max2911: No.

jasongd: Yeah, about that...

Negaben364: Thanks mate. But we aren't taking a break, we're not NOT writting. I am just pausing the uploads so we CAN write and don't rush out a crappy product.

PowerhousePhantom: ... Wait and see.

R. Vital: We aren't taking a break. But we need more time so we CAN write. We have a backlog of chapters. We try to write, at least, ten chapter's in advance with lots of editing and touch ups. Being several months ahead in uploads is actually a good stress releiver as you have to worry less. But we do not have that big of a backlog at the moment because of not being ABLE to write because life can be BS. So we are having a break so we can actually get stuff finished so we don't have to worry.

Shooting Star Dragon 3000: Yeah, but sometimes you DO forget.

B. E. A. T. N: And as I keep telling you, we aren't going to say ANYTHING. We hate giving spoilers and I, personally, find asking for them very rude.

Here are some reviews answered by Ghost:

B. E. A. T. N.: You can expect something cool happening. Grey and I are shaking some things up.

Shooting Stardust Dragon 3000: Maybe not his face? He needs that for work. *laughs*

Ben the Lesser: *in a fake drunk slur* oh... ssshhhhhooot. *hic* but, yeh. Jameshhh would think thish guy'sh a Gala... Galaxy bar.

Drakefireice28: A lessen we all can learn from BTTF.

R. Vital: Well, it'd probably happen off screen or later. Plus we don't know how Kahji Dah will feel being experimented on.

Powerhouse Phantom: That's spoiler territory.

NegaBen364: thanks dude. Look after yourself.











Grey: Hello everyone and welcome to this super special bonus chapter of James Harem 2! I am one of your authors, the annoying and egotistical GreyKing46! King of what? King of the nerds baby!

Ghost: And I'm Ghost, the co-writer author of this series alongside Grey and failed artist. I'm the... musclehead of the duo. But my full name is 'GhostKaiser23'!

*the crowed cheers*

Grey: So, after a month's break... we kinda have some bad news.

*a gasp is heard*

Grey: Work has been murdering me, seriously guys never get into fast food as a job, it will be the end of you. Because og that, some real world issues and some communication issues between Ghost and I... you mind telling them Ghost?

Ghost: Sure, Dude. Well, to put it simply; Grey needs another month's break from the main story for the backlog. We didn't make much progress in writting, so there isn't much more. Due to this, Grey's mental health because of work and time he actually has when he has time off is detrimental for him.

Grey: But, at the same time, we didn't want to leave you guys waiting for too long without something! And so, it is time! For a special chapter! James has had a lot aliens, right Ghost? Can you remember how they look and their powers off the top of your head?

Ghost: Of course! There's... um... Err... Malachite. The evolved Diamondhead. He's got an obsidian-like body. Giga-Vern the magic dragon, able to use rune magic. Um... Bob the Blob?

Grey: Hey, hey, it's okay buddy. Careful, you'll hurt yourself. It's okay, I can't remember them all either. And I remember a LOT of random stuff. So, since neither of us can do so, I bet our readers can't either.

Ghost: *pokes his fingers together sheepishly* Well, y'know I'm not the smart one here. And know our readers they probably know the story better than we do. But, what can we do? How can we keep track of all the named aliens in James' Matrix?

Grey: Simple, my buddy! This chapter!

*the crowed gasps*

Grey: We have gone through every chapter and got every alien James has transformed into! And on top of that, we named several that did not have names before hand! And as one final touch, what did we do? Oh yeah, we improved the descriptions and designs for several that where bare bones to non-existant!

Ghost: OOH! Well, that's good. Maybe it can give a better description in people's imaginations than just 'insert mediocre upgrade of existing form here'. Or just giving bland descriptions and have people fill out the descriptions themselves.

Grey: But wait! That's NOT all!

Ghost: *in telemarketer's voice* Not all? Tell us, Grey. What more is there to this chapter? What! Can! We! Ex! Pect!

Grey: Well, first off! You get special inserts ever now and agai! Where we, as well as the cast of James' Harem, will be talking about the Alien's we have just gone through! So say we have a break after ten aliens, we will be speaking about THOSE ten aliens! Going over our opinions on those aliens, how they have been used, any insperations and more! But remember! It is not just us, remember! But the cast of James! Not everyone will be there for every part, of course because WAAAAAY too many characters.

Ghost: *cough and normal voice* God, I can't keep that voice up. Yeah, since there's like... *looks at cast list* a crap-tonne of characters here, it'd be impossible for us to go through each character to give their opinions of James' transformations.

Grey: Well, at least all of them for every alien. But we will try to have as many character's appear as possible. Meanwhile, however... there is a SECOND bonus.

Ghost: *leans in and whispers* ... Second bonus? Aren't we spoiling them just a little bit here, Grey? I love our readers and reviewers too, but is this a little much?

Grey: Ghost, buddy, we are leaving them two months without any content. I think this is where we bit our lip and treat them a bit, don't you think?

*the two take a step forwards, as five sillouete's appear behind them*

Grey: After we go through James' existing aliens, we will be giving a sneak peak on five aliens yet to appear in this story! One Legacy alien, and four... that are 100% original Ghost/Grey creations!

Ghost: Okay, fair enough. I hope this helps explain why we're going to be working out butts off during this.

Grey: Now, on with the show!


Evolved Pyronite (HeatBlast's species)

He was a humanoid figure made of white flames, black rocks scarred across his body making him look like a human volcano. Around those rocks was a yellow glow. His arms where large and bulky, almost gorilla like, as they reached almost all the way to the ground while his shoulders where mini-volcanos. His head was a skull surrounded by white flames

Fire is twice as hot as heat blast's
Enhanced strength

Evolved Apperance:
Perfect HotShot
The yellow flames had turned black, the black rock turning an almost white-ish yellow. He grew a foot or so taller as his skull gave gained horns. Emerging from his back was skeletal wings encased in fire and a tail with a forked end emerged from his waist

Evolved Power:
Gained the power to fly freely
Flames have doubled in strength once more


Evolved Tetramand (FourArm's species)

Around ten foot tall. His four forearms and shins were plated with guards, his waist was covered in kneecap length shorts and his torso was covered by a leather hide jerkin. His body seemed to be made out of a red organic metal of some sort, slight spikes on his shoulder and elbow. He had four narrow yellow eyes and slight fangs poking out of his gums

Further enhanced strength
Further enhanced speed
Further enhanced durability


Evolved Petrosapien (DiamondHead's species)

obsidian black, polished figure wearing a white body suit with his Matrix just left of his chest centre. His body had arm fins like miniature blades. A certain feature of James' form was: he seemed to be the same colour of Raven's Anti-Light

All of normal Diamondhead's abilities
Weakness to sonic attacks reduced
Can control his gems when away from his body

Azmuth (formally Ceribro)

Evolved Galvan (GreyMatter's species)

bipedal frog like alien, it's size was at least 2 foot in height, it had gained a third eye in the centre of its head and it's clothes were mainly black but with yellow likes like circuitry. In the centre of its chest was James' Matrix, on his back was a shoulder length protruding rectangle with the same yellow circuitry. His hands and feet only had four digits, but they were thin and nimble enough to make complicated

Enhanced height from standard Galvan
Has a limited level of technokenisis

Evolved Apperance:
Perfect Azmuth
James was now a slightly larger Galvan, standing at seven inches tall, three yellow bulbous eyes, four-digit fingers, two legs and wearing a slightly armoured bodysuit with robes, his Matrix was on his chest and he was sitting on a floating metal platform powered by pure energy... or what looked to be pure energy.

Evolved Power:
Intelligence further enhanced
Full technokenisis
Can see in every light spectrum
Can project mental holograms

Ghost: Holy crap, that's an amazing start to the group. Let's have a look at some more. It's been a while since we've seen these guys.

Grey: Hold up buddy. *A hand is placed on Ghost's shoulder, dragging back into a comfey chair*

*The stage was now suddenly set up like some sort of game show setting, with Ghost and Grey sat in large red presenter chairs while opposite them sat a large sofa*

Grey: Did you forget what this is all about? Come on in guys!

*The crowed cheers as James, Nightwing, Blackfire and Cyberian arrive in the stage, taking their seats on the sofa*

Grey: I don't think we need to introduce anyone, do we?

Ghost: Oops, sorry everyone!

James: Hey, don't worry about it. *waves it off* How's it going everyone past the Fourth Wall.

