisoned for a crime he did not commit, once again.

The charges that had imprisoned the last Potter were for two counts of murder, of one Neville Francis Longbottom, and Seamus Finnegan.

Pandemonium ensued as many a heads of Houses within the Emergency Wizengamot meeting, cried out in outrage when it was learned that Draco Malfoy, alongside Vincent Crabbe and Gregory Goyle, had murdered both boys, while under the guise of Harry Potter from the use of Poly Juice Potion.

Using Harrys stolen wand and several strands of Harrys hair, a vial of Poly Juice Potion, a quick change, with his glasses finishing the look, after having stunned the real Harry Potter from behind earlier that day and hiding him in a closet within the Slytherin Dorm rooms, the murders were performed. The halls of the attack against Potter had been cleared of not only students, but the staff and portraits as well, at the time of the said attack.

With this new information, Draco was formerly charged and found guilty after the charges held against him and the admission to the crimes were confirmed via 'Veritaserum'. Unlike Harry, who did not get a chance to defend himself let alone being denied the truth serum in order to prove his innocence, Draco was given a chance to speak, only to brazenly laugh and freely admit his crime once the counter agent to the truth serum had been administered to him, letting the Wizengamot know, that not only had he framed Harry Potter, admitting his guilt without an ounce of remorse, but the entirety of the Wizarding Worlds Governing Body had condemned an innocent, yet again. One whom was supposed to be their savior.

"The night's cold." spoke the new Minister of Magic of Wizarding Britain, Rufus Scrimgeour. It was always rumored that his Predecessor was up to no good, accepting bribes and such. The man never did like Cornelius Fudge, and only put up with him because he had no choice at the time. With many a vote of no confidence held against the man, following Malfoys imprisonment, for the farce of a trial that was held against Harry Potter, with Sirius Black leading the charge, Fudge with his head lowered, slowly stepped down from his post when the vote was passed.

Many sought the position of Minister, including the former Ministers Undersecretary, but with many a votes held in Blacks favor, Scrimgeour was elected until an official Election was held. As the new Minister, Rufus promised to clean up the Ministry, starting with removing Harry Potter from Azkaban, and ensuring the lad would be exonerated, with all that was taken from him, both financial, and more, fully restored to him.

Albus, upon realizing the truth of the matter, nearly sunk into a drunken stupor, as once again, Tom Riddle had tricked not just him, but the entirety of the Wizarding Realm, forcing many to turn on Harry Potter, as they had all done Rubeus Hagrid and at one point, Sirius Black himself.

Many a family throughout the realm cried out in lament for what they had done to their once 'Savior'. Former friends and colleagues of both Harry and the House Potter, sought to undo much of the mistakes they had perpetuated against him. Fortunately, many of Harrys belongings seemingly disappeared after his incarceration, as well as his owl. None knew how, few had suspicions, but could never figure out how almost all of Harry personal belongings had vanished.

His only belonging that didn't disappear was his wand as it was within the Ministry at the time of his imprisonment, but that too vanished before it was able to be retrieved.

"That it is." came the Headmasters reply as he gazed upon the building holding two of his former favorite students only son. Minervra, bless her soul, had come upon the aged man who voluntarily stepped away from two of his positions within the Ministry as he felt that the work load was becoming too much, and yet he knew that wasn't the only problem. In his advanced age, he'd become complacent, making more mistakes than he knew how to handle. In doing so, many of his people were being lost, one after the other, whether it was through treachery, death, physical torture, or just plain walking away from it all, before Harry was incarcerated and after his innocence was proven.

With the boat mere meters from the pier, those upon the boat readied themselves. And yet, the Headmaster had felt as if something was off. There was one person upon the wooden balcony awaiting them, but it was not whom they were expecting when a robed individual with the hood raised, awaited them. Quicker than the old man could react, a wand was quickly pointed at them as the hood lowered, and the face of Lucius Malfoy came into view.

"Don't try it, Dumbledore. I'd just as soon kill you and be done with it. But the Dark Lord has plans for you." he said a he gazed upon the boats occupants. Before Black could make a move to reply, many a bodies floating within the air, shimmered into view. All of whom were grasping the source of their flight with one hand, and holding wand at them with another. The boat was surrounded on all sides by broom riding Death Eaters, no longer needing their masks, up to and including Draco Malfoy.

