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James' Harem 2

Chapter 59
War Of Light Part 2

We are on Ysmault, home of the Red Lantern's. Most of the Corps was off planet, besides four figures. Dex-Starr, the Red Lantern cat who was defending the planet right now. Shallda, a Red Lantern who has seemingly turned traitor. Bleez, a Red Lantern who people think have murdered a few hundred Green Lantern's and Yellow Lantern's. And finally... a Star Sapphire

The true villain of everything.

Bleez was bound by the pink crystals formed by the Star Sapphire, her useless heart began to pump again, these extreme emotions conflicting against each other. She was encased in what looked like pink ice, frozen.

We zoom into her eyes, as the red iris began to flicker into a soft violet colour...

'This. This is 'love'? This feeling?' She thought as she was static, feeling her heart attempt to pump. All of it was contradicting within her, it felt like she was going to be torn apart.

In her mind she was somewhere else entirely

She was back home, back on Havania... how she was with her pure black feathered wings and unspoiled body. She was looking around in shock and confusion "Where? How?" She whispered, everything was back where it was; her home and the surroundings. The waterfall and lake, the soft grass and trees; all outside her window while she was on a soft bed.

It was like everything that happened was a bad dream...

She looked around her room, everything was back in its place. The clothes she wore from before on the floor and chair, the silk quilts and down pillows and the four-poster bed. It was home. Suddenly she felt warmth in her chest and her cheeks, as strong arms held her gently

"Hello, Bleez. Did you sleep well?" A voice whispered softly, holding her in their embrace.

"I... You!" She gasped

"What's wrong? I thought you loved last night." The figure spoke. It was James in his transformation that made him her species, the evolved version of a Havanian

"I-I don't-I don't understand." Bleez whispered as she was embraced by James. "How is this happening?"

"Does it matter?" He asked before kissing her

Bleez's eyes widened as she felt his lips on her... this. This felt strange, her heart pumping again, the feel of light-headedness as she felt love. But something was wrong. Her eyes flickered closed as he held her, feeling familiar emotions for the first time in a long time. It was... Kind. Gentle. All of this seemed to melt her rage away, her wings felt like they were about to open up again for the first time.


She leaned against him, her hands resting against this man's chest.

"Do you want to sleep in?" James asked gently, hugging her close as his hands went to her ass, kissing down her neck with hunger and passion


And she froze

'No. No, this... this is wrong.' Bleez thought to herself feeling something crawl up her back as memories flashes in her mind

Memories of her home and her life there flooded her mind. Seeing not James in her vision, but someone else. James' kind face glitched out as the face of a skull-faced humanoid appeared, before flashing back. Memories of roaming hands. Of slaps. Of her own screams. Of her begging for it to stop


Or for her death

"Let-Let go of me." she muttered in panic. Fear filled her body as her lungs where working into over driver. Her blood pressure was rising like a geyser, her eyes where almost small pin pricks, her body trembling "Let go!" she asked "Please!"

"No." 'James' commented while pulling her up against his body "I love you."

More glitches filled her vision, as the James was swapped out with the skull headed being. Yellow light filling her eyes. The world morphing and shifting into flames

Love you
Love you
Love you

The skull being pulled Bleez into another kiss, one hand squeezing her ass hard while the other went to her chest as if trying to touch her heart directly

Love you
Love you
Love you

Bleez began to scream, trying to push the skull like man off her with all her might

"I love you... Love you... love you..." 'James' repeated as his body changed from being nude to a yellow and black uniform as it pinned Bleez down.

"No! No! Let me go!" she begged, cried.

The world began to crumble around her, the smell of burning, the sound of screams and the feeling of her wings being pulled. 'James' was glitching out, he was turning fully into that horrid person!

And the others soon arrived. All of them grinning at her.

All of them wearing that accursed yellow and black costume. All of them horrible and and staring down at her with lustful eyes as they grabbed her.

All of them pinning her down, ripping her cloths off

Of her... violation.

Love you
Love you
Love you

"No! No! No!" Bleez yelled, wiggling around and trying desperately to escape. She was crying in fear... before it took over once more

The rage

"GET OFF ME!" Bleez roared, her eyes turning bright red as the pink crystals shattered away

The Star Sapphire and Red Lantern were pushed back as the burning aura of rage and hatred fuelled Bleez and broke her from her prison! "Impossible!" The Star Sapphire gasped.

