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James' Harem 2

Chapter 62
The History of the Beetle Part 1

We head into another city, where another Titan's Tower was standing guard and with its own team. This time it was on the East Coast where the Team was practicing up in the air.

"You okay, Kyle?" Starfire asked, watching as the super powered Green Lantern shot through the air

"Yeah. I feel-Ever since James fixed the Central Power Battery, I've been feeling... better? Is that right? Y'know?" Kyle explained "After I merged with Ion I feel... More?"

"You feel more 'one with your powers'?" Blackfire asked.

"Yeah, exactly." Kyle nodded.

"Jaime? How're you?" Stargirl asked as she flew close.

"Huh? Oh, fine." He nodded

"Are you sure? You look a bit lost." She responded.

"I'm-I'm fine. I'm aright." Jaime answered, holding back his feelings "No, I am NOT going to use that weapon!"

"Is your beetle giving you trouble?" She asked as she floated next to him.

"Y-Yeah. A little." He nodded.

"We need a name for that thing." Kyle commented with a laugh

"Don't you think I know that?" Jaime responded, almost snapping at him. "Sorry. I'm sorry. Stress."

"It's fine." Stargirl nodded and smiled "Hey! Wasn't there a past Blue Beetle? Did you ever meet him?"

"You mean Mr Kord?" Jaime asked. "Or do you mean Mr Garrett?"

"Mr Kord. I meant him." Stargirl answered, feeling a little embarrassed.

"Either of them really." Kyle added

"I. I've wanted to." He admitted. "But according to what I've learnt, they haven't been seen for years."

"That's not good." Stargirl frowned. "They know more about being 'Blue Beetles' than anyone."

"But I doubt they know much about the beetle anyway." He argued

"You have a point." Stargirl frowned. "I'm sorry."

"No, I know you were just trying to help." Jaime answered, before looking down at the tower. "... You think Bart's doing okay?"

"Who knows." Starfire shrugged "Let's head back, the kids are probably waking up soon."

"Okay, race you, sister." Blackfire smiled as she flew down quicker than her sister.

"Last one there has to clean the whole tower!" Stargirl challenged as she changed the direction her staff was flying. At the same moment she jumped up, landing on her staff dramatically. Instead of sitting on it like a witch did a broom, she was now rising it like a surfboard or a skateboard, taking off in a dash of light from the cosmic staff

"Oh, heck no!" Both Kyle and Jaime responded, flying down as fast as possible... without causing sonic booms.

*time skip*

It was undecided who was going to clean the entire tower at this moment. Since the two Tennyson wives were looking after their little babies. The three children having gotten out of their bedroom somehow

"Beatriz! Come here! Mummy's looking for you!" Starfire called

"How did they get out?" Stargirl mumbled

"I don't know. Maybe they floated?" Kyle remarked.

"Alexia, Alya. Where are you?" Kom followed up as she tried to find them.

"Come on babies, where are you?!" Kori called in worry and they heard giggling

Kom pointed and mouthed the words 'Over there!' in the direction of the giggling. The others nodded, following as carefully as possible

In the other room, the Titans saw that the kids were flying on their own, giggling and having fun with their toys that they took out of their cribs. Their backs where against the ceiling, the three seemingly wiggling across the ceiling as they played upside down

"Oh, thank goodness." Kom sighed in relief.

"They're alright." Kori added as they floated up to them. "Hey you three." Kori smiled

"Uwa~! Mama!" The kids playfully reached out to them, dropping their toys as they wanted cuddles.

"Got them." Kyle commented, catching the toys with his constructs, as the three half-Taneranian's hugged Starfire

"You scared us." Kori pouted as they landed. "You're getting good at flying now."

"We might have to get some harnesses for you three. Otherwise, you'll be flying into space." Kom added, stroking their heads gently making the three giggle

"What're we gonna do?" Kyle asked.

Stargirl looked at the kids. "Babysit?" making the babies laugh


We go back to Titan's Tower, the main Tower. James was working hard trying to figure out some new plans. Plans for what exactly? Well...

