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James' Harem 2

Chapter 61
Titans South Training

We arrive in Atlanta, Georgia; here the Titans South were getting ready for patrol and even training. It was honestly getting better for the team since they had been getting used to each other's quirks. The three members of the team emerged from the tower, wearing new more protective uniforms made by the Titan's.

First was Speedy, wearing a full red body-armour top, black combat trousers and gloves, red boots, wearing a red domino mask.

Next was Static, he was wearing a black/dark blue and yellow bodysuit, marked with a yellow lightning bolt on his chest, a blue hoodie with yellow edges, black boots with yellow soles and a dark blue mask that covered his eyes and up to his forehead.

And finally was Phantasm. He wore a normal white shirt, jeans and boots under a large baggy and flowing brown cloak however underneath, he wore Kevlar body armour.

"Looking good, guys." Garfield commented, giving a thumbs up.

"Like a real team now." Jinx added.

"Thanks, guys. Kind of feel it." Static responded.

"The Cape is kinda lame." Danny commented "I was hoping for something more badass."

"I think it suits ya." Speedy smirked. "Gives you that whole 'ghostly' look to your name credence."

"Eh." He shrugged

"I've got to be honest, you have come far these many months." Garth spoke as he stood by Garfield.

"Agreed." The Animal Man nodded

"Have you seen Jinx and Bumblebee?" Static asked.

"They're still inside." Garth answered.

"Oh no." Garfield mumbled "Probably still 'busy'."

*with the girls*

Inside the Tower, Jinx and Karen were getting dressed. The two where freshly showered, exhausted "Are you feeling better, Karen?" Jinx asked as she slipped her shirt on.

"Yeah, I'm feeling better. Everything's... a little less jumbled." She answered.

"That's good, darling." Jinx smiled

"You think the team's gonna be okay today?" Karen asked.

"Yeah, I think so. You've been motivated and motivating to do the best you can." Jinx answered "You where really excited this morning. I almost thought I needed some help to deal with you."

"Yeah, I was. I just needed some loving." Karen admitted "I don't know why but... I just needed it. The intimacy, the love."

Jinx walked over and hugged her gently. "You know we're all here for you."

"I know." Karen nodded, snuggling close. 'Well... I hope so...' she thought guiltily

"We should head outside. It's been a while since we've been up." Jinx asked.

"True." Bumblebee nodded. The two walked out, Jinx staying a step behind her lover... and hoped that she was doing to be okay


"Cheer up sourpuss." She joked a bit, trying to cheer Karen up

"Jinx!" Karen began to laugh as she began to race outside, having a game with her shared lover.

"Come on babe, chase me." Jinx grinned as she flipped around the hallways

"Oh, it's on!" Bumblebee smiled and chased after her.

*Outside the tower*

Garth and Garfield were giving instructions for the group, seeing it was going to be some time "I'm not gonna be here for long today, mate." Garfield commented

"You're not? Why?" Static asked.

"Personal business." Garfield answered "Kids birthday is next week."

"Ah, got it." Speedy and Static nodded.

"How old?" Phantasm asked.

"Getting close to four." He answered. "I'm so proud of them."

"Awe, that's nice." Static responded.


"... I think they're out of bed." Garth sighed.

"Think so." Phantasm chuckled

Garfield rubbed his face and shook his head. "Yep. They're okay."

"I've gotcha!" Jinx caught her shared girlfriend as they came crashing through the front doors of the tower

"Incoming." Garfield casually dodged out of the way, like he had a second instinct to this sort of thing.

The two rolled across the ground, giggling and laughing

"How did you-?" Phantasm asked

"When you have kids, you get an extra sense." Garfield answered "Especially when that includes multiple wives."

"Glad you decided to come." Garth responded as the two rolled across the ground, soon coming to a stop in an... interesting position

"Eep!" Static blushed, covering his eyes.

"Whoa." Speedy blinked as she saw it.

"Wow!" Phantasm gasped and grinned widely

"Want to take a picture? It'll last longer." Jinx commented as she lay there on the ground. Her arms where spread out above her head, her legs slightly spread with her right leg slightly raised giving a teasing hint of thigh. Meanwhile Bumblebee lay atop her, straddling her hips while her pants had fallen down a bit to reveal her black thong. They looked like they were on the front of a lesbian porno DVD, only more clothed


"Okay." Danny nodded as he put his phone away

Both Garth and Garfield sighed and shook their heads. "Alright, let's go on patrol." Garth instructed.

"I'll see you guys later." Animal Man nodded as he turned into a hawk

"See ya." The group answered.

"Alright, let's get onto patrol." Garth asked.

