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James Tennyson (22)

Dick Grayson- Nightwing (20)

Duela Dent- HarleyQuinn (21)

Kori Tennyson- Starfire (20)

Kom Tennyson- Blackfire (22)

Rachael Roth- Raven (21)

Jinx (20)

Karen Beecher- Bumblebee (21)

Tara Markov- Terra (20)

Garfield Logan- Changling (19, nearly 20)

Victor Stone- Cyberian (20)

Jason Todd- Robin (15)

Cassandra Grayson-Gordon - Batgirl (13)

Rose Wilson- Ravager (19)


Here we go again! Oh god I love this story. I hope you all love it!

James' Harem 2

Chapter 1: Titans Reform! Titans Together! Titans Forever!

Jump City, a home of heroes .
A home of wonders and insanity

Flying over the city where four figures, one male and three female, with the male and one of the women holding two other female figures

One was a red and orange skinned humanoid moth, his skin mainly being red with orange and yellow flame like accents across his body. He had black arms and legs from elbow/knees down, ending in three clawed hands and feet respectively. On his back he had four large wings in an X position. Instead of a mouth he and nose he had an almost... Metal mouth guard looking thing. His eyes where large and compound, a bright almost sunflower yellow. On his chest was a circular symbol that had four metal prongs emerging from it, the prongs being long and jagged metal looking very basic, the symbol was a yellow hourglass in a black background

In the moths arms was a blonde woman. She was lightly tanned with blue eyes, her hair being shoulder length. She wore no makeup and instead had some heavy duty brown goggles resting around her neck. She wore a mud brown legless leotard, the material being tight on body showing her C-cup breasts off, with a heavy duty dark brown leather jacket on top of it, the jacket having some orange accents down the arms and around the zippers. She also wore dark grey pantyhose. On her feet where heavy duty walking boots, the same brown as her jacket.

Flying next to the moth-man where two orange skinned women, who almost looked like twins, with DD-cup breasts and super model level bodies. The into difference between their bodies was that one, who was a lighter orange, had red hair and green eyes while the the darker orange sister had black hair and purple eyes.
The red haired girl, whose hair went to her ass, wore a tight long sleeve metallic purple top that ended just above her stomach with matching shorts that ended halfway down her thighs. The shirt, the sleeves of which went all the way down to the back of her hands where they looped around her middle finger, and shorts had several silver lines and accents all over them as well as green gems on several places- between her breast, on the back of her wrists and in the centre of her belt. Finally she has a set of purple knee-high high heeled boots

The black haired woman had her hair go to her mid back and had a slightly more practical outfit. She had black thigh boots with intricate markings on, yes, but hers where not high heels. She was also wearing a pair of tight leather pants that ended just past her hips. Her top was basically a spider web of black fabric, the multiple gaps showing small glimpses of her chest and stomach, before the material went up and wrapped around her collarbone and shoulders properly before going down in wrist-length sleeves. She had a purple gemstone infused in between her breasts and her lips where painted black, some black markings coming down from her eyes
Both women were wearing golden bands

Next to the two orange skinned beauty was a black woman with short chin length black hair and brown eyes. She wore a black suit that covered from her neck to her feet, the suit having in built gloves and flat footed boots. The suit was unzipped slightly at the chest, showing her D-cup breasts slightly, and had some yellow markings around the chest, shoulders and knees. She also had a black hood, which was currently covering her hair and her neck, with an inbuilt set of yellow lensed goggles

In her arms was a woman with very pale skin and pink hair that was straight and went to her collarbone, her eyes being pink with cat like silted eyes. She had mid-shin length black boots with small heels that had some pink soles and bright pink stockings. She wore a sleeveless and legless black leotard that stopped at her C-cup chest, some pink frilly accents around the top of the leotard which also looked around her shoulders. And finally she wore some elbow length pink gloves that looped around her middle finger

"Well...We're home. Jump City." The moth humanoid spoke, looking out to the horizon. His voice sounded, for the lack of a better word, 'cold' "After so long." He smiled gently

"It's been a wild two years." The pink haired woman smiled

"But a lot of fun in between." The black woman nodded "Even if I haven't gotten my turn with our lover yet." She added jokingly

"You'll have your turn, Karen." The pink haired woman answered, kissing the black woman

"Careful, we don't want any crashes." The black haired orange skinned woman teased

"I know, I know." The pink haired woman rolled her eyes, pouting playfully

"Look! There it is!" The red-haired orange-skinned woman pointed with a happy smile as they neared their destination. In front of them was a building in the shape of a T covered in blast doors and armour plating, like a shell hiding it from the world

"Titans Tower." The moth humanoid 'smiled', the group flew down to the island's floor

"Home." the blonde girl added happily

"Locked away until we are all gathered." The now named Karen nodded as she landed, letting the pink haired one down "Kind of nostalgic in a way."

