The Mummy: Rise of an Empire

Ch. 2 The Dagger of Set

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Ch. 2 The Dagger of Set

The Ruins of Waverly Abbey

Surrey, England

Just after Midnight

The grounds of the first Cistercian Abbey was wet with the dew drawn from the atmospheric moisture in the air, condensing at a greater rate than that at which it can evaporate at the current time of the early morning hours. Two human figures, both baring dark hooded cloaks with the hoods raised, obscuring their identities, casually and yet cautiously, approached the site that was once a Holy place, damaged by flood waters and eroded over time, let alone abandoned and remembered as nothing more than a historical tourist attraction in the current era.

It has remained an historic site for the last 482 years, and yet, the two hooded strangers proceeded forward after emerging from the darkness of the Winterfold Forest near the Abbey Ruins.

"Should we have not emerged from the shadows of this...Holy place, Setepa-i?" a female voice had asked from underneath one of the hooded cloaks as it turned to the one in whom she spoke to. The woman, as it clearly was, her voice was tinted with an middle eastern accent, and the figure underneath, from the under the light of the moon, was smaller in height and width of the other hooded human figure.

"The night is still young, and has already reached half of its cycle." the male of the duo answered in a rough, deep tone. He had to keep his voice level down so as to not be noticed in case there were people nearby. "Being this far from the Abbey gives me a better vantage point in which to search out the closest magical and mundane presence. Even if they tried to hide from me, it is useless. With my current status as not just your mate, but also as Death or Thanatos's chosen champion, I would be able to sense the souls of those trying to hide from my already enhanced supernatural senses."

She nodded as that had made sense to her as she now thought about it. Best to be cautious than be caught unaware. What neither knew was that there were in fact sensors within the grounds itself and cameras hidden in the trees above. The sensors observed and returned the information to those whom planted them from many leagues away from their current position.

The male figure seeing her contemplating on her current thoughts, gently grasped the right hand of the woman walking beside him, and lifted it to his mouth. His lips softly caressed her darker toned knuckles. "We'll be fine, I promise." he said.

Stopping before the main entrance of the site before them, he subconsciously released her hand and raised his left one. Starting from his right, and working his hand over the air going in the opposite direction, that being his left, his hand creating a magical image of the grounds, glowing in a green magical format. This form of magic was designed by an Order of Shaolin Monks in order to detect any and all foreign elements of energy. And since magic was in fact considered wild, and technically an untamed form of energy, he was able to learn this form of magic rather quickly, though it was not easy.

The grounds appeared clear of any residual magic or any kinds of magic known to Wizarding kind, from what the initial scans revealed to its caster. He also could not detect any heat signatures that would reveal any non-magicals body heat. "Place is clear, but there's no telling for how long. I fear that tonight will be a long and rough one."

"Then it's best if we hurry and retrieve the dagger before these...'Wizards and Witches' arrive." the woman said with spite, her teeth gritted after having reviewed the memories from her beloved, of just one of her 'Victims' unjust actions committed against the innocent including him, just two nights earlier.

She learned as she consumed not just the vile toads life force, but her magic as well. That the said magic she had taken, had not only sped up her physical recovery at a phenomenal rate, restoring much of her bodies health, transforming her from a deformed corpse of a mummy into a more human form, but also had left her with the memories of the one whom dared to touch and harm her Chosen.


She remembered the darkness. Cold, unforgiving, cruel. She had no idea of time or how long it had passed. And then it was like the world exploded into existence as colors danced before her very eyes until an image came into existence all around her. And it was then that she knew that she was back in the Desert, or was she? She could not quite tell, and yet, she could consciously feel the Earth beneath her feet. Her toes wriggling under the grains of the deserts sands. Ahmanet for the first time in an unknown amount of time, smiled. Her eyes filled with tears that fell upon her cheeks.

She looked and raised her eyes to the sun, feeling the heat as it warmed her body, even through the white dress she wore. Closing her eyes, she embraced the feeling of the light of Ra as it radiated its power and filled her with a sense of hope. And then, ever so suddenly, she felt it.

A power called out to her. She had never felt its like before as she turned in the direction of the strange power. The sand felt warm beneath her feet as she moved forward. The sun felt like a blessing from the Sun God Ra as its rays touched her, soothing her mocha colored skin, despite the nightmarish feeling of her body not being as what she feels at the moment.

The air within the surroundings of which she trekked, was like a small breeze, gentle and soothing. Before too long, an image danced before her eyes as a sort of shadowed speck from with the vast distance before her, came into existence. The combined power of Ra's rays and the dryness of the desert caused the image to appear as if the anomaly was nothing more than an mirage.

As she grew closer to the shadowed object, she felt the power of a bond or link forming within her as the presence she felt grew stronger per every step she took. She realized that the source of the bond link came from the thing or person before her.

Moments later, the mirage-like being she was able to make out, was actually not a mirage, but a man. However, he was still rather young, yet powerful, and handsome, but still young. His hair was short, as dark as night, and as untamable as the mane of a lion. But his eyes, his green eyes as beautiful as the smoothest jade stone, and appeared rather haunted and worn. Whatever fate had fallen upon this person, she would aim to find out when the Fates allowed her her freedom from her shallow prison.

