There's almost certainly too big a cast for this, but Fuck It, let's do this.

Reactor Cast from Canon:

Mahora Group: 24

Time: Last Day of Festival, Chao Lingshen has just faded into nothingness,lined doesn't know about magic

Ala Alba: Asuna Kagurazaka, Haruna Saotome, Konoka Konoe, Kū Fei, Setsuna Sakurazaki, Negi Springfield, Evangeline A.K. McDowell, Nodoka Miyazaki, Yue Ayase, Kaede Nagase, Kotarou Inugami, Chachamaru Karakuri, Chisame Hasegawa, Kazumi Asakura

Mahora Teachers: Takamichi Takahata, Shizuna Minamoto, Toko Kuzunoha, Seruhiko

Everyone sucked/involved Magic World: Yuna Akashi, Ako Izumi, Akira Okouchi, Mana Tatsumiya, Misora Kasuga, Chao Lingshen

Mafia Group: 21

Time: Inheritance Arc, mere days after Vongola meets Shimon, long before the betrayal and Daemon Spade

10th Generation, Arcobaleno, Bianchi, Fuuta, I Pin, Enma, Adelheid, Gamma, Hana Kurokawa, Haru, Kyoko


Disclaimer: I own none of these characters, just the disturbing situations I put them in

"Why do I have to do it!" Tsuna hissed aloud to his tutor, already knowing the answer

Tsunayoshi Sawada had experienced some crazy things in his life to date; getting kidnapped by Yakuza, fighting a giant water absorbing turtle, fighting a group of magical fire wielding assassins, time travel!

But as of right now this was certainly ranking in the top five

Without word or warning he and his friends had woken up in an endless white void, and yes it was as scary as it sounded. Where they dead, was this some crazy Mafia thing, if so why was poor Kurokawa here, why couldn't he feel his Flames, why was Enma and Suzuki here- yeah, they were mafia too, but in the three or four days they'd known each other, Enma never gave off the impression that his Famiglia was particularly involved in big things-, just what the heck was going on?!

But most of all what he wanted to know was, who were the group of middle school girls and teachers and who was the guy off to the side hunched over a ball of light.

Instincts told him it was the larger group of intimidating and pretty looking girls that were the lesser threat, and right now Reborn was as always trying to force him into the leadership position.

"Because you're the Boss Dame-Tsuna" he knew that would be the answer

Instead of complaining, Tsuna gulped nervously and slowly made his way to them, Gokudera, Yamamato, Onii-san, and Reborn at his side.

Seeing him approach, the other group broke their own conversation and several stepped forward to greet them.

"Pardon me, but you wouldn't happen to know what's going on, would you?" a little boy with red hair and glasses, stepped forward speaking for the rest, surprisingly

"Ah no" Tsuna answered before giving them some info, "We were just about to ask you, we're students from Nami Middle"

"Mahora girls academy" the brown haired one with a side ponytail, answered in a stoic voice eyeing them sharply

Gulping at her intense stare, Tsuna averted his eyes to where the man hunched over the ball of cosmic light was

"So, I guess that means we have to ask him huh?" he said acknowledging the elephant in the room

"That would probably be the most prudent course of action" the little boy nodded unphased

"Great" Tsuna muttered

Both groups shuffled over

"Um, hello" Tsuna tentatively asked trying to get attention of the huddled man, not entirely sure if he should distract him from his… glowing orb? "Hello?"

With a jerk the figure, broke his gaze and turned to look at the brunette teenager; the suddenness of the movement making him and several of the kids behind him jump

Trying not to squirm under the bright silver and orange rimmed eyes, Tsuna gave a nervous wave

"H-hi, w-we were j-just wondering if you could tell us, um… what's going on?" Tsuna eventually got out

The man looked at Tsuna blankly for a long moment making him shift from foot to foot nervously; the man's stare was unnerving.

