XXXX Seven Years Ago XXXX

There was a loud noise from the yard of the Xiao Long residents, shouts and weapons clinging against each other as the T and Q of STRQ fought. Qrow had finally found out that Ruby was abused by Tai and Yang, the little blonde had found out that it wasn't normal for older siblings to beat their younger family. Sure they could fight but not when the other was utterly defenseless against the attacker. And so she had told her uncle what happens when he is not around the house, not that he is there all the time.

"GOD DAMN IT TAI! WHY DID YOU HAVE TO TREAT A CHILD LIKE THAT?!" The experienced scythe wielder asked when he swung the back end of his weapon at the older blonds mid section.

"IT'S BECAUSE OF HER THAT SUMMER ISN'T ALIVE!" Tai yelled, he dodged the attack and used his left arm to a swing his giant hammer to the old drunks legs, "IF THAT DAMN CHILD WASN'T ALIVE THEN MY WIFE WOULD STILL BE ALIVE!"

The bird shifter jumped back and changed his scythe into his gun became angered by this, for a parent to say that about their own flesh and blood. Sure he cursed his father but Qrow is glad that he is alive and has a somewhat caring sister, just take away the constant paranoia and scowl then viola you got a nice Raven to be with. They continued to fight for several more minutes until Qrows semblance finally took effect, causing the backlash of Tai's semblance to come sooner and his dust infused weapon malfunctioning.

The dark haired man stood tall on front of his ex teammate, his weapon still in assault gun mode and pointed at the downed man's chest, "I am taking Yang, she doesn't need to be living with a monster like you."

Tai didn't say a word as Qrow moved away from him, with the old blond staying on the ground. He began to think of what would happen if he didn't think it was his missing daughters fault, it wouldn't matter as he knew that Summer would have still taken the contract to eliminate the grimm. He closed his eyes and let memories take over from when he and his team was still together at Beacon, 'Those were the good old days' he thought to himself before going unconscious.


Ruby woke from a start as someone blowed on her ear, quickly turing she looked at the culprit with a sleepy glare.

"Aww~, sleepy Rubes is so cute~!" the tiger faunus cooed. Sienna Khan, part of the Khan faunus clan and also her adopted sister, she is only a year older than Ruby herself.

"It's still in the morning! Why did you wake me Sienna?" The scarlet wolf faunus asked, raising her hand to stifle a yawn.

She proceeded to get up from her mattress, there was multiple sizes of pillows on it except for the spot the the young teen was in. She was only wearing a utterly oversized hoodie that has a rose insignia all over it, the color was black while the flowers were red, white, silver and gold.

"First of all its Six in the evening, you stayed up to late training, and secondly we still need to get some spare parts for 'Lunar Slice' remember?" Sienna informed the wolf, who was now wide awake when she said 'Spare Parts'.

'Of course! How could I forget about getting spare parts for my weapon?!' Ruby thought to herself as she stood up from her but only to trip over her pillows in return. But that didn't hinder her movements as she also crawled back up and towards her dresser. "Why didn't you wake me earlier?!"

Sienna watched as the scarlet haired girl toss off her hoodie, her scars could be seen, some from recent years due to the wolf faunus's habit of getting into fights and some from years ago that even the Khan's don't know where they came from. But from what they could guess is that it was from the girls previous home, Ruby would never mention them except they used to hear her mumble about them when she was sleeping but now all she mumbles about something else entirely. Sienna is glad that her family has agreed to take in the young girl four years ago when they found out that she was an orphan at the time.

"You didn't stop training until ten and stayed in the shower for over an hour so we thought it would be better if we let you sleep for a couple of hour before we go to Talons Workshop." This was only a majority of the truth, she knows that the girl could do at least two hours of sleep and be energized for until the next night but she like to watch her sleep. Her parents think it is only because she now has a younger sibling to look after even if they are not related by blood. "Plus they close at ten but they would stay open a bit longer for their loyal customer if they have to."

Just as she finished talking Red had put on the last item of her attire, a plain gray baseball cap that is for faunus' that has the ear trait. Her clothing consisted of black combat boots with dark red lacing, black cargo pants that has red lining, red undershirt that has her rose emblem the right side of her ribcage along with a black sleeveless zip up hoodie that has two of her avians feathers that are attached to the strings of the hoodie, brown gloves that on has the index part cut off, and finally is the scarf that she always worn for years plus the metal hairloom that is on the left side of her scarf, successfully pinning the fabric together from undoing when she uses her speed semblance.