He wore an odd set of clothing that she had never come across before. The top coloring was like that of a shadow, not dark, but not light as well, with a black ring stitched around the neck area of the fabric. The arms were covered to only halfway down his upper biceps. For the lower apparatus he wore on his legs, were a pale blue. Again, the type of fabric of the clothing escaped her. As for the foot wear, he appeared to be wearing something that covered the entirety of his feet.

Much to her dawning realization, he was to be the one to set her free. He was her 'Setepa-i!' Her chosen. As he stood before her, she blushed profusely at how handsome he looked with the ridged cheekbones and pale skin. His arms were lithe, yet sinewy. Like that of a swimmer. His figure was lean, not too muscular. And what was even more amazing, was that he didn't tower over her, at least for the moment. She didn't have to raise her head to look him in the eyes.

She raised her right hand and cupped his left cheek and spoke in her native tongue, her voice as smooth as silk, "Setepa-i!"

His native tongue was unfamiliar to her as he responded, only after he had closed his eyes and leaned into her touch, making her smile. Before this, when upon her approach, she had looked into his eyes and seen the young man within had suffered much. He bore eyes that had seen and experienced pain, strife, and loneliness. She had also seen that he knew very little of love and comfort, of which tore at her heart, seeing that the one meant for her, did not get to experience what it meant to be truly loved. She would correct this she swore, but only when she had been freed from the darkness that contained her physical body. She hoped that once she was free, she'd be able to enact revenge upon those who dared hurt her 'Chosen', and then visit that same vengeance down upon those whom were descended from the ones who imprisoned her in the first place. Then, he and she would return to her lands and reclaim her throne.

As he grasped her hand and held it in his own, his hands calloused due to years of hard toiling and unjustified punishment, Ahmanet repeated the word she spoke, and it was then that something had clicked in his head, as if some power had taken hold of him and aided him in translating her words into his mind, as she then began to hear him in her own native tongue. She did not miss the scarring on the back of the hand that held her own, and she bristled internally at the audacity that someone would dare physically harm him. The added damage to his body as well as his mind served to make her more upset by the minute.

The former Queen to be, felt her time in this landscape drawing to a close as she peered into the distance and then turned back to him. She knew what was to happen next as she desperately spoke, "Come find me."

"How? Where are you?" he asked.

She placed a blue finger tipped hand over his chest as she looked upon the somewhat muscled physique, her eyes searching his and then gazed down upon his lips, just daring her to taste whatever forces brought them together in the here and now, could rip them apart, she dared to risk sealing the bond between them as she attacked his mouth with a hungering need. Her mind percieved that he tasted amazing. There were no words to discribe how much she enjoyed kissing him. And the skill of his mouth and tongue. She felt him go from grabbing her arms and bringing her closer against him, to wrapping his arms around her, tight against his form, making her moan in pleasure. For too long, she has been denied the pleasures of the flesh, an action that she swore to rectify when chance allowed it.

It was an exhilerating experience to behold, the chance to experience the taste of a man, a real man at that, even if it was for a moment. Alas, the said moment had to end as the spell that had allowed them to find one another has begun to come to an end. Already, she felt the magic pulling at her. It won't be long now before she is once more reduced to the shriveled mumified mass of a body.

Her lips brushed by his ear, "Find me. Free me, Setapa-i."

The man who would now be her bonded, pulled back and once more gazed into her eyes. Confusion turned to curiosity as he then nearly fell back. A rush of information, knowledge, and images filling his mind.

Using the newly opened bond between them, she poured as much information as she could into his mind before the magic connecting them could be temporarily disconnected and sealed. He grasped his head, stumbling a bit as he did so, concentrating on focusing his mind and collecting his thoughts.

While he did so, her time was up as she noticed her skin was beginning to shrink in on itself, her body deteriorating at an accelerated pace.

He noticed this as he looked on in horror, "What's happening?" he cried out, his eyes widening in shock.

With one final bit of strength, as her mind screamed in helplessness, she pulled her arms up as her now near mummified skin tightened, her vision darkening with the now loss of her eyes. She could faintly hear him screaming and swearing that he would find her and free her. Seconds later, she knew no more as she was once again consumed with darkness and silence.

As her mind shut down, she could could have sworn that she felt the powerful voice of Set whispering within her mind.

When next consciousness returned to her, she was once more within the vision of where she had first met her Setapa-i, the white gown upon which she wore the first time being very much the same as what she currently wore upon her body once more, with the same jewels returning to her current visionary form as well.

Once again, her 'Chosen' was before her, within the distance of the visions deserts sands. He seemed different this time, carrying himself with more confidence. An even greater aura of power seemed to emanate from his very much handsome form. And yet, he was also very different phsically as well.

His clothing were one of the major differences as he wore a pair of odd black clothed leggings with a matching top with long sleeves that extended to just his wrists, the middle of the top open, showing a much more imposing physique. He bore a slightly darker skin tone than before, whereas when first they met, he bore a somewhat pale pigmentation.

The muscular form he now bore upon his chest and abdomen almost put him on par with what she imagined what the Gods looked like, making her pause and stare in shock and lusting awe.

The wind within the vision was so strong as to blow the end of her gown to her left. She was close enough to him that she saw as the wind and sand was so powerful to the point of obscurying his visual capabilities, forcing him to close his eyes and shield it from the desert winds.

