Chapter 4

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John could only stare in shock at the sight of his dad as his sisters pulled away from him but didn't leave his side. Afraid if they did, he might disappear again or that they would awake from a dream that felt all too real. Especially considering they'd been on an alien ship that was able to turn invisible and one of the aliens onboard it looking very alien! Susan, after having been around the small sized alien known as Rygel, knew that she wouldn't want him around her son, Bobby. As Rygel to her had been rather arrogant and a bit on the rude side. How the alien woman known as Aeryn was able to put up with him, she hadn't a clue! Of course it didn't help that she was a bit hesitant to even speak with the woman even after getting the translator microbes placed in her as the woman just had an aura of a soldier who didn't care for any kind of nonsense.

Olivia however, had been far more willing to interact with the woman while their father asked all kinds of questions that Aeryn and even Rygel answered to the best of their ability. Even if Rygel had been a bit rude about that as well! The fact both were a bit hesitant to explain how exactly they acquired the device that let them be invisible and that it had to do with crackers was even a little worrisome to Susan. Making her want to have some very strong words with John once she got him alone! Susan could even readily admit that the large alien known as D'Argo was a bit intimidating even though he was backed up somewhat to give them something of a private reunion with John. Lost in thought, Susan barely even realized that her little brother came up to their father as Olivia smiled happily as the two men hugged and laughed. "How'd you pull this off, dad!?" Wondered John moments later as they pulled apart.

"Well, it took a lot of talks with the Japanese Government and pulling a few favors with our Government, but finally, we were able to get this to happen. Unfortunately, D.K., Susan's husband and son weren't able to make it due to our side of things being rather cautious. The disappearing act your two friends pulled probably won't help with that either."

John just rolled his eyes at this bit of news. "Man, they really need to loosen up if they don't wanna miss out on being involved in something great!"

His father just sighed. "Well… With 9/11 having happened, I don't really see that happening anytime soon, son. So you may want to prepare yourself for anything that might happen where they are concerned." Warned the former Astronaut. Who wanted nothing more than for his son to not have to deal with any big issues.

It was John's turn to sigh that time. "We'll deal with that when the time comes. Alright? In the mean time, I want you guys to get to know my friends and spend as much time with you three for however long you're able to be here."

"You're, you're not coming back with us?" Olivia asked with a frown on her face as she stared at her little brother.

A frown that was also seen on Susan and even Jack's faces as well. "No, until America is willin' to play nice and I don't have to be worried about hours of interrogations or whatever, I'm stayin' here."

"Don't you think you're over reacting, little brother?" Wondered Susan, causing him to look at her with a serious expression on his face.

"No. Not really." Well, that didn't settle well with her, her sister, or their father!

All of them missed the looks exchanged between Aeryn, D'Argo, and Rygel. As each of them wondered if the Earpman was being a little too paranoid. Even with the fake Earth scenario they had gone through being in the back of their minds they still wondered it. But for now, would keep silent on the matter and see how things played out and if needed, would have a word with John about the whole thing. Jack, deciding that changing the subject was the best choice, decided that meeting the rest of his son's friends was a damn good idea. "Great! I'll even get out the audio tapes I made during my time away so you and the girls here can listen to them when you get a chance."

Even though he knew that it was probably a bad idea but at least John was certain he wouldn't be around to witness their reactions. This caused another exchange of worried looks between Aeryn, D'Argo, and Rygel due to how various events had started to effect John as time went on. Even having listened in on him making his recordings without his realizing and feeling rather worried about him. The mention of audio tapes definitely captured Jack's and even the girls' attention. As they wondered what all he had said on them and looked forward to hearing them! Not realizing that later on they would come to regret that somewhat after hearing of his experiences while believed dead. John would get to spend up to a week with his family before they had to return back to America and that hadn't been the easiest of goodbyes either.

But by the end of it, Susan had managed to overcome any personal issues of her's and get on friendly terms with his alien friends. Though she still didn't have too high of an opinion on Rygel or even Chiana for that matter. Her and Olivia definitely enjoyed the conversations with Zhaan as well and were grateful for the fact that an influence like her was around their brother during the time he'd been gone. The fact she had nearly died before making it to Earth made them grateful it hadn't of happened thanks to the Earth itself healing her up. It'd take up to roughly four months before the American Government got their collective heads out of their asses and started being more co-operative. It helped that John had warned of the threats out in the Universe and had, with Pilot and Moya's blessing, offered to help with exploration missions in the Solar System.

Even going beyond it and potentially colonizing other planets. An offer that no one could refuse, of course the Japanese would get to take the lead on the whole thing much to America's annoyance but John wasn't about to care much on that. Of course things would nearly get set back when Crais and Talyn, both badly injured, popped up near the Moon after going through a Wormhole. As America and a few other Countries had seen the potential there where Talyn's weapons capabilities were concerned. But cooler heads managed to prevail and after some much needed TLC, both Crais and Talyn were able to start helping Moya with Earth's goal of expansion and the like beyond their home planet. Though the Crichton family wasn't Crais' biggest fans due to some of the crap he'd put John through. "You know, I never imagined this happening when we got you here, Blue." Remarked John softly as he and Zhaan watched several Scientists of different Nations do various things on the Moon known as Titan.

Zhaan looked over at her friend and smiled softly at him. "I imagine that no one aside from the Goddess herself could have possibly seen this happening, John. Much like how you were not expecting Alexandra or even Caroline to make appearances given the great amount of time that had occurred since last seeing them."

John had to wince over that as both really hadn't taken too well to the fact his heart wasn't either of their's. Causing some friction with Aeryn in the process but thankfully that whole situation was more or less dealt with. And as for D.K. and his wife, those two were still asking all sorts of questions to Pilot and John wondered when he'd finally get annoyed with the two. "Yeah… Well, you're standin' next to me so I'm not gonna complain. As the idea of you not bein' here at all isn't somethin' I want to even remotely think about." He told her with a small shudder as that particular line of thought was unnerving to him.

Another smile came his way. "I too prefer not to think of such things and continue to thank the Goddess and Earth herself for allowing me to be here. And it is my hope that I will be amongst you and our friends for years to come."

John looked her way and smiled widely. "Now that? That I can get behind whole heartedly, Blue." Replied the formerly lost Astronaut.

Come what may as he and Zhaan returned to watching the Scientists, John would try to have hope in mind for anything that might happen. No matter how bad it might be and if in the form of Scorpius, the Peacekeepers, or the Scarrens. But for now, he would spend his time being happy to be home again. A home that had thankfully saved the life of someone he cared a lot about.

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