"Right." Speedy nodded

"And this time, don't cause trouble." Garth asked.

"One time." Phantasm groaned.


We arrive back at the prison where Thad was being kept. And he had more than one visitor this time. "Back again, Batwoman?"

"Yes." She nodded

"Where is the idiot?" He mocked, he couldn't help it. This agressive abrasiveness... It was who he was

"Bathroom. He needed a minute." She answered calmly.

"He must be livid to see you here with me again." Thad responded.


"Oh? Have you not told him?" Thad asked "About our kiss?"

Cass looked to the floor quickly, trying not to give anything away... but Thad could tell.

"You didn't?" He grinned "You didn't tell him?"

"You kissed me." She tried to argue

"Nah, nah, no. Don't try and spin that. You got in close to me." He answered. "You wanted it to happen."

"I want to help you." She frowned "Why... Are you trying to push me away like this?"

"Because it's fun 'Cause no-one will want a freak like me!" He snapped, jittering under the table... And then he stopped, shaking and holding back tears "Because I don't deserve it! I'll hurt you! I'll hurt you like everyone else! I-" Thad stopped, his voice slowing and calming down as his head dropped "I-I... I don't want to hurt you."

"Because that is what they made you?" She asked

Thad's head lowered as he cowered away, choking back tears as he didn't want to look at her. But yes, it was true.

"I will save you." She smiled


"I'm back." Bart yawned

Cass turned and smiled at Bart, seeing him walk closer.

"Nothing weird happened, did it?" Bart asked as he sat down with Cass.

"No." She shook her head... and looked into his eyes "Bart... Need to tell you something."

"What is it?" Bart asked in confusion and a little worry. "What's wrong?"

Thad looked up as he wanted to see this. See his 'brother' break because of Cass. He hated he was such a sick bastard deep down, but seeing Bart get heartbroken? He... oh he'd love it!

"Thad kissed me a while ago. I didn't stop him." Cass admitted as she looked into his eyes



"YOU BASTARD!" Bart roared as he was suddenly in front of Thad, slamming him against the wall. He had vibrated through the glass, and had smashed him against the wall violently

"Gah!" Thad coughed as he was slammed.

"Bart!" Cass called out, slamming her hands against the glass.

"D-Did that. Make you mad?" He coughed.

"You... you... YOU!" Bart ranted, shaking. Vibrating. Red lightning sparked around him, almost pouring out of his eyes

"C-Come on! D-D-Do it!" Thad urged on, smirking evilly "Do it! Kill me! Before I kill you! DO IT! KILL ME!"


"Why..." Bart muttered, having punched the wall "Please... why? Why did you do it? Is... Is making me made all you care about? Do you want to hurt me?"

"It's always about you, isn't it?" Thad mumbled "Always about you trying to make me better. About me hurting you. About you forgiving me. About me hating you. That's all this is about, isn't it? It can't anything else, can it?"

"What?" Bart blinked in shock before he looked over his shoulder, at Cass

"Me?" the Batwoman asked, pointing at herself

"Cass..." Bart panted slowly, still angry.

"Yes... her." Thad sighed, his head falling against the wall "You aren't the only one with a heart... with desires... who can fall in love."

"You're..." Bart lowered his head and dropped Thad to the floor. He backed up, looking at his hand "You... love her?"

"Yeah. I do." He answered, looking up at Bart. "And she loves. Gah!" He grunted as Bart kicked him quickly.

"Shut up! I need a minute!" he glared

"Bart?" Cass asked in worry

Bart walked away from Cass, his mind going miles per attoseconds. He didn't know what to do or say. "Why? Why do you love her?" he stuttered, looking at Thad and then turning to Cass "What do you... oh my fucking god!" He fell to his knees, trying to keep himself together "Didn't you... Cass I thought... but we..."

Cass frowned and tapped the glass with a palm strike, shattering it

Thad was shocked to see that the reinforced glass was shattered by a normal human. It was impressive. Incredible! It was like she was super human. No wonder she had captured Both of their attention in the way she had

Cass walked towards Bart and stood above him before kneeling down "I love you." she said as she held his face, making him look at her. And he could see it, in her body language. Using what she taught him... he knew she was being honest and she really felt that way

"Then... why?" he mumbled, before looking at Thad

Cass mulled over what she was going to say, with Thad remaining quiet and still slumped against the wall.

"Why Thad... tell me." Bart asked "Why do you love her? We... god damn, we need to talk about this!"

"She... I don't know. She makes me feel... not like a freak. Not like I'm a clone of you." Thad answered. "Like I am my own person. I'm not a weapon. I'm not a monster. I am not a burden, a curse, a blight. I am Thaddeus Thawne. I am... me."

