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It was a completely, utterly, and painfully normal day in the castle that never was. Well, not completely normal. Nor was it painful for everyone. But it was painful for Roxas. It was a break day. The Day where he struggled to find something to do. Axel was sleeping in. Xion was who knows where. Demyx was also sleeping… Before he got dragged off by Marluxia and Larxene… Xaldin was poking things with his spears. Vexen was in his lab. Zexion was with him. Lexaeus was… Somewhere. Maybe helping Zexion and Vexen.

Saix was… Roxas also had no idea. Luxord was in Wonderland. Marluxia and Larxene had, well. As you know. Dragged Demyx off world. So… Roxas was stuck in his room, bored out of his mind, just staring at a wall. He was wondering if he stared hard enough, would anything on the wall change? It was a small game he had cooked up in his boredom. So far, nothing had changed. At least… He didn't THINK anything had changed… . . . Ok yeah, nothing had changed. It was still the plain, boring, excruciatingly white wall.

And he didn't think it would change anytime soon… Though, he did find himself wondering where Xigbar was. The Freeshooter had disappeared into Xemnas's room, Most likely to speak with him about something. Roxas had only seen the Mysterious Superior once, other then at meetings, and he would be lying if he didn't say he was curious. But, it is the superior… It would be risky to even try and find out why. And one does not disobey orders. Especially when they have to do with a Higher up. 'You are not to seek out the superior. The Superior seeks out you.' Or… Something like that.

But his curiosity was killing him… Oh well. He laid down, head against the pillow. Maybe… He would get some sleep... After all, it was the only thing he could think of doing...

Vexen sighed in slight anger, as he stared at the smoking machine "And why, is it broken, Number V?". The Silent 'Hero' stared at him, before at the machine, then shrugged. Vexen rubbed his temples "And this is why I said we Don't need your help! Who knows what could happen!" Vexen then blinked, before a hidden smirk found it's way to his face. And with us not knowing, it could turn into a fine experiment! The machine was supposed to rip hearts out so we could get stronger hearts without heartless… and maybe, stronger nobodies faster… but I can rebuild it later…

He then sighed. no, the machine is trashed. It probably won't do anything. Oh well… I'll fix it later! But I have to tell the superior that it has been delayed. He set down his clipboard "Zexion, look over our notes again. Number V." Lexaeus turned toward him "Don't. Touch. Anything," And with that Vexen left the room.

But no one saw the machine start to shake...

Xemnas had a bad feeling. And usually when he had a bad feeling. Something bad happened. Or one of Vexen's machines malfunctioned. He hoped for once the feeling was wrong. It wasn't.

A large explosion was heard, and a flash of light made its way over the world that never was. And what happened next...? no one expected.

A deep grunt came from under the rubble, and someone tried to lift up the broken large pieces of white stone. "Come on, Bossman! I know you're under there! Help me lift it up!" He grunted out. The man had brown hair, which was in a ponytail, brown eye, an eye patch on his left eye, and a scar that went from his right cheek, close to his right eye. He had black boots, white gloves, blue pants, and a dark blue vest with white lining, and gold buttons.

"Ugh... As if... Shouldn't expect help from someone buried und-"

Suddenly, the Rubble was thrown to the right, and a man with neck length brown hair, which seemed to come up in the front, and blue eyes, groaned, pushing himself up. He had a very dark grey shirt, with red straps making an X across it. Orange, light grey, brown, and gold armor went from his right shoulder to his hand, and his left arm had a grey armband. He had tan, very big and loose pant, that had a black belt with a weird gold symbol on the front.

On the ground next to him, a tan, old, bald man, with a white beard, and bushy grey eyebrows was pushing himself up. He had piercing orange eyes and was wearing a long dark trench coat, and a smaller white trench coat underneath. Two black belts, with silver clasps, were over that trenchcoat, while his pants were black, as well as his boots.

The man with an Eyepatch from before stumbled back, looking between the old co- man, and the brown-haired man in front of him "What the…" He shook his head "Alright… This is not how I expected this day to go, as if..!".

Vexen coughed, as Lexaeus pushed some rubble off of him. "W-What happened?" he coughed out, taking the hand Lexaeus offered him, and was pulled ruffly to his feet. Zexion coughed, waving a hand in front of his face, "Well… I think your newest experiment backfired….". Vexen groaned, then noticed something. "When did you put that on?" He was pointing at the white lad coat, now covered in dust, on Zexion. He then looked at Lexeaus "And you… wait… that's what we were wearing when…" Vexen's eyes widened.

And he felt.

Fear. Surprise. Disbelief. Accomplishment… Dread.

He blinked and looked at himself. He was also wearing a dust-covered lab coat… Did the machine do what he thinks it did? He put a hand to his chest…
And felt a Thump Thump!

...Yes. The machine had done what he thought it did. It gave them hearts.

It had made them back into somebodies.

Axel groaned as he looked around. He had been napping when suddenly a bright light had woken him up. He pushed himself up, and off the bed, barely noticing how much… bigger the bed seemed. He rubbed his head, and dragged his hand through his hair, also not noticing how much shorter his spiky red hair felt. He walked over to a mirror he had, yawning, and opening his green eyes.

He stared at his reflection for a minute, his mouth falling open. He was wearing a mustard yellow scarf, an orange vest, white shirt, tan shorts, and orange shoes with black laces. His normally spiky, long red hair, was much shorter, and he no longer had the teardrop tattoos under his eyes. He put a hand to under his eye, tapping himself there, wondering if this was a dream.