"RAAAAAAARRRRGGGGHHHHH!" Bleez roared, which got Dex-Star's attention as he got back up.

"Bl... eez?" the cat asked

"HRARGH!" The burning rage exploded out and freed Bleez, before she internalized it all... and her eyes turned a hateful bloody red. Her pupils and sclera were as red as hellfire as she turned to both her fellow Red Lantern and the Star Sapphire. "YOU!" She pointed at them.

"W-What the hell?!" the Star Sapphire screamed

"You think that is what 'Love' is?" Bleez snarled as she floated in the air, fuelling her rage from those traumatic memories. "You know NOTHING!"

"What are you talking about?! You where with the one who would love you! Your perfect life as your heart sang with endless joy!" She countered, summing a shield

"He understands when no means no! Boundaries! Space! He knows what I went through!" She roared, smashing through the pink construct

"My love!" The red lantern yelled as he tried to help, only for Dex-Starr to attack

"Stay down, traitor!" Dex-Star hissed as he cut out his eyes, and coughed up a napalm blood hairball.

"Love... LOVE!" Bleez continued to rant "You want to TAKE love! To FORCE it on others!"

The Star Sapphire panted as she was being forced back, defending from Bleez's attacks. "Without love, there can be no future! Don't you see that?"

"THAT IS NOT THE POINT!" Bleez roared, finally able to land a blow to the insane woman


The shield created by the Star Sapphire was destroyed, broken by Bleez's raw strength and anger.


Bleez's fist punched deep into the Star Sapphire's stomach pinning her down. "What you call 'Love', isn't! It's manipulation, control, dishonest!" She gave another blow, smashing a jab against the violet clad woman's jaw "You are FORCING it! Removing people's choices! Boundaries! You are DEMANDING people's love because you think you DESERVE it! You ignore what people WANT for what makes YOU feel good! What you are doing is not Love! It is RAPE!"

Blood came from the Star Sapphire's jaw as her body was pummeled by Bleez's fists, the aura that Bleez was producing was taking shape, leading to the outline of a large bull-like creature. Bleez then gave a harsh kick, knocking Star Sapphire onto her back, and then slammed her heel down onto Star Sapphire's stomach. As she did, Bleez altered her suit slightly so a high heel slammed into her opponents naked stomach and began to dig into her flesh

The Star Sapphire screamed as she felt the heel dig into her, it was like a burning knife plunging deep into her flesh. This pain was unbearable!

"Is THIS the 'Love' you want? It's nothing but pain and HURT!" Bleez roared, her voice echoing with pure rage as the aura within her grew. "Do NOT profess 'Love' when all you do is TAKE!"

Her foot continued to dig into the other woman's gut, the violet aura shielding her beginning to fade away "Love is a bond! It is give and take between people! It is about RESPECT! I am all about rage! It is sad -I- know more about it than YOU, bitch!"

"I'd like to think you know enough." James smirked as the sky came to life filled with lights of green, yellow, blue and red

"HUH?" Bleez turned around and saw the sky...and saw James flying towards her. "J-James..." Her voice grew softer as she saw him. "Wh-what's going-?"

"Let's just say that there's a fight going on. And you've just helped settle some things." James answered... and saw the Star Sapphire. "Is she bothering you?" He asked Bleez.

"You could say that." She hissed, altering her suit once more so the heel faded away

"Sir!" Dex-Starr cheered, flying at Atrocitous

"Ah. Dex-Starr. I see you watched Bleez and protected her as I ordered. Good kitty." He praised, patting the cat's head

"Yes~! Dex-Starr Good Kitty!" the cat purred

James looked at the aura around Bleez and nodded. "I guess that's the Entity of Rage inside of you. Are you alright?" He asked kindly, wanting to help her calm down.

"Yes. I... I'm alright." She nodded, the aura disappearing slightly as she didn't understand what he meant, not noticing her suit was changing slightly. Her costume looked heavily armoured like it was made for war. A black gladiator kilt around her waist with red constructs on her kneecaps and feet with black leggings; on her torso was a black bodysuit with horn-like shoulder pads that covered her chest and stomach, red spiked bracers with red construct energy coming from the top and a red mask that looked like an animal's skull.

