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James' Harem 2

Chapter 62
The History of the Beetle Part 2

"And this is how Dan Garret died." the Beetle stated as they watched the holograms of a landslide being dropped atop the costumed hero

"That's how he died?" Jaime blinked

"Exactly." the Beetle stated "And then, finally, Ted Kord took me in. He never used my powers, keeping me locked away."


"Because he was a coward!" the Beetle snapped "Scared of my power!"

"Arrogant much." Jaime scoffed


"Hey, Beetle?"


"Why did Dan always cry out that phrase when he used your power? Khaji da, wasn't it?"


"I... do not know Jaime Reyes." the Beetle stated, you could almost hear it having a confused blink

"You don't know?" Jaime asked in confusion

"No. I do not." he informed, now concerned

"Hey, don't worry." Jaime assured "I can help you find that reason."

"... Thank you, Jaime Reyes." the Beetle stated after a few seconds -"Now. Let us continue the story of Ted Kord."

*with Team Space*

"He's where?" Kori gasped as she heard that, flying off at top speeds.

"Egypt!" Kyle called

"Why would he go there?" Courtney asked.

"It's where the Beetle was found. He's going to find answers." Kyle responded "Or the beetle is going to get more data."

"Just great." Courtney frowned

"Let us hurry!" Kori called, glad her sister stayed behind to watch the kids "Who knows what that beetle is doing to him!"

*With Jaime*

Jaime watched in horror, wide eyed and frozen, as he looked at the barrel of a gun...



A body fell to the floor, blood pouring out of the bullet wound in his head...

"And that is how Ted Kord died." the Beetle said, finishing his tale.

Jaime could feel his stomach about to wretch. These two heroes dying in such horrible manners. One crushed, one shot. "I-I'm gonna be sick."

"Not in me!" the beetle snapped

"Urgh..." Jaime groaned as the mask recoiled from itself.

"Just gross..."

"History is gross. You'll have to stomach it." The Beetle answered "But shortly after those events, I ended up attached to you Jaime Reyes."

"Meaning... I'm the next Beetle." Jaime nodded, repeating old knowledge "I'm the third Blue Beetle."

"And the last." An angry voice hissed from behind him

Jaime's eyes widened as he felt a deathly chill up his spine. He immediately turned around and looked up at a large shadowed creature. Standing there was a being that looked just like him, only much taller and buffer wearing black armour

This 'Black Beetle' grabbed Jaime by his throat and lifted him up, Jaime's legs flailing as he was struggling to breathe and tried to wrench himself out of this grip.

"What... The hell?!" He gagged

"So. You're the one with the Beetle? Can't say that I'm impressed." The Black Beetle condescended Jaime. "Still, you came here."

"Who... Are you?" He grunted

"A Beetle from the future. Here to assure you do not stop the Reach's plans." He stated darkly

"Th-the future?!" Jaime struggled.

"The Reach is coming here?" The Beetle panicked.

"Beetle?" Jaime asked his partner in worry

"Of course they are." Black Beetle answered. "Foolish larva."


"Gah!" He yelled in pain

"Someone like you doesn't deserve their sentience with their Beetle." Black Beetle glared. "You're going to be reset."

"You... Aren't touching him!" Jaime hissed as he was dragged towards the pedistal

"You have no choice in the matter." Black Beetle answered. "And you will be part of The Reach once again."

"Sorry bozo, you ain't touching my buddy!" A cheerful, joking voice commented before a large golden blast rushed through the air and sent Black Beetle flying

Jaime coughed heavily, feeling his throat being cleared up. "It's you!" Both he and the Beetle gasped.

Floating before him was a man dressed in a gold and blue spandex suit, blue armoured gloves and boots, a blue stomach area with a blue star on his chest, while his leggings, chest and goggles were gold. He had quaffed blonde hair sticking from his head where his mask covered his eyes and cheeks.

"Booster Gold, at your service." The man gave a cocy grin.