"Didn't quite think things through, did you Black." the young blond haired Wizard snarked with a sneer.

"Silence Draco." his father hissed in agitation. "No need to set them off as they will die this day, as our Lord has promised."

His son could only 'grunt' in reply as another person, recognizably known to be one of Lucius's lot, the elder Lord Goyle, walked up, hand held out, open palm up, with the other also pointing a want while waiting for the group to hand over their wands.

"You won't get away with this, Malfoy." Amalia Bones said as she stepped onto the pier and surrendered her wand.

She was smacked with a backhand, causing Sirius to react as he thrust himself forwards, arms and hands poised to strangle the Death Eater, only for him to receive a blow to his stomach that dropped him, forcing the air from his lungs. Gulping in air, Black managed to raise his head and look the man in the eyes, "Before this nights done Malfoy, I'm going to kill you."

"Hoping against Hope, how endearing. Take them before our Lord, so that they may see the end of the last Potter." the elder Malfoy said as after each individual was upon the pier, each was marched into the high tower-like prison as the skies overhead rumbled and thundered.

Being roughly shoved forward, it took moments before they entered the rather high, dark, and dreary fortress-like prison. Since there were no elevators within the prison, it took them some unknown amount of time before the entire group of captives and their captors managed to reach a level that all had known that the framed prisoner known as Harry Potter had been held in.

The wing itself was a high security wing, meant for the worst of the worst. But it was there, that all got a chance to see, the Dark Lord in waiting, torches lining the wing as they hung from the walls, darkened shadows dancing upon the walls due to the light the flames put out.

"Aahhh, Albus Dumbledore, come to see the end? The end of everything?"

"Tom," the old man said with a sigh. "Look how far, you have truly fallen."

"You bastard." Sirius Black growled out, his hands curling inward into now whitening fists.

"Sirius Black, welcome back, it seems like being here doesn't agree with you. And yet, this is where you helped put your own Godson, nonetheless." Voldemort sneered, eliciting several of his followers to chuckle darkly in return. "Bring out the boy."

"My Lord?" came the response from one of his still masked Death Eater.

"Do as I say, Jugson. Bring out Harry Potter, and let them see what their choices have done to their precious 'Savior'." he reiterated.

"Yes, Master." the masked minion replied as he and another masked Death Eater departed into the shadows.

"I've had enough." Sirius shouted as he elbowed one of his captors in the face, only to receive a shock of blinding pain for his efforts.

The one who caused the pain was none other than his former cousin whom he removed from the family shortly after his own trial. Bellatrix no name, formerly known as Bellatrix Lestrange nee Black, with her wand raised, and a wild eyed look of fury, stepped forward, having screamed 'Crucio' upon her former relative. Sirius, upon his new found freedom, removed Bella from the family, but not before annulling the marriage between her and her then husband, Rudolphus Lestrange.

She obviously had not taken it very well, as though she may have lost not just her name and wealth, but she also lost her family Magics, while Andromeda and her daughter had been welcomed back into the family.

She made to curse Sirius yet again, when her wrist was forcefully grabbed by her master, who managed to coax the deranged witch down. She slowly lowered her wand when her head snapped in his direction, and seeing his eyes and knowing he would not forgive insubordination, lowered her head in submission.

"As you can see Black, you have already lost. Dear Bella will kill you, but only when you and your...comrades watch as I kill the last ounce of hope to this world. And once Harry Potter is dead, nothing will stop me. All who oppose me, will die."

"My Lord, we have him." a voice spoke out when the crowds parted, allowing through the throng of people, an image which none of the side of the light had ever hoped to see.

With his feet dragging on the floor, his head down, was Harry Potter, being carried by both arms on ether side as if he weighed very little. His hair had grown, dirty though it seemed from the dust of the prisons walls. His clothes were worn, and torn in some areas throughout the body. None could see his face as strands of his hair fell over his forehead, construing his face.

"Help him to stand." the snake faced psychopath stated.