"GAH!" Bart yelled, pulling at his hair "WHY IS THIS HAPPENING?!"

"... Why?" Cass asked in confusion

"Yes! I don't understand!" Bart added. "Just-I don't get it!"

"Why is this a big deal?" Cass asked. You could almost hear the record scratch as the brothers froze

"Err... Sorry. Huh?" Both seemed to ask.

"James has wives and girlfriends. Animal Man has a harem. Why is it wrong to love more than one person?" Cass asked "Love is love, right?"


"Is... is this the part where you make a double-standard joke?" Thad asked his jokey counterpart

"Maybe?" Bart rubbed the back of his neck

"I love you. And I love you." Cass spoke to Thad and then to Bart. "Can't we try?"

"I-er..." Bart blinked as he rubbed his neck. This whole thing was so... So weird and awkward

Cass saw this and kissed Bart gently on the lips, trying to help him calm down. "If you say no... I understand."

Thad and Bart gulped nervously and looked at each other. What the hell was this situation? "I... I." Bart mumbled.


"If... if it makes you happy." Bart sighed "Then... I guess... we could... try?"

Cass smiled gently as she heard that, soon turning to Thad... who was still mulling his thoughts over "Thad?" she asked softly, kneeling in front of him

That looked into Cass' eyes through her visor... seeing how cute she was, how much she cared for him... and all this crazy bullshit. God damn it; why was she the only one that made him feel 'normal'? "Alright. Fine." He frowned. "But it's not like I'm gonna like being with you and Bart all the time."

"Oh god... are you actually a tsundere?" Bart deadpanned

"Thank you." Cass smiled, kissing Thad. Thad mumbled happily as his eyes fluttered closed, kissing back happily. It felt like heaven

"This is so... weird." Bart admitted, frowning a bit at the act but didn't say anything

"We... will help you recover." Cass explained to the fallen speedster "We will help you heal."

"Really?" he asked weakly

"Yes." she nodded, looking at her new boyfriend "All of us. The three of us. You can get better. We will do it. Together."

"What the hell happened in here?!" A prison guard called out in shock, seeing two visitors on the inside of the prison.

"We gotta run!" Bart squeaked and grabbed Cass, the two rushing off in a flash of speed Within that flash of lightning, the guards and Thad were left there.

"... I'm innocent." Thad quickly commented, in his defense.



A lab was filled smoke and explosions as a large test tube shattered, green liquid pouring everywhere

"Darn, another failure." one scientist grumbled

"How many is it this time?" Another scientist asked.

"We're in triple figures now." A third responded.

"This thing's DNA. It's so corrupted and distorted. What kind of thing is keeping it alive?" The first asked.

"Perhaps if we include more human DNA. Maybe then it'll stabilise." A fourth commented.


"It all depends on IF the experiment will take the DNA! Including normal human DNA isn't enough! We need MetaHuman DNA that synthesizes with it on a molecular level!" ranted Lex Luthor as he entered the room, pushing the different scientists aside "You all have wasted SO MUCH of my time and money! And now you are trying my patience! If this does not work, you're dead!"

"Maybe we should avoid using your DNA this time, boss." Mercy commented "Remember what happened with the SuperBoy?"

"Don't remind me." he hissed

"Right, right." she nodded, typing on the computer "Maybe we should chose a few people? Maybe some close to this James guy so there is some stability?"

"Oh, please. 'Enlighten' me. Last time I checked, Tennyson is surrounded by aliens!" Luthor sarcastically remarked. "... Hello? Who is this?"

"Do you not remember Black Canary?" she rolled her eyes

"I know who she is. I didn't think she was close to him." He responded.

"She is. He has made trips to the Justice League's Watchtower on some occasions." Mercy answered. "And based on several past recordings he has been seen with her as well as several others." As she typed, more and more images began to appear on the screen

"Well, well, well. Isn't this interesting?" Luthor smiled. "Where are they now?" He asked.

*with Karen and Jinx's team*

Karen was flying over the city, watching as her students where dealing with a... situation.

"Well, this could go worse." She sighed, watching the team face against a group of thugs with high-tech guns. They weren't doing the best team work wise but they where... Okay?

Speedy was atop a bus, using her bow to rapidly shoot at the thugs. Static was using his electric powers to control disks of metal, blocking blasts.

And Phantsm? Well, he was trying to get them to drop their weapons, but it wasn't working since they were gripping onto them tightly. "Come... On!" He grunted, using his psychic powers

"Th-the hell? Why is this-?" The thieves tried to hold on, before Speedy and Static pinned them to the ground. A few metal net arrows and a small static charge took them down, finally.