"Yeah I know." She replied, turning around and walking towards a desk that has a slightly larger revolver than a normal one. 'Warfare Thorn' is the first weapon she had ever made and after that she completely fell in love of making weapons, sometimes the manager of Talon's would allow her to forge several of them at the store as long as if they are in good quality to sell, they tried to get her to reforge several weapons for hunters but she would always say that she might mess up the weapon and the weapons owner might sue them for it. "But I like to take it off their hands so that way they don't have to stay open longer than necessary."

Sienna smiled at her words, always putting others above then herself. The wolf faunus opened a drawer on the same desk and pulled out another weapon but it was still in some pieces, when she finally gets the hilt for the soon to be finished 'Lunar Clice' then she will have a complete set of her weaponry of her liking. Ruby has a total of three, going to four soon though, weapons at her disposal.

'Warfare Thorn' was created three years ago when the Khan's went to their monthly supper with the owners of Talon, Drake and Eve along with their two daughters, Nyx, who is the same age as Sienna, and Olive, who is already twenty five and a skilled huntress. They offered her to try and forge a weapon of her liking and design, to say that a pistol that is able to withstand explosive dust is a great feat for a beginner.

Her second weapon was given to her by a woman that mentors her physical training, it was only one gauntlet that goes to her left hand, the design was a good one, not to fancy nor to plain, it even has her emblem on it. Her mentor said that it is a heirloom from a friend and wanted for her to find a suitable user for 'Greed' as it is called. The gauntlet is able to absorb Aura from others and add it to the wearer but it is only temporary as each aura is different, there are no same Aura.

Her third weapon is an ordinary item that one could get at a hardware store, it was said as a joke by Nyx last year, saying that Ruby wouldn't be as intimidating with a wrench. As it turns out using a wrench on a Grimm can and will fear you instead of the other way around. After that she bought the wrench from the Talons and kept it with her whenever she went out to train against the grimm, and she also earned two hundred fifty lien from the from Olive.

Her final weapon is a four foot double edge katana, the materials that were used were expensive but somehow the young faunus had 'found' it in the wood on the outskirts of Mistral. Sienna without a doubt believe that she had obtained the metals from another means, such as winning them from a bet, to her it is still unknown as to where she goes for these fighting bets but she could hardly expect for Ruby to stop the old habit. Anyway, the weapon has a unique design on the blackened blade, Ruby had managed to engrave stems with thorns in the middle of the blade. The guard for it was a simple, the only thing that was on it was also an engraving that she has done to it as well, 'Thus Kindly I Scatter'. When Sienna asked why she engraved the chosen words, Ruby said, 'It will remind me why I chose the path I have chosen. And it goes well with my semblance too!'.She said that the hilt design was going to be a simple black and red grip and the inside will have a small cartridge that will handle varies dust but only one type at a time.

Both went out the door, Sienna trailing the younger girl by a few feet before going into her room to retrieve her weapon. It was heirloom from her great grandfather who passed it down to his youngest son who passed it down to her father and him passing it to her, it was a two part weapon. They are slightly curved Saber swords, one was five feet long that goes to the wielders main hand while the other iis slightly shorter by a half foot. The hilts were something akin to knuckle bashers, the metal was either very sturdy steel or Atlas steel, their sheath was plain but there is a slot for dust so they can coat the blade with the type of dust.

Ruby waited by the door of her step sisters room, thinking of what to get her mentor of her five years of tutelage that is in a few days. She knows that the swordswoman will accept anything from her but she wanted to make it very special to her. But she is a hard woman to figure out what to get, Ruby knows the woman very well but at the same time her mentor is a mystery, the teenager knows that the woman is a huntress, an excellent one at that, but she doesn't know what academy she went to or what team she was in. The same goes for her family members, she only mentioned that she has one living family member but she left on a bad term with him, other then him the swordswoman also considers the faunus as a daughter but when she found out that Ruby was already adopted she settled with being the godmother for her.

Her mentor is also the original owner of Shiro, Howaitoshadō, Shadō for short, was her original name but she took a liking of Ruby's name. Seeing as the dual colored raven not leaving the young faunus at first was somewhat frustrating but when she found out that the avian bird was already with the girl for two years already she made a deal with Ruby. She will train the wolf faunus in combat and coordinating with Shiro, as the swordswoman was trying to have the odd raven as a scouting/lookout bird for her on missions but something had caused her to stop her a few years.

Seeing the older faunus coming out of her room she started to go down the stairs, that is until Sienna suddenly jumped down the stairway and yelled, "The last one down has to do the dishes!"

Unfortunately the tiger faunus wasn't able to reach the bottom as rose petals and raven feathers flew past her, low and behold Ruby was smiling smugly at her, "Never make something a race with me, you should know this already San!"

-End Of Chapter -

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