So I was looking through stories for Worm (if you don't know what that is, look it up you might like it) and I realized that there aren't any Xovers with kamen rider. I had the idea for an SI type story where some dude, who just happens to be an avid Kamen rider fan, dies and some R.O.B. pluck his soul and has him reincarnated in the Wormverse in Brockton Bay and he basically becomes a more realistic Kisaragi Gentarou, obsessed with making but tries to play it more on the DL. And the person he tries to befriend is Taylor Hebert. Oh, and he died on his way to a convention dressed like Kisaragi Gentarou and had his entire collection of astro switches with him, but when he's reincarnated, the ROB dosen't let him have the cosmic switch until later in the story. This will probably happen if he learns a very valuable lesson. And also have Taylor become Meteor, the other guy is Fourze btw. So that's it please pm me if you have more questions. Hope to see it