"Jeez. We're not the best at this." Speedy frowned, feeling like they could've done a lot better.

"Hey, at least the damage is near zero." Static commented.

"What are you two talking about? I was awesome!" Phantasm smirked

"There's always room to improve." Garth answered. "Complacency will kill you." as he approached the group

"Please, you're not much older than us." Danny frowned

"Maybe. But I've had a long time training." Garth retorted. "You three haven't. No offence."

"No, none taken." Speedy responded. "I'm still new. Green Arrow encouraged me to join rather than... Forcing myself to try and live up to him."

"Yeah. I mean, I've only had my powers for a little while before joining you guys." Static admitted.

"Doing this isn't effecting your schooling too much, is it?" Jinx asked

"No, of course not." Static answered.

"It's actually easy for me." Phantasm added.

"I do online schooling." Speedy raised her hand as a clear sign she was fine

"So, leave these guys for the police?" Phantasm asked.

"Of course." Jinx nodded.

"Yeah." Bumblebee nodded... Before she noticed something out of the corner of her eye. She saw a goon that they had missed, dressed in black and running away as fast as he could. "Be right back." She spoke, flying off after the man. She rushed off, her wings a streak of yellow around her. The goon was running as fast as they could, before coming to a chainlink fence where they were forced to climb and lose momentum. Karen, however, shrunk down and passed through the fence with no loss of speed. Heck she was even faster now, zipping past the goon

"D-Did I lose her-?" The goon panted as he didn't know where she was.

"Yeah, I think we got away." Karen joked as she regrew next to him,

"Huh?" He turned around and almost crashed into her, before tumbling to the ground. "W-What the fuck!?"

"Hi." She waved, sitting in a fence next to him

"B-Bumblebee? Stay back! I have a gun!" He tried to reach for his waist.

"Please, you don't want to do that." She scoffed

The thug soon lowered his hands and nodded. "Yeah. You're right. I don't want to do that." He answered, sort of hypnotically but also like he had given up. But then he tackled her, the hypnosis seemingly wearing off as he went for a different method of attack

"Gah! G-Get off of me!" Karen grunted as she was tackled to the ground and the goon quickly stood back up. Karen blinked in shock as she saw this... what was going-? No. She knew. This expansion on her power... this 'persuasion'. Oh god she was doing it again! But... Was this good?

"Okay, I'll just go." The goon answered, beginning to turn tail and run.

"Huh?" Karen saw the thug running, she was getting flustered at what was happening. This new addition to her powers, the control she had over others... "Why don't you turn yourself in?" She called

The thug stopped in his tracks... and nodded. "Yeah. I'll turn myself in. It's the right thing to do."

Karen panted in shock, seeing that her power worked on the thug... she got back to her feet and sighed heavily as she clasped handcuffs on the person. "Come on."

"Yes. I will follow." He nodded with hollow eyes

'Oh god. I'm-no. I'm not her.' She thought, she told herself, shaking her head 'I'm not!'

*time skip*

"Good work guys, great job." Jinx spoke as they returned back to the tower.

"Good enough." Garth joked

"Yeah, I know we could've done better." Speedy admitted. "I'm sorry, but are we done today?" She asked shyly

"Of course. Take some time. We'll review tomorrow." Garth informed.

"Great. Means we can sleep." Danny commented.

"Yeah." Static admitted

"Alright. Don't do anything *too* much beforehand though." Garth informed.

"Yes, 'dad'." Danny jokingly remarked.

"That isn't funny, Phan-." Garfield was about to remark but just sighed. 'Give him time. He's still learning.'

"Phantasm giving you grief?" Jinx asked.

"In a manner of speaking." Garfield nodded.

"Reminds me of Garfield." Jinx smirked

"... Oh god, he does." Animal Man face dropped in shock and realisation, making Jinx laugh "Hey!"

"I just hope he doesn't have a harem. Garfield and James are enough." Garth hoped.

"You and me both, buddy." Jinx nodded.


"Have you seen Bumblebee?"

*with Speedy*

Speedy was sitting in her room by herself, she was shaking a little as she was hugging a comfort bear that she brought with 13

"Oh man..." she mumbled

A gentle knocking came from the door. "Speedy? It's me. Are you okay?" Karen's voice spoke respectfully from the other side.

"Yeah, yeah, fine." She nodded

"Do you want to talk?" Karen asked.

"Not really... Just... Scared." She admitted

"Do you want me to come in?" Karen asked, hoping that Mia would be willing.


