A/N: chapters are not in chronological order. Each chapter can be read as a standalone. Warning: homophobia


"Hey," a voice he doesn't recognize says, and someone with really broad shoulders is standing in front of him. "Stop it."

It takes Andri several seconds to realize Dick Grayson is standing in front of him, hiding Andri behind his back from Aaron's snarling face and raised fist. They are in the hall. Not exactly crowded, but some people are staring. They wouldn't usually — Aaron and his fuckboy pals bullying and shoving around freshmen and sophomores isn't a rare spectacle — but with Dick Grayson in the picture, it might as well be a show.

Aaron sneers. But he doesn't take a step forward. Of course he doesn't — he isn't that stupid.

"And what are you, his boyfriend?"

Dick Grayson — Dick fucking Grayson — looks at Aaron calmly and says, "so what if I am?"

Holy shit. Holy shit.

Absolute silence for ten seconds (Andri counted) because this isn't Andri Prasasti, unabashedly gay South-East Asian sophomore who got in Gotham Academy through scholarship — this is Dick Grayson. Straight As junior, billionaire heir, abs for days Dick Grayson. Whose dad is literally Bruce Wayne. You don't call Dick Grayson a fag and punch him in the face. His dental healthcare is probably worth more than everything Andri ever posessed in his entire life. Probably.

Dick Grayson (wow, Dick Grayson) whips back, looks at Andri and smiles so effortlessly perfect and he extends his hand, "let's go," he says, so easily, so fucking effortlessly. As if Aaron and his peers aren't worth his attention. As if Andri is worth his attention.

Andri doesn't have enough conscious thought to do anything but accept his hand.

Grayson pulls him and they walk away. No one follows them. They get as far as the Lit hall where it's empty enough before Grayson stops and lets go of Andri's hand — unfortunate, that, Grayson's hand is warm and calloused and very muscled and bigger than Andri's in a nice way — and the smile slides off his face. He tells Andri, very seriously, "are you alright? I mean, of course not, but are you? Did they hurt you?"

"No," Andri says, because they didn't. Almost, and probably would if Grayson didn't come like a knight in shining armor just in time, but they didn't. "Thanks. Um, for that. Uh."

Very articulate. Much smooth.

Grayson stares at him, his eyes looking for something in his face and Andri just — can't stand under a look like that from a guy who looks like he just stepped out of a fucking magazine cover, so Andri just looks away.

"You shouldn't listen to them," Grayson says finally, and Andri zips up to look at him and Grayson laughs a little bashfully. "I mean. Okay, that wasn't helpful, was it? I'm sorry. I'm just saying. They're being absolute fucking dicks, you know? You shouldn't listen to assholes like that. I'm sorry," he adds, and he sounds so weirdly genuine that Andri does a double take, like he can't believe this is happening. Because he can't believe this is happening. "Do they do this a lot? Have you tried reporting them?"

Andri nearly laughs. Aaron Rockwell's mother is one of Gotham Academy's chairmen. Alexei Mikailov's dad is one of the biggest donators the Academy has. So on and so forth. They and their pals, just like Dick Grayson, have more money than Andri can ever dream of having. Gotham Academy wouldn't give a shit to some 80% scholarship charity case. Something in Andri's face must've shown that, because Grayson's face twists into something painful and he says again, "I'm sorry. I should've known better."

It's not your fault, Andri feels he should be saying. Not your fault I'm not ridiculously hot and white and adopted by the second richest man on earth. But instead he shrugs and he says, "they just had their fragile masculinity threatened by me, is all," and the laugh he gets from Grayson at that makes him feel … better.

Grayson holds out his hand and says sheepishly, "sorry, I haven't introduced myself. I'm Dick. Dick Grayson, junior year."

Andri blinks at that. Everyone knows that, he wants to say. I stalk your instagram before bed, dude. But instead he shakes his hand. "Andri Prasasti, sophomore. Also, stop apologizing. You've done that four times."

