Hello all, it's been awhile. Probably a little too long as I think about the last time I posted an update. Unfortunately I've decided to go ahead and stop writing stories on this site. With having a full time job along with family I don't have time to write or finish anything and I know I won't ever come back to this. I've enjoyed my many years on this site as a reader and writer, but it's time for me to call it quits for good.

However, I don't want to just quit without leaving some closure. So for each of my stories I'm going to post the current progress I had with the chapter (which depending on the story might not be a lot of progress or polished) and give my plans for how I was going to take the story and wrap everything up to give some closure to those who care.

Finally if anyone wants to take my stories or ideas and make them their own feel free to do so. And for the last time stay safe out there and enjoy your life!

-Shinobi of Greed




Chapter 15. The Salamander

(With Itachi, Asuka and Konohamaru)

Asuka was exhausted, as the fire woman hadn't slept since she awoke in her current situation. Then to make matters worse the woman was physically drained from the seastone bindings sapping all her energy. However, Asuka wished her current situation could be reflected onto Konohamaru, as the youngest of the pirates was still going mad trying to get himself free. In fact as Asuka watched the boy thrash about and scream, she couldn't help from feeling even more tired from just watching him.

"Kono, can you give it a rest?" Asuka asked, but got no response.

Though knowing Konohamaru wasn't going to give in, Asuka decided to ignore the boy and look at Itachi. The oldest of the group was his usual calm, collected and silent self. Something that Asuka didn't understand was how the oldest of the group could hold his mental fortitude so well. However, almost instantly Itachi snapped his closed eyes open and his features tightened.

"Konohamaru stop, I hear multiple footsteps coming." Itachi began in a serious voice, which caused Konohamuru to instantly stop. Showing the amount of respect the youngest of the group had for the Dark Crow.

Asuka on the other hand tried to listen to what Itachi had heard, but frowned as she heard nothing. She was even about to voice herself, but stopped the moment she heard footsteps from the outside. This surprised Asuka, as Itachi's hearing was rather impressive to pick up the sounds way before her despite how loud Konohamuru's yelling was earlier.

Slowly the door to the room opened and everyone tensed up and waited with baited breath to see who was on the other side. However as the doors opened the three were met with confusion, as they didn't recognize the two women who were looking at them.

"Who the hell are you bastards!" Konohamuru yelled loudly, while he began to shake and jerk about again. "And where the hell is Yugito! I still gotta kick her ass!"

The first woman had shoulder length brown hair with a single lock falling onto the right side of her face and going over her right eye just a little bit. She had steel grey eyes with orange eyeshadow in the corner and wore an altered purple kimono dress with red trimmings complimented with a yellow sash around her waist and thigh-length stockings that merged into her sandals. The woman then walking closer into the room smirked and folded her arms, as she looked down at the pirates.

"Oh seems like little Yugito-chan really pissed these losers off huh?" The woman asked in a smug voice before looking to the woman by her side. "What do you think Saya?"

The now named Saya had a rather condescending look on her face, as she laughed. Her look, unlike her companion, was rather gothic and her hair was a light blue color, while being placed in two pony-tails with bangs framing both of her cheeks. Saya was dressed in a red and purple kimono with her hem shredded, a light grey corset and a pair of separate furisode-like sleeves in the same colour. She also wore a red ribbon tied at the middle of her hair, pointing straight up. Her fingernails were polished in black, which brought attention to her most defined characteristic. That being the rather eerie looking doll that she had clasped in her hands.

"Mhhh yes Suzumebachi, it would seem Yugito-baka really got under their skin." Saya sneered loudly, while she brought a hand to her mouth and laughed. "And to think their bounties are so high! I myself don't see the appeal behind these losers. Though at least the brooding one is cute. The loud child is an eyesore however."

Konohamuru gritted his teeth and glared daggers at the woman. "Just who the hell are you assholes and where are we!"

"Oh such anger! It's so adorable, little Yugito-chan must have pulled one over you good to not know what's going on!" Suzumebachi giggled softly, while bending down to flick Konohamuru's forehead. "It's quite sad really, but don't feel too bad! After all, you weren't the first idiot pirates Yugito-chan has done this too and you surely won't be the last!"

Itachi merely closed his eyes and sighed. "So you're bounty hunters then. How foolish."

Saya laughed and looked down at Itachi. "Cute and smart! If you weren't worth so much I might just have some fun with you!"

Asuka narrowed her eyes and glared at the two bounty hunters. "So what, you're going to hand us over to the Marines for a profit?"

"That is how bounty hunting works you stupid pirate." Saya replied back in a superior tone, which caused Asuka to shake her head and laugh. This of course caused the doll carrying woman to frown and lift her brow. "And what's so funny pirate scum?"

Asuka locked eyes with the bounty hunters with a dead serious stare, which made both women shutter. "Our Captain and Vice-Captain will come for us long before you can do anything. You can count on that!"

"Oh we are." A third and familiar voice spoke up, as to Asuka and Konohamuru's surprise. Yugito slowly walked into the room with a rather neutral expression on her face, while her eyes tried their hardest to avoid contact with the three pirates. "It just doesn't matter what those two do. However, none of that is important. I believe I told you two that I wanted the prisoners escorted to their cells immediately not taunted."

Saya puffed out her cheeks and tossed her nose to the side. "You're not the boss of me Yugito-baka! I'll do whatever I want and torment who I please."