The door opened and Karen walked inside, sitting next to Mia on her bed and respectfully. There were no words, except that Mia leaned on Karen for support.

"I'm scared." Speedy admitted "I... I'm scared of not being able to help. Of dying."

Karen wrapped her arms around Mia, comforting her. "It's okay to feel scared."

"Would... It work?" She mumbled "Will... Can they save me?"

"Yes." Karen reassured. "You protect your team and they'll protect you." And gently cupped her cheeks and rubbed them like a big sister.

"I mean Jay 10 and Cyberian. Could... Could they save me? From... From myself?"

Karen's eyes widened at that, trying to think what she could have meant. "Well. I think they could. James and Victor are both geniuses in their own rights."

"But..." She sighed "I don't... Want to die. I want to do my best to help people. I don't want to have to quit. I'm... I'm scared."

Karen looked into Mia's eyes with a reassuring gaze and spoke. "I know you don't want to die. And you won't. You're going to do great things, Mia. You're a wonderful person and a skilled hero."

"You're right." She mumbled calmly "I'm going to do great things. I'm a skilled hero. I'm a wonderful person."

Karen realised what she had done. 'Damn it, not again.' She thought. Though she was using this gift to make Mia feel calmer, was it a false calm? Was it a placebo? Or some sort of false confidence? But it was from a place of care and protection. It wasn't lying. She did feel that way about Mia.

Was... This a good thing?

"Thank you, Bumblebee. You always know what to say." Mia thanked her.

"I guess." She nodded

*With Static*

Static was currently having a shower, after all this day, he needed some 'me-time'.

"Oh man..." He sighed happily "Nothing beats a hot shower." As he turned the shower off and towelled himself off, Static flopped down onto his bed.

Virgil Hawken's looked at the time, thinking about calling his family.

"I hope dad and Sharon are okay." He wondered, picking up his phone and was about to call home.

*with Danny*

"Hmm..." The red head hummed as he adjusted his glasses, drawing calmly. It was something he did after every fight and patrol, something that helped steady his nerves. Drawing to design new cool costumes for himself.

"Let's see. Gonna need belts. Belts are cool. Ooh, maybe a cape." He thought to himself, sketching down his ideas. "A better cape. Maybe some pouches."

As he continued to doodle all these ideas down, he was imagining himself wearing this new costume and looking awesome in his own mind.

*with Garth*

Garth was currently making contact with the other Titans. It had been a long day and he needed to report in. He was just messaging a few of them. 'Things are progressing slowly. The Team still need guidance, but they're doing well.' Garth thought as he typed out his message. He hoped the others where doing okay. He halted writing for a moment, looking at his messages and rubbed his chin. "What else is there?" He wondered, before looking around his room. He sat back in his chair, his mind drifting

He closed his eyes as he began to think, he thought if he could include the patrols from earlier... but then his mind went to the images of the future. And how he was king of Atlantis with Mera as her consort.

As his Queen.

Those thoughts lingered in his mind, thinking about being King and how he would have a beautiful queen. But the thought of being disconnected from everyone scared him.


Would it be worth it?

"Urgh, no. I can't do that." He shook his head and rubbed his eyes. "I cannot betray them like that." But... He looked happy in the future. So did the Queen. "What should I do? Ask Jinx or Karen?" He wondered.

But what would be tell them? 'Should I agree to be the Queen's consort, knowing one day Is have to fight my mentor and father figure to the death? Come on, how crazy is that?'

"There has to be a better way. And one without any bloodshed." He put his head into his hands, sighing

*With Jinx*

Jinx was currently in the bedroom, she was currently tidying up from hers and Karen's session from this morning. "God she was wild." Jinx laughed a bit... And was worried for Karen. Her best friend. "I hope she's okay. Those concerns have been getting to her more and more lately." She muttered to herself "And why can't she share those fears with me?" She sat down on the bed and held her pyjamas in her hands. Trying to think of a way that she could help her. But what could she do?!

Soon after she thought that Karen walked in. She looked troubled; like she had done something bad but for a good reason.

"Karen? Babe?" Jinx asked. And, seeing her not respond, she stoof up "Karen, you okay?"

"Jinx." Karen mumbled... and hugged her tightly

"Oh, hey. What's wrong?" Jinx asked as she hugged her back.

"I... Everything feels insane." the dark skinned girl mumbled

Jinx sighed and held Karen in her arms, stroking her back. She hushed her gently as they embraced. "It's alright. We're going to be okay." She rubbed her back gently, soothingly "Whatever this is... We can get through this. Together."

Karen heard her 'future self' laughing in the background, as she continued to cry