"What the…" He mumbled, and pinched himself, letting out a slight Yelp! Yep. That had hurt… it wasn't a dream… He wasn't Lea's nobody anymore... He was Lea… But how? He didn't have a heart anymore, right? And wasn't he taller? He put a hand to his chest, feeling a heartbeat. One that shouldn't be there…

"Le- Axel! Open up!" A voice, similar to Saix's, but younger, said from outside his door. He contemplated opening it, before realizing the difference and opened the door instantly. There stood not Saix. But his old friend… Isa…

He was wearing the same dark blue, short sleeve jacket, with a light blue trim, and a gold half moon on the right side of his chest. The same white pants. The same black shoes. Same neck length blue hair, that was slightly spiky in the back. Same green eyes. It was all the same. Even his expression was the same. The same small frown, eyebrows knitted slightly.

"So… The same has happened to you as well." He said monotonously, though Lea could see the disbelief in his eyes… And the relief…

Lea grinned, and slapped his arm around Isa's shoulder "Yep! And I see it's happened to you too! We're somebody's again!".

Xaldin was about ready to either stab some idiot or clap said idiot on the back... Or maybe both... both sounded good.

He was ready to stab them because they caused this whole place to go down and because it almost crushed them. He would give them a clap on the back for completing their objective, being somebody's again, then maybe stab them because he thought emotion made him weak…

And he had a feeling he knew exactly who did this.

Luxord returned to the castle to find it in total disarray. The Roof was collapsed in some areas, walls crumbling, dust in the air. He was searching around to see if anyone else was there, and ran into Demyx, Larxene, and Marluxia. They had all been out as well and had no idea of what happened. As the group of four walked down the hall, Marluxia about to suggest splitting up, they heard a call for help and ran toward it.

Well. Luxord did. Though… Larxene walked, Marluxia speed walked, and Demyx was scared stiff thinking it was a scream. Scaredy cat…

Luxord soon came across quite a sight. Xion was stuck under some rubble, and Roxas was trying to lift it. Luxord tried helping, and soon Marluxia was to, though Larxene watched, and Demyx was slowly walking over. Luxord and Roxas managed to lift it up long enough for Xion to get out, before letting the rubble fall back to the ground, earning a squeak from Demyx. Roxas checked her over, while Luxord questioned her:

"Do you know how this destruction came to be?" Luxord asked.

"No… I just came back as a bright light happened… and the roof fell in on me… Roxas was close by and came to help…" Xion said as she looked down, at her leg. Roxas cast Cure, which at least got rid of a few cuts and scratches.

"Can you show us where it came from?" Luxord stood up straight as Xion nodded, shaking her head to clear it.

Larxene sighed "Well. I bet it was Vexen. Only he can cause such a big explosion, blowing up half the castle, and randomly injure someone so specific in the process," Everyone stared at her. "What? That guy's a maniac,". No one could argue there…

And so, the group of six set off, deeper into the crumbling castle, when they heard yelling. It was hard to make out, but there were definitely 3 voices. One was old… They think. One sounded suspiciously like a certain Freeshooter. And one sounded like a male, maybe a teen, but it was deep and masculine. Demyx peaked around the corner and squeaked at what he saw. Two people with giant weapons (Keyblades, he later noted) were duking it out, while someone who looked like Xigbar, was watching.

The one in the old man's hand was black, and… W-Was that a blue eye on the end?! The brown-haired man's keyblade was long, and had a blue hilt. The blade was black down the middle, with multiple brown knobs on both sides near the end, and a dish like shape at the very end. They were clashing keyblades, while Xigbar was trying not to get hit.

Roxas stared at the to warring keybladers, wondering how the heck they got their keyblades. Maybe… I could ask them… but not when they're fighting... Demyx was shaking, not looking at the fight but leaning against the wall so he wouldn't see. Marluxia and Larxene were watching in interest (Though… Larxene actually looked kinda bored). Luxord was shaking his head and Xion… Well. Xion was thinking the same as Roxas.

"Ok, OK! I know I like a good challenge sometimes but we gotta find out what's going on, and I'd rather not lose my other eye!" Xigbar grunted out. The two keybladers stared at him for a moment and were about to go back at it before Luxord called out "Yes. That would be the smart idea," As he walked out of their hiding place. "Why did you let them know we're heeere!" Demyx whines out, trembling more.

This is not good! Not good! not good! Not gooooooodddd! The Sitar user was screaming in his head.

Larxene rolled her eyes "Scaredy cat," As she and Marluxia walked out as well. Xion shrugged at Roxas and walked out to. "He destroyed my life!" The brown-haired man growled out, glaring at the old man. The old man chuckled "I merely used you to make a different life,". The brown-haired keyblade wielders eyes narrowed further. But then Roxas stumbled out as well, having been pushed out as a sacrifice by Demyx.

And blue, orange, and brown eyes turned toward him.

And three different reactions were heard:

"Hey, Tiger! Don't think you should uh, be out with these 2 here."


"V-Ven?! You're ok! What're you doing here?!"

The old man was pointing at Roxas, The Brown-haired man looked surprised, and turned his gaze to the old man again at his comment, eyes narrowing further, while Xigbar winced. And Roxas stumbled back, eyes wide, looking startled...

This was not gonna be a good day.

Not a good day at all...

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