"Oi, answer the Tenth when he talks to you!" Gokudera barked from behind him, being the kind of person that reacted to tension with anger; he was immediately elbowed in the ribs by his sister

"Did you make introductions?" the man suddenly asked in a deep voice, not once taking his eyes from Tsuna's

"…Introductions?" Tsuna asked after a moment, taken off guard by the way the man's voice echoed not just aloud, but in his head

Blinking lazily the… being… responded

"I'm told that you carbon organisms need to make connections… when put in long term proximity with others of your species." The Being elaborated, "Did you make introductions?"

"Uuuh…" Tsuna paused and met the glance of the orange haired pig tailed girl who was standing next to him; neither one of them really knew what to do, but he could tell from the crossing of her arms and the scowling of her face, that she was seconds away from a Gokudera-level scream off if she didn't get answers fast.

Thankfully someone else read the signs and decided to step forward

"Negi Springfield" the short auburn-haired boy stepped up, bowing pleasantly; he even had the gall to wear a pleasantly curious smile as he did so, "What is your name?"

Unlike before when Gokudera spoke, the Being's eyes immediately spun to focus on the young boy, making his Ministra (and Ayaka) bristle protectively

"I have no name… that can be comprehended by your three-dimensional mind" the Being easily replied, not rudely, but with the air of acknowledging a simple statement of fact

When Negi went to speak again, the girl with pig tails slid in front of him, arms crossed; an action Gokudera and Yamamato copied instinctually with Tsuna, and Adelheid with Enma

"If you weren't going to tell us your name, then why did you bother asking for introductions?" she growled

Once more the Being didn't turn to acknowledge the girl, and before she could snap and set the conversation in an irreversibly violent direction, Tsuna stepped forward between his Rain and Storm and repeated the question.

As expected, the Being answered

"I did not mean to introduce yourselves to me… I already know who you are…" he spoke slowly, his words and tone sending shivers through their spines "I meant to each other… you will be the ones keeping each other company…"

As the pig tailed girl grumbled at his rudeness in not answering her, Negi leaned around her to question the Being curiously. (Still somehow unphased, though to be fair Tsuna wasn't exactly freaking out himself)

"I think we would all be more willing to cooperate Mr. Being if you could tell us what's going on, and why we need to introduce ourselves." The kid sounded out reasonably, impressing Tsuna, he wouldn't have thought to phrase his question like that

To the general relief of the room, the Being seemed to seriously contemplate the question

"There is a problem in the space time continuum" the Being finally answered, "The Primus Subjects… needed to be excavated… from their universe, to accommodate the changes that need to be made."

"Does this have something to do with Trissinette?" Tsuna asked, connecting just enough dots to make a guess, when the Being nodded Tsuna felt his heart sink even as his friends exploded into mutters

"Ugh! Start speaking plainly, none of this makes sense!" Pig Tails, the apparent designated speaker of the other group, exploded; when the Being ignored her again, she snapped again, "And why do you only answer those two!?"

Turning to him with a look that promised pain, she pointed an accusing finger at him

"You! You know something about what's going on with this Trissy-whatsits!" cracking her knuckles she took a step forward, "Start talking?"

"Hiie, I don-" Tsuna started to answer before he was pushed out the way by a royally pissed Gokudera

"Oi, who are you threatening the Tenth?" the silver haired boy in a deadly growl, stepping forward to meet the girl with his own threatening presence

"Wait please/Don't fight!" Negi and Tsuna panicked trying to real in their more aggressive friends

"Tenth?" the girl said condescendingly ignoring small arms pulling her back, "What are you all some wannabe Yakuza?"

"Kufufufu, Yakuza?" Mukuro laughed darkly, clearly angry and ignoring his own pair of small arms trying to stop him "little girl please don't compare me to such trash."

"Mukuro-sama please stop" Chrome pleaded, trying to intercede

"Who are you threatening their pineapple?" the blonde girl who'd known Tsuna, Ayaka, said stepping in between them

Interestingly, rather than escalate the tension everyone of the Vongola people froze

"Snrk, pineapple" Hibari Kyoya broke first

Somehow the fact that it was Hibari freaking Kyoya that started it, was enough that everyone of the Vongola started giggling surprising the Mahora crowd at how quickly they'd gone from calm, to ready to fight, to laughing

"Do you all want to die?" Mukuro hissed, not even adding his trademark 'Kufufufu'

"These people are weirdos" Chisame muttered, getting some agreeing (hypocritical) nods

"Lets not get off subject" Takahata called, stepping in before things could get violent again, "We were talking about the space time continuum?"