Victor: Yeah, weird to do this sorta thing.

Grey: So, just now we've been through four of your dad's classic aliens James. And if I rember, one of them gained a small controversy in the fandom?

*The crowed laughs*

Dick: Oh yeah, that Azmuth/Ceribro thing? Wasn't that just ONE review?

Grey: Ssssush! It's good drama!

James: Yeah, I know, I know... But, I had to honour my grandfather in some way. I mean, it's established... *points to self* I'm no good with names.

*everyone nods*

Blackfire: Also we all know the REAL reason... Is cause you guys forgot!

*The crowed laughs*

Victor: Aside from that being obvious; let's take a look at the aliens here. And pointed at the shown aliens.

Dick: Where did the name Malachite come from? I beleive you're the one who named it Ghost, back in the Controlfreak chapters.

Blackfire: Please don't remind me of those.

Ghost: Ah... did I come up with the name? *waves hand* Anyway, yeah. I called it 'Malachite' because... it was just a cool sounding name for a gemstone. I don't think the name has any good connotations. *begins to count off* "Sailor Moon, Steven Universe..." Both bad guys.

James: You watched those shows?

Ghost: Don't judge me, I'm a nerd. Plus, it's a green gemstone, I thought it fit.

Grey: At least they are better than Teen Titans Go.

*Everyone shudders*

Grey: Fun fact! That show is so unoriginal it doesn't even have a unique name. It stole the name from the tie in comic to the 2003 cartoon, which gave us stuff like the Terror Titan's that our Earth 3 arc was based on and some other fun stuff.

Blackfire: Damn.

Grey: Yep!


Dick: Speaking of reboots, didn't you take the name Quad-Smash from the Ben 10 reboot Grey?

Ghost: Yeah, Grey; where did you get that name from?

Grey: Yeah, yeah, yeah! Okay! Okay! I get it! I DID take the name from the bloody reboot! You happy?

James: Well... it IS a lame name.

Victor: Yeah, it does fit James' naming skills.

*everyone else nods, as our hero lowers his head in embaressment*

Grey: And before anyone asks, HotShot is a Transformers reference!

Ghost: ... It's a Transformer?!

Victor: You didn't know?

Ghost: Michael Bay killed my interest in it... Linkara is the one to try and keep it going.

Grey: An Armada character. The kid appeal speedster hot headed character. Kinda annoying. But it is a cool name.

James: HotShot DOES look cool.

Dick: So, where did you get the name for your 'Evolved Galvan'?

James: Are-? Are you serious, Dick? Azmuth came from-!

Dick: I know that Azmuth came from your grandfather, I get that. But I'm asking about the first name.

Grey: A few things. Cerebral, a word associated woth thinking. And cerebro from Marvel comics. Plus...

Grey & James: It sounded cool.

Ghost: Well... with the first lot of aliens down, how about we move onto the second lot?

Grey: Right, right. Thank's for coming doiwn, guys.

Blackfire: No problem. *sighs, as she looks at the large red metal alien on the screen* Quad-Smash IS a real hunk~ of a form.

James: *smirking at his wife* Oh really? Well, I'm sure I can do something later.

Ghost: James, later. Otherwise, you're going to horny jail.

James & Blackfire: Drat.

Victor: We will see you later.

Dick: Good luck guys!

Grey: ... Hey dude, where you a Fourarms or a Heatblast kid?

Ghost: ... Err... I never really had a favourite. I kind of liked them all? I was indecisive.

Grey: I see. Well, on with the show!


Evolved Ectonurite (Ghostfreak's species)

James appeared before her in his alien guise; rake thin, a deep purple eye with sunken skin that seemed to be twisted around the socket, thin bone fingers, chains made from a purple material around his hands and throat. He had no legs but the iconic ghostly tail with a small purple flame lit at the bottom. And across his chest was a large zip, with a broken zipper holding it in place

Control over shadows and darkness


Evolved Galvanic Mechamorph (Upgrade's species)

It is a fluid-like humanoid, a white-skinned creature with no discernable human features. It had four-fingered hands with stumpy hoof-like feet. There were yellow circuitry markings all along its body the gave the strange outlook of veins or a skeleton of a human; on its 'head' was a singular yellow circle that acted as its eye, while on its chest was the Matrix that the circuitry came from, giving the impression of the heart's vessels.

Can merge with any technology
Can morph his body to any form of technology


Evolved Kineceleran (XLR8's species)

had a sleek dark grey body with dark yellow stripes. His helmet was dark grey while the visor was yellow as well. His hands were now four clawed fingers, his tail had arrow-head-like markings for stripes like a long large bee, his feet were clutching small balls and his elbows looked like some sort of organic jet thrusters

Further enhanced speed thanks to the organic jets on his body

Evolved Apperance:
Perfect Blurr
His skin was a dark blue and silver skinned humanoid alien; his feet were navy blue with black balls in place of his heels, a shortened striped tail, a silver helmet with a light blue visor, his hands were slightly silver armoured with black clawed hands. His chest was protected with a silver and light blue striped chest-plate and around his waist was his Matrix.

Evolved Power:
Speed is enhanced even further, near lightspeed


Evolved Vulpimancer (Wildmutt's species)

a dark brown with maroon stripes, three black gills on each side of his neck, black claws on both sides of his feet, a maroon mane and tail. His teeth had four pairs of canines in his mouth.

Bladed tail
can talk


Evolved Arburian Pelarota (Cannonbolt's species)

A dark-blue skinned, hefty alien. His arms and legs are covered in a natural metallic light silver shell and long thick fingers. His shell was made of plated armour with rivet protrusions; his eyes were a bright yellow, a pair of fangs coming from his mouth.

Stronger armour

Ghost: Well, here they are, the next row of aliens from James' arsenal. Who're going to be our next guests, Grey?

Grey: Glad you asked buddy. This time we have Starfire, Kid Flash, Animal Man and Harleyquinn!

Ghost: Well then, let's give them a round of applause everyone! *begins to clap*

*Loud clapping from audience*

Kid Flash: Thank you, thank you. Hold your applause! *Laughing and bowing as they approached*

Grey: So, guys, who are your faviroute aliens so far?

Kid Flash: Out of this current lot? Ooh, that's a tough one to say. Not! Ha, ha, ha! Blurr's freaking awesome! He's the best! Able to keep up with a speedster!

Garfield: Hmm, a mix between Quad-Smash and Azmuth. Multiplayer videogames with yourself, or super-genius who fixed the TV to get multiversal channels.

Starfire: I do enjoy Poltergeist and wish James would bring it into the bedroom. It does look a bit unpleasent, but the tentacles would be very-

Duela: We get it, Starfire. *she laughs lightly, smiling proudly*

Ghost: So Duela, what's your favourite of James' transformations that we've got listed?

Duela: So far? The gooey one which merges with machines. Makes life MUCH easier.

Grey: So, here is a question. Any aliens that people feel we haven't used often enough?

Kid Flash: Urgh, where to start. First off, you haven't used the big animal dog one more prominently.

Ghost: You mean 'Basker'?

Kid Flash: Yeah, that's him. I mean, it was -adorable- when he gave Cass a ride like he was a big alien horse, but... you could've used him a bit more.

Grey: *making notes* True, true. Honestly as much as I love Wildmutt, he is one of those aliens you don't instantly think of you know?

Garfield: CannonStorm! We need a big metal wreckingball more! Plus, you guys need to make up it up to the guy for what you did!

*everyone mutters in confusion*

Grey: Ah... what Animal Man here is talking about, is how we originally described CannonStorm. Who was one without a name before now. And how we described him was...

a dark skinned, hefty alien, his arms were covered in a natural metallic shell and long thick fingers.


Grey: Yeah... that. Oh god, we did the rolleyboy dirty.

Ghost: Urgh... I think it's safe to say I'm the 'less descriptive one' of this duo. I'm just being honest here. But at least we've got it fixed for the future.

Kori: Yes, I believe that is much better.

Grey: Dude, you did most of this list. I may do better ON AVERAGE but when promted, you are AMAZING at describing stuff.

Everyone else: To Ghost!

Grey: So, anything else anyone wants to say about this last batch of aliens? Any questions about refernces or...

Kori: Yes, I have a question.

Ghost: Go for it, Star.

Kori: Where did you get the idea of 'Poltergeist'?