"It also means we're not going to have an unfair advantage for a surprise." The black-haired orange-skinned woman smiled

"What do you mean?" The blonde asked

"We can't open the doors and have 'Welcome back' banners about." The black haired woman laughed "We can't set them up and neither could the others

"Sister, you have good ideas." The red-haired orange-skinned woman smiled at that.

"Thank you Kori." the black haired girl grinned

"Yeah, I guess that makes sense." The moth humanoid answered, pressing the dial on his chest and transformed into another form.
A human form
The male figure had dark blue hair with a few streaks of purple, tall and strong, wearing a black shirt with a blue eagle motif, wearing a dark blue jacket, black jeans with a green streak on the outside and dark coloured sneakers "I have to admit...I've missed this place." The blue-haired human smiled, his voice much more 'normal' and cheery now

"We all did." The pink haired girl smiled

"Hey, I wonder who'll be next?" Karen asked

"Hey, guys!" A carefree male voice happily yelled, a sports car driving towards them

"Whoa! Who's riding...Beast Boy?" The blonde haired girl asked before her eyes widened in shock

"That's right Tara, but... I go by 'Changeling' now." The man smiled. Changeling was actually green, yes as in his body was literally green. He had short green hair, green eyes and wearing a black shirt with purple and dark jeans with purple motif shoes "It's good to see you all again." he said to everyone, smiling happily

The blonde, Tara, grinned and hugged him tightly "It's good to see you." Tara smiled

"Looking good, Garfield." The blue-haired humanoid smiled

"Thanks, James." Changeling/Garfield answered, pulling back from Tara with a smile.

The two high-fived, smiling

"Where did you get the car?" Kom asked, pointing to the vehicle.

"I bought it." Garfield answered, scratching the back of his head nervously and chuckled. "A lot's happened in two years."

"We can tell." Kom and Kori smiled, showing their wedding rings

"Whoa! You finally tied the knot?" Garfield asked James.

James chuckled happily and almost embarrassed, but he showed off his own wedding band "Yeah." He agreed

"So, I'm second here, right?" Garfield asked

"Yeah, just waiting for the others now." Jinx, the pink haired woman, nodded

"Wonder who'll be next." Karen asked aloud

"Hmm...I'm gonna guess Rachel." Garfield answered. "She IS a teleporter."

"I'm thinking Cyborg." Jinx raised her hand.

"I think it'll be Dick and Duela." Tara put her vote in.

"I'm not sure." James admitted

"Well, all we can do is wait now." Kom answered

"So, how have you been during the two years?" Kori asked Garfield

"... All my girls are pregnant." He flinched gently


"Um...Sorry, what did you say?" James blinked

"Most of my girls are pregnant." Gar flinched

The girls and James blinked at that "Uh-huh...So THAT'S a thing." James blinked.

"Yeah, it is." Garfield nodded

"Happy fatherhood, Garfield." Kori cheered as she hugged him kindly "Hopefully we can give your children playmates to." Kori smiled as she rubbed her stomach, thinking about getting pregnant

"Yeah, that might be good." Garfield nodded, imagining the playdates.

'Calm down, James. Calm down, they're not pregnant yet.' James thought in a fluster before calming down. Their talk was interrupted by the sound of jets

"What the heck?" The group asked

"Looks like it's Dick and Duela." Jinx smiled in victory, only for it to be shattered soon after. They looked up... And saw a silver and blue robot flying towards them!