Grayson — Dick — grins, crookedly, flirtateous and boyish and everything fucking perfect. "Sorry," he says, and he doesn't sound sorry at all.

It sounds like teasing.

"Stop that," Andri says.

"Stop what?"

"I'm not immune to white boy charms."

"I'm not white."

Well, shit. "Oh," Andri says eloquently.

"Don't worry," Dick says easily, and nothing on his face shows he's offended at all. "You aren't the first to assume."

Still. "Sorry."

"'S okay. I'm charming, though, huh?"

Andri — fucking hell — blushes. Before he can retort though, the bell rings, and Dick says, "fuck, I have chem," and then Dick tells him seriously, "if they bother you again, tell me, okay? I'll see what I can do," and just like that, he zips through the hall and disappears like a dream as if he didn't just gives Andri the biggest fucking crush ever in his pathetic 16 years of life.

What can Dick do, anyway, about his situation? He is a billionaire's son, granted, but. How can Andri even like, tell him? He doesn't even have his number (shit, why didn't Andri ask for his number? Why is he an idiot?). It's not like he can just dm Dick's insta — revealing that Andri has, in fact, followed him for a year and liked all of his posts — hey, this is Andri, the sophomore from recess you just saved Wattpad One Direction fanfic-style? Have I told you you have wonderful abs?

"Dude," Sasha says to him in calculus, eyes big and excited. "Is it true that you blew Dick Grayson in the janitor closet?"

Andri chokes. "No. What the — no."

Sasha sighs. "Pity."

A part of Andri agrees. Pity indeed. "Who said that?"

"Steven McCunnel."


But the rest of the day, no one bothers him. Some look at him weirdly, weirder than usual, but now with something like — like jealousy, especially the girls — but no one bothers him. He even ate his lunch in peace, for the first time in months.

Across the room, Dick Grayson enters the cafetaria with a pretty redhead — and heads immediately whip, because probably everyone in school at some point has a crush on Dick Grayson since he hit puberty a year ago. Andri immediately ducks to his pancake (cheapest on the menu) to hide his stupid blushing face. When he looks up, though, Dick is looking at him, and he smiles and waves and Andri just stupidly raises his hand and does a movement that resembles a wave, but also a seizure. Then Dick smiles bigger and waves more excitedly. Then he looks away and talks to his pretty redhead friend like he didn't just. Give Andri a heart attack. Like. Like it's normal to just.

Andri looks away to find Sasha and Anita and Sheila and Thomas stare at him.

"What the fuck was that."

"Dri. Dri, I swear to fucking god."

"Did he just do that?"

"Andri, I swear to fucking god."

"You said you didn't blow him!"

"I didn't!"

"I knew it," Anita says, looking oddly triumphant. "I knew he was bi!"

Jesus. "Look, okay, he's — " straight? Dick did flirt with him a little, didn't he? Was that flirting? " — okay, I don't know if he's straight or whatever, but we didn't. He just. We didn't. Aaron and his douchebags bothered me a little, and Dick just showed out of nowhere and kinda, helped me out, and we talked a bit."

"I'll beat the shit out of Aaron," Sheila says seriously.

Thomas rolls his eyes. "Shei, you weigh like, 99 pounds."

"I'll still do it."

Anita looks massively disappointed. "You didn't blow him?"




Andri looks discreetly to the table where Aaron and his fuckboy pals sit and finds Aaron himself glaring at him — and then looking away.

What are you, his boyfriend?

So what if I am? Dick said.


Andri sighs, and opens his phone so that he wouldn't catch himself staring at Dick. One instagram notification.

He finds that flyingdick — verified, 840k followers (followed by Bruce Wayne, Sheila Choi, Gotham Finest and 70 more) — dm-ed him a hey! it's Dick. the charming one? poop emoji. And followed him back four minutes ago. And liked all of Andri's posts.

You're my instagram crush for a year, dammit, stop doing this to me, Andri wants to reply. Instead, he finds the rolling eyes emoji and clicks send.

Dick responds with three poop emojis.