Ghost: ... Well. *begins to count off* Scary movies, for one. Logical leaps in evolution; let's be honest what's worse than having a ghost possess you from the inside? Possessing your shadow and creating a terrifying non-entity to fight. It's like trying to punch the air. Plus, despite my name, I looked into other things that benefit Ectonurites.

Grey: As for the design, just general spookey elements mixed with Uggy Boogie from Nightmare Before Christmas. Just try and make it creepy.

Animal Man: And you succeeded. So... Where the hell did 'Basker' come from? Name wise.

Ghost: That was me. *raised hand* I got it from a Sherlock Holmes novel.

*Group on stage facepalmed*

Duela: It's a bloody- Never mind.

Grey: Yeah, yeah. True, true. Anything else?

Duela: Yeah, I've got one. How tough was it coming up with a new form for Hack-Trix? From what Mr Tennyson showed us, it's almost an amorphous blob made of nano-bots.


Grey: SO FUCKING HARD! *the writer slumps in his chair, huffing* Just... HOW do you change and improve Upgrade?! It is sleek and perfect!

Ghost: *groans and nods* Yep, there are some designs that just work; you know? Take yourself, Duela. You are the best representation of 'Joker's Daughter' or 'Harly Quinn'. A heroic clown girl, a little crazy but in a good way. MILES better than New 52's quote/unquote 'Duela'.


Grey: We need parody that stupidity at some point.

Ghost: Making a note for our future stories. *scribbles down 'New 52 Duela Dent parody story'* Does anyone else want to ask a question?

Kori: Who will be the next aliens?

Both: Later.

Kid Flash: Will Cass and I get married?

*everyone facepalms*

Grey: Well... we will see you guys later.

*The group waved off and left the stage, with Kori asking Duela something about Poltergeist again.*

Duela: ... Jesus, Kori! That's too horny even for me!

Ghost: ... Do you think they're still in the 'honeymoon phase' of their relationship?

Grey: Tameranian's are all about love. It'd ALWAYS the honeymoon phase.

Ghost: *Makes notes on a piece of paper* Future reference. Okay bro, who's the next four or five aliens popping up?

Grey: *nods* Let's do this... Gotta say, XLR8 is probably my fave alien.

Ghost: Well that's good. I mean, the old speedy-lizard is a favourite among everyone. And even out of this group, I still can't pick a favourite.

Grey: *blinks* We've had HeatBlast, Fourarms, Diamondhead and XLR8. Some of THE fan faves... and nothing? Not sure if I should be impressed or not, really.

Jungle Thorn

Evolved Florauna (Wildvine's species)

A humanoid alien that is on a 'spider-like' thorax created from an inverted lotus pod and sprouted vines that act as legs. Along its arched back were yellow blooming flower pods. His arms were thick tree trunks created by entangled vines with thorns that locked together like velcro hooks. His chest and head were the colour of yellowed bark, almost armoured in its natural evolution. His chest bore the Matrix in the centre of his 'heart'. Jungle Thorn's head was the shape of a thumb with thorns sprouting like a mohawk and a singular yellow eye that looked like a sundew.

Same as a classic Wildvine only more durable, and he can unleash poisonous gases


Evolved Transylian (BenVivtor/Frankenstrike's species)

He is a dark grey/blue-skinned stitched corpse-like body. He wears a popped collar tattered lab-coat, he wears a pair of bronze boots with dark yellow lights; on his back are a pair of Tesla-Coils, his gloves are made from a specialised rubber and bronze fingertips. Around his waist is a belt made of wires.

Lightning blasts
Enhanced strength
Enhanced inteliigence
Can disasemble body


Evolved Polar Manzardill (Arcticguana's species)

Glaciodon's main body is a four-footed lizardfish; its front feet are clawed like icepicks with white fur on its arms, legs and body except for its tail. Its back legs are webbed with icicle-like webbing and a long tail with see-through webbing. Its body has some ice protrusions to help it protect itself like a porcupine. Its head has become elongated into a mosasaur/crocodile/alligator mouth with double over eye-lids to protect it from the cold with a pair of protruding fangs at the front of its mouth.

Powerful ice blasts from cannons


Evolved To'kustar (WayBig's species)

a giant white skinned alien with a horn on his head and blades on his forearms. His body seemed muscular and well-toned to replicate James's physical appearance. The Matrix was set in the middle of his chest like normal, thr spikes now being massive and crossing his shoulders and down his rib cage. Around the edges of the Matrix and spikes was a red boarder. He had bulky silver, black and red armour over his shoulder and down his arms, around his waist and on his shins and legs. He also had spikes coming from his elbows, his eyes a shining yellow and a large fin was atop his head

Is giant
Enhanced strength
Cosmic energy blasts

Evolved Apperance:
Perfect Titan
Titan was now the size of James in his human form. Silvery blue skinned with yellow eyes, the fin on his head was split into a 'V' shape on his forehead which seemed to start from the top of his nose. His torso and arms were armoured in a yellow accented black armour with a point of yellow from his chest protruding to the upper left of his chest, like a stylised armour piece. His legs were armoured with the same yellow accented black metal, with two 'fins' on the shin guards. On his belt was his matrix, shining yellow with the star shaped protrusions that symbolised it as a Perfect transformation.

Evolved Power:
Much smaller size
Combines the souls of all the Titans
Adds all the Titan's powers and skills to it's own
Smaller size compresses all powers, enhancing them further

Ghost: Alright *claps and rubs hands* Now we've got a good one! Vector-Volt is a favourite of mine!

Grey: And it is one we MASSIVELY screwed up on! Because when he debuted... WE FORGOT TO DESCRIBE HIM!

Ghost: ... Shit! *facepalms* Well, I have a bias for the 'Anur aliens' except for Ghostfreak, their designs were just awesome. Urgh.

*the two of us hear growling, the two looking behind them*

*standing there where Seline and Isis, James' Loboan and Thep Khafin mothers*

Selene: Speaking of, you appear to have forgotten two said aliens.

Ghost: *gulps* W-We did?

Isis: Yes. Why, prey tell, has our darling son not used a Loboan nor a Thep Khafin form? When he has used a Transylian one.

Selene: And, on top of that, a To'kustar and a Kineceleran AND a Tetramand!

Grey: Er... well... you see...

Ghost: *shouts* WE'RE SAVING THAT FOR THE FINALE! I mean, it's obvious that James would use two of his most prized and favourite aliens connecting him to his family in only the most *dire* of straights!

Grey: Right, right! We want the right moment to do so! Something special and meaningful!

*The two mothers looked at each other and gave a single nod*

Isis: Very well, we expect his transformations to be deserving of him

Selene: And he better win. Otherwise...

*the two mothers laugh together before showing their bandages and fangs to Ghost and Grey*

Isis & Selene: We'll be very 'disappointed'.

James: Mooooooooooooms~! Knock it off! You're embaressing me! Shesh.

Ben: Yeah girls, calm down. No need to be like that.

*standing behind the two... where the three main Tennyson heroes, alongside Grandpa Max*

*the crowed goes wild*

Ghost: *holds his head in relief and whispers* Thank fuck for Ben. Um, anyway...welcome everyone.

Krystal: Great to see you guys to. Been a while since I've been in the spotlight.

Grey: Sorry about that Krystal, life has been... yeah. Plus James' arc has been a bit long... and just keeps going. But hey, it is his final arc and there are still a lot of things we wanna/need to do.

*James, Krystal, Ben, Max, Selene and Isis all take their seats*

Grey: *retakes his seat and coughs* OKay. So, on topic. The latest batch of aliens. Continuing where we left off, we messed up when Vector-Volt was first introduced. So his new design is all thanks to Ghost here, putting in his amazing work.

*the crowed cheers*

Ghost: Oh jeez... I can't handle praise too well.

Grandpa Max: Speaking of that guy, I noticed in his powers about him being able to seperate his body. But we've never seen that. Why is that there?

Grey: Good call Max, I was wondering when we'd have a chance to bring stuff like that up. Well, it is rather simple really. James' aliens are evolved, Ultimate, by default. And so most if not all of them have enhanded or new abilities. Just because an alien has appeared, however, does not mean we have seen all it CAN do. Especially for such a small scene such as the one Vector-Volt appeared in.

Ben: I am surprised you had him use an Arcticguana form.

James: Yeah... the newest alien I have used. *he crosses his arms and mumbles under his breath* My ice should have been cold enough.