As they did so, the entirety of the people all around watched as even when those whom were supposed to helm him to stand, failed to realize how far he was gone as he began to fall, forcing them to capture him before he did so.

"Can you not see, what your actions have wrought, Albus Dumbledore. Once again, an innocent has suffered upon pain of Death because of how you have failed him. Yet again, you have failed."

Dumbledores head hung low in shame as he could no longer look upon that which he was solely responsible for.

A low moan managed to get Voldemorts attention, as he stepped up to the pale and sunken skinned teen. Lowering himself in order to face his would be destroyer, the Dark Lord spoke, "Hello Harry Potter. How the mighty have fallen."

Harry began to cough as if he needed aid in order to speak.


"Water? Very well, Harry. Being a Merciful Lord, I shall grant this request."

Conjuring a plain glass cup into his free hand, Voldemort then proceeded to fill it with water that he then when finished filling it to a necessary level, placed it to the boys lips and proceeded to aid him to drink.

As Harrys lips took in the precious liquid, water spilled from either side of his mouth as Harry gulped the water furiously, though much of it escaped his mouth. He coughed some of it up, forcing Voldemort to pull away as the teen choked and coughed. Harry then began to breathe heavily, taking in lungfuls of much needed air.

"Do you know who I am, Harry?" Voldemort asked as he once more stepped up to him, vanishing the cup of water and grabbing Harrys hair. Yanking it back, he had to smile as he quickly turned his head to observe Black failure to stop him from touching his oh so precious Godson.


Turning back to Harry, he asked mockingly, he asked, "What was that Harry?"

Placing his head near the boys lips, what could be mistaken for ear holes, the Dark Lord listened, "La..Last req...request..."

"Oh, and what is that last request, Harry?"

"C-Come closer."

"Yes?" the red eyed snake-like wizard said as he leaned in closer to Harrys lips to where they were merely a centimeter from his lips.

"Khadishmol Khadishmal, Paradouse, Paradouse." Harry said, his words coming as if filled with power.

The Dark Lord jerked back and stumbled away from the boy, as if stung. Harry on the other hand, having allowed his head to fall after it was released, slowly raised his head, a smiled filled with promising vengeance upon his face, a hoarse chuckle escaping between clenched teeth.

"Was that supposed to mean something, Harry?" Voldemort asked, a slight drop of sweat upon his brow.

"Wait for it." was all Harry said.

Suddenly, the entire prison shuddered. A loud sound, unto like a loud, deep horn, sounded. From behind the gathered Death Eaters and other followers of the Dark Lord, a bright light shined forth. The sound of horses 'winnied' when those said followers, both marked and unmarked, saw with fear filled eyes, as a group of horses pulling a chariot, being driven by a humanoid with the body of a man, yet, had the head of a dog.

The being of pale light, drove right through the crowd, causing them to scream, and yet none was touched, save for the Dementors as they too were dragged behind the driver of the vaporous chariot.

The Dark Lord on the other hand did not get a chance to raise his wand as he too was plowed through. What he failed to see as his minions were passed, was an unknown mist flying from Harrys scar, a mist that had a face he would know well. But upon the unknown being passing over and through him, he felt all of his links connecting his physical body to the world, snap!

Like chains breaking all at once, he collapsed to his knees as he watched an image of his very presence being dragged off alongside the Dementors, reaching out futely as the being in the chariot then flew into a misty, yet flowing vortex of air, and disappeared. The light of his approach, dying with his leave.

Voldemort felt weakened, as if his entire bodys strength, had suddenly left him. He could not feel the magic within the body he currently inhabited. He turned painfully as he began to feel as if the magic maintaining his body began to fail. He observed as Harry Potter, having fallen when the unknown being plowed through him and those around him, including those who held up his body, gradually, rose to his feet.

Harry didn't bother worrying about the Dark Lords followers, as they began to feel weakened, just as much as their 'Lord'. With a slow step, the Last Potter walked over to Voldemort, wherein he then knelt before the would be man on one knee. With his head tipped to the side.