At this realization, she took the time to admire the physical enhancements he now bore, the most likely reason being his need to improve himself through physical training.

His aura seemed stronger as she felt and nearly moaned at the sheer power she felt flowing all around him. His aura was also somewhat darker than before, as if touched by Death itself.

With his eyes closed and his head raised, she wasted no time in closing the distance between them when she stepped around him silently, like a cat stalking a mouse. She lowered her eyes to his backside and had to admire the visage before her, a girlish giggle escaping her lips.

His head lowered as he then turned around to gaze upon her with a sensual smirk upon his lips.

"My love, I've finally found you." he said in her native tongue as his eyes alighted with joy as he gazed upon her radiant beauty once more.

"So you have, my Chosen." she replied.

Her smile as she gazed into his eyes, warmed his heart as he softly grasped her by the shoulders, pulling her into his arms.

"There is much I have to show you." he had said. "The time since you were imprisoned, has long since passed. Time has moved forward. The world of men have created mechanical things in what is known as 'Technology'. In a way, they have surpassed the realm of which even I was born. We don't have much time. I must free you of your prison as soon as possible."

She saw the fear and almost sheer panic in his eyes as well as the worry. "You are afraid?!"

"For you, not for me." he reiterated without hesitation. "Others will soon come upon our location. I suspect they may have known of you for some time and sought you out. I know not why, but we must go." he finished urgently.

She had seen the truth in his eyes as well as the love and growing need for her, to hold her and protect her, in his wonderous visual emerald orbs. Knowing time was short and of the essence, and because he had finally found her body, she stepped up and into his space wherein she then sealed a pact with him with a kiss filled with longing and need. A gesture he reciprocated as he wrapped his arms around her and held her body to his own once more.

Both felt the longing and need for one another as they continued the duel of affection. 'Yes!' she had thought to herself. She knew he would be the perfect vessel for the God 'Set'. Together, both would live the life they had long been denied and rule what was rightfully theirs.

She knew there was much to know, that she would have to acclimate to the new world and time that he spoke of. But she was not in a position to do anything as she knew her body was not where it needed to be and he needed to aid her in restoring her body to what it once was before her fathers Priests had imprisoned her so long ago.

Their time together had drawn to a close much too soon as far as she was concerned when they pulled apart.

"When next we meet, you will be whole." he promised.

"We must find the dagger of Set."

Taking both of her hands into his own, he kissed the knuckles of each one, but not before replying coyly with, "As you wish, My Lady." She could see from within his eyes, the devotion, not blind, yet determined to see the events necessary to the end in order for her to rise from the darkness, so to speak. She knew as she touched his chest, his heart belonged to her. For it was not dark, nor light, yet a dark grey as his was a soul damaged by forces she had yet to know of. And yet, he was all the more stronger for it.

Now that they were closer than before, she knew withoout a doubt, that Death had tested him and held no dominion over him. Whatever ancient curse from the God Set would have taken hold of him, had been shattered and replaced by a greater power by Death itself.

Inwardy, she seethed as she had felt the scars upon his arms when she touched them through the cloth of his upper apparel, seen the scars upon the back of his hands, the barely concealed and near faded one upon his beautiful face in the form of a lightning bolt, and the scars that literally littered a portion of his chest. When her arms had circled behind him to hold him, she then felt the scars that practically covered his back. If she was to be a great judge of character, of which she was sure she was, his life had not been a healthy one. The scars spoke of abuse, pain beyond imagining, betrayal, trials, and tribulations.

The said scars proved how strong a person her Setapa-i really was. He didn't let the scars hold him down, they only made him stronger as he rose above and overcame them. But when she returned to the mortal realm, she would swear that she would seek out those whom would dare touch the one she was beginning to have an real emotional attachment too. Ahmanet wasn't sure she could truly call it love, but she was well on the path of feeling it.

Suddenly, her Setapa-i's head snapped snapped to the side, causing him to vanish from before her.

From there, things were a blur as the power of Set that sustained her body and mind, allowed her to merely feel as she remembers grabbing a saggy skinned body that she hastily pulled toward herself as the then mummified Princess sucked the very life from what she could barely make out to be a woman.

What she didn't take into account, was that the woman in whose life force she had taken, also had power inside of her, though it was no where near the same level of power as her Setapa-i. The source of power within the person in which she had consumed, accelerated the regeneration of her body, in effect, doubling the recovery process.

She felt the taint in the womans soul when she consumed her life force and power, the power of Set disregarding the taint as if tossing it to the side. This happened many more times when even more souls with the same power inside of them, were given to her by her Setapa-i as a means of speeding up the regeneration process even further until finally, without knowing how much time had passed, Princess Ahmanet stood in all her glory as she was before her fathers Priests had apprehended her and killed her first love.

She stood within a room of twitching, yet shriveled corpses when a soft, silky robe was slowly and gently placed over her shoulders. The robe was a deep shade of emerald green, the same shade and feel as her chosens eyes. It was appropriate as her hands slipped over his as he held her close.

"How do you feel?" he asked in the more than familiar voice she had come to familiarize herself with.

"I feel...I feel..alive. Invigorated. What are you, and for that matter, what are they?" she looked down to the still twitching, and now moaning bodies that were now her slaves, her servants, despite the way they now looked.