"Who?" Jaime and the beetle asked

Flying next to this 'hero' was a small golden robot with a blue visor for a face. "Wow, looks like we got in time, Booster." It spoke quickly.

"Y-Yeah. Ahem, as I was saying. I'm 'Booster Gold'! And trust me kid, we need to get out of here, now!" Booster almost dropped from floating in the air from Jaime's comment. "I'm the greatest hero you've never heard of! Besides, I'm a friend of old Ted. So let's hurry kiddo!"

"Wait, you know Ted Kord?" He blinked in shock

"Talk later, we need to rush outta here! Blue and Gold, at it once again!" Booster cheered, dragging Jaime away

"Wh-whoa!" Jaime called out.

-"No! We need the-!"- The Beetle called out.

"We need to get out of here before we're killed!" Jaime told his Beetle and then the two vanished in a flash of light

The Black Beetle got back to his feet and growled angrily, seeing the Blue Beetle vanish along with that... gaudy looking weak human "DAMN IT!" he roared angrily


Jaime and Booster had teleported away, somewhere else.

"Where are we?" Jaime asked as he looked around, seeing the blue walls and computers everywhere

"Welcome, Jaime, to the Bug!" Booster cheered

"'The... Bug'?" Jaime asked in confusion as he looked around.

"Yep, the ship Ted created." Booster nodded as he took his goggles off

"Ted Kord made this thing?" Jaime asked as he looked around at this high-tech creation, it was like looking into his mind at how he made it all.

"Yeah, Ted didn't have armour like you or powers like Dan." Booster explained "So he had to be creative... he really was my best friend. He is the kind of people who, when you think of, you think of with a smile."

"An incredibly intelligent human." The Beetle spoke to Jaime.

"Is that why you got me out of there?" Jaime asked.

"Yeah, it was. I couldn't let the Blue Beetle die." Booster answered as he punched Jaime's arm lightly "This ain't you place Jaime. You and I have a lot of adventures to go through."

"What are you talking about?" Jaime frowned

"Okay. So, I am a time traveler. My... 'job' is to take out aberrations in the time stream. Things that are changing history." Booster explained, making quotations marks in his hands "Along the way you and I become friends and have some fun adventures saving history, just like Ted and I did once upon a time. One of those was when you destroyed the Reach."

"Wait. I destroyed-? You've gotta be kidding." Jaime backed up a little. "That Black Beetle guy said he was from the future!"

"Yeah... that might be my fault." he mumbled

"... What?" Both Jaime and Beetle asked together.

"What do you mean it's 'your fault'? What happened?" Jaime asked

"So... you know how I said I was there for this"? Booster said nervously "Well... I may have left my Time Sphere active... and left the keys in... and let Black Beetle sneak up on me so he could steal it and escape the battle, while I was watching you be a bad ass and eating popcorn. I came back to see the awesomeness and may have let the surviving agent of the Reach go back in time to try and change history so you work with the Reach so the world looses..."


"You did WHAT?!" Jaime exasperatedly yelled. "You 'left the keys in the engine'? I! Oh god! I-I gotta contact the others!"

"No! Don't!" Booster called "We can't get anyone else in on this! Any changes, no matter how small, can change everything because of the future knowledge! And fighting someone like Black Beetle, they could die! And who knows what could happen with any of them dying!"

"Then what're we going to do? What if Black Beetle goes to The Reach and warns them?" Jaime responded.

"He won't. The Reach are simple, following rules and subroutines." Booster explained "And when there are rouge Beetle's, the protocol is to beat/capture them, reset them."

Jaime nodded as he heard that. "That... that makes sense. From what both Mrs Tennysons said and how they operate." Jaime nodded.

"Well, you got me buddy!" Booster grinned




And Jaime had disappeared


"Gah!" Booster yelled "Skeets! Where did he go?!"