Ghost: Yeah, but your ice is so cold it -burns-

*cricket sound*

Ghost: ... Huh? Like... like your normal, oh forget it.

Grey: In all honesty James, that makes you had to write for when it comes to a Matrix. The Big Chill's are a VERY versatile species. Why choose Stinkfly or Jetray when your natural form can fly? Why use most fire or ice aliens when your powers do the trick? Same for water in most cases. And you can go intangible. Leaving, really, just raw strength for most fight and pure speed. Maybe a lightning or earth elemental factor. And with those there are just aliens you always default to.

James: I guess.

Isis: I am curious about something. What was the insperation behind Perfect Titan?

Grey: *grins* That all comes down to one guy. Ghost? Would you be so kind as to explain... Mr 'My Magma is surging'?

*Tennyson family looks at each other in confusion*

Ghost: *chuckles and smiles* Well. That's because of me. You see, a few years ago... this guy. *Grab's Grey's shoulder and shakes him playfully* got me into watching a certain show and that became the basis of 'Perfect Titan'. More specifically, 'Kamen Rider Build'! *points to James* THAT is the basis of Perfect Titan! The combination of different items in one body! The start of, what I personally can't get my head out of, the 'Rider Evolutions'!

Selene: Rider Evolutions?

Ghost: *smiles and turns to Selene* Yes, 'Rider Evolutions'! Where the Ultimates have evolved in a universal war-zone simulation to fight and destroy, the 'Perfect Forms' of some aliens have evolved to fight for good! To fight because it's the right thing to do and be heroes for love and peace! Like some forms will turn into more humanoid forms and smaller forms for simplicity and efficiency, condensing their natural power into greater force and can be directed at their predators or any villains that threaten the balance of the universe!


Ghost: ... *sits back down out of embarrassment and mumbles*


Grey: It is also where some of those sound effects that play from James' Matrix come from, Meta wise. Inspired by different toku transformation jingles because of insperation. In universe it is because of Perfect Titan being unlocked/first used on Earth 3 and the whole 'crossing Earths' thing causing his Matrix to pick up 'habbits' from other universes. And a bunch of alien designs being based off Kamen Rider's to different degrees. Such as Perfect Blurr, which I made.

Krystal: Huh, cool. You guys are smart.

Grey: Thanks. Any more questions?

Ben: Yeah, where did 'Vector-Volt' come from? I mean what's the naming reason behind it?

Grey: Well... Victor, Vector. Volt. Plus a vector is a mathmatical and physics term to show the forms brains. Not the deepest but kinda cool.

Ghost: Yeah, it was kind of the 'easy road' out.

Grandpa Max: Well I must admit, I am real proud of everything James has been through. He's grown into a great man.

James: Thanks Great Grandpa.

Max: Well, if you excuse me, I gotta take the girls back home. Good luck with the rest of your special James.

James: Thanks Dad!

Krystal: Have fun, big bro! And just you wait, it'll be my turn soon!

James: Looking forward to it.

Selene: Bye pup! And make sure to use your Loboan form soon, I am sure you will be magnificent!

Isis: Same with your Thep Khafin form. You will honour our family, I am sure.

James: A prince does his best, love ya both.

*the Tennyson's all hug before all but James leaves*

James: So, should we go on to the next segment?

Ghost: Yeah. Yeah, we should... jeez, I'm frigging embarrassed. *covered his face*

Grey: Dude, you did great. No worries. You staying James?

James: Of course. I know what comes next, I ain't missing it.

Grey: Alright then! Time for the next batch of aliens!


Evolved Vaxasaurian (Hummungasaur's species)

Gigasaur had grey/tan skin, the spikes on his back are yellowish brown. His entire body looked techno-organic, his limbs had exposed metallic plates and tubes that looked barely covered and outlined in black strips of flesh. The spikes on his matrix looked like veins, his helmet was now silver and with Triceratop like horns with two horns at the bottom. He looked like a Styracosaurus than an Ankylosaur

Missile hands

Evolved Apperance:
Perfect Gigasaur
A quadruped dinosaur creature, armoured hoof-like feet, a plated shell on its back and belly with small holes along the edges like vents, a long tail with spikes on the tip of the tail, pentagonal plates through its metal back and folded over his limbs, round saw-blades sticking out like sails on its back made out of a strange organic metal. Small cannons coming from his shoulders and near the base of its tail that looked like rectangular vents.

Evolved Power:
Has saw blades
Missiles on back


Evolved Necrofriggian (Big Chill's species. James' natural form)

a red and orange skinned humanoid moth, his skin mainly being red with orange and yellow flame like accents across his body. He had black arms and legs from elbow/knees down, ending in three clawed hands and feet respectively. On his back he had four large wings in an X position. Instead of a mouth he and nose he had an almost... Metal mouth guard looking thing. His eyes where large and compound, a bright almost sunflower yellow. On his chest was a circular symbol that had four metal prongs emerging from it, the prongs being long and jagged metal looking very basic, the symbol was a yellow hourglass in a black background
Has a tendency for his colours and small aspects of his form to shift with his enviroment and age

So cold, hot

Evolved Apperance:
Perfect James
like a normal evolved Nechrofriggeon only his wings where larger and more elegant looking. He was more human proportioned with his colours having morphed from red, orange and yellow into what looked like an entirely black form except for the odd and random yellow markings on its wings, chest and arms with slimmer and longer yellow antenna

Evolved Power:
Can phase through anything
Is a vacume for heat


Evolved Sonorosian (Echo Echo's species)

a dark blue metal body with thin body, yellow eyes and yellow cables that attach from his back to his hands and smaller mouth. His head is wide and angular, with a silvery forehead and black "ears" on the sides. His Sonic Disks are yellow instead of blue and they look like his head, not having a sunken look to them. The spikes on the Matrix symbol connect to some discs and he also has black stripes on his stomach and legs

Sonic disks, can control them with mind


Evolved Aerophibian (Jetray's species)

He was larger than his father's verison of this form, his skin a navy blue. He looked a bit like a mantaray with legs, a silver horned 'Y' shaped 'crown' on his forehead. He had yellow vertical stripes down his back, yellow eyes, a long tail that ended in a world spoke fork and he had several other small yellow marks on his body. His fingers where thin and long, just three fingers per hand. His feet had three toes in a 'Y' shape like a birds. He had several spikes on his shoulders and elbows.

Energy wings and thrusters emerge from the strips on his body
Super speed
Energy blasts

James: So... THAT is why my colour changes a lot, huh?

Grey: Yep.

James: You SURE?

Ghost: Yep.

James: And it has NOTHING to do with the fact that every now and again, and every time a new arc starts, you have the urge to redescribe me?

Grey: Totally.

James: And it has NOTHING to with the fact you guys never had this file until this week, so every time you described me you boarderline completely redesigned me since you didn't remember what I looked like?

Ghost: Like we'd do that.

James: You SURE? So you guys DIDN'T forget, and just redesigned me each time you described my natural form since you kept forgetting what it looked like?

Ghost & Grey: Exactly.


James: You are both idiots.

Grey & Ghost: Yep.

?: We could have told you that!

*Terra, Raven, Rose Wilson and Deathstroke all walked onto stage*

Ghost: Oh boy, daddy-daughter time here.

Rose: Hi Ghost. Hi Grey.

Raven: You didn't think about missing *us* did you?

Grey: Been a while since you've been in the story, Huh Slade?

Deathstroke: Yeah, yeah. ...

Rose: *jabs him in the ribs*

Deathstroke: Fiine, Rose. Thank you both for not making me a pedophile and a child molester in this story, unlike the main continuity with the Judas Contract. And how the 2003 series hinted at with my creepy attitude in said cartoon around the teenage, underage, super heroes.

Grey: You're welcome.

Ghost: Dude, you're The Terminator. We're not going to make you into a creep. Plus, you sound like frigging Hellboy!

Grey: But remember in comic cannon when he slept with the 14 year old Terra...

Tara & Rose: Lalalalala! Not this universe, not this universe! *Shaking their heads with their hands over their ears*

Raven: Yes, ahem. So. Shall we continue with these aliens?

Grey: Right, right. Sorry. So, the aliens. Thoughts?

Deathstroke: Yeah; why the hell didn't James use this 'Sonic' alien against Black Canary or melt the brains of anyone troublesome?

Grey: Well he's never FOUGHT Canary. And because James isn't they kind of guy.

