I am your teacher, Miss Swan. This will never work."

Regina was born and raised in Boston and after she graduated, she wanted to stay in Boston to work. Even though her main subject was more art related, she started teaching English literature at a high school close to her parent's home. That's where she met Emma.

They first saw each other in a nearby pub before Regina started working at the school. Even though Emma looked young, she caught her eye. And now it had been three long years, and she was giving her lessons every single year; watching her flower day by day. One day after school she saw Emma alone, and offered her a ride. She probably shouldn't have, but couldn't get herself to regret it either.

That ride back to her house got things a bit more complicated.

They were flirting here and there slightly, on a professional level, but then things got weird and heavy. Emma stayed up a few more times and Regina dropped her off every single time. They were talking about art, music, and anything. She started to like the girl which she shouldn't have let happen in the first place. And now after her class with seniors she was face to face with the girl, trying to make sense of the situation.

Hearing those words, Emma blinked a few times, trying to keep her face straight. What else could she expect? Regina Mills was her favorite teacher with whom she had had a crush on since forever and... God, she shouldn't have tried that. She shouldn't have tried to lean in just to be stopped. The blonde felt so stupid. But the words the woman chose to use... Got her thinking.

"Is that the only reason? You being my teacher?" Emma whispered more weakly than she expected to.

Was this woman looking at her differently than at other students? Like as a friend, perhaps? It felt like they kind of became that over time, sharing the same passions, Emma being always eager to stay and learn more and more from the wonderful woman…

"You know what I mean, Emma..." Regina's voice was as slow as hers. "I am your teacher for god's sake." She refused to answer the question because being her teacher probably was the only thing that kept her lips apart from Emma's.

Putting on masks wasn't anything new for a girl who'd spent most of her life in foster homes of all kinds. She'd been adopted at fourteen, but inside she was always this fragile girl with fear of rejection. She already felt close to tears. And with each second and new intense feelings, she knew it wasn't just a silly crush.

Emma fell for her teacher.

First, she couldn't take her eyes away whenever she saw the beautiful woman. But then they got to know each other and... Spending time with this woman made her so happy. It could make her fly. Perhaps she shouldn't have tried to kiss her...things would stay good...

"That still doesn't answer my question." Emma was a stubborn girl, though, and Regina sighed visibly. How Emma hadn't run away yet, the brunette didn't know. "So what? Students do not meet with their teachers like we do." Emma pointed out quietly.

Tell me you don't feel anything and I'll walk away, Emma thought.

Yes, it was not how Regina met her students. Nor did she flirt with them in diners and pubs during summer. If she was little a little older she might have slept with her too, for god's sake.

"Emma..." She was at loss of words because all the things she should say were wrong and practically a lie. She cared for and liked this girl. "Don't be late for your next class. After school, our usual place, Miss Swan." She nodded once to tell her they were done talking at that moment.

Hot feelings hit her face and neck when for the first few seconds Emma could swear Miss Mills wanted to just dismiss her to avoid questions. But then...her heart skipped a beat. Was there a chance? Did the woman just not want to handle it at school?

Emma nodded slowly, "See you round, Miss Mills."

It was always hard to turn around and leave this woman. It had always been; during the summer, end of the classes, or their casual meetings. Emma knew she wouldn't be able to focus for the next two periods she had left.

Her friends tried to occupy her, though, without even knowing it. Emma was just glad they were just usual crazy them - Jefferson, Graham and Ruby. Belle was the other quiet one in the group. Silence was never awkward with this girl. Emma wasn't sure if she has taken anything at all from those lessons. 20 minutes of the last one she was in such anxiety.

What will happen when she meets Regina?

It took a few months of her first year to force herself to call her Miss Mills. Now she only did it during classes. There was no need when they were alone.

Oh, the shock it was to see her walking into the class and learn this woman was going to teach her, of all people. How timid she still could be for not being able to keep her eyes off of her and just drool in her mind.

Regina's last period was the one with seniors, so she was free for the rest of the day even though the day was almost finishing up. Regina was marking the homework when she heard the knock on the door. It was one of the other teachers, just coming to chat. She smiled politely and told her she needed to mark for tomorrow, even though she had just collected the homework, and still had at least two more days to mark.

