Chapter 2

"Any comms?" Geda asked as she peered around the corner into the kitchen. Her uncle gave an almost embarrassed shake of the head before putting the dish he was washing in the steamer.

Her mother's brother Cyrus was all she had left of her mom, and since her death he had moved back from Tralus to fill the void left by her passing. There was no epic tale for Leusinia Chalus's death. No war. No raiders. Just a stupid accident at the CC plant where both her parents worked. And while it didn't fill Geda with a need for revenge or a desire for justice. It always reminded her that life is fragile, and she wasn't going to waste hers doing something other than what she loved.

"So just three weeks until the opener on Canto Bight?"


"Where's dad?"

"Showing the vid to the higher ups at CC."

"They're not going to spend all those credits for a product they don't sell" she said with a rueful shake of the head.

"that's what I told him" he answered turning from the sink with a shrug.

"Uncle Cyrus?"

"hmm?" the middle aged man with slightly graying black hair responded as he joined her at the small kitchen table.

"Do you still know people in the sabacc rooms on Tralus?" she cringed as she asked. They rarely spoke of the ulterior motive for Uncle Cyrus's move back home. He had lost his wife and son to a divorce and a remarriage on her part after Cyrus had squandered their savings at the card tables.

"Not anyone that would take my comm?" he averted his eyes into his steaming cup of caf.

"then let's not comm them?" she reached out a hand for his free one.

A moment later he took hers and smiled. "What are we waiting for?"