Deathstroke: Who said anything about fighting Canary? *Raised an eyebrow* Yeah, I know about him and her.

Ghost: AH...! Like, drowning her Canary Cry out with a 'neutralising sound'.

Rose: Please dad. No. Don't wanna hear about you saying that sorta stuff.

Ghost: Okay, okay, okay. But simple answer... people would still know. Anyone else want to know about James' aliens?

James: Yes, please. Let's move on.

Tara: Yeah... Gigasaur. Why does that name sound awesome and how does an Ankylosaur turn into a Spinosaurus?

James: Because science!

Grey: Exactly!

*They both nod*


Grey: In all hiensty, Gigasaur was the first alien made for James. And it was a case of 'what would this kid call his first alien, compared to his dad's? Well, Giga means giant and sounds awesome.'

Ghost: Plus... Dinosaurs are always awesome.

*Group nods in agreement, except for Slade.*

Ghost: Anyone else?

Rose: Yeah, I've got a question about Nebu-Ray.

Grey: Shoot.


James: Not LITERALLY Slade!

Slade: *Shrugs* You said 'shoot'.

Rose: *groans* Dad... Anyway; how fast is it? I mean... we've seen how fast Blurr is; what's the comparison?

Ghost: Good question. Hmm... Grey?

Grey: So much faster. Faster than light speed, hyper space fast. I mean Jetray was much faster than XLR8, so obviously.

Rose: So... on par with a Speedster? Like Bart or Barry?

Ghost: *thinks about DC canon top 10 fastest* ... Yes.

Grey: He can travel from planet to planet across solar systems in a few seconds, so yes. Up there if not faster. The speed diffrrence between a base member of the species and the evolved version is just the start up time, however. Evolved Aerophibian's accelerate much faster.

Rose: Okay, thank you.

Tara: Can I say something?

Ghost: Sure, what is it?

Tara: What's it like evolving? Is it like an extension of yourself or... something?

*James crossed his hands and looked down, deep in throught*

Raven: *whispering to Ghost, Grey and Rose* Quite the deep question.

Ghost: *whispering back* I know. And this is coming from the guy whose whole powerset includes evolving.

James: It's... like. It's still me. The feeling of 'doing more' and 'can do more'. Something... so natural, like it's breathing.

Tara: I see.

Grey: The whole evolution thing is a fascinating thing, really. Any more questions? Or anything anyone wants to say about the last few aliens?

Raven: *raising her hand* I do. Will you be much longer with our husband/boyfriend? *holding onto James' arm* And how many aliens are there left?

James: I just stayed for this next batch babe, since my natural form was involved. *kisses her gently*

Grey: Get a room you two.

Terra: We do, and you're keeping us from it!

Rose: Yeah!

Deathstroke: If I didn't have a healing factor I would blow my brains out...

Grey: As for aliens? We have five batches left, before our sneak peake showcase.

Ghost: *claps hands and rubs them* Let's reel them off!


Evolved Crystalsapien (Chromastone's species)

almost in monochromatic crystal, a yellow eye; a man made of living black and white crystal. Two shoulder protrusions and a central horn made out of white crystal on his main black body and head. His torso seemed to have a metal guard in the shape of an 'X' going from his shoulders down to his hips and around like a belt.

Absorb energy
Shoot energy


Evolved Cerebrocrustacean (Brainstorm's species)

a large blue crustacean alien, he had many legs and four pincers that he had full control of, a thick protective exoskeleton and a fixed face.

Super intelligence
Electric powers


Evolved Biosovortian (Loadstar's species)

a dull black with yellow 'magnetic field lines', horseshoe hands and two shoulder protrusions that curled inwards like an 'X' over his floating metal-head. James' legs were thin and slender hovering over a metallic bar of some sort.

Magnetic abilities

Evolved Apperance:
Ultimate Ferro-Stone
The alien's head was a silver metal colour with yellow eyes, held in a hollowed cone shape helmet, his torso looked strong with black and silver metals, his hands were 'U' shaped magnets and silver balls on his wrists and feet. All in all, James looked like he was a 1950's styled astronaut toy with magnets on his person.

Evolved Power:
Can control all metals, even those that are non-magnetic
Just basically full Magneto

Grey: Do not mean this is a bad way, but I think those are the most... 'ordinary' ones we've seen so far?

Ghost: *looking at the list* Yeah... If you consider a living magnet guy, a hyper-intelligent crab and a crystal-man 'ordinary'.

Grey: Oh you know what I mean. Chromastone, Loadstar and Brainstorm are not many people's faviroute aliens!

Argent: Yeah. Hey, why is this one only three aliens?

*sitting in the room with our two hosts where Argent, Aqualad, Jinx and Jason Todd/Robin*

Grey: So the others could all be four aliens a piece. Necisary sacrivices.

Ghost: Well, we're covering both Ferro-Stone and his Perfect form. So... two for the price of one; you know?

Argent: *makes a questioning face before letting it go* Alright, I guess that makes sense.

Grey: So, does anyone have any comments or questions about the latest batch of aliens?

Aqualad: I do; how does Wattson process all those thoughts he had when we were in Markovia?

Grey: He is hyper intelligent and basically Sherlock-brained it.

Aqualad: Oh... I see. Simple question, simple answer. *shrugs*

Jason Todd: I've got one.

Ghost: Go for it, Jason.

Jason: If you shone a light through Prism-Stone would it absorb it or refract it like an actual prism?


Grey: I... think so?

James: Gonna have to be something we'll have to try out later.

Jinx: I've got a question about Ferro-Stone. How can he manipulate non-magnetic metals? It's like manipulating reality.

Ghost: Err... Well, it affects the molecules that hold the metals together. So... not quite reality manipulation, but... the old lady who lives in the shoe. I dunno, it just works.

Grey: James, go back. This wasn't your turn. And base Ferro-Stone CAN'T control non-magnetic metals, but his Perfect form CAN. As said, he is basically Magneto at that point.

Jinx: Toh-may-toe, toh-mah-toe. *Waving it off*

Grey: So, should we move on, or does anyone have anything they wanna say?

Argent: Yes; when are we getting paid?

Ghost: That's it for this section, let's move on shall we? *chuckling nervously*


Evolved Appoplexian (Rath's species)

a burnt orange furred with black stripped tiger humanoid, he had twin black claws on both of his razor sharp hands, his arms were wrapped with weighted silvery bandages and at his elbows were black elbow blades. His torso was weighted down with a silvery metal like jacket vest that looked clawed up his head was more tiger like than humanoid with orange sideburns and a black domino mask that look like pointed ears. His silvery trousers were savage looking, torn and frayed just barely containing his legs from their sheer bulk and razor sharp toes.

He is basically Wolverine now


Evolved Nanochip/Human (Nanomech's species)

He was a small, humanoid, silver creature that looked insectoid. His body had a singular yellow eye and yellow veined dragonfly like wings, his back had two tentacles with four claw-talons on the end of them; his hands and feet were thin and nimble claws.

Is small
Can fly
Can interface with any technology


Evolved Orishan (Water Hazard's species)

His body was a dark blue and plated like a lobster's; his hands had sharp tips and were curved at the joints, like spikes. His shoulders and chest had barnacle like protrusions on him, like they were naturally attached. His legs looked like a lobster's tail that was split in half and just as plated. His face was armoured by a silvery metal mask with only his eyes showing, his mouth looked clamped shut until it was unleashed, like a predator's. Has water cannnos hidden in his shoulders

Can breath under water
Super tough
Water blasts can cut through diamond


Species:Evolved Chronosapien (Clockwork's species)

Normal Apperance:
a bulky bronze looking alien, his face had blue eyes, heavy bronze armoured arms, black metal legs, bronze shoes with a silvery chest-plate, a wind-up key under his chin and a gear sticking out of his waist.

Enhanced Apperance:
He loses the heavy armour, releasing him from its weight and revealed a dark red and black armoured figure underneath; the wind-up key lifted and rose to his forehead and looked like the horn of a beetle and clockwork gears began to grind and speed up.

Can control aspects of time (slow it down, crawl, speed it up, so on)
By unlocking his key, he released his full power. He can literally walk through time and control it with less than a thought

Ghost: *slumps down in his chair and sighs* That was a close one.

Grey: Yeah. And in this batch, we covered THE biggest fan faviroute species there is!

Ghost: *looking at the list*. Is it the clock one or tiger-Hulk Hogan?