His schedule

"Now, Monday I'll take Dawn to the movies, Tuesday will be Holly and the beach... But would that be okay?" James whispered

Yeah... He was working out a weeks worth of dates with his girls

"Would sleeping in their house be bad? The Wednesday, I've got Karen and go shopping...and Jinx with her museum." James continued to mutter. "Is it unfair to do Dawn and Holly back to back like that?" He muttered "They are sisters. But they aren't one person or anything. They deserve special treatment. Would it be unfair to me to come home from a date with Dawn, be all nice and loving with her that night. Trying -not- to be like that with Holly so Dawn can have her day... And then doing it the other way round for Holly the next day? Or would it be equally unfair to say the 'date' ends when we get back to their place and I treat them both as my girlfriends in a full on way? And would that be fair to the other girls, since I'd be giving the sisters 'two nights in a row'?"

And thus, the struggles of a man with a harem continue. Giving each and every member of his harem attention and care.

It's not like what you see in manga, there's a lot of thought involved.

But to James... it was worth it.

*With Titans Space*

Jaime was sat at a computer with his mask retracted, frowning as he typed away. Looking for... something. "There's got to be something. Just... Anything." He whispered to himself "They existed. I know they did. So... why can't I find anything?" he grumbled

"Still looking for them?" The beetle spoke in his mind, since they were the only ones there.

"Yes, you stupid bug." Jaime hissed

"That's not nice. Here I am trying to give you solutions to problems and morale support, you ignore them." The beetle responded.

"Your 'solutions' just boil down to 'murder', 'murder' and 'even more murder'." He frowned.

"Because it if effective." the beetle stated "If you wish to uncover the truth, then allow me to lead you to the answers."

Jaime scowled at the beetle's comment. They were going nowhere fast... and if this was the only way to get answers? What choice did he have?


"Fine." he hissed seriously "The world deserves to know the truth. I am sure these past Beetle's where amazing people."

"Good." the beetle said, almost grinning in it's voice, as Jaime's mask reformed. And at the same time the normally red eyes of the suit changed to a glowing green "Now, let's go meet them." Beetle answered as the Blue Beetle flew into the sky

"Jaime? You good?" Courtney asked as she knocked on his door. She was holding a tray of sandwitches and a few drinks "I know you've been in there for a while so I thought you might be hungry. So I just came to check on yo-" she stated while opening his door, entering his room... and seeing him gone "Oh no!" she gasped, rushing back


We arrive at a prison court. Inside were a group of Superheroes waiting for the final verdict on a prisoner who was to be released into their custody.

One was the Flash, Wally West. Standing there calmly with his arms crossed within his red suit.

Next was Bart, Kid Flash, sitting next to him with Cassandra, Batwoman, there with him.

Next was an older man wearing a red long sleeve shirt with a large yellow lightning bolt from the wait to his left shoulder, blue jeans and a silver helmet similar to the Greek god Mercury

Next to him were a father and daughter. One a middle-aged man with blonde hair, wearing a red shirt and boots with yellow gloves and leggings with a black symbol of wings on his chest and a black mask over his face.

And the daughter was hearing a similar black mask, yellow gloves, shorts and boots with a red shirt with a similar winged symbol on her chest.

Jay Garrick, Johnny Quick and Jessie Quick

And sitting in the front of them all, before a judge and prison court, was Thad. Wearing a suit and looked less dishevelled than before and was looking his best.

"Little turd." Jessie Quick snarled lightly

"Jessie, hush." Johnny whispered to his daughter, but agreed with her in how they could let Thad out.

"Hey guys, calm down." Wally frowned

"Thaddeus Thawne, we the members of the parole board have come to a verdict." The head of the board spoke.

Thad stood to his feet nervously as he was awaiting the result.

"Upon looking at your record, and your actions while in prison." The head began to speak. "It is the decision of this court to grant you parole."

Thad's legs almost buckled as he heard that, shocked and relieved as he heard that.

"You will be put into the custody of the Flash Family, you must wear an ankle monitor for three years and must be escorted at all times." The judge spoke. "Should you preform any repeat offenses or be seen outside of the custody of any members of the Flash Family, you will be sentenced to Blackgate Penitentiary for the next twenty years."

"What?! He's just a kid!" Wally snapped

"It is the decision of the court, Mr Flash." One of the parole board responded.

Wally tightened his lips as he heard that. Though it was the court's ruling... it made sense. But Thad was a depowered villain.

"Court is adjourned."