"That's not Dick and Duela." Kom answered

"WHAT'S UP EVERYONE?" The silver and blue robot called out happily as the jets cooled and he landed before them. The figure was a man basically made of silver metal, interlocking with dark grey padding and extra parts. He had blue accents around the plating, mainly around the thighs and shoulders. His chest was smooth and basic, a circular blue light on his chest with a fancy C shaped symbol inside it. The head revealed he was a black man, the left side of his face being a bit mechanical as a dark and light blue dome covered the top of his head while he had no left ear and his eye was replaced by a glowing red eye. This was Victor Stone

"Victor!" Garfield cheered seeing his friend, giving him a guy hug

"Heya, BB!" Victor answered, hugging back. "Whoa, nice threads. Been busy have you?"

"Yeah, and I'm Changeling now." He nodded

"'Changeling'. Nice." Victor nodded with an approving smile.

"Number 3." Karen raised three fingers on her right hand

"You got here first?" Victor asked James

"Yeah, Gar got here second." James nodded, pointing to Garfield "We were flying from just one town over."

"Wow, the next town over? Where'd you start, Bludhaven?" Victor asked

"Actually, the other direction." James chuckled "I think the place we flew from was called Hatton Corner." James shrugged

"Ah, okay." Cyborg nodded

"So, who's next do you think?" Garfield asked and almost as if summoned, a portal opened

"Here she comes!" Kori squeaked happily, clapping her hands to see her fellow harem member

"Rachael." James smiled

Standing there was a pale skinned woman with red eyes and a red forehead gem. Her hair was short and dark purple-blue hair that was spiked slightly, some red accents at the tips here and there, with some dark blue lips. She wore a full body dark blue, near black, skintight suit that hugged her D-cup breasts with a set of lighter blue thigh-high boots and lighter blue wrist length gloves with red fingernail claws accenting the suit. Around her shapely hips was a golden belt made of red gems and final she had an ankle length cape made from what looked like feathers, the cape having a hood, with a claps that looked like one of the gems from her belt

"Raven!" Kori smiled, wanting to hug the girl

"Kori." she said gently with a smile and hugged back. The group got back into a hugging scene... Until James and Raven were left.

"Hi, Rachel." James smiled, hugging and kissing her.

"Hello, James." She smiled with small tears in her eyes "... I missed you... I missed you so much."

"I missed you too." James sniffed happily, hugging her close

"We have to wait for two more." Victor commented

"So, we've got our Fearless Leader and his First Lady to wait for." Changling joked lightly

"What, you think he'll get a harem to?" Victor joked

Garfield rolled his eyes and chuckled. "At this point, I wouldn't be surprised."

"Well I'm a one woman man." Victor replied "So I'm not getting any more girls."

"Fair enough." Garfield answered

"How IS Sarah, by the way?" Tara asked kindly.

"She's fine." Victor smiled "Doing well with her students."

"She's a teacher?" Jinx blinked in shock

"Yes, she's working with kids who have disabilities. She amazing with them." Victor answered

"Sorry, forgot." The luck manipulator said nervously

"What have you been doing?" Gar asked Rachael

"Learning. Controlling my emotions. Overcoming... My short comings." Rachel answered

"You haven't got many of those." James flirted

"Cheeky." Rachel smiled, kissing his cheek

"Just telling the truth." he smiled

"So, what do you want to do now?" Jinx asked

"We wait?" Kori shrugged

"Yeah... Good point." Jinx sighed, crossing her arms

"Anyone hungry?" James smiled

*Time Skip*

The group were at their old Pizza haunt, each having their favourites "Think feels... So right." Victor smiled, eating into a meat pizza

"Us sitting here with pizza? Yeah, yeah it does." James nodded

"Hmm." Kori and Kom nodded, drinking two squirting bottles of mustard.

"I made sure to come here once a week." Gar nodded

"Yeah? Even with everything that's been going on?" James asked

"Yep, even then." Gar nodded "My girls sometimes came with, but... I just had to. You know? It felt WRONG not to."

"It is nice to have the normal surroundings again." Raven agreed

"I'll drink to that." Victor smiled, raising a drinks cup filled with cola.

"To us! And to our happiness!" Kori raised the mustard container

"To being together again." James smiled

"I'll drink to that." another female voice smirked, a white haired girl clinking her glass with the others

"Huh?" The group asked, before seeing the white-haired girl.

"Rose?!" The group gasped seeing her.