At the words of an adult authority figure most of the young teens calmed down, apart from some of the Vongola's who glared mutinously, but otherwise kept their peace.

Asuna in particular, seemed to find her shoes interesting, still smarting from the sort of rejection the older man had given her a few days ago

To their surprise the Being actually responded to his words

"Your futures have been thrown off course" The Being spoke, it's eyes resting on Chao Lingshen, whose smile suddenly looked far more nervous even as her friends moved in supportively, "Your companion's… altering the time stream, has… had far more dire consequences than intended."

At his words, several people followed his eyes to the squirming sheepish looking Lingshen

"Ha ha ha, whoops?" the foreign exchange student laughed rubbing the back of her head

"Wait, wait, wait" Makie said waving her hands, still trying to wrap her mind around everything that happened, "Are you saying Chao-san is a-"

"Time traveler?" Akira interrupted, "Yup, we already figured that out actually"

"Time traveler!" those not in the know screamed


"I don't believe it"


"That's pretty cool, aru"

"Do they have flying cars in the future?"

"Wait, Makie that's what your concerned about?"

"Oooh, we can ask questions, wouldn't that break the universe or something?"

"Apparently the universe is already broken"

"Who do I marry!?"

"Seriously, that's what you people focus on!?"

"Forget that, who does Negi-sensei marry!"

At the final exclamation, a dead silence hit, as every single girl focused on the transfer student with laser sharp focus, while the poor girl backed away slowly from their scary looks

"Let's all just calm down now" Chao pleaded, still backing away, before Takahata once more interceded, this time standing in between the crazed teenage girls and his ex-student

"Girls, focus" he admonished as they backed down… for now

"Weirdos" Gokudera muttered to the laughter and agreement of the Vongola crowd, making Tsuna sweat drop at his friends' hypocrisy

"You said something about dire consequences and the Trissinette" Reborn said piping up from his position, suddenly appearing on Tsuna's shoulder. To his credit the young boy didn't even flinch

For a moment it seemed that Reborn was one of the ones the Being was going to ignore, but instead it turned its eyes up as if contemplating how to phrase it's answer before sighing and beginning a long explanation

"You all know about the… multiverse, right?" it asked

"No" most of the Mahora crew and the Shimon answered

"Yes" the Vongola's, Arcobaleno, and the teachers answered at the same time

Sighing at the dissonance the Being continued

"There is a theory, you carbon based life forms have… that with every decision you make… a parallel universe is created… with both worlds carrying on with two different outcomes… of the decision creating an infinite number of worlds" the Being explained, only continuing when he saw the learned members explain to those who were still confused, "that's wrong… reality of this plane can only hold… several trillion universes at a time… just as many worlds are destroyed as created at any given time…. … … … … … … … … … … … … … but that's not important… At the center of all these timelines… is a Primus, the original, the world from which all worlds trace their root back to."

The Being stopped and looked at them, seeing they were following along he continued

"Both of your groups… are from two different Primus Universes" the Being dropped

"So… we're the original timelines that all others come from?" Negi asked, already trying to put together several theories of how Chao's time travel could have possibly interfered with that; was time traveling and changing a Primus world like making dents on what was essentially the main mast of space time continuum?