Thad sighed in relief as he sat down in the chair, looking behind him and saw the True Speedsters glaring at him. Though Cass and Bart were looking at him with kinder eyes.

"Hey, there we go buddy!" Bart smiled and patted Thaddeus' shoulder "You've got a bright future ahead of you, now!"

"Thanks. Though I need to keep my nose clean." He responded with a weak smile and looked at Cass.

"Will be fine." Cass smiled

"You better." Jessie Quick hissed aggressively

"I will." He gulped nervously, looking at the Speedsters. Since he knew he couldn't face them as he is now.

"It will be okay, kid." Jay encouraged like a kind grandfather "You'll be staying with me and my wife. And we will check your room every few days, looking for any evidence of V9."

"Thank you, Mr Garrick." Thad responded. "I'll... I'll do my best to be better."

"Huh. Politer than I thought." Wally joked

"Come along, Thaddeus." The guard spoke, ready to take him to get his ankle monitor on.

"Right." he nodded, closing his eyes. He and the guard walked away

Suddenly the world seemed to slow to... nothing. The five speedster's had a small golden aura around them, moving at amazingly fast speeds.

"Are you sure this is a good idea?" Johnny Quick asked

"Let's be honest, it'll be hard for him for the next few years. He doesn't have any speed." Wally added.

"It doesn't mean that he might relapse." Jesse rebutted.

"From what Bart has told us, he's been brought up to hate us. But if we're compassionate and help him, he'll be better." Jay responded.

"And you think he deserves it?" Jesse frowned "He tried to kill Bart how many times, now?"

"Hey, it isn't that bad!" Bart snapped

"About thirty." Wally said casually

"Wally! Dude!"

"Sorry." the Flash winced

"And you think he can just 'turn good'?" Jesse frowned "He spent how many years learning to kill Bart? Then acting on it for who knows how long, his time, since his aging is all fucked! PLUS he became a drug addict! Who knows what would happen if he gets the chance, let alone if he relapses!"

"Careful Jesse, he is my brother!" Bart snapped

"No, he isn't Bart! And you need to get that through your head!" Jesse frowned "He is a clone! One raised to murder you and take your place! And if he can't do the later, then kill everyone close and make the Thawne's version of the Flash Legacy!"

"Alright kid, that is enough." Jay frowned

"No, it isn't!" she snapped "You guys are being too lenient with this guy! Heck, you're like that with all your rogues honestly. Keep trying to redeem them, it works out for a time, and then you get blasted in the back in betrayal! Or you will end up dead like Barry! Or worse, like Max, trapped in the Speed Force, lost forever!"


A silence fell before the group, everyone frowning at them

"Jess, that is too far." Johnny frowned "Max was my friend and..."

"And that was too much!" Bart snapped

"Someone had to say it." Jesse frowned.

"Why you-" Bart glared, holding up his fist

"Now Bart. You know that's not what Max would want." Johnny warned before he sighed "3x2(9YZ)4A=?, that is the mathematical formula that I created to tap into the Speed Force. My brain synching with the endless kenetic engine, a physical manifestation of pure movement. Something I believe is pure science. But Max-"

"- He saw it as a spiritual thing." Bart sighed and lowered his hand "He was the Zen Master of Speed, after all. The Laughing Robin Hood who hated unnecessary violence and believed in being at peace... Oh god."

"It's okay Bart." Wally frowned, putting his hand in Bart's shoulder

"You don't get it Wally." Bart frowned "I'm your team mate now... But you weren't my mentor. Max was. And he was like a father to me. I..."

"I get it buddy." Wally nodded

"Jesse, apologize. That was too far." Johnny stated simply

Jesse frowned and sighed, looking at the group. "I'm sorry." From her tone, her stance and the look in her eyes. It could be said, she honestly meant it. And Bart knew that, thanks to his lessons with Cass


"I'll reach him." Bart said "I'll teach Thad the lessons that Max gave me. V9 isn't his addiction, not really. It's Speed. The world is so fast to him right now, he is thinking too fast and use to the world being a snails pace... And it's all he knows. He needs help. To learn to slow down."

"Said by the kid once called Impulse." Wally teased

"Easy with the dad jokes, Wally." Bart smirked.

"Not that long till they're born." Wally responded with a grin "Twins. Wasn't expecting that."