"We have had many names throughout time, in different parts of the world. From Magi, to Seidr, Sorcerers, just to name a few. But in the current day and age, we now call ourselves witches and wizards" he answered.

"And the power inside of them, it is Magic?!" she queried.

"It is. It aided in your recovery."

Ahmanet nodded in understanding as she then looked at one of the now rising corpses that struggled in its efforts as it rose to its feet. Her Setapa-i had a look of satisfaction at this particular creature as if justice had finally been served. The corpse was dressed in a disgustingly ugly pale red-ish toned clothing, if one could call it that, with its wearer being what could only have been construed as a former toad-like human.

Seeing this, she asked, "Who was she?"

"Her name was Deloris Umbridge. I had to know if using a magically powered human was more efficient than that of a normal non-magical human. It seemed as if my gamble paid off."

"She hurt you?!" she implied as she looked to the man whom held her.

Raising his scarred hand and looking at it, he replied, "She hurt a lot of people, not just me. Many children suffered under her self proclaimed rule within the school I attended. It was later learned that that was just the tip of the many crimes she had comitted. She had a vile tongue, and her crimes extended to those she had deemed not pure-blooded enough and or were labeled as dark creatures. So many unjustified laws were passed and untold number of innocents suffered because of her hypocrisy since as it turned out, she was like me, a half-blood, born of the House of Selwyn. Only she was a talentless creature who became jealous of the greater power of those other more talented half-bloods and first generation or new bloods with a greater degree of control over their magic, and an even greater degree of intelligence. It turns my stomach to think that because of her and other like minded individuals, many of the magical beings not human were denied their basic rights, even if it meant they breathed or what not, she would come up with a way to take away even that."

"Does seeing her in this state make you satisfied?"

"Umbridge got what she deserved. I normally don't take pleasure from the suffering of others, but in this case, I'm willing to make an acception."

The steel in his tone revealed to Ahamanet that not only was the woman vile, even as a minion, she was unworthy of the life she lived and yet, even she was repulsed by the shriveled mummified, toad-like appearance before her. Disgusted by the very idea that this woman, this...thing was allowed to scar her Chosen in such a manner, Ahmanet turned to several of her newly created minions and with a nod, mentally demanded for them to tear the toad woman apart.

Both she and Harry watched without flinching as the shriveled corpse that once was a witch named Deloris Umbridge, was ripped apart, starting with both of her arms. The mummified creature that she was, screached out in pain as she was slowly dismantled by her fellow minions, appandage by appendage, until her head was the last to be ripped from her torso and stomped on by another shriveled, dry skinned minion, silencing her forever.

"And so, ends the life of that bitch."

"Indeed!" Ahmanet said.

His head whipped to look at her so fast, it was surprising he didn't have whiplash. "You speak English now?"

Though she maintained her native Egyptian accent, Ahmanet replied, "Your language is simple. The Magic within them aided in making it easier to understand and speak."

"I have waited a long time to see you, even in your true form. To touch you and feel you in my arms, not that doing so in the visions was so bad. Hell, I feared it was all a dream at first. And now, to see you, and to hear you speak in my language, there are no words that can be said to tell you how I feel."

"And yet, I am here now, my Chosen." she said as she raised a fully regenerated hand to his face and touched it for the first time, herself.

"I want to kiss you." he said as he turned his face and kissed the open palm of her hand.

"What's stopping you?"

He needed no further prompting as his lips attacked her own with a hungering need. His arms wrapped around her midsection, pulling her to his body. Ahmanet's arms reached around and wrapped themselves around his neck as she reciprocated the need for the intimate contact.

Harry then, being a daring young man, lowered his arms, and picked her up by her backside, and walking over to a wall, pushed her against it as her legs wrapped around his midsection. Their interaction drownded out the moans of Ahmanets shriveled minions who were compelled by her power to be elsewhere.

For a few moments, neither stopped in the need for air as the need for this was just too great. But eventually, both realized the need for air was necessary as they paused in their little trist. Harry and Ahmanet had to take in great gulps of air, with the former Princess lowering her head against his own. Their eyes closed as they panted, with Ahmanet undoing her arms from around his neck, only for her hands to reach up and grasp his face with effection.

"Hi." Harry said.

"Hi back." she replied with a chuckle, causing him to chuckle as well.

"I never did tell you my name, did I?"

"No, I don't believe you ever did." she said with a smile and a sexually croon that made Harry's blood boil.

"I'm Harry. Harry Potter."

"Princess Ahmanet."

"Pleasure to meet you, My Lady."

"Pleasure was all mine, My Chosen. Now, shut up and kiss me again."

"As you wish, your Majesty." He said as did just that.

In the meanwhile


"You have got to be joking, Ms. Granger. My Godson would never ever allow himself to be lulled in by such evil."

"And yet, the evidence speaks for itself, Mr. Black." The voice of the head of Prodigium replied as he stood next to Hermione Jean Granger, a file in his hands that was extended towards the somewhat aged Lord Sirius Orion Black.

"And you are?"

"His name is Jekyll, Dr. Henry Jekyll, Padfoot." Remus Lupin said as he glared at the man before them.

"You've heard of me?" the man said as he turned his attention to the man whom he noticed had suffered many years under the curse of the wolf inside, if the scars on his face, and the mess of greying hair was evidence enough.