Unknown to him, Tsuna was having similar thoughts, which he voiced

"But, me and my friends have time traveled before and changed the course of our own timelines" Tsuna spoke up, not denouncing but questioning the Being's information. Focused on the situation he didn't see the proud looks of his friends at his intelligent question, or the shocked ones of the Mahora group, especially that of Chao Lingshen

"You guys have time traveled before?" Lingshen asked surprised

Tsuna, upon seeing so many young girls looking at him in surprise an awe, immediately went red and started rubbing the back of his head

"Um, kind of? It wasn't that big a deal" he said keeping his eyes on the ground, missing the stupefied looks of the Mahora girls. He didn't, however, miss the smack on the head from Reborn

"Speak clearly Dame-Tsuna, a boss doesn't answer so meekly" the tiny hitman admonished

"Such a strict tutor you are Arcobaleno-san" Mukuro chuckled, while the Mahora group stared at the sight of a teenager being manhandled by a baby

"That's part of the problem" the Being spoke, answering his last question and ignoring the brief byplay, at his voice the others immediately quieted down, "Your world was an unstable… a newly made construct… that collided with theirs, years too early… and in a way that was very, very unsafe for the universe."

Leaning back and closing his eyes as if searching for a memory, the Being pointed his finger at Negi

"Negi Springfield, a child prodigy and a mage training to be a Magister Mage with the ultimate goal of finding his missing father, is transferred to a magical school in Japan from Wales to be an English teacher of a group of extraordinary young women. There he created bonds and relationships through a series of strange and dangerous adventures, growing stronger and stronger, eventually saving his world at one point and becoming one of the world's greatest heroes."

While the Mahora group was left reeling over that bit of information, Negi in particular squirming at having his life so plainly thrown into the open- particularly the magic aspect, the Being pointed his finger at Tsuna who flinched

"Tsunayoshi Sawada, a useless student" the Being started getting another flinch from Tsuna and glares from his friends, "is the last blood descendent of the most powerful mafia family in the world. He is sent the World's Greatest Hitman Reborn as his tutor; soon after he creates bonds and relationships with classmates and enemies alike, undergoing a series of strange and dangerous adventures growing stronger and stronger, eventually becoming an Anti-Hero who keeps the underworld in check. Neither a force for good nor a force of evil."

The Being dropped his pointing fingers, uncaring of the stunned silence that had pervaded the room

"Those are your stories" The Being finished, before adding with an almost sad caveat "…or at least that's what they should be"

"So, what went wrong?" Negi asked, apparently trying to brush past the very large bombs the Being just dropped

"Woah, woah, woah" Akira halted, "Magic" she turned to Negi who rubbed the back of his head, "Criminals" Tsuna looked away, "Is everybody crazy, who all knew about this!?"

"I'd like to know that too" Hana Kurokawa said accusing, even as she backed away from them, grabbing Kyoko with her

"Hana" Kyoko muttered sadly

"No Kyoko" Hana shook her head, "Not this time, I'm not letting this go, their criminals!"

Her sharp tone made Kyoko and Tsuna flinch and cut through the Mahora group's own drama of 'who knew magic existed', as they turned towards the Vongola group wearily.

They certainly didn't look criminal, with a bunch of babies (no matter how disturbingly articulate) and being led by a baby-faced teenager

"Hana…" Kyoko said pulling away from the taller girl, "they're good people, and Onii-san is with them, and you know he would never-"

"You knew" Hana state flatly interrupting Kyoko's defense, not a question just a cold fact (…and maybe a hint of betrayal) "You knew this whole time and you never said… you knew what they were and you- When you went missing a few weeks ago in the forest, that was them!?"

Staring at her friend, Kyoko didn't answer, she didn't need to

"What were you doing in the forest, burying bodies!?" Hana snapped, fear and worry coming out as anger, and not caring for the affects of her harsh words

"NO!" Tsuna yelled finally stepping forward, "No, we weren't doing anything like that! Kurokawa-san we-"

"Not this time you mean" the irate girl hissed venomously

"And even if we were?" Gokudera spoke in a low dangerous tone, tired of the girl's harmful words towards his boss, "What does it matter to you what we do, are you going to try and stop us?"

The tone of his voice made it clear that his question was very much intended as a threat


Gokudera, looked up from the ground with a bloody nose to where oddly serious Ryohei stood with his fist out

"Apologize, Octopus head" the boxer ordered

For a moment the silver haired boy looked mutinous and Ryohei looked like he was going to take another swing, but Yamamato stepped between them

"Enough" the baseball players eyes were cold and sharp, taking in both men, going first to Ryohei then Gokudera "We discuss this later, internal problems aren't for wandering ears and eyes."