"That stupid traitor, she bad Sapphire." Dex-Star pointed to the two who caused this.

"Yeah. This is what I was talking about." James said to the Guardians and Sinestro "She used this guy to frame Bleez."

The Guardians looked down at the Red Lantern and the Star Sapphire, they weren't going anywhere anytime soon. And for Sinestro... he was wearing a slightly tattered suit and a bloody face with a bruised eye. Whatever Ion did, he really did a number on him.

"What are you talking about?" Bleez asked

"You know that you have your 'amnesia'? It turns out, that asshole killed those Lanterns, since your Ring and his were in close proximity, it was easy for a connection to be made." James explained, pointing at the downed Red lantern "And with her violet light cloaking his, they where able to mask his rings signature as yours."

"Then... Did I not murder those people?" She asked. "Not that Invade about killing. But..." She looked at the Green and Yellow Lanterns, as well as thinking about the POTENTIAL that she killed an innocent... Which she isn't THE most comfortable about.

"No, you didn't kill anyone innocent." James answered.

"... You... Will pay!" The Star Sapphire hissed as she tried to stand up

James' frowning gaze turned to the Star Sapphire and sighed heavily. "No, you'll have to pay for what you've done."

"What is going on?" Bleez asked her corps leader, looking at the yellows darkly

"This war is over." Atrocitus answered. "And Sinestro got his ass handed to him by a 12 year old."

"I'm sixteen!" Kyle snapped but was ignored

"The Corps are all going to work together now." Saint Walker explained

"'Working together'? Is this possible?" She asked.

"We're going to make it possible." James answered, reassuring her as violet light suddenly filled the air, a fifth corps arriving

It was a troop of Star Sapphire Lanterns. All women wearing similar violet coloured uniforms with star symbols on their person. All lead by tall blue-skinned women with black hair. "Apologies, Lanterns of Oa." The leader spoke apologetically. "We have received your message."

"S-Sisters..." The renegade Star Sapphire stuttered

"Silence." A Star Sapphire spoke, blocking her use of the Ring and bound her with violet energy.

"You have disgraced the Corps, Sapphire 'Ika Reneg'." One of the leaders frowned. "Abuse, manipulation and corruption."

Everyone's attention was on the scene before them, the chaos

"Because of you, we had to take drastic actions. You have sullied the actions of the Star Sapphires with your twisted interpretations of 'Love'. Therefore, as of right now, you are stripped of your Ring, powers and privilege and no longer a Star Sapphire." The Leader spoke as the binding Sapphire removed Ika's ring.

Ika had lost her Star Sapphire uniform, having it almost ripped from her body and fell to the ground. Her uniform faded in a pink mist, revealing her true form. She had dark brown hair and tanned green skin, her eyes had black sclera and green pupils, wearing pale brown clothing and bowed legs. In James' eyes... this alien woman looked familiar.

"What do you want to do with this one?" The Star Sapphire leader asked.

"We'll put her in prison for what she's done." John answered. "We'll put that idea you guys mentioned into work."

Ika looked up at the Lanterns in fear... she was going to be a prisoner?

"Urgh..." The Red Lantern groaned as he was coming too.

"What about him? Removing his ring will just kill him." Hal commented.

"Please, allow me." Saint Walker spoke, letting out a cool wave of blue light around the area and touched the Red Lantern. "There, now it should be safe to remove his ring. His heart is working again."


Dex-Starr rushed by, a finger in his mouth

"ARRRGH!" The former Red Lantern screamed as he was now one digit down and transformed out of his Red Lantern uniform, turning back into a shabbily clothed being.

"So... You're the leader of the violet corps?" Sinestro sneered

"That is correct, Sinestro." The Star Sapphire Leader answered calmly.

"Bang up job getting the right people in your corps," Sinestro remarked sarcastically.

"You're one to talk." Bleez glared. "Your men turned me into a Red Lantern!"

"And?" he asked simply

"Carol?" Hal blinked as he looked at a human among the Star Sapphire's "You're alive?!"

"Hal?" a woman blinked... before flying into Hal's arms

"Oof! Carol! Oh my god! You're here!" Hal responded, embracing her happily.