"There's not a were-wolf in the world who hasn't heard of you, Dr. You've caught the attention of many Packs throughout the world when you and your...'Organization'," he spat, "began hunting us dark creatures down. Then, let's not forget the monster inside of you, shall we."

"What? You knew?" Hermione choked, gobsmacked.

"Everybody ever having been hunted by this man knows of his darker half, Edward Hyde. The lives he's destroyed, the women and children he's murdered. His hands are stained with the blood of many an innocent person wherever he goes, branding many as evil. He may hide it well, Ms. Granger, but even Moony can sense the evil within him, clawing its way to get out and be free in order to continue as he has in the past."

"Alright, that's enough." a voice belonging to a Dr. Jennifer Halsey spoke up as she stepped forward to act as a mediator. "We obviously are suspicious enough of one another, but the very real thing is, that we have a very big, very real problem on our hands, and we don't have a lot of time to measure each others dicks."

Many within the gathered crowd within Number 12 Grimmauld Place blanched at that and had the good graces to look abashed as the room became more calmer, yet suspiciously alert.

"Sirius, Harry has unearthed a very real evil approximately 5000 years older, if not older." Hermione said as she sat in the chair before him on the opposite side of the table within the Black dining room.

"How do you know she's evil, Ms. Granger?" Sirius spat viciously as he glared at the girl his Godson once called friend.

"Lord Black, the creature he has with him, was once a Princess who made a pact with the Death God Set. She is by far, the most ancient being the world has all but forgotten, and a threat unlike you've ever encountered." the dark suited Dr. Jekyll said as he slid over a file to the Lord Black who took it with a dark look, a single eye raised as he touched a finger to it, and dragged it the rest of the way towards himself. Opening it, he pulled several pictures out and looked at them. Turning them over, he then looked at others, turning them over as well.

Tossing them back onto the file and leaving them scattered on the table, his glare intensified, "Those pictures tell me nothing."

"Lord Black..." Jekyll tried.

"You're asking me to once more turn on my Godson whom I love as if he was my own flesh and blood."

"Sirius, maybe we should listen." the current Minister of Magic and his wife Amelia Black nee Bones said as she too looked at the pictures and not making heads or tails of them. She grasped his hand, trying to calm the rising anger within the man she loved.

For the years since Harry Potter had left the Wizarding World, much has changed. Old Laws established by the dark Pure Bloods of their world, laws that denied equal rights among the many seeking to help bring their world into the next century, as well as bringing the other sentient beings into the fold as well, were abolished.

Goblins, Centaurs, Werewolves, and many more magical sentient life flourished within the magical world within Great Britain. It was a slow process, taking years to make work. Real problems with need for real solutions were brought to bare as fair and Just Law was established. The DMLE with appropriate funding and with aid from its own version of a 'Q Branch', an idea taken from the now famous James Bond Films, was re-vitalized and upgraded and armed with new ideas and inventions based on the said films, while the ones arming the DMLE was a closely guarded secret.

Only Amelia, Sirius, and a trusted few knew who they were.

The Dark factions dwindled over time due to continued inbreeding, a fact that a loud voice or two had argued and proved more than once when the knowledge was brought before the Wizengamot. There were those who didn't listen and or didn't care, and continued until their lines ended with more and more squibs being born over the years.

When tossed out by their families for being born without magic, a leading group of selfless people being led by Hermione Granger who never really left the Wizarding World completely, and a few like minded others, would rescue these children and through an at the time, unknown benefactor, would house and care for the children, with good, whole and healthy warm meals, clothes, and roofs over the childrens heads, they would eventually be taken in by good families when research was done on them, whether the said families were magical or not.

The shelters were named under various foundations such as the Lily Evans House for the Less Fortunate, the Harry Potter House, a Foundation for those having suffered because of the last Ministration and those among the Dark Factions whose at then marked and unmarked kin had left the children virtually damaged or bereft of a family. More shelters were opened under other names, yet all connected in some form or another in order to house and protect the young, no matter if they were magical or not.

"Even if what you say is true, what makes you think I can do anything, or should? The last time didn't work out so good, as I'm sure you remember, Granger." Sirius growled out.

"The last time, we weren't so well informed and didn't have our heads on right because of Dumbledore. Now that he's gone, everyone whom believed in him and thought of him as the second coming of Merlin, had their eyes opened when Luna's Editorial from the Quibbler came to light, revealing everything that Albus Dumbledore had done to Harry and the injustices he had been responsible for among others." Hermione stated as fact.

That in fact said more than Sirius like to think as she was right. All of Dumbledores skeletons had come to bite him in the ass when they came out of the proverbial closet, so to speak. From the way he handled sealing and going against the Potter Wills, to forcing the magic hating family that was the Dursleys to take the last Potter in.

Every crime that the Dursley's and in turn, Dumbledore had perpetrated against Harry James Potter, and in some cases, Sirius Black himself, among others, had been brought before the Ministry and in turn, the world as a whole.

With Harry's last appearance within Little Hangleton at the time, whatever support the old man had, died with revelation upon revelation that came into circulation almost daily, courtesy of Luna Lovegood and with the full backing and support of her father Xenophilius.