*A group of Titans walk out*

Karen: What do you think?


Ghost: *ducking into the back row behind* Jeez, dude! ... Didn't we already have Bart?

Kid Flash: I can make multiple appearances!

Grey: We are trying to give all the main cast a go. We are gonna be recycling now we're near the end.

Ghost: Okay, okay. Fair enough. Okay, guys; any questions?

Karen: Yeah, I've always wondered how similar Microchip and I compare design wise.

Grey: Really? ... Huh. Yeah.

Karen: Yeah, I don't think we've met properly and seeing the description... it makes sense. I mean, from what's described my shrinking can't compare.

Ghost: Yeah, but it's not like you two are completely dissimilar.

Grey: I guess it is the yellow thing. Works though.

Superboy: I kind of want to see how well I can wrestle a tiger-alien. That actually sounds fun. From the hype you just called out about it, Grey.

Ghost: And that's just Appoplexian small talk. *chuckles*

Grey: Well, who DOESN'T love Rath? Part of the downside is that we made Wrage a lot more agressive, so can't use him as often.

Ghost: Yeah, so unless you're okay with coming close to death by the hands of a raving mad tiger alien; it's not gonna happen too often... No offence, James.

James: *called from offscreen* None taken!

Tim: I know we've already talked about this alien but... Do you think James could make some awesome tiny computers as Microchip? 'Cause, I've been thinking about some new designs for my suit and-

Grey: No. Because he doesn't become smarter as Microchip, at least compared to Azmuth of Wattson. Yeah he could do some cool tech stuff, but he'd only really be able to... Basically make a phone the size of a fingernail that has a holographic screen, since he doesn't have the engineering knowhow to do so. He knows the theory but not the skills. And yes I know that is still impressive, but when you think about what his world has tech wise...

Tim: *looks at Grey and soon goes glum, soon crouching into a ball* No... my dreams of a tiny super-phone...

Wonder Girl: Look what you've done! Apologise now! *Turned to Grey and acting protective*

Grey: Hey hey, just ask him to do so as one of his smart aliens! He'll be able to make anything up to level 19 tech that way!

Tim: *turns around and looks at Grey and Ghost* 'Level 19'? Is that like 12th Level Intellects?

Ghost: *scoffs* WAY beyond that. Um... Cassandra, do you have any questions?

Wonder Girl: Yes, what was the inspiration for 'Depth-Shot'? Obviously, it's because of his father's base alien.

Grey: Honestly? No real inspiration. We just tried to add more aquatic animal elements to it. Aspects that would help it survive.

Wonder Girl: Oh, alright. Thank you.

Bart: Ooh! Me, me, me, me! *Bouncing up and down*

Everyone: Yes Bart?

Bart: That clock-guy.

Ghost: You mean 'Overclock'?

Bart: Yeah, that's him. Does James have to be worried about making any paradoxes? Or is he able to not cause them? From what my grandfather Barry told me about Flashpoint and the Sotobro Effect.

Grey: Ah, the Sotobro Effect is basically just the energy given off by Chronosapian powers or general time powers... *suddenly starts texting* Ghost, ideas for later. *I put my phone away and smile* As long as James does not time travel to the past, and is careful while he does so, then everything will be fine. Besides, he has SO many other time powers he could use.

Bart: Oh, okay. It's just... rules of time travel are crazy, and I didn't want anything bad to happen to him.

Ghost: Awe~, you're a good kid, Bart. Anyone else or shall we go to the next lot?

Superboy: Yeah, let's go to the next guys.

Grey: Been great having you all on!

All the Hero cast: Later! *waved as they leave*

Ghost: Okay, buddy. Who have we got next?


Evolved Merlinisapien (Chamalien's species)

A green-skinned humanoid lizard; its eyes were covered by a dull silver organic metal armour that its eyes were in the shape of three red downward pointed triangles; black metal hook-clawed boots and hands. It has a long gecko-like body with tougher scales on its belly and back; its shoulders seem like turtle shells from its evolution. Red stripes on its arms that can glow or remain dull, some small 'arm fins' to help with its offensive capabilities.

Can stick to walls

Power Drain

Evolved Conductoid (Feedback's species)

A metallic-black-skinned humanoid alien, a cycloptic eye on a rectangular head with long black wire-styled dreadlocks with brass plug-ins at the tips, a slender body with wire-strapped flat armour. His hands were four-fingered with large brass plugs. Long legs and arms that had wires connecting to disc-shaped armour. On his chest was his matrix that was protected by an electric shield if threatened.

Can control, absorb and redirect electrcity and energy


Evolved Vladat (Whampire's species)

clad in a skintight black suit with silver metal and chains wrapped around his left shin and shoulders. He had some yellow tailcoats hanging from his hips, some red gloves and chest. And finally he had a mask with yellow bat-like decorations around his eyes

Super strength
Mind control


Evolved Sotoraggian (the same species as SixSix, SevenSeven, EightEight, TwoTwo and TenTen)

A heavily but sleek armoured human; the armour was mainly black with yellow outline circuitry, his eyes were yellow on a black helmet, a dark grey reinforced breastplate, shin guards and arm bracers with a miniature plasma cannon in them both. His shoulders were protected with hidden weapons on ALL his person. The group looked in shock as they saw James, he had just transformed into an alien hero they had never seen before.

Weapons matery
Heavy defence
Hiden weapons

Evolved Apperance:
Perfect FiveFiveFive
He was an even sleeker armoured human; the armour was mainly yellow with an outline circuitry pattern of black, his eyes were black on a yellow helmet, a light grey reinforced breastplate stood there with some extra bulk and enhanced aspects alongside some light grey shin guards and arm bracers with some yellow accents along the edge and middle of the weapon. His shoulders had bulky black armour plates with some jet boosters and visible guns

Evolved Power:
Enhanced strength
Enhanced speed

Ghost: *chuckles excitedly* Hoo-hoo, baby!

Grey: Hell yeah!

Ghost: And let's welcome back some of our guests while bringing some of the other Titans here!

*Audience applause*

Grey: We had some big ones this time, I wonder who has something to say.

*Walking on stage were Static, Danny Chase, Cass, Holly and Dawn*

Static: Thanks for having us, guys.

Danny: Yeah, these aliens look terrifyingly awesome!

Holly: That FiveFiveFive guy sounds badass.

Ghost: Yeah, he's one of James' most proficient fighters, having high amounts of training and knowledge in his muscle memory and the tech he wears.

Cass: *looks at Darkbite with awestruck eyes*.


*this is cute and everyone agrees*

Grey: We did base Darkbite on the Bat's. Heck, he was kinda designed to be the go-to thing for James to use when he visits Gotham.

Cass: ... Granddad... *She whispered with awe*

Ghost: This is too frigging cute! Questions, please!

Danny: I've got one; what's the deal with Stealthzard? Is he a 'ninja lizard' or something?

Grey: Kinda. He is a chameleon. However, Ghost and I fucked up and barley described him. And didn't give him a name. When James can kinda already go invisible, we just didn't have much use of him.

Danny: Ah~, okay. Gotcha.

Static: I have one. Is Darkbite... scary? Cause from what I've heard about 'Poltergeist' they're a group of 'Halloween aliens'.

Grey: He is basically alien Batman.

Static: Oh...Right, okay.

Dawn: Holly and I have questions.

Ghost: Go for it you two.

Dawn: Power Drain... can he absorb... any forms of energy?

Grey: Absorb, store, and fire. Yes. If he knows about said energy, at least. So you could, theoretically, catch him off guard. But only once.

Holly: Sheesh... Lantern Corps beware. This one guy renders you all moot.

Ghost: *glares angrily at DeathBattle* Yes. It does; doesn't it?

*everyone nods in agreement*

Static: Hey, why did you evolve FiveFiveFive in the arc he debuted in? Especially with that scenario?

Grey: Simply put, to be cool.

Ghost: Plus... Freaking Rider Evolutions again. FiveFiveFive is a whole reference to one of the earliest Heisei Riders.

Cass: ... Huh? *tilting her head*

Ghost: S-Sorry. I'm a nerd.

Grey: I am a bigger nerd. I'm the one who came up with the idea for that one.

Cass: *raises her hand*

Ghost: Yes, Cass?

Cass: Stealth alien... good for hide and seek? And training?

Grey: Yes, yes he is Cass.

Cass: *balls hands into fists from excitement* Be better Batwoman! Learn where ninjas could be.