*With Jaime*

"... Not good." Jaime blinked, seeing Black Beetle standing in front of him

"That time traveler left a link between his ship and my time ship to track me." He stated "Easy for someone like me to hack."

"Well... I'm not scared of you!" Jaime snapped

"You should be." Black Beetle smirked as he suddenly grabbed Jaime by the back, grabbing the Beetle's backpack where it was fused with Jaime's spine

Jaime gasped and then screamed as he felt his back being torn. It was horrible, it was like his body was fighting against the Black Beetle's grip, trying to remain fused. But its strength was too much, it was like his limbs were being ripped off. The Beetle's voice was leaving Jaime as its connection was being lost.

"Ja-! Jaime! No! I wo-o-o-on't leave!" The beetle

Blood was spraying from the holes in Jaime's back, Black Beetle smiling as he was taking pleasure in ripping out the Beetle. It was like he was purposely taking his time severing Jaime from the Scarab.


"GAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Jaime screamed in agony, feeling the Beetle finally leave him

Black Beetle smiled as Jaime's blood splattered on his face, staining his teeth as the Blue Beetle was ripped from his spine. "Finally. You will be reset. And this world, will be under The Reach." He began to walk towards the pedistal it sat until Dan Garret found it all those years ago "Your recharge station shall fix you, reboot you. Don't worry you can keep the human host when it is finished. A vegetable under your control, as he should be. But if he bleeds out before your repairs are finished, any host shall be able to fuffil that function."


'Is... is this it?' Jaime thought as he lay there, feeling his blood pooling down his back

'This... this is how I die? Mama. Papa. Milagro.' He thought thinking about his family, his mind fading in and out due to the pain.

'Always with a smile.'


"Ha... Ha... Hahahaha..." Jaime began to laugh under his breath, his laughter growing

"Huh?" The Black Beetle turned as it heard Jaime's laughter, its own smile vanishing. "Why are you laughing?" but Jaime just kept laughing, pissing off the large brute "Stop! THAT! Stop it! STOP LAUGHING!" Black Beetle roared, demanding Jaime to stop.

"It's funny that you think rebooting it will make that guy work for you." Jaime laughed

"It will work! It has worked on Scarabs in the past." Black Beetle glared, removing his hands from the charging station.

"Yeah... but not with this guy." Jaime smirked "That guy has been around for years. Side by side with heroes."

As he spoke the beetle was hissing, feeling the data of the Reach rushing through it's systems. Updating its information. The beetle felt its sense of self beginning to fade away, the personality it had formed thanks to being around Jaime feeling like it was being deleted and replaced by blank data. A mindless machine was trying to take its place, eating away at who it was

"That guy... he is annoying. Aggressive. Rude." Jaime listed off "Selfish and so condescending. Always rushing to the 'kill' option and not thinking about any other option."

"As is expected of an Infiltrator, of a warrior of the Reach!" Black Beetle snapped "And soon, that personality shall be gone and it shall live up to it's full potential!"

"Nah, he's too stubborn for that." Jaime laughed more, sitting up "And I wouldn't have him any other way!"

"Why do you care so much about these scarab? He is designed to make it so your species would be enslaved!" Black Beetle glared

The beetle felt itself fading, it could barley register the world around it anymore as the Reach's data rushed into its systems. Damage from hundreds of years, from constant explosions and magical energy, being repaired. The personality Jaime had helped it make was almost gone...

"Because he is my partner!" Jaime called out confidently


Those words... they echoed throughout the tomb

And the Scarab...

The scarab heard them.