Albus Dumbledore was ostracized from the Wizarding World shorty thereafter, disappearing into obscurity until his brother Aberforth found his body one night, lying up against the tombstone of their beloved sister Ariana Dumbledore. Several empty bottles littered the area near her grave. Autopsy showed that Albus Dumbledore had drank himself to death, literally. The toxicity levels within his blood showed that he died from alcohol poisoning.

Only Rubeus Hagrid had the good graces to dig a grave for the old man, not out of a sense of duty, but out of respect, however much the half-giant felt he deserved. Dumbledore was laid to rest beside his sister, with none save the elder Weasleys, Arthur and Molly at Molly's insistence, Ronald of course came as well. Hagrid didn't have the heart to attend as he only had the courage to grant the old man one final act of kindness, but only because he felt it was the right thing to do.

Harry had been there of course when he learned of the old mans passing, but remained in the darkness, away from the prying eyes of those he knew. He glared at the Weasley Matriarch as the twins had explained to him earlier that day that Molly had convinced their father to at least be there for her in support, and wore a darker look aimed at Ronald. Before departing himself to secretly meet up with Aberforth, the moment the last of the old mans supporters and very few remaining friends had gone, Harry walked out of the darkness, passing the hidden and yet restored home of his parents, walked up to the fresh grave, looking at the near bare tombstone with only a name, a date of birth, and a date of death.

Harry, under a dark hooded cloak, gazed upon the grave without emotion, remained silent for several moments, at least having the heart to respect the dead. When he finally did speak, it was not words of hate, nor were they words of kindness.

"Old man, finally kicked the bucket, I see. Suppose I should be surprised, but that would be a lie. At least you can no longer control and manipulate the lives and minds of tomorrows Witches and Wizards, you damned fool. I made sure of that. Not even your portrait was safe from me as I felt that others didn't need to hear your 'Grandfatherly, self righteous, words of so called wisdom'. I hope that wherever you are, that you are paying for all of the many crimes and failures you served unto me and many more. Good bye old man, it was not a pleasure."

With those words finally out, Harry held out an arm and dropped a black petaled rose upon the freshly covered mound of dirt that was Albus Dumbledores grave, turned and walked out of the cemetary. He turned again, and walked backed into the darkness of the night. None would see nor know until much later that for some unknown reason, whatever Deity or Power that looked down from on high, sent a single bolt of lightning upon the tombstone, striking it and leaving a fissure of a crack in the center of it in the form a single bolt of lightning.

Sirius had been there as well when Harry had walked back in the darkness, hiding from sight via a disillusionment charm, refusing to partake of the funeral process. He just wanted to see if his Godson would be there, and wasn't disappointed.

He felt as if Harry must have sensed and or felt him, but he respected the boy turned man enough not to approach unless approached first. When Harry left, he too Dis-Apparated with a slight 'crack', missing the condemning bolt of lightning from on high.

"I refuse to listen to this. I cannot, will not act on my Godson without some hard, irrefuteable proof, that he has truly gone dark and aligned himself with a so called 'Ancient Evil'."

With those words, Sirius pushed himself from the table, rose from his chair, and walked out of the dining room.

The Minister of Magic on the other hand, looked to the door where her husband and father of her children, including having adopted her neice Susan, walked through. She sighed as she turned back and looked down, before raising her head and with a serious expression, she asked, "How bad is the situation and how many people do you really need?"

"The situation is dire. And to answer your question with two questions in return, just how many are you willing to offer and how good are they at what they do?" came Jekyll's repsonse.

Current moment

The doors having closed behind them, the two robed individuals entered the abandoned temple at a casual pace, having paused in the middle walk way, their hoods long having been lowered as Harry asked, "Do you sense its location?"

Ahmanet turned to him with a smirk as she then walked ahead of him with a sway in her step, giving him a view as per every step she took, her backside swayed in tune with the step.

Harry cast his eyes on the said backside, though she slightly turned and smiled seductively at his notice of what she was doing.

'Little minx'. He thought to himself.

'What is a minx?' she thought back, though she caught on to the meaning of the term a second later as she blushed somewhat when he answered her through their bond by sending her images of her looking very much the beautiful woman that she was.

Still, she did not stop in her advancement of what she sought as she came upon a statue of an robed and hooded angel beside a flat stone surface that looked oddly like a pulpit. She looked at it as if was an odd structure with the way she turned her head to gaze upon the object when she sent a fist through the head of the statue. Dipping the same hand into the neck of the said statue, she slowly pulled her hand out and brought into Harrys field of vision, a crudely designed, curved dagger that looked as if made from blackened human bone.

"God of Death." she said in her native tongue, "Mighty Set. Soon, you will have a more than mortal body."

So enraptured to finally have the dagger in her grasp once more, that she failed to take notice of something wrong with the weapon when Harry was quickly by her side.

He startled her more than anything as his hand grabbed the one in possession of the dagger, "Ahmanet, are you alright?" he asked.

She raised her head to look at him with wide eyes before she then paid more attention to her weapons missing piece as her eyes trailed back onto the dagger itself, her eyes widening even further, the stone was missing.

"Th-The Dagger. It is missing."

"What's missing?" he asked as he noticed a tear falling down her marked face that he then cleared by wiping it with a soft stroke of his right thumb.

"The stone. The red stone is missing. Without it, the ritual cannot be completed."