This was Rose Wilson. Daughter of the deadliest assassin/mercenary in the world. Slade 'Deathstroke The Terminator' Wilson. She was wearing a loose, sleeveless black shirt that stopped at her toned stomach and showed some of her B-Cup breasts and some tight blue jeans with thick hiking boots. She had one blue eye, her left eye, while her right... Was covered by an eye-patch "Yo." She waved


A young man with black hair and a scared body was sleeping soundly, hugging close a woman with green hair. Both of them bodies where slightly scared and they were naked, some covers loosely shielding their privates. The light from the sun was creeping out from the curtains, slowly crawling up to their eyes, like it was trying to disturb them. They had been up late last night and just wanted to sleep. But... Something slowly closed the curtain, something hidden in the shadows. Keeping silent, swift... and slid to the end of the bed to see them, before leaving to let them dream... And then came running in, jumping on the two

"OOF!" Both the black haired man and the green-haired woman grunted as the person leapt on them.

"I'm up!" The woman called out

"Whazzup?" The man groaned as he was abruptly woken.

The two were then greeted by a hug around their necks, from what appeared to be a young girl. The girl was about 13 and Asian with short black hair and brown eyes. She was wearing baggy black pyjamas with yellow bats all over

"Oh... Good morning." The green haired woman smiled, hugging the girl.

"Morning Cass." The dark hair man grumbled "Why are you so excited this morning?"

"Hugs." The young girl answered, giving a small smile "Fly, Jump."

"Okay Cass, we'll fly later. Promise." The dark haired man grumbled, hugging her before he skilfully put on a pair of pants without revealing his manhood and left the room

"Other mum?" The now named 'Cass' asked gently.

"Okay, I'll give you another hug." The green-haired woman smiled

"As your dad said, we'll fly later." she commented

"Fly. Jump." Cass repeated, looking annoyed

"We said later, Cass." The green haired woman frowned, getting dressed making her facepalm

Cass got up, going to the two of them trying to point to the window

The two parents left the room, going down to the kitchen "I wonder what Alfred's cooking, Dick?" The woman asked

"Well, we'll have to check won't we, Duela?" Dick responded using his lover's name.

"Sure." She smiled. The two-headed downstairs in the mansion that was their home. But... It wasn't THEIR home. They were just staying there. This was Wayne Manor, home to the multi-billionaire Bruce Wayne... Well it was kinda their home since Dick was his adopted son but still. Reaching downstairs, the two headed to the kitchen... though Cass was still huffing gently, hot on their heels. Dick began to make the three breakfasts, a black haired pre-teen eating some cereal

"Hmm? Mornin'." The black haired teen commented

"Morning Jason." Dick answered

"You're up early." Duela smiled

"School." He grumbled

"Ah... Yeah." Duela answered nodding.

"Always hated that place." Dick joked

"Me too." Duela added.

"Oh, ha, ha. Morning Cass." Jason waved to his adoptive niece.

Cass waved, clearly annoyed

"What's wrong?" Jason asked

"Fly, Jump." Cass pointed to her adoptive parents and then the window.

"Okay Cassandra, that's enough." Dick frowned "We said we would fly later. Now calm down young lady and behave or you're going to be in trouble."

Cass looked aghast at her dad and face palmed. She sat down and huffed, trying to tell her dad something important; yet, after all this time, it was still difficult to translate her.

"What's gotten you so impatient?" Jason asked with a raised eyebrow

Cass pointed to Duela and Dick, made a 'T' with her hands and said "Fly. Jump."

"... Huh?" He blinked making Cass pull at her hair. She quickly ran off and returned with a calendar

"Fly! Jump!" She repeated as she pointed at the date

"... Oh crap." Jason gasped in realization and he quickly got out of his chair "DICK! DUELA!" Jason ran off to go get them

"What?" Dick asked, still cooking

"Isn't today the day you are supposed to FLY to JUMP City?" Jason asked, emphasizing a few words

"Huh?" The two blinked before a silence that filled the room as those words sunk in






"CRAP, WE'RE RUNNING LATE!" Duela yelled as she began to panic

"I'll make the breakfast to go!" Dick yelled, equallyfreaked out "You pack!"

"Right!" Duela nodded, running off

"Cass, I'm sorry!" Dick called through "Go get a shower, get dressed and pack! To say sorry I'll get you an ice-cream when we are in Jump!"