"Congratulations." Each of the Speedsters responded.

"Thanks, but yeah. I've got to get their rooms ready." Wally added.

"That's good." Bart nodded as the five began to slow down, the golden glow leaving them

"So that's why Wonder Woman hasn't been seen for a while." Jesse hummed

Wally looked a little sheepish at Jesse's comment. But yeah, he and Wonder Woman were doing really well since they started dating.

"Don't worry Thad. We will help you." Bart promised

Nearby we saw a figure clad in yellow and red, his form blurred as he moved around like a living static image

*with Jaime*

The Blue Beetle was flying across the globe with large glowing blue insect wings, the armoured warrior approaching Egypt

"Why are we here?" Jaime asked as they approached a large pyramid

"This is where it began. Where Dan Garrett first found me." Beetle answered. "We shall find our answers here." The Beetle's arm turned into a giant cannon, blasting a hole open into an underground temple

"Whoa, whoa! What're you doing?! This is ancient architecture!" Jaime snapped.

"You wanted answers. This is how we get them." Beetle answered as they entered the tomb

Luckily, Jaime didn't need to cough, the mask protected him. "Well... I guess this makes sense. But we're fixing it before we leave."

"Don't think so." the beetle scoffed as they landed in an old temple surrounded by lots of beetle like depictions and pictures "This is where I crash landed. Where I stayed for so, so, long. But I was found."

Small strange objects emerged from Blue Beetle's shoulders, producing projectors. Holograms appeared in the temple, revealing a man wearing archeologist gear

"Who is that?" Jaime asked

"His name is Dan Garrett." the beetle explained

"The first Blue Beetle?" Jaime asked, getting a good look at the man. The man had red hair and brown eyes, wearing beige khakis, a beige shirt and a white vest and socks with shoes.

"Correct. He found me here." The beetle answered.

The man walked up to the large area in the middle of the room, where the scarab was set. He reached down and grasped the item. Lifting it high he gasped, his eyes sparking

"He found you on that pedestal?" Jaime asked as he saw it.

"Exactly. My Charging Station." Beetle answered.

"... Why is he suddenly blonde?" Jaime asked

"Because my memory banks are slightly damaged about this period of time, I do not exactly remember it clearly." Beetle explained, making Jaime sweatdrop

"Oh... that's helpful."

*With the team*

"I can't believe he's gone." Kyle commented in shock.

"I know, I'm sorry." Courtney apologised.

"It's not your fault, we're a team." Kom responded.

"Where is he?" Courtney asked as she held her staff "What is this is that Reach thing we heard about? What if they are controlling him?"

"It could be." Kori frowned. "They are patient and terrible aliens. They manipulate planets Populi and then get them to sell them to them."

"Yeah, and not to be a jerk... back on Oa I found out that the Reach and Lantern Corps have been at each other's throats for millennia." Kyle added.

"Then we have to do something!" Courtney called in worry "They might be hurting him or who knows what! We have to!"

"It will be okay Courtney, everything will be fine." Kom encouraged

"Don't worry, I found him." Kyle commented, holding a glowing green 'compass needle' construct above his hand "Ion and I have located his life signature."

"Oh thank goodness!" Courtney cheered softly "We need to hurry then! Let's go!"


We head deep under the water, deep down into the briny depths of the world as we see statues made of stone and coral, creations made using glowing technologies that all had aquatic-life based machinery and guards stationed around a large bubbled dome.

There we see Queen Mera swimming through the oceans. She was wearing her iconic green fish-scaled costume with a golden belt around her waist and a gold face crown on her head with her flowing red hair rushing behind her.

"How are the preparations coming?" Mera asked as she swam up to it, a large stone circle with several strange decorations surrounding it

"All the preparations are coming along swiftly, your highness. We're actually ahead of schedule." A voice responded.

"Good." she nodded "I hope Garth is ready." As we zoom out, we see that the large stone circle was like a gladiatorial arena, being built up to see who would come out on top as the next consort. A competition, a quest, to choose who would become the Tempest of the Sea. "How many participants have proven their ability to enter?" Mera asked

"At least fifty young Atlantian's shall be competing in the battle for the title of Tempest." another soldier stated simply

"Wonderful, it shall be a great tournament." Mera smiled.