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The Beginning: Chapter 1: Waking Up

*Somewhere dark in an abandoned warehouse*


"Hey... Oogushi-kuuun..."

"Oi... dammit, just answer me already, Hijikata~!" called a silver-head, annoyed.

"Hn..." the black-head stirred, just waking up from oblivion.

"Wait... where are we?" blinked Hijikata, still sleepy from the drug.

"Ehh... Don't you remember, Oogushi-kun? We bumped into each other on the street like always and start having a fight. Then they showed up and filled the area with sleeping gas. Then we got kidnapped. So yeah, how was your kidnapping experience?" said the perm head.

"Oh, no wonder I feel like shit, it was because of the sleeping gas and waking up to your face. Were there other captives other than us?" yawned Hijikata, clearly still half-asleep.

"No, take a look yourself, of course, yes, around 3 others happened to be caught up in this facade. Judging by this place, I would say we are either test subjects or we have yet to be sold," said Gintoki airily, "and be glad our weapons weren't taken away from us."

Hijikata sat up, looked around, taking in the surroundings and the other captives. 'All were civilians, so it's possible what the perm-head was saying is correct' Looking down at himself, remembering that he got forced to have an evening off, bumped into the silver head, breathing in the fumes and collapsing moments later.

"I was the last one to wake up, wasn't I?" noticed Hijikata. "Let's introduce ourselves, then. Full names, occupation, and what you were doing just before getting abducted. I'll start. I'm Hijikata Toushirou, Shinsengumi's vice-chief, I was on a rare break in 6 months. And don't call me Oogushi-kun. Who the hell is that, anyways."

"Ok, I guess I'm next," drawled Gintoki, "Sakata Gintoki, Boss of Yorozuya, and I was taking a stroll before I encountered the idiot over here. Just call me Gin-san."

"I'll go next. I'm Takahashi Shindou. I am part of Katsura's Joui Faction, don't arrest me, Vice-Chief-san. So I was collecting intel (observing) on how the Demonic Vice Chief spends his evening off."

"Next up is me. So I'm Shimura Sakun. I work with Gengai in Karakuri Dou(Machine Hall). I help with collecting what you guys call trash and turning them into robots! I was on my way back to the shop."

"I'm Tanaka Akira! I'm part of the Kaientai branch that's on Earth! I guess you could say I'm the vice-chief there. I was meeting our new clients! I'm 11!"

"Great, we know each other, now what. In case you've forgotten, Oogushi-kun, we're still in tied up. So what are we going to do about that, hm?" reminded the silver head, showing off his rope tied hands.

A chorus of "Oh, I totally forgot" rang out before the Demonic Vice chief finally lost it.

"Cut it, OF COURSE! Didn't YOU say that we still have our weapons?! Take one of them and cut the ropes!" Hijikata burst out, fuming.

"Before you do that," a voice said, interrupting them, "we'll do it ourselves." motioning to some other people surrounding her. "The reason we tied you up is to avoid you killing each other before I got here. Now that you've all woken up and know each other, I'll tell you the purpose of bringing you here."

"Doesn't she mean abducting us?" whispered Sakun and Akira, half snickering and half.

"Argh! Shut up! I'm trying to make my entrance here as avant-garde as possible!" shouted the so-called kidnapper, abductor, I mean.

"Enough of the fourth wall breaking! It's only the first chapter! Dammit!" Followkata followed up with the straight man act.

"Anyways. I am the Head of Shin'Ura, Sawamura Kyouta. You are to fight for me under my name, all of you, in order to secure a trip to space." said Kyouta as a matter of fact.

"Why would we wanna/want to fight for you?" questioned the group of five, (immediately) suspicious.

"Because I say you have to. You will be my group of five and win top prize for me, then we will travel around space to earn the title of 'Champion Team of 5', yes that is the best possible praise to be known as by the Amantos." her voice allowed no rebukes.

"Follow me to where you'll be staying for the night, the next morning we leave for the match at the Rengokukan, if you beat all the other teams there we go to space the other planets for the title of the 'Champions'!" Kyouta said, her statement final.

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