Her shoulders began to heave when he pulled her close and held her. Rubbing her back with a soothing touch, he said, "Don't worry. We will find it, and then go from there. After all, if you can find the dagger, what says you cannot find the stone?"

He felt her relax in his arms as she melted into him. A few seconds later, she pulled slightly away to look up at him, "How is it you know what to say in order to make me feel better?"

"I don't. Women will always be a phenomenom to us men. I'm just winging it and following my instincts, as they say in this day and age."

She lowered her head with a chuckle as she leaned into him once more, feeling the positive emotions emanating from him, filling her with near contentment.

An unknown amount of time had passed before both began to exit the temple. The moment the doors closed behind Harry after letting Ahmanet out first, he knew something was not right when he felt a bit of pain through his bond with Ahmanet as there was a small rush of displaced air, and Ahmanet gasped with pain. She grasped and pulled an object from her neck when he grabbed her as she began to lower to the ground, from whatever drug the object had introduced into her body.

Instinctually, Harry raised a hand, a dome of blue-ish grey magical energy coming into existence, surrounding them in a protective bubble as he grabbed the crude object from her hand and examined it. Already, he could feel Ahmanet becoming a bit incoherent with whatever toxin had been injected into her bodies bloodstream.

"Damn it." Harry said as he realized what it was when he tasted the drugged needle and spat it out a half second later, "Wha-" she gasped as she fought to stay conscious.

"Knock out dart!" he said as he sent a wave of pure healing energy into her body, dragging her out of the drug induced dizziness that she was currently experiencing. With one hand around her waist in a protective grasp, he huddled them into a shadowed area when a light came on before him, removing the needed shadow.

He felt a set of wards activate all around him, proventing port-keying and apparition. "What the hell?" he hissed through gritted teeth.

"Mr. Potter." a foreign voice spoke up from somewhere behind the lights that kept him from shadow travelling.

"Who are you? What do you want?" he called out.

"We just want the creature, not you." the foreign voice said. He could detect a middle eastern dialect in the voice as it spoke to him, "You're just a pawn in her sick schemes. This need not get any more complicated than it already is."

"Fuck you, asshole. She is going nowhere, except with me."

"Harry, please." a familiar voice cried out. "She's just using you, can't you see that?"

"Granger, that you?" Harry demanded in a now pissed off voice.

She must have flinched at the tone he carried as she replied, "Yes Harry, it's me. Please, come home with me. Let me help you."

"I don't need your help, Granger. I haven't needed you in years, what makes you think I need you now?"

"Harry, you don't mean that!" Hermione cried out.

"Oh but I do, you stupid bint. What do you think I've been doing all of these years, pussy footin' around? No, Ahmanet is all I thought about."

He heard a gasp from somehwere behind the light as he began pulling magic into his free hand, preparing to destroy the source of the light that kept him from shadow travelling when another familiar voice spoke, "Harry, it's Amelia. I mean you no harm. What do you mean, Ahmanet is all you have thought about?"

Harry was surprised to hear Amelia Bones of all people, helping the people out to take his love. He of course had observed from a distance as she and Sirius married after they sent him an invite. He even sent them a wedding gift and a card with his condolence and a bit of fund for the honeymoon. And now, his Godfathers wife was here. But she had yet to act against him, despite the double set of wards that were raised, preventing him from escaping.

"That night, after Azkaban, who do you think I communed with while recuperating from that Hell?" he shot out.

"You...You mean..." The Minister of Magic stuttered.

"That's right, it was her. She called out to me. And if I have anything to say about it, she will be my wife, if she'll have me." he replied, looking down at the last part of his claims to the woman curled into his arm.

The former Princess of Egypt raised her head up in shock as she looked into his powerful deathly green eyes, and saw the love and warmth they currently held for her. "You...wish for be your wife?"

"Yeah." he said softly with a small smile, "I do. I love you. I always have, always will." he then reached into a pocket behind him and pulled out a small black box. Holding it out to her, she took it and held it, looking from him, to it, and back.

"What do I do with this?"

"Open it and see."

"Harry, no!?" Hermione shouted as Ahmanet took the box and looked it over before she realized how it was designed and proceeded to open it. In it, she saw a single gold band baring Egyptian symbols all around the ring with a precious stone for the final touch.

Looking at her love once more, she then asked, "What does this mean?"

Harry took the box from her, and removed the ring. Closing the box and pocketing it, he grasped her left hand and set the ring before her ring finger as he spoke to her, "Ahmanet, last Princess of Egypt, I, Harry James Potter, have loved you since the first time I ever saw you within my mind, within the vision of which we first met. I love you still, and always will. Will you do me the honor of being my wife? My Lady Potter?"

A single set of tears fell from her eyes as her right hand came up to her mouth as she gasped. With a nod of her head, she answered, "Yes, my love. I will marry you."

He smiled as his eyes twinkled with unshed tears, yet full of warmth and love. Sliding the ring on her ring finger, he kissed her left hand, only for her to fling herself into him, her arms wrapping around his neck and kissing him upon the lips, of which he happily returned as he held her to him once again.

From behind the lights, Hermione realized how far gone her friend truly was if he was to give his life to this woman instead of her, this ancient creature as she fell to her knees in angst, her hands covering her face as she cried. Her friend and confidant, Jennifer Halsey knelt beside her and held her friend in her grief.