She was not in a chatty mood. All she was thinking about was the blonde girl, and if she started talking she could have spilled her secret desires.

As soon as Regina found herself out of school, she headed for her black Mercedes her father had gifted her with just before he passed away. She looked after the car as if it was her child. She drove into the woods where she was going to meet Emma.

Emma was leaning against the yellow car, constantly glancing at the hour on her phone. Her heart was pounding, knowing the brunette woman would get there any second.

Hearing the engine, she put the phone in her pocket and pulled away from the bug, hands sliding in her back pockets. She knew it was now impossible to hide how nervous she was.

Regina sighed, stopping her car as soon as she saw the yellow bug. How much her heart wanted to go and press her lips to Emma's, but it was not even an option. She stepped out of the car, dusting off her skirt.

"Hey," Emma said softly, when meeting the brown eyes a few feet away.

She heard Emma, but chose not to answer just yet. She walked closer, not breaking eye contact with the blonde girl.

"You shouldn't have done that, Emma. I... I don't want to get in any more trouble, and you are not even of age yet, are you?"

Emma gulped when Regina stated it like that. For all this time she had this hope that maybe...maybe it wouldn't end with tears. To think that two years ago they had met at a bar. Only she shouldn't have been there in the first place, and Regina expected her to be of age. They never really talked about it, though. Until the school year that is, and it took her long enough holding back.

Already she wondered how she was supposed to survive the rest of the school year. It'd been barely a month, and she would be of age at the end of October. But did it actually matter?

Regina shook her head. It took her everything to step back during class, but here in the middle of the woods there was nothing, no one she would need to hide from but her consciousness,

"I really like you but-"

"But you don't think it's worth the risk," Emma finished in a whisper.

Or did she read Regina wrong, and all she felt was a physical desire? Because as much as they put distance during the school year, summer was filled with looks and flirting. Emma didn't feel the age gap at all. The blonde looked down, afraid hurt would show in her eyes.

"I'm sorry... For trying to... I know I shouldn't but..."

But you make me feel so crazy, so wonderful and so breathless? That's what she could say? No...

"God, Emma, don't. It's not like that. One more year. I just need you to be my student, only my student, for just one more year," Regina whispered, pulling Emma's chin up slowly to meet her green eyes. "I can't take any risks since I am under observation, you know that."

Emma stopped breathing, gazing up unsurely. One more year? Would they wait to have this? Would Regina wait? Her eyes met Regina's brown orbs. God, they stood so close that she could drown in those pools. Had they ever been this close for their breaths to melt and Emma's nostrils being filled with the sweet/spicy scent of teacher's perfumes? And those cool fingers felt so right touching her chin.

"It feels like I am taking advantage of you, taking your innocence still..."

Regina stopped talking for a minute or so and just stared in Emma's green eyes. Her mind screamed at her to step away and tell Emma there would be nothing between them, but her heart desired to press their lips together.

"I am not good for you, Emma. I am an addict and, God, how much older than you am I? 8 years? 9? You need someone you can trust to be there for you and I can't." A sad smile crept on her red lips. "I like you a lot, but under these circumstances-" she stopped mid sentence.

"I don't see why you would feel like this. I want this. You wouldn't do anything wrong. And so what with the age? What would change from what we already have? I could just..." Kiss and touch you, she resisted to add. Her hands so carefully and sheepishly moved to touch Regina's wrists. "I... I got so crazy for you, Regina..."

Saying this aloud made her eyes display how emotional she felt. God, was this what being in love felt like?

As the words left Emma's mouth, Regina pressed her lips on hers without a second thought. She probably wouldn't have done it if she had thought twice, or if she thought at all. Emma's lips were just like she remembered, soft and gentle on hers.

The world crashed around Emma the second those full lips pressed against hers. She had completely forgotten how wonderful Regina's were. They had made out a couple of times in the first summer, but didn't go too far. As soon as Regina knew Emma was her student, she put a stop to this until now.