'Part... ner?' It thought as it heard those words as a few blue lights began to flash around the beetle

"You are an insane, pathetic creature." Black Beetle glared as he morphed his arm, turning it into a large gun, and holding it against Jaime's head

"Rot in hell, Reach." Jaime simply stated, while keeping his grin

'Partner...' the scarab thought as the lights began to flash 'Jaime Reyes... my... partner!' will power, something a scarab of the Reach has never shown before, was being used now. The scarab REFUSED to 'die'! To loose itself! It held on with everything it had, and then some, as its consciousness began to reform

"That thing is a hero, just as much as I am." Jaime continued as he looked Black Beetle in the eye. Even as he was bleeding out, even as he was in incredible agony, even as he was starting to loose consciousness, he kept his eyes locked with that monster. A smile on his face

"Fine then, looks like the scarab will need another host." Black Beetle glared "Any last words, pest?" he snarled

"Just... two." Jaime said, his voice starting to grow weaker as he body swayed "Khaji da!" he stated


"What?!" Black Beetle yelled as he tried to spin around, only for a blue blur to smash against his chest and send him flying

It was the Blue Beetle Scarab, flying back to Jaime and grabbed him, using its legs to lift him up for just a moment more. "Alright, Jaime Reyes. You're not going down without a fight."

"Of course not." Jaime stated as he pulled himself back to his feet, carefully holding the beetle "And neither are you. By the way, pretty sure I worked out why Dan Garret said that... it's you name, isn't it?"

"That is correct." Khaji Da confirmed "I have learned much from that plug in. Such as ways to improve our armour and combat ability."

"Well, we are gonna need those!" Jaime grinned as he held the scarab securely "Because that big guy ain't going down easily! So let's show him what we can do! Ready, partner?"

"Of course, Jaime Reyes. It is an honour."-the scarab said with a 'verbal nod'

"Alright then!" Jaime called as he held the scarab high "Then, how about we go old school? KHAJI DA!"

You could almost hear a lightning bolt as the scarab glowed and merged with Jaime once more. The Black Beetle covered his eyes as the Blue Beetle reattached itself with Jaime. Angry that this had just happened.

Within the merging lightning, the Beetle spread over Jaime's body again, his main body was the iconic blue with a black bodysuit, however, there was a red scarab outline marking over his chest and some new markings on his arms and legs. On his back were more protruding scarab beetle horns that looked more like a stag-beetle's pincers. Jaime's helmet looked more streamlined as well, looking more like a helmet rather than a face, having red eyes on a blue and black styled helmet and two horns coming from his forehead that looked like antennae.

"Wow... This is cool!" Jaime grinned

"Good, glad you like it." Khaji Da responded. "Because we're going to use everything against this guy!"

"You know what? Let's do it! This guy? I don't mind letting go of those kill instincts of yours, I think he can take it!" Jaime grinned

Kahji Da began to beep, it almost sounded like the scarab was letting out a cry of joy

"You think you can stop me, boy?!" Black Beetle roared

"No. I KNOW that we can!" He smirked

Black Beetle glared angrily and zoomed right at Jaime, who seemed to be perceiving speed at a much slower pace. Black Beetle roared as he tried to slash at his foe... And the blade seemed to just pass right through him "What?!" He roared in shock, before Jaime threw a punch deep into Black Beetle's stomach.

"W... When did you..." He stuttered

"Guess you just through those muscles around." Jaime remarked with his fist in Black Beetle's stomach, before tossing him into the pyramid's walls. "Hehe. That speed was great! What else do we got?" Jaime asked

"Enhanced strength, agility, flight and speed!" Khaji Da responded as it produced a cannon in Jaime's fist. "And a few new weapons. Have fun."

"Good to know!" Jaime responded as he blasted Black Beetle in the face which got The Reach focused warrior majorly pissed. Jaime then rushed forwards as his feet turned into boosters, blasting him forwards

Black Beetle coughed and grunted, seeing Jaime rocket forwards and clock him straight in the face, feeling his armour slightly crack. "ARGH!" And was laid out on the floor. 'This. Is impossible! Scarabs can't be like this! They're supposed to be controllers!'