Ghost: ... I don't know whether to be scared or excited about this whole prospect.

Holly: While on the subject of 'bats'; Darkbite doesn't glow or glitter in the-

Ghost & Grey: NO!

Grey: And with that we are ending early, on to our second to last batch of aliens! Go!


Unknown (same species as Rexagon and the DragonAlien)

a large purple dragon with glowing yellow runes on his body, white fangs and claws with glowing golden yellow eyes. James was the atypical archetype of a European Dragon. He let out a small roar before he flew upwards

Is big
Fire breath
Magic breath

Jarsand'r/ Soulfire/ Tameranian

orange tan skinned humanoid with yellow eyes and sclera. His armour was similar to Starfire's except that he bore markings that looked like plate armour made of cloth. His body was physically toned and strong with body markings, that looked like war-paint. His short hair was not unlike Starfire's in colour but had a streak of blue. He looked like his human form as well just a bit more muscular and such

Enhanced strength
Enhanced speed
Energy blasts
Eye beams

Warlock/ Demon

It looks like James but with red skin and short pointed horns, wearing a pair of dark-red boots; his pupils are elongated diamonds, his hair has turned black with a white streak; wearing a pair of dark brown harem pants, and a dark coloured open vest.

Hell magic

Evolved Apperance:
Perfect Warlock
He was a six foot tall humanoid male with red skin. He wore a robe with a yellow cloak atop it, the robe leaving his arms bare and having large slits to allow free range in his legs. He had red skin, as red as blood, with an almost scale like texture to them. Atop his head where large curved goat like horns and on his forearms and shins where organic armour that looked like black bone. His hair was white and went down to his mid back and above his head was a halo of fire

Evolved Power:
Enhanced strength
Hllfire control

Kryp-Ten/ Kryptonian

He looked more or less the same only he was built like a TRUCK with a massive bulky, powerful frame and strong muscles. His blue hair was short and stylishly swept back. His yellow eyes shining
He wore a similar outfit to Superman only the blue was black and the red was yellow, and where the S shield normally was now sat a large Ultimatrix symbol

... Everything
He is basically Silver-Age Superman

Ghost: Y'know... these might be some if not THE most broken aliens James has got unlocked. *looks around* barring the... You know who alien.

Grey: Yeah, the 'do not touch' playlist.

*everyone nods*

Starfire: Yes, they are some of the MOST beautiful aliens James has access to!

Blackfire: Most definatly.

Raven: Some better than others.

Ghost: BUWHA! When did you get here?

The girls: Just now.

Ghost: Should've seen that coming. Anyway; do you have any questions?

Cir-El/Supergirl: First one's obvious, why don't you evolve more aliens to Perfect?

Ghost: *sighs* Well... That's kind of easy and difficult to answer. The easy side is: it'd make the stories too boring. Just spam Perfect form and stories are over before they begin. The difficult side is: What the fuck are we going to design them as? I mean we struggled with Hack-Trix as an 'evolved Galvanic Mechamorph'; do you know how much work and descriptions it'd take to make just one Perfect alien? I still struggle to not make Rider references with these!

Grey: Plus, some of them would just be OP. I mean Kryp-Ten is basically Silver Age Superman! Who can do literally ANYTHING! HOW do you make THAT better?!

Kom: *thinks* Give him a big-?

Ghost: Already has it.

Kori: What about-?

Ghost: That too.

Raven: Darn it, you're right. What else could you have done?

Grey: Told you so.

Kori: Is it possible that Jarsand'r will make a reappearance in the story?

Grey: Well, we make him reappear whenever we have the chance.

Kom: Planning on him evolving as well? A Perfect Tameranian would be cool.

Ghost: *raises finger to think of an answer... then retracts it* Huh... Yeah. It would; wouldn't it? *Pulls notepad out to take notes*

Raven: I have to admit, I was surprised that James was able to scan me and access Trigon's species.

Ghost: Yeah, well, his Matrix is programmed a little different to his father's. But if he was able to access Anodite DNA, then 'demon magic' DNA was a cinch.'s species.

Grey: Yeah, demon DNA isn't that crazy for all that stuff.

Raven: Ah, I see...Here's another question; how is a dragon considered a 'broken alien'?

Ghost: Dragon Magic. When Ben goes 'Rexagon' either Gwen or Hope can ride him and can experience great power.

Kori: ...Was that a-?

Grey: Yes. No for Hope, and yes for Gwen but only when the red head is in her alien form. Energy beings are stretchy.

*The girls shudder at the thought of James doing that...or even seeing their father-in-law doing that.*

Ghost: Hey, -you- asked. And it's deadly in a fight, just saying.

Raven: more question. When James had those *rolls hand for emphasis* 'combo aliens' and he had 'MaGiLock'; was the naming scheme intentional or coincidental?

Ghost: *chuckles nervously* Um...yes...?

Grey: This guy and his Rider References. Haha! *he playfully shoves Ghost*

Ghost: Dude, come on.

Kom: I bet you had fun coming up with all those names.

Ghost: Oh, heck yeah. *nods* ... When did this line of questions turn to me?

Grey: Anyway, how about we go through the last few aliens now?

Raven: I'm sure this will be interesting.

Martian Guardian/ Green Martian

He was wearing a dark red costume with the symbol that Martian Manhunter had, was replaced with the Matrix on his chest. His head was mostly humanoid with yellow eyes, his body was muscular and defined. But the problem almost came when James heard voices in his head...the people in the room. He held his head, his Matrix coming to understand how his worked in seconds

Shape shifting (allowing to stretch body or shift state)
Super strength
Super speed
Astrel projection

Evolved Apperance:
Perfect Martian Guardian
A more armoured Martian; shoulder guards, chest plate, arm and shin guards that seemed to be made of a black metal; his face was covered by a special helmet that seemed reminiscent of Perfect Titan's helmet, but instead of straight points from the eyes, they looked more like lightning bolts. His skin was protected fully by a red bodysuit with full freedom of movement.

Evolved Power:
Enhanced super strength
Enhanced super speed
Astrel projection
Enhanced durability
Eye beams

Martian Tactician/ White Martian

An albino coloured alien with bright red eyes, humanoid but wearing a maroon martian garb, like what Megan was wearing, a deep blue cape and the matrix on his waist. His arms were also longer and bulkier, almost gorilla like, with slightly clawed fingers

Shape shifting (allowing to stretch body or shift state)
super strength
super speed
Emotion manipulation

Evolved Apperance:
Perfect Martian Tactician
The mists retracted and formed around James in his newest form; his face was covered in an almost skull-like visor with elongated 'Z' protrusions and a single black 'eye' in the center of his face, his chest was armoured with another singular black 'eye' with red 'X' markings like Martian garbs which then stopped at his hips; his arms were albino white with blood-red marked armour bracers with fin protrusions, at his hips were covered with coat-tails with red and white markings, his legs were covered in red and black shin guards and boots; his shoulders were protected by curved fin guards that curved inwards, with spikes that shot opposite to his neck.

Evolved Power:
Enhanced super strength
Enhanced super speed
Gravity manipulation

Taka-Garian/ Thanagarian

silver wings and a human's body, much like his own, his hair turned black though his eyes were yellow, his feet had talon claws and his body was nearly covered in some form of silvery armour, but like a leotard.

Can make Nth metal weapons grow out of his body
Instinctive weapons master

Evolved Apperance:
Perfect Taka-Garian
He grew to eleven foot tall, his fingers becoming taloned claws, his wings turning into metal, his body gained a lot of muscle in the chest and arms and his head changed into that of a large bird's

Evolved Power:
Gains the ability to produce liquid Nth Metal from his mouth

Blaaz/ Havanian

Standing before the woman in red, was a handsome buff, slender man with deep raven black wings protruding from his back, pale blue skin like blue snow and shimmering yellow eyes, black hair that went down his back and an almost elven face, wearing a long toga with Gladitorial straps around his body. A stunning figure of a man to the woman.


*walking on stage was Ms Martian, Shayera and Bleez to replace James' wives and other lovers*

*Audience applauds their arrival*

Bleez: Oh, well... that's quite the welcome.

Ms Martian: Hubba hubba...

Ghost: *whispers to Grey* Someone's happy~.

Ms Martian: I'm looking at four of the most handsome forms James has.

Bleez: Oh really? Because I can see one that's simple but effective in its physical appearances.

Grey: Please girls, the stage can only handle so much drool.