Amelia Black was stunned at this turn of events. To know that this woman had communicated with her husbands Godson, James boy since that night, all those years ago.

'He must have been preparing himself to meet her, for all of these years. How did we not see this? Just what in the hell do I do to fix this? Do I continue to aid this group of muggles supported by the Crown, or do I just walk away? And if I was to help them, Sirius would never forgive me. Bloody Hell. James, Lily, help me, just what do I do?' she mentally begged.

That decision was taken from her when a voice from among the crowd of Prodigium Agents hollered out, "FIRE!"

A shockwave of unknown origins was sent hurtling at the newly engaged couple, striking Harrys protective shield, causing cracks to form. Already she saw the expression of shock and disbelief on his face as he then took on a darker look and reinforced it with more magic, healing the cracks.

"Hold your fire." Amelia cried out as she palmed her wand and made to aim it at one of the men. Only, her wand hand was caught in a powerful grip and yanked upward, causing her to gasp in surprise and a slight bit of pain. Her wand was then removed from her hand as she felt a kick at the back of her knees, dropping her on the somewhat wet grounds.

"I am The Minister of Magic for Great Britain. How dare you assault me and attack one of my people without my orders."

"Apologies Lady Minister, but I have my orders from above even you." The dark skinned, man with little hair replied as he looked at her from the right, having already by then bound her wrists together with what she could feel was some slim plastic hand ties.

"You can't do this."

"I'm afraid, we can." he said as he looked past her and shouted, "Fire again."

Another pulse of the same energy flew out from wherever it came from, and again, struck Harry's magical barrier, cracking it once more. Several more pulses were sent out, and again, Harry tried to add more power to the shield with one hand at first, and then both.

Ahmanet on the other hand, decided to act as with a snarl, she raised her right hand, and before the now stunned muggles and magicals alike, walking corpses began to moan as they came from all areas surrounding the church. It didn't stop there, the ground around the church itself came alive as even more corpses rose from their resting places and began attacking the humans who dared harm their mistress and her lover.

Unfortunately, it didn't help much, as the muggles switched from tranq darts, to actual ammo and began spraying the undead with hot lead, destroying them faster than she could summon them. The vehicle that held the weapon was surrounded by more troops who protected it from the undead horde while the muggles continued firing the pulse cannon on the last Potter and his fiance.

Harry was feeling the drain on his magic as he he began to perspire, feeling the salty fluid flow over his eyes, stinging them. Gritting his teeth, he kept the focus up. Dropping to a knee, he struggled to maintain the shield when he felt the power of the pulses energy intensify even more. He couldn't maintain the shield any longer as his magic gave out on him, throwing both he and Ahmanet back into the wall, both crying out with a cry of pain.

Harry struggled to rise to his knees and feet when he noticed the pulse was no longer active. He dragged himself towards his fiance as he looked to where she too was slowly rising. He grasped her right hand when he felt a sting in his neck.

Being accustomed to pain, he yanked the dart out of his neck, only to feel more darts strike him. No longer being able to stay awake, he slumped forward upon the ground, the darkness rising up to meet him.

Ahmanet seeing her love fall, though still alive, made to rise, but she too felt herself pelted with darts yet again. She was then attacked with spear-like hooks connected to metal wires, the weapons themselves were meant to keep her in place, and yet, causing her all sorts of pain as more spears entered her now bloodied body. In a matter of minutes, Ahmanet herself was rendered unconscious, her head falling forward, instead of being able to join her beloved on the ground.

Amelia and Hermione saw this, and internally, the Minister of Magic was seething at the barbarity of these men. "I will see you all dead for this." she spat.

The man who subdued her, looked at her apologetically as he unholstered a weapon from his hip, pointed it at her chest, and pulled the trigger. There was a displacement of air as the Minister of Magic was rendered unconscious in a matter of seconds.

Hermione and Jenny watched as the now bound forms of both the fallen Princess and Harry James Potter were both bound and roughly dragged towards the government vehicles. The remaining Aurors were then shot with the darts as well after being disarmed and in the manner that they were, the Agents of Prodigium using Martial Art Disarming techniques to subdue the remaining Magicals before knocking them out too, and then dropping their wands before them.

Hermione, before joining her friend Jenny, having watched as Amelia had been shot with a tranq dart, observed as the man who shot her, undid the slip knot tie around her wrists, and then dropped the wand before her fallen body.

Hoping that Dr. Jekyll could help Harry overcome the creatures power, she rushed up to the now chained woman and tried to remove the ring from her finger. 'Tried' being the operative word as she struggled to remove it, but it refused to budge. "Damn it Harry. Why?"

"Mam, we have to get moving before they come too." the man said. She looked and tried to remember the mans name when it came to her.

"O-Of course, Malik, is it?" he nodded, "My apologies. I was just..."

He raised a hand, cutting her off and gave a soft smile, "I understand. That can be taken care of, back at base, not here."

"Right." she then turned to the knocked out Princess and sneered, "Take comfort where you can, bitch, because I won't let you have him. Never!" With those words, she stepped away from the vehicle and walked over to join her friend, Jenny. She paused before the vehicle containing the body of her Harry, raising a hand to the glass panel as she looked to the man she secretly loved for all of these years, "Oh Harry. You will understand. It is for the Greater Good."

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