"You're wasting my time." Yugito snapped back, which made Saya chuckle.

"Oh my it looks like little Yugito-chan is in a real hurry to get her ass kicked this time." Suzumebachi giggled loudly, while placing her arms behind her back. "But what else is new?"

Saya nodded with a condescending laugh. "I know, but I was afraid she would run off without us like last time! I was so sad when I found out that I missed her last ass beating!"

Itachi was rather silent and merely observed the interactions between the three bounty hunters, while Asuka gritted her teeth and glared at Yugito. Konohamuru on the other hand was still as vocal as ever.

"Well if you wanna see Yugito get her ass kicked let me go! I'll give you a show you won't forget!" The young pirate declared.

"Just bring the prisoners." Yugito ordered as she started to walk off.

Saya giggled and pullied on Itachi and Konohamuru, while Suzumebachi grabbed Asuka.

"You three better hurry up." Saya began, while Suzumebachi laughed.

"Yeah if you're holding a grudge on little Yugito you'll love what comes next."

(With Naruto)

Sailing across the ocean at blistering speeds, Naruto was currently standing by Zabuza's side. Who was using his phenomenal helmsman abilities to speed towards the location where Naruto's crew was being held.

"Hopefully we can catch up to everyone before nightfall." Naruto commented, as Zabuza merely nodded.

"I'll try my best, but no promises." Zabuza repiled, as he looked at Naruto. "You should go check on your crew and make sure they are okay. Never know when an enemy will show themselves and I don't want your friend to be a hindrance."

Stepping away from the Fishman, Naruto maneuvered his way below the ship's deck and came into a small living space. Where he found Sasuke laying motionless on a small makeshift bed made from leftover sacks, while Karin simply sat at a rather small table.

"How is he?" Naruto began, as he took a seat opposite of the young redhead.

Karin sighed and reclined back. "He's either incredibly resilient or a dumbass that refuses to die. I mean a normal person in his condition would be on death's door, but he's showing remarkable progress."

"Well he is my right hand, I expect nothing less from him."

"Well you should be happy that he won't die, but he won't be well for at least another week or so. Meaning he could become a problem with this little rescue you're trying to accomplish." Karin began, but a grunt from Sasuke grabbed their attention.

"I'll be fine." The raven haired teen declared with a shortness of breath, while he leaned himself up with his elbows. "No sickness will stop me from running my blade through that traitor."

Naruto saw the conviction in his crewmates eyes, knowing full well that the teenager was speaking the truth. Yet Naruto still laughed and shook his head. "And who says you get to be the one to deal with her? I'm the Captain after all."

Sasuke scoffed and laid back down. "Fine do what you wish, but if our enemies are bounty hunters. Then I'll just make it my mission to steal every ounce of treasure they've got."

Karin's eyes slightly twitched. "What about your brother and friends."

"Sasuke save but get money."

"Mention another bounty hunter group"

Yugito takes crew onto island fortress and challenges the man there.

Naruto and Co on boat, Zabuza picture and beast on the water.

Yugito gets beat terribly

Crew thrown in a cell and gets taunted.

Yugito flashback

Naruto and Co arrive outside of island fortress

(Future plans)

-This arc Yugito has a Thorfinn and Askeladd type relation with a pirate hunter (Hanzo). Where she works for the man for an opportunity to challenge the man to a battle to the death to avenge her mother who Hanzo killed. Hanzo of course keeps Yugito alive to torment and use her.

-Naruto and Co would of course show up and beat him along with his allies and obtain Yugito as their cook.

-Zabuza had an arc about Haku who died a few years back. Haku would have been from the same kingdom as Law and had the same illness. However, Zabuza as the caretaker would have been in a reversed role from Law's situation and been the one to live while Haku died.

-After Zabuza's mini arc involving hunting down some slavers in the north blue he joins Naruto as the helmsman.

-After this the crew go into the East blue and kinda follow Luffy. Getting to key places just to see the aftermath of Luffy's deeds.

-The crew hears word of a new bounty hunting group capturing people with high bounties called the akatsuki. Who only hunt pirates with over 100 million bounties. (I really wanted to expand bounty hunting. Since Oda seems to not care about bounty hunters)

-Naruto would eventually catch up to Vivi and the straw hats. They would save Vivi's kingdom and she would go with Naruto while Luffy gets Robin.

-the crew goes their own way.

And Naruto's crew has a few more original arcs, mainly an arc with Orochimaru. Who has kept Anko and her daughter prisoner. In this story Anko would have been Shanks' lover and they had a daughter together named Tayuya. After the arc is over it would be revealed that Anko died, Tayuya joins her cousins crew as the musician and Suigetsu who would become the shipwright.

Eventually Naruto's crew would meet back up Luffy's in the Sabaody Archipelago. In this a twist would happen where Vivi would be captured and essentially Naruto bargains himself to save Vivi while Naruto's crew saves the strawhats.

This means the war arc is centered around saving Naruto. Where the red haired pirates, Rayleigh sun pirates and all of Naruto's family and friends come to help. Ending with of course Naruto being saved and Rayleigh actually being the one to die before the war gets jumped by the Akatsuki. Leading the war into chaos and causing Naruto's allies to retreat.

A two year skip happens where Naruto's crew trains Luffy's crew. And then they go into the new world as allies. There was a lot more ideas and plot options I had but with how long one piece is I never went much further since I knew this story was way too ambitious to ever get a proper end.