Now her lips were tightly pressed onto the girl's, trying to close any possible distance between them. In a way, now it was much more intense than two years ago. Back then it was nothing but a first hard summer crush, for the blonde at least. She didn't think she would see the woman after summer ended. But after all this time, some crazy feelings had begun to appear.

Emma let go of her teacher's wrists to move her hands around Regina's neck and slide her fingers into Regina's perfect short hair. She drowned, kissing the woman back deeply. Just that moment made her so breathless that she had to part slightly to fill her lungs with much needed oxygen.

"Is that a yes?" she whispered, the corners of her lips turning upward because, God...she just flew over the moon.

"I don't remember the question," Regina murmured, smiling a bit.

"It was kind of an unspoken one," Emma muttered with that soft smile that Regina's kiss brought on her lips. "You're in?" She pulled back a bit more to be able to see the details of woman's face.

With her high heels, Regina was slightly taller than her. It was cute to see her so tiny at her home.

Regina wanted nothing more than kiss the girl all over again, but this time she was thinking again. She was thinking too hard to pull her out of this mess, but it started way too many months ago and they were both lost in. Emma could see her thinking so hard. She tried to herself but emotions and feelings were winning.

Regina's hands held the girl's waist sighing, "We can't keep it like this for the remainder of the year, Emma."

"Why not?" Emma asked so softly, her fingers still on the other woman's neck. "We won't do anything at school. And after two years no one even found out we were spending time together. It doesn't have to be as risky as you may think."

She tried to think reasonably about the situation. No one had to know. No one knew they were close or even liked each other. Her fingertips began to gently rub the back of Regina's neck.

"I can't risk being found out. The principal is searching for my one slightly wrong move to kick me out. And I can actually be imprisoned for this. No one would ask you if you like me or wanted this. I would be the one to blame. Hey, don't look away." Regina turned Emma's chin to herself with two fingers. "I want this, but there is too much at stake if we are found out. You have a few more months to go. We will see what happens then." She leaned her forehead on the blonde's, smiling.

Was she really this blinded by this desire to be with this woman? Last thing she wanted was for Regina to get into trouble, really. But she could only accept this fact and be patient. Her eyes were back on Regina's after having her chin being brought up again. 9 months. She should make it if she managed the last 2,5.

"Can I kiss you one last time until you graduate?"

"Yeah..." Emma nodded gently and this time touched the woman's cheek before closing the small distance.

This kiss wasn't going to be as short as the one before. The blonde girl kissed Regina deeply, as if trying to make it count for all this time ahead of them. One last time for now.

"Things won't change, though? We are still going to have our time together as always?" Emma was quite scared of that.

The times she could learn with Regina, help her with her work, or when they just casually talked, were the best ones of her days. She always looked for the chances when they both had enough time.

"Yes, yes. Emma, shut up," Regina captured her lips again.

9 fucking months, she kept telling herself, and then Emma would be graduated and of age so they would be free. But it was too far and Emma was right here. She didn't want to let her go because it felt like she would slip away any second.

Her hands grasped Emma's clothing, holding her waist to pull her closer. She wanted to kiss her like this from the very start. And she did actually try to stop herself so as not to go too far. But when these 9 months ended she would never need to stop herself from going too far.

Their lips met for the third time. It was hard to suppress any kind of sound forming in Emma's throat. Yes, she was so crazy for Regina.

Her friends did notice her staring at Regina with those heart eyes she was making during the lessons. But were they suspecting anything? Hell no. Each of them had some little crush on certain teachers. It was normal to tease each other about it.

Emma softy licked Regina's bottom lip, asking for entrance. Her fingers slid into perfectly made hair as they kissed so deeply with all that longing. There was this passion. No one had ever kissed her quite like this, nor she ever did.

Couldn't they just have today? Just stay here to be around each other?

Emma just longed to be close to her this one more time. She doubted they would ever embrace after today. Touching was risky, they could go too far.

"Can we just stay here today?" Emma asked breathlessly. "Just today..."