All three women: *sincerely speaking* Sorry.

Ghost: Now, are there any questions about these forms?

Megan: *raises hand* I have one.

Ghost: Megan, you've got the floor.

Megan: I want to know... *in singing voice* can you show~ me? *back to normal and giggles* Sorry, couldn't resist.

Everyone else: *Anime falls*

Ghost: Your *actual* question please.

Megan: *still giggling to herself* Okay, how does James have two sets of Martians? Is it a glitch or is it like his father's 'Upchuck' differentials?

Grey: As explained in the Watchtower chapters where he unlocked these forms...

*Everyone looks at the audience, knowing Megan was speaking for a select few of the*

Grey: It is like Upchuck. Where, while they are both Martian's, have enough of a genetic difference that they could be considered different species.

Megan: Right, thank you.

Shayera: Okay, I've got one... Why does James look like the god Horus in his evolved state?

Grey: Ah, Perfect Taka-Garian? ... Confession time. That is inspired by something Ghost and I hate. Dark Knights Metal.

Ghost: Urgh... that utter pile. *rubs his face*

Shayera: What the hell is 'Dark Knights Metal'?

Ghost: An overblown, overhyped and overstuffed 1980's metal wet dream of Scott Snyder.

Grey: A self wank fest for his overly depressing, overly edgy and overly self indulgent Batman run.

Bleez: Guess you guys didn't like it?

Megan: So why did you use a design from it?

Grey: Because a giant buff human with a giant hawk head that could spew lava/liquid metal from its mouth is one of those 'so stupid it's cool' designs. Which, to be fair, most of those evil Batmen had on some level. Besides the Batman Who Tries Too Hard... Thanks for that nickname by the way, Wally.

Wally West: You're welcome!

Ghost: So yeah. Some good designs, mostly crap. Plus... what the FUCK is Snyder doing with having these Alternate Batfamily fighting frigging gods? *in falsetto voice* Oh~! I'm Perpetua, I created your multiverse because I'm evil and wanted power to kill my brothers and sisters and then lost it to a giant cosmic bird! *in a gruff stupid voice* And I'M the Batman Who Laughs! I'm the most smartetest badassessest Batman in dah mulfy-verse! *slowly transition back to normal voice* Look, I wear a fucking gimp suit and not insane like the Joker with Doc Manhattan's BS powers! *gets angry and breaks character* Just, FUCK THAT GUY! Fuck his world breaking bullshit, his bat-pandering, and his 'Oh, I'm/it's Batman! Of course I can beat the entire Justice League with some 'fuck you' excuse and making DC just fucking MISERABLE FOR MONTHS ON END! *Begins panting at the end of it.*


Megan: ...Would you like a hug?

Ghost: I would love a hug!

*Megan and Shayera give Ghost a hug as Grey pat's his back*

Grey: Well... Any other questions?

Bleez: Um. Yes. Err... If James could be a Lantern... which one would he be in?

Grey: Personally? White. Maybe Ingido if they weren't all mind controlley.

Ghost: Yeah, that seems about right. Thanks, girls.

Megan & Shayera: No problem.

Grey: So, is there anything else anyone would like us to go over?

Bleez: Not that I can think of. Megan, Shayera?

Shayera: Not here.

Megan: Um... No, I think I'm goo... One question.

Ghost: Shoot.

Megan: Do you think that we'll see either of James' transformations again?

Grey: Yes. We are trying to have James use those more.

Megan: Thank you... that's all I've got. Bye, guys.

Grey: Bye girls!

Ghost: *smiles and sighs* They're good people. Right... Next lot.

Grey: Actually, we are done! ... Outside our special bonus. These are all the aliens James has used IN the story so far!

Ghost: Really? Phew! That was a ride! *slumps into chair again* So many aliens and people to talk to.

Grey: Agreed. And, so now, it is time for the teasers. Any last thoughts buddy? Or should we get into these five special guys?

Ghost: *sighs* Nah. I've got nothing. Let's get into the finale, bro.

Grey: Okay.

*Lights suddenly fill the room, blinding everyone for a moment*

Ghost: Ah! My eyes! *starts rubbing them* I'm going to be seeing spots for an hour.

Grey: Sorry. *Laughs* Okay everyone, so here is our first original alien teaser! This one will be appearing VERY soon, the chapter after next! May I introduce... TORRENTAIL~!


Piscciss Volann (Ripjaw's species)

a fish-humanoid alien, glassy yellow eyes, an anglerfish's light protrusion webbed hands and feet, blackened-green scales on his shoulders, stomach and legs, his crotch area seemed to have a black-scaled tabard that protected his front, a long black tail protrusion from his waist, small yellow lines on his sides, see-through fins on his arms, legs and spine with a closed mouth with a bottom jaw full of teeth

Enhanced strength
Hypnotic light

Ghost: Holy cow, that's kind of scary but bad-ass.

Grey: Agreed. Definatly a cool guy for the water. I wonder why James is using it? Hmmm~

Ghost: Maybe he's the mascot of a new fishing firm? 'Alien, Fish Stall'! 'Fresh fish so good even aliens come to eat.'

Grey: Who knows! You'll have to keep your eyes open for his debut! ... Next!


Anine foot tall humanoid figure with cyan coloured skin. His body looked to be made out of a natural armour, his legs having a pairing backwards facing knees similar to a dinosaurs or a chickens. His back had a series of golden curved spikes which where barley long. His fingers where a soft pastel peach pink, looking like he was wearing fingerless gloves. His arms looked rather muscular, while his torso almost looked skeletal and showing spots of the same pink colour. And finally his head was a large circular cyan... Rock, roughly spherical in shape but just plopped there. He had 'hair' made out of a pink grass like substance, small golden lights emerging from the rock which appeared to be his eyes

Able to restore anything to it's original state, basically super healing
Very strong, durable body
Can grow plants

Ghost: Sheesh! This guy isn't over powered at all. Well, at least it has good abilities.

Grey: *laughs* Yeah! It'll be fun to be creative with that one. Speaking of, here's the third one!


It looked to be a humanoid owl; it had a long feathery tail, large yellow eyes behind a pair of mechanised goggles that seemed to retract onto his helmet, pointed eyebrows that looked like horns and wearing a navy blue jumpsuit to contrast against his white and silver feathers. His large silvery wings were on his back giving him freedom for his arms and legs, which were black scaled talons. His beak was curved and dark yellow, as his eyes darted around looking down from above. His eyes had a few glowing dots around them as his pupils dilated and shifted in strange ways, almost like a camera.

Super speed
Enhanced vision over every visible spectrum
Wind powers

Ghost: *makes radio noise* Red leader one, read leader one! *chuckles* This is probably the... second or thrid alien that he's got that's an actual bird.

Grey: But not the last!


It was a bipedal bird-like alien, four-toed taloned claws wearing a silver and purple jumpsuit, its back tails looked slightly metallic with a purple shine to them, its front wings were its arms, a long neck with a silvery beak and a purple and silver comb.

Super speed
Sharp claws
Electric powers

Grey: Really dude? Two in a row?

Ghost: One's an Owl, one's a Road-Runner. I'm a 'bird brain'.

Grey: Yes, yes you are. Meepmeep!

Ghost: Oi!

Grey: So, while I run for my life, here is the final one! *takes off running*

Ghost: *laughs* Get bacj here you egotistical super hero!


a metallic snake-like figure, webbed claws and a finned tail, a cobra-like crown on his neck to cover his head, his eyes were a bright yellow with red circles; between the slats of his body glowed a strange orange glow that looked like eyes.

Ultra sonic hisses
Hypnotic eyes
Poison fangs

Ghost: *in a bad attempt to copy a toy's voice* Cobura! *normal voice* ... Yeah, doesn't work does it?

Grey: Yeah, not really. So, everyone, those are the five sneak peak aliens! Hope you're excited, since we don't really do this that often

Ghost: Yeah, sorry about that everyone. But, look forward to these new forms... and we'll see you in the next Review Corner.

Grey: For now, it is time for another month break. I'm sorry, deeply. Even if we don't have enough of backlog, which should be unlikely, the next chapter will be up August 7th. We are sorry. Hope you enjoyed this chapter.

Ghost: And please, be kind to Grey. He's got a lot of shit to deal with in life. And don't ask for spoilers in the Reviews; it'd ruin the surprise.

Grey: Until next time ...

Both: Later!