"I bet you're asking yourself, what in the hell did I just do? You know, the last time, that spell was used, was by a woman in 1926, a woman who just so happened to have stopped a dreaded monster like you, from taking over the world. He too thought he was immortal, until she showed him otherwise. Just like you thought, until now. That man, in the chariot, was Anubis, Lord of the Underworld."


"Anubis. That's right."

"" Voldemort asked weakly, feeling his body begin to break down from within, something Harry too noticed.

"The 'How', is rather easy. You not only pissed of Thanatos, but the Peverell Clan as well. You and I, were the last of the Clan Peverell, you of Cadmus, me of Ignotus. Now, I am the last, and truest descendant of The Peverell family Bloodline. It was said, that when Ignotus died, he walked hand in hand with Death, as if they were old friends. Well Tom, you really didn't think you could stave off Death forever, did you?" Harry asked as he rose to his full height. "And as it stands, as the last of Ignotus descendants, Death was only too happy to give me a way to beat you, and I did it with only four little words, and the help of a Death God just all too willing to aid me."

He knew Tom could not speak, as by now, his vocal cords were no doubt liquidized, just like the rest of his body was soon to follow. Tom Riddle, alias Lord Voldemort tried reaching out to Harry Potter, who took a step back as a moment or two later, Voldemorts body began to change from a solid form, to a red liquid catalyst, that then spilled out onto the floor, pooling beneath not just Harrys feet, but beneath the feet of the now deceased Dark Lords followers.

Moans were once more heard as every being whom were marked, began to cry out, until their bodies breathed their last. Harry had turned to see this, as Sirius Black stepped up beside him to watch. There were a few who could only continue to moan, as if in extreme pain, as they must have been unmarked, but were no doubt touched by the Death God that had just come and gone mere moments ago.

"Harry, what did you just do?" Sirius asked as he turned to his Godson.

Harry didn't look back, but only said one word, "Justice!" he then collapsed into unconsciousness in Sirius's arms, the man catching him as his Godson fell, as if the last ounce of consciousness and strength had fled him.

The man carefully fell to a knee as Harry rested in his arms. Sirius's right hand brushed the boys unkempt hair to the side, not failing to see the now faded scar that barely stood out. The Black Lord wept as he pulled Harry into his chest and held him there. Over and over he apologized, rocking back and forth with the unconscious teen in his arms, almost silently crying out to Lily and James, and just pleading with them to forgive him. He then turned his head down, kissing Harrys forehead as he continued to apologize.

"Sirius." the familiar voice of Albus Dumbledore spoke, as he placed a gentle, yet firm hand on Sirius's right shoulder.

Sirius raised his eyes to the man, who looked upon Sirius's tear streaked one, letting the Black Lord see the tears upon his own aged face.

Dumbledore then turned his eyes upon Harry, but when he made to touch him, Sirius pulled away, with a fierce growl, "Don't touch him."

"Sirius...I-I meant no harm." The old man pleaded.

"You've done him enough harm." Sirius said through clenched teeth.

Dumbledores hand hovered in the air as he thought back onto his failing, and then dropped it. Sirius leaned on a wall to the side, cradling his Godson to his chest protectively. Amelia and the Aurors were already reacting, stunning the still alive followers of Voldemort, those who had yet to be marked. Some which were pretty recognizable from within some influential and wealthy families, and some which were pretty high within the Ministry.

After issuing out orders, Amelia then turned her attention to Sirius, and looked at the boy he held close to his heart. With a sigh, she walked over to her fiance and knelt before him. Casting what monitoring charms she knew, she sighed as she spoke, "He's merely exhausted." turning to the mess that had once been Voldemorts body, she then asked, "Just where in Merlins Beard did he learn a spell like that? Was that really Anubis?"

"I don't know, Amy. I really don't. But, I'm glad to say, no, proud to say, he did it. He finally did it. My Prongslet." He lowered his head to Harrys own and kissed his forehead once more, before holding his head close to his chest.