Cass smiled, nodding to her dad...and hugged her Uncle Jason.

"You're welcome." Jason blushed "Now go get ready."

Cass nodded and rushed off to her room.

'We need to hurry.' Dick thought

*Back with the Titans*

The group were currently in a situation back in Jump City.

"Rose? Why are you here?" James asked the daughter of Slade, Deathstroke the Terminator

"Well... I'm here to join you guys." Rose smiled

"... What?" They blinked

"You guys saved my ass, back at HIVE. I've gotten stronger since then." Rose explained "So I'm helping, joining."

The group blinked in shock. "So... What're your skills?" Kom asked, looking intrigued

"I'm basically as good as my dad... Mostly." She shrugged

"So... 80% the same as The Deathstroke?" Kori asked

"Yeah." Rose nodded, one leg crossing over the other "More or less. I went through some brutal training."+

"Good to know." James sighed in relief and rubbed his eyes.

"Mind if I take a piece?" Rose asked, pointing to a pizza slice.

"Sure." James shrugged and passed her a slice

"Careful, knowing James it's gonna be spicy." Garfield forewarned her.

"Eh." Rose shrugged and ate the piece... Before she began to cough "Oh fuck! That... That's hot!"

"Here." Cyborg handed over his pitcher of milk over...Don't judge, they came prepared.


'I was hoping for a bit of mouth to mouth.' Rose thought and shrugged as she finished the drink

"Sorry, my bad." James apologized "I REALLY like spicy food."

"It's fine." She nodded

"So, aside from us saving you; why DO you want to join the Titans?" Jinx asked

"Well I want to do something good." She shrugged "Plus from Blood messing up my memories I am still trying to find who the 'real' me is."

Jinx nodded in understanding. All around the table, they knew what it was like to lose their memories due to Brother Blood. They had no idea what it must have been like for Rose. "Want to head out?" Tara offered


"What the heck?" Rose gasped, not really shocked but more annoyed

"Oh no." Garfield sighed

"Time to get to work?" Rachel asked

"Yeah, seems like it." James nodded, putting a tip down on the table as they all were leaving. They stood tall and took off running, just like old times.
None of them could keep the smile of their face

Outside, the wreckage was starting. A group of meta humans were destroying the city with random powers like fire blasts and super strength

"Oh yeah, of course." Karen rolled her eyes "Of course."

James groaned gently at that. "Seriously? Seriously Universe?" he asked gently with a happy grin

"You want to say it, or should one of us?" Kom asked James

"Well... When in Jump City." James smiled gently as he prepared to say the famous line...

"Titan's! Together!" A familiar male voice called from the top of a building

"Huh?" The group looked up and saw the figures on top of the building. Standing there was a man wearing a black and blue costume and standing next to him was a green haired woman wearing a black and red costume.

The man was wearing a full body black armoured Kevlar costume from the neck down, a slim and elegant blue bird symbol on his chest which moved over to his shoulders. Around his waist was a blue utility belt, some extra blue accents around the back of his gloves and his boots. He had slightly spiked black hair and a dark blue V shaped domino mask

The woman's red and black costume consisted of black armoured trousers with three red diamonds, one below with two to the sides, and dark black streaks up from her heels to her waist; her upper body was covered in a dark black full protection jacket with the same diamond motif across her chest, on her forearms were three curved red protrusions. She also had a black domino mask with whited eyes.

Inbetween them was a pre-teen girl wearing an all black costume and an ankle length black cape other a yellow utility belt and a yellow bat symbol outline on her chest, the girls eyes covered by one-way black lenses and a cover over her mouth and nose area

"WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?" Changeling called out in annoyance.

"Hey, leave him alone." The red and black dressed woman poute

"Who's the kid?" Rose asked, pointing up

"A Bat?! TITANS?" The rogue meta humans called out

Nightwing and the HarlyQuinn jumped down between the Titans, Batgirl following them "Hi." Nightwing nodded

"You're late." James smiled, seeing them, joking a little.

"Who is the little one?" Kori asked

"Our daughter." Duela smiled, seeing Kori again.