It was an echo of what Future Xanxus had told Byakuran after their battle of the Milliefiore base in the future; whatever their internal struggle, Vongola stood together, this was not the time or place

"Kurokawa is our friend" Tsuna spoke, his soft sad voice cutting through the tension like pouring boiling water on ice, "We don't treat our friends like that Gokudera."

Looking down with a guilty flush, the delinquent teen deeply bowed to the pale Hana

"My apologies Kurokawa Hana, that was unbecoming of me, and disrespectful to a member of our family" he apologized solemnly

"I- I'm not part of your group" Hana coughed a second later when she found her voice, but she didn't say it with anger.

"You are to us" Tsuna said earnestly, holding the girl's gaze with a sincere one of his own, before she was the one to look away rubbing her arm. Quietly Tsuna turned his attention back to the Being, "I'm sorry for interrupting, you were telling us about Primus worlds."

At his words there was a brief stir of mutters as both groups filed away what they'd seen; the anger in the atmosphere, depleted to something more exhausted and solemn.

"As you already said, your group was involved with a bout of time travel" the Being continued completely unaffected by the byplay, "Ten years after your current forms, the Horizontal Sky went mad; for those who don't know, the Horizontal Sky has the ability to look into and trade information with his various parallel selves and he started to destroy those worlds by the thousands."

"That's terrible" Negi exclaimed, his colleagues looking grim, while his students looked just as horrified,

"It was, we almost lost an entire category of worlds at once" the Being nodded, incorrectly empathizing with their horror at the wrong thing, "That's when this group came in."

He gestured to the current Vongola's who looked unsurprised by the information drop as the rest of the room turned their attention to them

"Less than a thousandth of a percent chance of success… they're future selves concocted a plan… to bring their younger selves to the future… and safe all of their realities." The Being explained, "Those of us in charge of… monitoring such activity… allowed such tampering… as the protectors and bearers of the Trissinette. Upon their one in several trillion success… their universe became… the new Primus of that spectrum. Something that has never happened before… and as such made their universe very fragile to certain time travel interferences."

As he spoke his eyes turned to the squirming Chao Lingshen

"Enter time traveling interference" he gestured to the sheepish girl, "Her… particular method of traveling… left some… damages… to your, what is supposed to be Primus, world. Your two worlds were always meant to intersect at some point… but the fragility of both worlds caused the creation of a third never planned for Primus to suddenly be born… forcing its way into space that… simply doesn't exist. Hence your presence here."

His piece said the Being finally turned back his full attention to the glowing orb in his hand, but not before telling his final bit of info dump.

"We needed the core members of both worlds… out of the time stream, so we could… effectively make the necessary changes… for the newest universe to live, though… several of you who… aren't important… grabbed on to the ones who are when… they felt their friends disappearing…. We'll put you back when we're done."

"And" Shizuna said speaking up for the first time (gaining several men's attention) after a long enough moment of silence had passed and it was clear the Being wouldn't continue, "How long will that take exactly."

"There is no time here" the Being answered its attention on the orb, "but for your minds to process that… without imploding at what it considers an impossibility… a few days perhaps, or weeks."

"Weeks!?" getting screams from the teenagers

"That seems like a lot of time for us to just be waiting around" Shizuna cautiously input, it occurred to her that as one of the people it had given an actual answer to, she might be one of the so called 'important ones' that 'they' grabbed out of the timestream; that being said, she was weary of upsetting such a clearly powerful being.

"If you are worried… for the effects your absence will have… on your worlds, worry not… we'll put you back within seconds… after we took you." It appeased, once more not quite empathizing with their true concerns, but it was close enough

"Wished we had that when we left our timeline the first time eh Tsuna?" Yamamato commented getting equally relieved nods from his friends, remembering his old man's worry the first time they'd disappeared to the future

"Okaaaaay" a red-haired girl drawled, "but what are we supposed to do, here, right now?"