The survivors all, standing shakily with the nights events still fresh in their minds, managed to gather themselves until calmness overcame them. Sirius, with Harry in his arms, stood. He was not surprised with the weight of his boy and how light he felt. Looking forward with Amelia now leading him away, Sirius realized he would have to walk through the throng of bodies now lining the halls of the prison. As he walked, he stopped before the bodies of both Malfoys, their eyes blank and unseeing, "I told you, you were going to die, tonight. I'm just jealous that it was Harry who did the deed instead of me." he said as he looked down upon the now deceased father and son with contempt. Without a further word more, he continued on his trek, those still living and among the innocent, moving out of his way and or giving him an opening from the respect and somewhat fear of the unconscious individual in his arms.

The next day, many a people, the world over, rejoiced at the news, that Harry Potter, had finally put an end to the Dark Lord. There were still those whom had followed him, now within their own individual cells within Azkaban who were stunned upon sight after being confirmed as unmarked followers of the Dark Lord. On the other hand, those marked, both within and without Azkaban on the very same night the Dark Lord was finally and permanently vanquished, ended up dropping dead at where they had stood, clutching their arms and their chests.

In St. Mungo's, there were many marked followers being floo'ed in, their life force quickly being drained upon the Dark Lords demise. Minutes after the man was dead, they too met the same grim fate as those who died within the Wizarding Prison.

A week had gone by, and still, after being checked over by Madam Pomphrey, all were perplexed as to why their hero and Champion would not awaken. For the entire time that had passed, word had quickly spread of Voldemorts defeat at the hands of Harry Potter, using magic never before seen or heard of.

Dumbledore and Amelia Bones were silent on the details, with the surviving Aurors and Prison Guards being informed to remain silent as well with forced oaths as a way to silent rumors and speculations.

The entirety of Wizarding Britain once more hailed The-Boy-Who-Lived as a Hero only after just weeks before, they condemned him as a villain and budding Dark Lord in waiting.

All the while, Harry remained ignorant of the world outside while on the inside, within the deepest recesses of his mind, he found himself standing before a vast dune or desert of sand.

Looking up, he had to squint as the blue sky burned with the radiance of the burning sun. On reflex, he had to shield his eyes as his head then lowered, a slightly dry wind blowing against his skin. The air was hot, dry, humid. His skin, burning under the intense heat, even if he was not native to the location of which he found himself.

Turning and looking upon his surroundings in order to understand what his eyes were conveying, he could not begin to comprehend the idea of where he was.

"Hello." he called out as he turned back around, his voice echoing within the vast desert, he was barely able to protect his eyes from the sand and dryness of the hot, yet windy climate. "HELLO..." he hollered.

He began to despair at first when the hairs on the back of his arms and neck began to rise, and it was then, that he felt that he was not alone. Spinning around every which way, he could not figure out where the presence was, or even what it was.

All he knew was, that it was watching him. He felt no malice or dark intentions from it, only curiosity and amusement. Suddenly, as if the air before him rippled from the sun and hot winds effects upon the desert, a small shady speck, far in the distance, appeared. It seemed to be getting closer as the speck grew larger in height, though the air continued to ripple.

'A mirage?!' he thought to himself as the image remained advancing towards him. Lest his eyes deceive him, he could make out what appeared to be a figure in a white, sleeveless gown, with long dark hair.

It was as if time moved quicker than he thought possible, when the image or being was suddenly upon him. It stepped forward several feet from him, on his left. He turned towards the being which was from what his eyes could make out, was a rather gorgeous, young woman. She was the most beautiful creature he had ever seen. And yet, as he turned to look upon her, she turned to look upon him.

She had the most exotic, sun kissed skin he had ever come across. She seemed to stand at an even height as he did. Her hair, long, ever flowing. The white gown, extended in the back, trailed along the sands, flapping in the wind.

The tips of her toes seemed to have been dipped in some kind of bluish-green cosmetic makeup. There were markings upon her face and neck, markings of which he could not decipher, but yet seemed familiar to him. There were similar markings upon her hands and fingers, which also bore various pieces of gold jewelry. One of which, if he was not mistaken, was Egyptian in design.

Having visited the Library when he was a child, he'd often been astonished with Egypt, its rich history and culture. He'd seen the many pictures depicting Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs, pictures of the jewelry that now resided within Museums both in Europe and Egypt, according to the books. This very knowledge came to his mind as he then looked upon the large necklace lying across her collarbone and extending to just above her breasts.

