Zhaan's Restoration

Chapter 1

Disclaimer: I've had this idea in my head a long time now but I've finally decided to run with it. This idea takes the place of the season three two parter 'Self Inflicted Wounds'. Hopefully I do a pretty decent job with Farscape considering its my first time writing a fic for the show. Jool woke up at least a week early before the story's events, giving her some time to get used to the group.

Earth's Solar System

Those aboard the IASA spacestation were quite shocked to witness the opening of a Wormhole just beyond the Moon. Unfortunate however that they had no immediate way to get to it as they were unceretain if they would make it there in time. So the crew used whatever they had at their disposal to take readings of the Wormhole while informing Ground Control of what was going on. One particular individual, a communications technician by the name of Jenny Morkins, could be seen frowning. "What's wrong, Jen?" Wondered another member of the communications team.

"I'm hearing voices on the frequencies. Though I can't seem to make most of them out." She replied.

Causing her fellow communicationer to frown and join in on what Jenny was frowning over. His eyes soon widened however as he too began to hear the voices. Voices that seemed to be a bit… Panicked. "What the Hell!?"

"I'm going to increase the strength to see where its coming from." Jenny declared and soon afterwards, her eyes widened as the source was coming from the Wormhole itself!

Quickly, she got on the line to alert the rest of the station. "Everyone! Voices are coming from that Wormhole! We've got possible contact!"

Various reactions occurred through out the spacestation as they heard her voice and continued to watch the Wormhole. Minutes later, the eyes of the crew would all widen in shock as an object came out of it. "Holy crap." Muttered one individual.

The Wormhole soon closed up behind the object. Which seemed to not be slowing down whatsoever and much to the shock of those on board, was revealing itself to be some sort of craft! One that was spinning about wildly! Possibly because of the journey through the Wormhole having caused it for that matter. Jenny immediately started to make contact with the large and out of control craft. "This is the IASA spacestation to unidentified craft, if you can understand me, please respond!"

Garbled, if strange sounding voices could be heard, whether intentional or not, no one was certain of. "Whoo-hoo! Now this is a Hell of a Rollercoaster ride, boys and girls!" Came an excited voice amongst the voices that none of the IASA staff couldn't understand.

"Ms. Morkins! Try again!" Ordered the head of the spacestation urgently.

"This is the IASA spacestation to unidentified craft, please respond!"

One of the strange voices they couldn't understand could be heard and it was clear the speaker was feeling quite strained. "Not to worry, folks! We're not here to invade but we are probably gonna wreck somethin' since that Wormhole has practically made gettin' back control of the ship's speed just about damn impossible! Hang on tight, Zhaan! Cause soon enough, we're gonna get you some nice wonderful soil to get you all better!"

One member of the IASA crew made the remark that whoever could speak the English langauge sounded far too excited to be healthy as the incredibly huge craft came flying past them in its out of control manner. "By the Saints! There's no tellin' how many are on board that thing!" Exclaimed one of the staff in alarm.

Warnings were quickly given to those down on Earth as the huge spacecraft made its way there until no one aboard the IASA station could see it anymore. Those in Japan however, were soon seeing the alien spacecraft for themselves as it sped high above them. Some buildings ended up getting hit by the spacecraft as it wildly continued onwards. Soon, the spacecraft began to descend to the ground, causing one Hell of a trench to be formed as it did so until it ended up in the ocean. Leaving many a Japanese citizen to speculate and perhaps get a bit panicky about alien invasions and the like! Unknown to them however, the miles of being underwater had helped to slow the spacecraft down and allow those on it to breathe a sigh of relief. "Hot damn! We oughta charge for rides like that!" Whooped Commander John Crichton and making his fellow Moyans question his sanity once again.

"I do not believe I have ever vomited this much in my entire life!" Grumbled Rygel as he righted himself up.

"Is everyone alright?" Asked a concerned Pilot from his Den as he gained back his bearings.

A scoff came from Jool. "Considering the amount of vomit on me right now and the fact I thought I was going to die ten times over? Absolutely not!"

"I am going to be as alright as I can be, my friend. What of you and Moya?" Asked Zhaan in concern as Stark helped her to stand.

"We are doing well, Zhaan. Moya and I thank you for your concern."

Zhaan smiled in happiness and thanked the Goddess for such a thing as D'argo, Chiana, Aeryn, and Stark mentioned they too were doing fine. Though Stark was quick to ask the good Pilot if Moya was capable of scanning the planet they were on from her position to determine if its soil would be able to help Zhaan in her time of need. "Moya is in need of at least an arn to recover from the unexpected speeds the Wormhole put us through. But she will commence scans after doing so. So I suggest in the mean time that you all ensure nothing is too badly damaged."

"Understood, Pilot." Replied Aeryn and she quickly got to work.

It wasn't long before the others got to doing the same aside from Jool as she needed to wash off the vomit Rygel had gotten on her. Rygel himself was doing something similar thanks to having gotten his own vomit on himself as well. An hour later would see the crew hearing back from Pilot. "Moya is now ready to commence scans."

"Hey Pilot, can you also tap into the channels to see what's all bein' said about us?"

"I can do that." Replied Pilot and getting a nod of appreciation from Crichton despite the fact he couldn't see it at the time.

Five minutes later gained the crew another report. "Hmm.. It appears that the land mass near this body of water known as Japan may just be what Zhaan needs to be restored. Though it is apparent that many on it and elsewhere are a bit… Concerned, if you will, about our unexpected arrival."

"Considering how we ended up here, I'm not surprised whatsoever." Muttered Jool dryly.

"Either way, let's get Zhaan goin' as she needs this." Declared Crichton.

Soon, the crew was on their way to the surface in a transport pod aside from Rygel as he wanted to stay aboard Moya just to be on the safe side. Jool chose to go with as she wasn't in the mood to be anywhere near the Hynerian after getting his vomit all over her. "Well, now I can take goin' to Japan off my to do list." Quipped Crichton as they flew towards the country towards an area of it that Pilot declared to be most viable for Zhaan's needs.

Thankfully, with the speed they were going at, it wasn't long before they reached a large field near a small town and a large nearby forest on the otherside of a forest. And once landed, the group quickly wasted no time in getting Zhaan out there as Crichton carried her weakening body. "Alright, now what?" Wondered Chiana.

"Now I must make contact with the land itself."

Trusting his friend at her word, Momma Crichton's baby boy gently got her to her feet. Feet that were bare as Zhaan closed her eyes with a small hum as she placed her hands out in her people's way. "Uhh, just of curiousity, how long is this gonna take?"

As Crichton was quickly taking notice of the fact that the local nearby townspeople were watching them. "As long as it needs, John." She replied as a soft blue glow emanated from her and to the crew's collective shock, watched as she practically sank into the ground until she was no longer visible.

"Whoa." Murmured Chiana in shock and it was a sentiment shared by the others!

D'argo however, took notice of the nearby humans and frowned. "We need to be on alert until Zhaan is able to return to us."

"Let's just hope nothin' bad happens until then." Said Crichton with a heavy sigh as the faint sounds of helicopters could be heard in the distance.

Author's Notes: Oh boy, this could be trouble! How well do you folks think things are gonna go for our favorite Moyan crew?