Once more the Being ignored them, letting them know she wasn't an "important" one, much to the girl's ire, before her teacher repeated the question for her, though significantly more politely

"Have you made introductions?" the Being repeated its earlier question, stumping the rest of the room

"Well I suppose we might as well" Negi spoke up, "My name is Negi Springfield, I'm an English teacher at Mahora Middle and…" here he paused to look at some of the girls, "… as was already stated I am a Mage in training."

The boy flushed at the amazed/incredulous looks from both groups; Tsuna, reminded of a similar situation with Enma not even a week before, decided to step up

"It's nice to meet you Negi-san" Tsuna bowed, not using a child's surname, despite how mature he looked in a suit, "My name is Tsunayoshi Sawada a pleasure."

Before he could continue, he was bopped on the back of the head by Reborn, landing on his head

"Dame-Tsuna didn't mention, he is the Tenth Heir to the Vongola Mafia Famiglia, a former vigilante group, turned global syndicate" Reborn continued, he wouldn't ordinarily include so much information, but it was clear he needed to start this on friendly terms

"Ouch Reborn, I already told you I'm not going to be a Mafia Boss!" Tsuna snapped, but a sharp foot to the back of the head cut him off

"Don't talk back to your tutor Dame-Tsuna" he chastised

"That's his tutor, he's a baby!" Asuna barked, looking put off

"Aren't you taught by a ten-year old" Yamamato laughed, while she flushed

"S-shut up, this and that are two different things!"

"How is a baby manhandling him in the first place!?" Chisame agreed, right on the same skeptical train as Asuna

"He's a demon in human form" Tsuna muttered, unmindful of his self-preservation; only to immediately pay for it when the 'demon' put him in an arm bar

"The rest of you introduce yourselves" Reborn ordered, unmindful of his student's screams

"Hayato Gokudera, the Tenth's Storm Guardian, and most valued right-hand man!" Gokudera said stepping forward

"Self-Proclaimed" Yamamato coughed interrupting before the other boy could go on a long tangent, getting a dark glare from the Storm, while some of the girls muttered at the 'Storm Guardian'.

"Ryohei Sasagawa, EXTREME Sun Guardian! You look like some EXTREME ladies! Join the boxi-mmf"

"Yo Takeshi Yamamato, Tsuna's Rain Guardian." Yamamato cheerily greeted, stuffing his sempai's mouth. Tsuna appreciated that, even as again some of the girls picked up on the Guardian title

"Introduce yourself Lambo" the small girl said pushing the cow themed child forward

"Bwahahah, I am the Great Lambo-sama, bow to me slaves!"

"He's the Lightning Guardian" Yamamato immediately brushed off, before turning to the less than sociable Guardians left, "Hey, we're introducing Guardians, are you guys going to go?"

"Don't involve me in useless things/Kufufufu I have nothing to do with you mafioso" Mukuro and Hibari answered scornfully

"Kyoya Hibari is the one with the prefect's band, and Rokudo Mukuro is the one with the… red eye" Yamamato hesitating only a moment from pointing out the older boy's pineapple hair, "Their Tsuna's in denial Cloud and Mist Guardians. Oh, and this girl-"

"Chrome Dokuro, Boss's other Mist Guardian" Chrome answered when gestured to

"I pin is I pin, Nihau"

"Fuuta de Stella"

"I am Hayato's big sister Bianchi"

"Reborn, World's Greatest Hitman"

"Do you always have to add that kora? Oh, I'm Colonel, maggots"

"Lal Mirch"


"The Immortal Skull-sam-! Ow!"

"Shut up lackey"

"Sempai's are so cruel!"

"Tch, Verde, scientist, you say your magic? You wouldn't mind if I ran some experiment- "

"And I'm Yuni Giglio Nero, and this is my beloved Gamma, it's nice to meet you all!" Yuni hurriedly introduced before Verde could upset anyone

"Adelheid Suzuki and Enma Kozato or the Shimon Famiglia" Adelheid said stepping forward before someone else could introduce them, "We're here as guest to the Vongola Inhe- to the Vongola Famiglia"

"Haru Miura, Tsuna's future bride" Haru introduced with a straight face, getting shocked looks from the Mahora girls

"Eeeeh you're getting married!"