"I am guessing there is a history there?" Cyberian asked as he looked at the woman

"Yeah." Guy nodded

Carol was a beautiful human woman, long flowing black hair, purple eyes from the Star Sapphire, wearing a face-crown mask, a popped collar leotard with her cleavage exposed on her D-cup chest, long-sleeved gloves that attached at the leotard and long thigh-high length heeled boots.

James saw this and nodded, sighing in relief and relaxation, going over to Bleez. "Are you alright?"

"I'm fine now." She responded. "But what're we going to do with... these?" She gestured to her aura and the Butcher entity within her. She suddenly held her head and grunted, shaking her head "Whats wrong with me?" He grumbled

"Easy, Bleez. You're currently the host of the Entity of Rage." Atrocitus responded. "You're overflowing with Rage."

"Entity of Rage? Get it out!" she hissed

"Okay, just give us a second." James responded before he was pushed away... and Atrocitus plunged his fist into Bleez's chest, ripping out The Butcher from inside of her.

Screams filled the air as blood gushed from Bleez's chest, the blue skinned woman falling to her knees

Atrocitus stood there, holding the large and glowing red bull

"You! You ripped me out of my host?!" The Butcher roared.

"You will find me a more suitable host than her." Atrocitus proclaimed as Bleez was panting on the floor. "I will be your host, Butcher!"

James went to Bleez, who was coughing as she felt her heart being ripped out and reforming... perks of being a Red Lantern, supposedly. ... Apparently.

"That... Fucking... Hurt." She coughed "Damn... it."

"Very well!" Butcher answered, before violently merging with Atrocitus in a fountain of red energy and morphing his whole armour and body.

James, however, was ignoring the situation as he helped Bleez to her back "You gonna be okay?"

"Basically just a flesh wound." she mocked before coughing up blood

"Here. Let me." James commented as he manipulated his Matrix, pushing the faceplate down. Yellow light shone like a star, and when it died down James had transformed. Standing there in James' place was a handsome buff, slender man with deep raven black wings protruding from his back, pale blue skin like blue snow and shimmering yellow eyes, black hair that went down his back and an almost elven face, wearing a long toga with Gladiatorial straps around his body. A stunning figure of a man to the woman. "Blaaz." he proclaimed, naming the form dramatically

"Why... my species?" she grunted a bit

"Simple. An evolved Havanian has a special power." he stated as he placed a hand over her stomach, his hand giving off a soft blue light

"Wh-what is this?" She whispered, feeling the glow of his hand warm her whole body. It was soft and reassuring... something... kind. Honest. She didn't know how to describe it.

The Lanterns and Guardians who were there looked at James as he did something to Bleez and the wound was quickly healed

"They become healers." James explained softly, taking his hand off her

Bleez looked into his eyes as she felt better... this was what her people would've become if they survived? If they had evolved. That future was now gone. Lost forever, because of the Yellow Lanterns who assaulted her and destroyed her home.


But she had finally accepted that. Her species was gone... and so she will do her best to charge forth with her own future

She let go of that old rage, the blinding rage.

Now she could focus... on the rightful rage of justice.

*time skip, a few days later*

The Titans were ready to head home. It was an intense debate and reestablishing of the entire Lantern Corps, but at least it was getting on the right foot now. It was actually insane how quick the corps was growing

From the Lanterns who became 'police officers' to those who were 'prison wardens'. The corps seemed to have quadrupled in size and a slow-growing trust between them all.

"How're you doing, Jaime?" James asked his fellow Titan.

"Yeah, I am doing better sir." he nodded

"Good. And we've informed the Lanterns about The Reach. If anything happens... we've got backup." James added.

"Guys, ready to go?" Cyberian asked as they were loading up on fuel and provisions.

"Yeah." James nodded as he looked at the 'Central Lantern Corps' base. A manmade base that he helped create

"I'll go onto the ship." Jaime responded, walking towards the ship.

"Okay." James responded.

"James." Bleez's voice caught him before he left.

"Hey, are you okay?" James asked as he stood there.

"I'm fine." she nodded softly

"All of this was kind of an eye-opener." James admitted.

"Yes, it was. And... thank you. For bringing me some form of closure." She responded.

