Chapter 3

Niyx gaped as Liluthia said those words.

"Really?" was the first thing that came out of his mouth.

"Yes, dearest one. Come, follow me." Was all she said before turning away.

Trusting her, he followed her footsteps along a corridor into a pure white room. He bit back a groan. Pure white? Really?

Sitting down on one of the comfortable chairs there, he watched as Liluthia pulled back a curtain to reveal a screen.

"This is new, I only discovered it yesterday." She explained, fiddling with the controls. "Now, what's her name again?"

"Her name is Alex. Alexandra Rose Jennings, also known as Aeylia, the Draekon bonded or the Freyan girl." He answered, wondering what this was about.

"Okay, just hold on." She said, and sat next to him, curling an arm around his shoulders.

Niyx gasped. There on the screen in front of him was his kitten, curled up with Soraya next to her. He watched, transfixed, as the Library transported Kaiden to Alex. He saw him give her the Silverwood scroll, noting with amusement that the boy had bruised knuckles from where Kaiden had punched him. Kaiden left, leaving Alex to her tears and thoughts. She opened it, and just at the sight of his first word, Kitten, she almost burst into tears. Niyx couldn't imagine what she'd be feeling right now, probably devastated, full of grief and anger at Aven. He saw Lady Mystique's counterpart, the elusive Master Athora appear with Kaiden next to Alex. He saw her get given a ring that hid the golden shimmer of her vaeliana bond, smirking as he knew she would enjoy not being a 'radioactive freak of nature'.

He saw her, Kaiden by her side, step into the portal to Tia Auras.

Leaning back, he smiled- she was in safe hands.

The couple watched as the portal shimmered and closed, knowing that, indeed, there was a life after death.