"No, he's not! Stop saying stupid things witch!" Gokudera yelled

Haru stared at him for a moment, before calmly wrapping her arms around a flustered Tsuna's arm, sticking her tongue out at the enraged Storm

"Kyoko Sasagawa, I'm Ryohei's imouto, and this is-"

"Hana Kurokawa, yeah I'm sure they heard earlier."

"It's nice to meet all of you-" Negi started to respond, but was interrupted by Asuna

"But what's with all the babies!"

"Their Arcobaleno" Gamma explained, being the closest to the group standing guard his mistress, "the strongest 7 in a generation."

"Them! Their babies!"

"Doesn't make any sense does it" Tsuna groaned, getting another whack to the head

"Right" Negi clapped getting attention before this introduction could get any longer, "Like I said earlier, I'm Negi Springfield and these are my students…"

"Ayaka Yukihiro!" the proud looking blonde girl stepped forward first, "class rep of Negi-sensei's class, member of the equestrian club- "

"And cradle robber" Asuna heckled, getting a burning glare from the blonde, not unlike the interaction between Yamamato and Gokudera earlier

"Natsumi Murakami, one of lincho's roommates" the short mousy girl hurriedly interrupted

"Me as well, Chizuru Naba, a pleasure"

"I'm Kotaro Inugami, I'm a friend of Negi's and I'm staying with these weirdos" a black-haired boy the same age as Negi grinned

"Why you little-!"

"Yue Ayase, Nodoka Miyazaki, and Haruna Satomi, roommates" Yue introduced quickly when she saw 'Paru' as she was affectionately called, gearing up to do something embarrassing

"Kaede Nagase, my roommates aren't here de gozaru" the tall ninja politely introduced

"Mana Tatsumiya" her rival spoke, giving no further information

"Chao Lingshen/ and Ku Fei aru" the two Chinese girls answered together

"I'm Konoka Konoe, this is my roommate and friend Asuna Kagurazaka, and this is my friend Setsuna Sakurazaki, but you can call her Se-chan!" the cheerful brunette said looping her arms with the orange and ponytailed girls

"Yo/ O-ojou-sama!"

"Do I have to? Ow- fine, Chisame Hasegawa, I'm not with the rest of these weirdos"

"Yuna Akashi with Kazumi Asakura, Ako Izumi, Akira Okouchi, and Misora Kasuga"

"If I must, I am Evangeline A.K. McDowell, this is my servant Chachamaru"


"Guess that just leaves us teachers huh, Kenichi Seruhiko, I teach math at Mahora"

"Shizuna Minamoto, guidance counselor at Mahora"


"Takamichi T. Takahata, I'm an English teacher like Negi, but I now teach the high school section"

"And I think that's everyone" Negi said looking around to check no one had been missed, while members of both groups eyed each other for their similarities, "Now what do we do Mr. Being?"

The Being, for it's part stayed focused on it's orb, but answered nonetheless

"You are free to do as you wish… no action is necessary on your part… the universal gap will be fixed in its own time"

"In case you didn't notice, there's a whole lot of nothing here" Chisame grumbled, and wasn't surprised when her sarcasm was left unanswered

"Perhaps you could tell us where to find provisions while we wait for you to finish your, um, adjusting Mr. Being?" Negi once more stepped in with a sensible course of action, Tsuna was honestly impressed by how put together the young boy was

"There is no need for provisions… those aren't your physical bodies… merely a representation" the Being answered, finally looking up at them again to give a more thought out answer; several of those in the room who had silently complained at the rudeness of his inattention, were suddenly reminded of why they didn't want it, "Your three dimensional minds cannot process being outside of time… these bodies are just mental images to help you cope… they do not need food or sleep and cannot die… though not so much is taken away that you cannot feel physical sensations…."