Jaime did a flip as the flames from his jets ended. One hand becoming a hook, he snagged if around Black Beetle's neck as he rushed by. At the same time he formed a hammer with his other hand, jabbing it into the wall. With this and his momentum, he sent Black Beetle crashing into the ground facefirsf as Jaime did a twist in the air

As Black Beetle hit the ground, trying to recover, Khaji Da created a cannon out of Jaime's back and fired


Jaime's back projected a large energy blast, striking the Black Beetle without the momentum forcing him forward. Jaime landed calmly, letting his weapons fade "Whoa. I guess this is 'Insta-Kill'." Jaime commented.

"Don't get too cocky, Jaime. It's not over yet." Khaji Da answered.

"Right, right." He nodded

Black Beetle grunted as his armour was chipped away, sparking as it was partially exposing his body.

"So... Let's finish this, make our own ending." Jaime grinned

"You've got it. Partner." Khaji Da responded, powering up and his red accents began to glow which made the blue in his costume come 'alive'.

Jaime grinned as his arms combined into a large energy cannon, his wings extending out with turbines and spikes bursting out of his armour stabbing into the ground. At the same time a few vents opened up among his armour, letting steam burst out as they charged up their weapon "Haaaaaa...!" Jaime aimed his cannons right at the Black Beetle as Khadji Da helped his aim.

"Cannon's ready for buster!" Khaji Da called out.

"FIRE!" Jaime called out as the energy collected.


A massive pillar of energy and light erupted from Jaime's cannons, aimed squarely at Black Beetle who rose his arms in defense, but his armour was compromised. His humanoid flesh was exposed underneath and being seared away "Your... Despicable..." He mumbled before passing out


Black Beetle had crashed onto the ground, his own Beetle shattering from the massive output of energy.

"Wow." Jaime blinked

"And that, partner. Is what happens when I let loose." Khaji Da smirked.


"I'm still not letting you kill anyone." he stated

"Understandable. But at least we don't have to fight each other on that front." Khaji Da answered with a slight whine in his voice


"Beetle! Oh god! You're okay!" Booster yelled

"Booster! You're okay! I thought you were-" Jaime turned around.

"Dead? Not likely and not gonna happen. I saw the whole thing. You were frigging awesome!" Booster answered.

"Really?" Jaime asked

"Yeah, brilliant!" he nodded with a grin "The others would be proud! Ted AND Dan. You'll be seeing me again, by the way. But I gotta go, and I'll drag big and ugly back to his time while I'm at it."

"Okay... Can I ask one thing about the future?" Jaime asked.

"Err... kinda going into 'spoiler' territory, but sure. What is it?" Booster nervously remarked before smiling.

"Are we friends in the future? Like you were with Ted Kord." Jaime asked innocently.

"Not as close, but yeah. We're buds." Booster grinned "Also... please try and hold back next time you see me, I need my teeth for my charming smile."

"Oh. Err. Sure." He nodded. "I'll do my best."

"Thanks." Booster responded, picking up the unconscious Black Beetle. "Okay, Skeets. Let's get out of here."

"Right, Booster!"


With a golden glow, the two vanished

"Well... those two are a pair, huh?" Jaime chuckled as the helmet retracted

"Agreed." Khaji Da agreed


"JAIME!" Stargirl called as she, Kyle and Starfire arrived and descended down from the roof

"Dios Mio!" Jaime leapt back in shock, seeing his teammates before him. "H-Hi guys." before he was suddenly hugged by Stargirl

*time skip*

"You really should have told us." Kom frowned

"Yeah. I'm sorry Mrs Tennyson." he sighed

"Well, at least you're okay." Kori sighed "It's getting late, you should all get to bed."

"We do have a lot of training to do tomorrow, especially if Jaime has gotten an upgrade." Kom smiled

"Right." the group nodded

"Glad you are okay." Courtney stated. hugging Jaime again

"No worries." he smiled, the group heading to their own rooms

"Jaime Reyes. Your hormone level increase whenever you are around that woman." Khaji Da commented making Jaime blush

"W... Well. She's an attractive girl." Jaime laughed "It's just... natural."

"Natural." Khaji Da thought