"I don't know, dear. My sister-"

Emma's lips pressed to red ones again and again. Just hold her, even just hold her. Just share those kisses, but not go too far. With each kiss, Regina forgot even more what excuse she had not to be here in those arms.

Her sister, half-sister but still her sister, Zelena, kind of knew about this. At least she knew Regina was seeing someone before she started teaching, and probably had a guess when Regina stopped telling her about this mysterious blonde that she must have been somebody off limits.

It was just impossible for Emma to stop kissing this wonderful woman. Just short breaks for short sentences and breaths. Nothing more. There was no time for more. They had to grasp every valuable second of this moment. She softly smiled when Regina could not stop either, their lips just melting together.

This woman just had all of her... Emma could be all hers. In the past she had one big crush between some meaningless ones. She dated people too, but there was no emotional involvement. It was something she always feared. But with Regina, she just fell. Part of her wondered if that crush would pass. But after those 2 years it didn't go away.

Regina was out of one huge and long relationship when she came back to her roots. Her high school crush was happily married at the end of her street, and her ex-boyfriend Robin was newly engaged. It hit her core too hard when she had found out he tried to make a move on her sister, but it was long forgotten now. But those were the reasons Regina was drinking away her misery on that day in that bar she met Emma.

"I don't know if I can stop kissing you if we don't part now. I might as well get you in my car and..." Regina's eyes shone for a little moment before a pair of lips pressed onto hers with passion.

Emma blushed and used the next kiss to hide it. She had never gone to this stage. It made her so sheepish. She guessed Regina might not think of that. But when they met she was only almost 16, and since then she was too lost in that the brunette and hadn't even cared to try anything with others.

"When it happens, I don't want it to be rushed," Emma whispered, her eyes still closed. Her arms moved around the woman's neck so now their fronts were actually touching. "Please stay... Stay with me... Just today," she asked, holding onto her so tight, not wanting to let her go.

"Are... are you virgin?" It was a question that spilled out before Regina could catch it.

Did it matter? No, not at all. But if they were ever going to have sex, and if it would be her first, God, she wanted it to be special for the girl. It was special for her with Melanie, even though they didn't part on good terms.

That blush hit the blonde even harder when that question came. It was one disadvantage of the age gap. Women of Regina's age had some experiences behind them. As troublesome as Emma could be in the past, she didn't want to go to bed with just anyone. And then how could she when being blinded by the brunette woman?

"No, no I didn't mean it to sound like that, I understand."

Emma's sheepish look tried to avoid Regina's but soon her worries were calmed. "Yeah? Thank you," Emma whispered with a gentle smile, before pressing their foreheads together.

Regina placed a soft kiss to her lips before keeping up with soft kisses to relax her even more.

"I want your first to be special, especially if I am going to be that person."

Regina caught her lips one more time before she stepped back. They were in a loss of time and it had been maybe 3 or even 4 hours they had been kissing and having small talks. Regina's lips were bruised as well as the blonde's.

"Text me when you are at home and change my name, okay?"

"I will. Drive home safe," Emma promised with care.

It was so hard to let go. But, God...how happy she was they got to have this after such a long time...

Regina sat in the driver's seat, her hands on the wheel. It was too hard to drive away because when they left, there would be no coming back for almost a year. Emma's fingers brushed against swollen, smiling lips as she watched Regina disappear; driving away back to the main road.

Regina didn't want to leave even while she was driving away from the certain yellow bug, but the call from her sister pulled her off.

"I know, sis. I was in the woods having fresh air. Okay, calm mother down. I am not drinking and on my way back."

Emma wondered how she would find strength to keep her lips and hands from the woman when being all alone. But she knew it would make her so sad if they weren't to meet at all. So she had to get a grip to survive this time, and be happy with what she got. And also with the big promise.

She drove back home, and it was already late when she parked not far from the apartment. Hopefully her adoptive parents weren't worried, seeing as she often didn't go back home after school.

They were nice people. Very young, around 30. Only 2 years older than Regina. But they were very warm and really cared for her. Emma could say they really loved each other and were happily married. She couldn't have been any luckier to find a home with them.

a home with them. /span/p