"So, there's nothing for us to do here, at all?" Evangeline summarised, sounding suspiciously whiny for a woman of her true age

To the surprise of the groups and Evangeline's own smugness, the Being considered her one of the ones to respond properly to

"If you wish… I can create something for you to amuse yourselves" the Being offered, not unlike a parent offering a child sweets to make them stop pestering them


The Being nodded, and immediately stars filled the eyes of the kids (and Seruhiko-sensei), but before they could get carried away in whatever request Takahata stepped forward

"Before that, can you tell us anything about this new universe being created?" it was important that they at least learned something from this experience, rather than spending several days in what would later probably seem like a lucid dream

"Ugh, that sounds boring Takahata, can't we work later, we'll be here for days" Seruhiko complained, only to get a smack from Kuzunoha

"That's why it's important to get it done now, idiot" Kuzunoha scolded, trying to ignore the all too interested looks of their students at seeing their teachers in a less than professional manner

The Being merely eyed Takahata critically (something that sent shivers up the man's spine) before answering

"Your species has been shown such things before… they have a hard time handling such levels of information" the Being responded almost cautiously

"Then modify it" Reborn all but ordered

"Reborn!" Tsuna, Colonel, and Lal Mirch all hissed

"You're doing the same thing now anyway aren't you" Reborn continued ignoring them, "You're modifying information in a way we can understand, so do that."

Everyone stared at the baby who had the sheer gall to give orders to the extradimensional being, Tsuna covered his eyes and tried not to whimper, they were so dead!

"Understanding the information is never the problem" the Being spoke in a grave tone, for the first time not taking long pauses in its speech; the action spoke volumes for how serious it was being, and that scared them, "Thoughts, emotions, secrets; none are held back when peeking into another world, you lifeforms who value such things cannot handle the invasion of privacy. You break, we want you whole."

"Don't underestimate my students" was Reborn unhesitant response

…Tsuna would rather die than admit it, but he actually felt warm at Reborn's faith in them, the blushing faces of his friends agreed

"Same for us" Negi stepped forward, determination burning in his eyes

"Them you can underestimate" Reborn immediately rebutted, ruining the moment

"What was that brat!?" Asuna snapped, unconscious of the wide eyes she received from everyone on the Mafia side of the room

"I wouldn't" Takahata said stepping forward placing a hand on Asuna's shoulder, but keeping his eyes on the being

Silver orange eyes traded long stares with sharp tawny and obsidian black

Neither blinked or flinched

"… Very well" the Being eventually relented, and with a snap of it's fingers a second orb of light appeared a few feet from the group, images quickly flashing through it, "you are free to gaze."

The more excitable ones quickly rushed forward

"Ugh, this thing's so small you can hardly see" Asakura complained, unable to get her juicy story

"And are we supposed to watch this standing up, with no seats or snacks or anything" Haruna fussed, right there with her

With another snap of fingers, two circles made up several ridiculously plush couches set up colosseum style appeared.

Various sinfully soft looking blankets were folded on them, fold up tables, sugary snacks, drinks, hardier meals, and everything anyone could watch in a viewing experience appeared, while the orb expanded to a large all-inclusive holographic looking image.

It took almost a full minute for jaws to collect themselves from the ground and look to the Being

"There have been previous… request made" the Being answered by way of explanation, before turning back to its own orb, making it clear it was done with them once and for all, "… when you speak… it will pause…ask questions sparingly."

Naturally not wanting to sit next to the 'grown ups', the teenagers squished in on separate sides of the circle's bottom seats, some even grabbing blankets and stretching out on the floor for maximum room.

Unconcerned, the teachers and Arcobaleno and Gamma, spread out on the top seats looking down at their students in amusements as they chatted and played as if going to see a movie

Somehow, at the very midpoint of the circle where the two groups met, Tsuna and Negi found themselves sitting side by side, with their friends Kotaro and Enma by their sides. The two exchanged glances as they watched their friends, fight and push, and generally be energetic chaotic messes.

"You too huh" Tsuna asked dryly, and Negi laughed

"I wouldn't have them any other way" the kid responded happily

"Yeah" Tsuna smiled, "Me neither"

Lights dimmed, and sound started

"Prologue to Greater Things"

If anyone wants to take over this fic at any time, they're free too. This was much harder than I thought, but I already put too much effort in, so Fuck It let's do this!