The said necklace consisted of combined stones and precious metals, most of which was gold. The symbol of two snakes, joined, yet facing one another sat in the center of the precious object. On either side of her head, flowing down her neck to the center of her collarbone, were what seemed to be runes. He was no expert on runes, of that he would gladly admit. His former friend Hermione, could possibly figure it out, but for the moment, his eyes were distracted as they continued to travel to her eyes. Brown orbs gazed into his emerald green. The bluish-green makeup beneath her lower eye lids made her all the breath taking.

She was a Goddess in human form. His breath caught in his throat as he continued to stare upon the woman before him. He was at a loss for words as time seemed to suddenly stand still. Both stood before the other, words yet to be spoken.

The womans right hand then raised and cupped his left cheek, "Setepa-i!"

"What?" he replied softly, gently grasping the back of her hand.

"Setepa-i." she repeated.

To him, the word began to take another form when she said it again, as if he always knew what it meant, "Your chosen?"

Her soft smile was all he needed to confirm that that was exactly what she had called him. That same smile was infectious, and seemed to make his heart, that had gone cold for some time now, beat with a warmth he had never known or felt.

She once more began to speak in the strange language, but to his mind, he understood her words as he was easily able to work out what she was saying, or rather asking of him. "Come find me." she had said in the strange language.

"How? Where are you?" he asked.

Placing a blue-green finger tipped hand over his chest, above his heart, she looked from his chest, to his eyes as she answered him. His mind translated her words once more, that his heart would guide him. Before he could ask her the meaning to her answer, she closed the space between them and slowly inched her head towards his, her lips lightly touching his own. For a moment, he felt as if the world had disappeared, and all that remained was she and he. A spark was lit within him as he reciprocated the kiss as he grasped her by the forearms and pulled her tightly to him.

The moment ended when her lips left his own and brushed his ear, "Find me." she had said, "Free me, Setepa-i."

Suddenly, images came to him, and instinctively, he knew where he needed to go as once more, a desert came to the forefront of his mind, then a small town where the image zoomed to the ground beneath the sand. An image of a crying face, images of statues of dog headed men with spears. A room off to the side with more statues, surrounding a pool of liquid silver.

From the pool of liquid, a coffin with the image of a screaming woman, rose from the depths. His vision showed him zooming once more as the image of the woman in his arms was revealed to him once more, only she began to shrink into herself. He pulled back from her in shock as he saw that as in his vision, she was beginning to shrink and decompose right before his very eyes.

"What's happening?" he shouted as he watched her body begin to shift into a mummified corpse, her arms held to at him, her rapidly mummifying expression pleading as an unknown force began to pull them apart.

"No, NO, NNNNOOOOOOO!" he screamed as she flew backwards at the same time as he did, the mere sight of her form, shrinking as the distance between them lengthened until he could barely see her, "I'LL FIND YOU. I'LL SAVE YOU!" he hollered, reaching out for her in futility until his world went black once more.

With a gasp, he awoke, clutching blankets that he did not recognize, to his chest. "Wha...Where am I?"

In the meanwhile

"Oh, that poor boy." the Matriarch of the House of Weasley lamented as she cried sullenly. Her husband Arthur, pulled her into his arms, patting her back soothingly. Within Number 12, Grimmauld Place, members of the Order of the Phoenix had their heads down in shame. Many of them, former friends of James and Lily Potter, and the few recent, being once known friends and associates of Harry James Potter. Only a few stood in a corner away from the lot, looking down at the many members in disgust.

Fred and George Weasley, the twin sons of Arthur and Molly Weasley, Fleur Delacour, Luna Lovegood, just to name a few. All believed in Harrys innocence and stuck by him, refusing to believe that Harry could be the monster they and others claimed he was. Now here they stood, with others who believed in Harry, looking down upon the fools who condemned an innocent, yet again.

"I will never forgive myself." Hermione Granger said as the tears she had shed for the last week, refused to recede. Even now, with her parents with her as guests within Sirius's Ancestral home, they could not ease her suffering from the guilt she felt for the part she played in destroying Harrys life.