"Daughter?" The team blinked in shock

"Well explain later." Dick answered

"I hope you will." Garfield answered

"Now, to recap..." Dick hummed, grinning while cracking his knuckles. Everything moved like clockwork, like they had never been separated, as they got into position "Titan's! Together!"

The team smiled; powering up, transforming and becoming the team once again.

The thief's eyes widened, seeing the mighty heroes charge...

*Time skip*

Lick, lick, lick.

Cass was currently licking an ice cream, as promised by Dick. The Titan's where walking through town, towards the tower, with Cass having an ice cream... Said girl having pulled her mask to her nose

"Your daughter... Is scary." Rose comment from worry. "And my dad's a mercenary."

"I didn't think someone's arm could bend that way." Karen added

"I did that... when I was a squid or octopus." Garfield answered

"She's a firecracker." Dick laughed, rubbing his daughters' hair "So proud of her."

Cass smiled, still eating her ice cream

"So how have you two been? I bet there's been a lot happening since we last met." Kom asked, talking to Duela.

"We're fine." Duela smiled "Mostly been learning new techniques as well as looking after this little girl, she's a handful."

"I wager that you have been a wonderful parent to her." Kori added

"Yes." Cass nodded happily

"Answers that then." James chuckled. "How're your..." He asked, looking at Duela's legs

"Fine. A lot better than they were." She answered unashamed "Heck I am basically perfect."

"Duela, you are perfect." Dick smiled

"Oh you." she laughed

"Good to know." James answered

"Done." Cass spoke, finishing off her cone. She then bit into the cone itself, eating it happily

"So, anything new with your upgrades, Victor?" Dick asked Victor

"A few things." Victor grinned as he flexed his fingers "Can't wait to show them off."

"So... How were things with your family?" Rachel asked Garfield.

"Great...Well. My kids are a handful at the minute." He answered nervously. "All of them are still pups."

"They are the puppies?" Kori smiled in excitement

"No... Not really, Kori." Garfield answered. "Kinda? I mean, they haven't shown any signs of my Metagene yet."

"I see." James nodded, the group on a boat as they neared the tower once more. It took a little while, but they had arrived back to their 'T' shaped home. It was a feeling none of them could describe...they were home. Back together.

"Now to open the place up." Dick smiled, the group gathering around the control panel. Each member of the team had their own form of passcode so no one could break in without every form of identification, and each type of identification is unique to the Titan. As well as verbal passwords "Can someone cover..."

"Got it." Kori nodded, covering Rose's single eye

"Hey!" Rose snapped

Dick removed his mask, bringing his eye down to a scanner which scanned it "Robin. T Zero Zero One." He spoke after the scanner 'dinged', putting his mask back on

'Dang it, I missed it.' Rose thought jokingly.

Victor was next, a USB emerging from his finger which he plugged in "Cyborg. T Zero Zero Two."

"My turn." Kori spoke. She walked over and typed in a few random numbers, adding "Starfire. T Zero Zero Three."

"My turn." Rachel spoke, floating to the touch screen and wrote a strange runic symbol. "Raven. T Zero Zero Four."

Garfield was next, putting his hand on the scanner before his hand morphed into a lions paw then a tigers paw and then a bears paw "BeastBoy. T Zero Zero Five."

James turned into his Nechrofriggeon form, scanning his three-clawed hand "James. T Zero Zero Six."

"My turn." Kom answered, putting in some random numbers like her sister, but also scanned her eye. "Blackfire. T Zero Zero Seven."

Jinx brought a microphone out of the panel, bringing it to her mouth "A black cat has crossed your path. Jinx, T Zero Zero Eight."

"My turn." Tara spoke, putting her hand on the scanner and used a minute portion of her power. "Terra, T Zero Zero Nine."

Duela nodded, scanning her eye "HarlyQuinn, T Zero One Zero."

"As for the grand finale." Karen finished, putting in her own password with a few simple keystrokes and said the final password "BumbleBee, T Zero One One." As she said that, the panel beeped and the tower began to be revealed as armoured plating retracted

"Here we go." Garfield smiled, seeing the shutters open

"Everyone." Dick added, the windows shimmering in the sunlight.

"We're home." James finished as they stared up at the tower


A pair of red eyes looked into a portal that showed the Titan's looking at their tower.

His white hair blew in the wind

His face broke into a cruel grin

"This looks interesting." He laughed madly