"I didn't really do anything." He shrugged

"You did." She reminded with a smile "You reminded me that while rage fills my soul, it isn't all I am. And that hanging onto the anger of the past will stop me from moving further."

"Oh... Then I guess you're welcome." James smiled, scratching the back of his head

"You did great work as well, this planet is really good." She added, looking up at the tall buildings

"Thanks." James smiled "Primus Lustre was a fun project."

Primus Lustre, the planet that James himself created. It was a large mechanical planet, larger than the Earth by twice the volume and mass. A mass of neon lights, designed to be the base of the United Corps'. It had seven distinct bases set up, five of which currently in use. The bases basically being large, sprawling mega cities the size of New York each. Between each city travel, as well as smaller 'neutral zones' for the cities

With this United Corps, the different colours where set to different positions. The Green Lantern's had some stress taken off their shoulders as they just kept doing their normal stuff, and now every Green Lantern had a Blue Lantern to back them up. The two corps' working together to strengthen each other and do their best to work side by side. Those using the Yellow Light fought in the darker parts of the galaxy, sorting out the more morally grey situations and where like the black ops part of the alliance. At the same time the Red Lantern's could only be described as the group who deals with the truly fucked up situations, the riot squad and the 'murder those monsters' group. And finally, the Star Sapphire's after as prison wardens and back up for every other member of the alliance, the most versatile group honestly.

All Corps' where granted freedom. While this was their 'roles' they wouldn't just abandon a case because of 'jurisdiction'. It was a hopeful scenario that everyone would work together. And to further the United Corps' alliance, one of the Guardians where assigned to and worked with each of the Crops'... While most of the Guardians powers being taken away, the Corps' refusing to give them an inch. They where basically figure heads at this point

"I guess this is goodbye." James commented as he smiled

"I guess so." She said casually, removing her cowl

He blinked a little as he saw her full face and flowing black hair. "Good luck, Bleez." He extended his hand out of respect.

"Good luck." She responded, hugging him

James blinked a little before hugging back and patting her back gently. Bleez broke the hug and let James walk to the ship, turning back towards Primus Lustre.

"Is everything alright, James?" Kori asked.

"Yeah, Kori. It's good." James nodded.

*time skip*

"It's not alright!" James screamed as he was buried under three excitable children

"Can you blame them? They missed ya." Garfield answered as he saw James struggling.

"Someone save me!" James screamed dramatically

"Awe~, but this'll be a great memory for a scrapbook." Jinx answered, holding a camera.

"It is cute." Bleez commented with a nod, her arms crossed over her chest

"Agreed." Kori smiled


"Bleez?!" everyone called in shock and horror

"Why is she here?" Kom asked. "Um... Don't take that the wrong way."

"None taken, I know what you meant." Bleez answered.

"Ooh~! Angel Lady." The kids cooed as they saw her.


"Angel?" She asked in amazement

"I... may have shown them Blaaz when we got back." James admitted.

"I see." she commented with a small nod

"What are you doing here?" Nightwing asked

"Simple. I'm the Red Lantern assigned to this sector." She responded

"You're the-? Seriously?" Duela asked in shock, seeing her there.

"Yes, seriously." She nodded. "I was even vouched for."

"... Then... Why did you act like we'd never see each other again?!" James commented

"You did, I didn't. And you didn't ask." She responded with a shrug

"Silly daddy." Beatrix patted her father's back.

"So... I'll be around." Bleez explained casually "It's a big sector, but this place is a perfect rest stop."

"Do... you want a room? We've got some in the-. No, wait that's taken." Duela offered, thinking of a location in the tower "Maybe in the-no, too much there to. Hmmm..."

"Why can't I share with James?" She asked casually

"Because that's our bedroom." Raven answered, going to James.

"Is it?" Bleez responded with a raised eyebrow and a smirk before letting out a teasing and seductive sounding laugh "Oh, this will be fun."

*With the Guardians*

We return to Oa, where the Guardians were overlooking the Lanterns progress... and they basically had just that to do.

Many of them... where angry.


They felt slighted

They made the Lantern Corps, they created the means to give them their rings. They were the oldest and wisest of the species in the universe! And to be uprooted by this... upstart human who they knew wasn't from their universe to tell them what to do!

"I... shall get revenge." Skar hissed "They will PAY!"