Even the scarred Veteran Auror, Alastor 'Mad-Eye' Moody, refused to raise his head. Ever since Harrys innocence was revealed, he had beat himself up mentally, wondering where he had failed to see the truth. The truth was before him, and even with his 'All Seeing Eye', he was oblivious to it all. He stood against a far wall, leaning against it, his staff before him.

Normally, he'd be shouting obscenities, telling everyone to suck it up, and spouting 'Constant Vigilance', but he just didn't have it in him. He felt all of his past sins come crushing down on him, as if his age and disfigured body followed suit. He wondered, as did everyone, if the souls of the Potters, could ever forgive them for what they had done to the last Potter.

Albus Dumbledore walked in, looking every bit his own age. His bones ached as he sat at the Head of the table. None dared to look up at him or acknowledge him. He understood and did not have to say it, he deserved it. After a moment of silence, he turned to Remus Lupin, seeing the hagard man and Were-Wolf looking worser than ever as he looked like he had not shaved or cleaned himself in some time, "Any change in Harry, Remus?"

"No, Albus. And even if there were, I doubt he would want us to be near him." the man answered. Looking at the others at the table, and then those standing apart from them, "And I wouldn't blame him.

Before Dumbledore could ask anything else, both Sirius and Amelia walked in, an official set of documents from both the Ministry of Magic and Gringotts in her arms. Sirius, seeing the old man in the seat meant for him as the head of his family, walked up to the old man, "You're in my seat, old man."

Dumbledore merely nodded as he raised himself up, and moved away, allowing Sirius to take the seat, while another Order member allowed Amelia to sit in his spot next to Sirius right, the old man taking a seat at the end of the table.

"These documents, are for Harry. Officially recognizing his innocence. He has been exonerated of all charges of which he was accused. This also means that his record has been expunged, leaving him with a clean slate. With this and the aid of the Head of Gringotts, everything has been restored to Harry, every coin, currency, property, everything. He is also recognized as an adult by the Ministry, meaning he is free to make his own choices, whatever they may be. Should he wish to leave, we are obliged to let him."

"Minister Scrimgeour wishes to address this before an entire crowd of the Nations Reporters, as soon as Mr. Potter is able, once he is conscious and in a lucid state. He intends to present Harry with an Order of Merlin, 1st Class, return his Family's seat to him on the Wizengamot, and more, in order to be able to correct and right any wrongs committed against him by the previous Ministry Heads, The Dark Lord, and the now deceased Death Eaters. Rufus wants Harry on his side." Amelia said.

She made to say more, but a startled "Gasp!?" from the Head Hogwarts Healer, Madam Poppy Pomphrey, had everyone snap their heads in her direction as she quickly rose to her feet and rushed ot of the room. Almost everyone got up a second later and followed quickly after her.

As she made it to the door, she paused as her hand grasped its handle, she barely turned her head to look upon the huge crowd of followers, standing beside and behind her, right outside the room that Harry currently occupied, "As Head Healer, I demand that you all wait until I have had a chance to examine Mr. Potter, and depending on whether or not he wishes to see you, will be up to him. Now if you will excuse me."

She entered the room, the door slamming shut behind her, causing some to jump at the sudden loud slam, as no doubt she was among the many he believed in the boys innocence and would not hear of any false claim made against him at the time things happened when they did. Everyone made to sulk outside the bedroom, some conjuring chairs and waiting, such as the elders like Sirius, Amelia, Dumbledore, and a few others, the rest either reclining against the wall, sunken, shallow skin from the sadness that permeated their hearts and the guilt eating away at their consciousness, such was the case in Ronald Weasley, who had barely been able to hold any solid foods down when Harrys innocence was revealed. He had practically starved himself, as he was no longer the person he once was.

His skin pale and clammy, his eyes sunken in, purple blotches outside his eyelids, wherein his eyes were also bloodshot from lack of rest.

His sister Ginny was no better as she resembled her older brother, her hair loosing the fiery radiance it once held. She too looked as if she could do with a bit of food and or drink, and yet, like Ronald, had deprived herself of those necessities as penance.

Nothing her parents nor older siblings could say and or do could make them eat or drink, their conscience getting the better of them for their actions in trying to destroy what remained of Harrys belongings that Dobby had not already retrieved and or protected.

For Ronald, it was like 4th year all over again. For his sister, she had betrayed someone whom had personally saved her, someone she had dreamed of marrying, someone she worshiped as a hero, never seeing the boy beneath the Legend everyone created at the time after James and Lily Potters deaths. It was only a week ago that the entirety of the realization had come to the forefront of their minds with a Vengeance, and the possible reppercusions and outcomes that could follow.

Almost 45 minutes had passed before the old Medi-Witch would exit the room quietly, the door almost 'clicking' shut, her hand on the door. As she turned to the now alert crowd of people, they could see the tear tracks flowing down her cheeks, fresh tears falling from her eyes.

"Poppy?" Dumbledore queried.

"He...He is...stable. But will need time to heal and be...rehabilitated. He has...given me a message to you all. Or at least to those who have betrayed him."

"What did he say?" Sirius asked, afraid of the answer.

"He intends to leave our world, and never return. He wants nothing to do, with any of you." here she looked at most of the people all around her with accusing eyes, "Especially for those who turned against him. For those who stood beside him, he will contact you when he deems it necessary."

Many 'gasped' at this outcome, though others weren't so surprised at Harrys choice and were more or less expecting it. Many of the women of the huge crowd weeped at this, heads hanging low. Several individual men, both old and young, also lowered their heads in shame.

"H-He can't...leave. He just can't!" Hermione wept, her face in her hands as she dropped to her knees in emotional agony. Her parents kneeling beside her, trying to give her the support she needed through reassuring words whispered into her ears.

"You have all brought this on yourselves. He quoted to me a phrase that he once heard that I can and do understand, even now, 'Envy the country that needs heroes. For him, he pities the country that needs them. You either die a hero, or you live long enough, to see yourself become the villain.' He's been seen as both. All of you put him on both pedestals, and now, you 'ALL', will suffer the consequences."

"There mu-must be something we can do?" Molly Weasley pleaded.

The Medi-Witch shook her head, "There is nothing any of you can do. Nothing. He is adamant about it. And for once, I agree with him. As his personal Healer, I am bound with an oath to acquiesce to his wishes."

With that, she re-entered the room, sealing and warding the door closed. A new wave of weeping and lamenting began among the gathered.

For two weeks, Poppy Pomphrey was the only primary person who managed to see to and speak with Harry behind closed doors. She saw to his rehabilitation, which she thought was going rather well, more than well as he fought to overcome the effects that Azkaban had on him, taking nutrient potions to restore his health, Skelegrow to fix the damage done to his bodies height problem, another healer was brought in to fix his eyes issues before being dismissed.

Upon the third week, Harry was declared fit to leave. Many tried to stop him, The Weasleys and Hermione, minus Fred and George, as Madam Pomphrey discreetly passed messages back and forth between them and Harry. Dumbledore, Amelia Bones, even Sirius himself tried to get him to stop and listen to reason. He refused them that right. He had taken the material both Amelia and the Ministry had for him. A letter was sent to the Minister, with the message basically saying in laymen terms, to 'Piss Off!'.

On that final day of the third week, Harry exited Grimmauld Place, and disappeared. It would be some time before anyone, ever saw him again. There were reports of his relatives being arrested and even sued by Harry. Number Four, Privet Drive being reclaimed, sealed up, and possibly sold as the Dursleys were evicted from the premises upon their detainment, with Dudley being placed in his Aunts custody.

In the end, near the end of 2007, the name 'Harry Potter' would be synonymous with those whom were falsely detained and imprisoned without a trial, something Amelia Bones hoped to correct as those whom were, were compensated for the times spent without trials. People like Rubeus Hagrid were restored the rights that were denied to them.

Try as they might, those whom cared and or claimed to care for Harry tried to find him by speaking to those whom refused to speak of his whereabouts and or break his trust.

It would be almost a decade before Harrys name would be brought up again, as a storm broke over the horizon, and a feeling of dark times that have yet to come to pass, would be noticed, as Powers of Ancient Times would awaken, and the world of Monsters would be known, once more to both the Wizarding Realm and the No-Maj Realm.

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