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Chapter 1: Head or Tails

Marco Diaz, an average 14 boy, was currently in an average high school history class. This was quite a contrast to all the other people around him who were either fast asleep on their desk or on their phones. Marco looked down at his paper, he must have taken a couple pages worth of notes now. Suddenly, his head jerked forward and something wet hit the back of his head. He pulled the spit ball out of his hair with an annoyed face. Turning around, he saw Janna sitting in the seat behing him with a giant grin plastered on her face.

"Janna, what the heck!" He whispered in an angry tone.

"What's up Diaz" she responded back, kicking her legs up on the desk.

"Don't what's up me, you hit me with a spitball." He accused, his eyes furrowing in anger.

"So, I was bored." She replied non clamantly while closing her eyes.

"Well don't do-" Marco barely had time to say before he was nailed in the face with another spitball. He yelled in surprise and fell off his seat, the whole class turning to look at him.

"Mr. Diaz, do you need something." Mrs. Scullnick with her hands on her hips. Marco immediately jetted up from the floor and back into his seat.

"No ma'am." Marco replied, his face turning red from all the snickering directed at him.

"Good, cause I wouldn't really care." She replied turning back to the board and going on about Napoleon or soemthing. Marco, for his part, didn't really try to stop Janna again considering how bad the last time went.

About one hour and 30 spitballs later Marco and Janna walked side by side out the classroom, well more like Janna was bugging Marco all the way out the classroom.

"Janna can you please leave me alone." Marco said pretty much enraged at how Janna treated him throughout class. He could even focus on the lesson because of all the spitballs she was hitting him with!

"I could." Janna said but continuing to follow Marco implying she wasn't going anywhere. Marco stopped at his locker and quickly dialed in the combination. Janna leaned up against the locker and stared at Marco

"What do you want Janna." Marco asked once again, rolling his eyes.

"Well let's just talk Marco, it's been a while since we have." Janna said with a surprisingly inviting smile.

"Really." Marco said skeptical but hopeful.

"No, I just need to grab some things." Janna replied getting off the lockers.

"What-" Marco started before Janna interrupted.

"Chicken butt." She said as Marco crumpled to the floor. Janna then walked over to Marco's locker and removed the panel from the back. She grinned as she grabbed some of her witchcraft things, tonight was going to be fun. She moved the panel back and snapped her fingers.

"What! What happened?" Marco yelled jolting up with a stressed face.

"Jackie tried to talk to you, and then you passed out." Janna replied non-chalantly while looking at her finger nails.

"What?!" Marco yelled just as loud while grabbing his face in embarassment.

"Yup, like you smelled Furgeson's underwear." she clarified. Marco groaned while slumping against the lockers, why was his luck always so bad? He was a good kid you'd figure something would go his way wouldn't it?

"So you wanna help me raise the dead today Marco." Janna asked with a sinister grin.

"No, Janna. I do not want to raise the dead." Marco replied with a sigh.

"Suit yourself I thought you were a misunderstood bad boy though, thought you'd be into this sort of stuff." Janna said playing to Marco's ego.

"I am!" He declared.

"It's just, I think raising the dead is disrespectful and could probably doom the whole world." Marco replied responsibly.

"Wimp." Janna teased as Marco looked offended by her comment.

"Don't you ever get sick of this Marco, life is so boring. School this, hang out with friends that. I mean don't you wish something like a princess from another dimension with a magic wand would come into our lives and spice it up a little." Janna asked thinking about how cool that would be. Marco looked at the floor, thinking about what Janna just said. It did kinda suck being the safe kid, and who wouldn't want a bit of adventure. Still, nothing like that was ever going to happen and Marco knew that.

"Life is good Janna, we should appreciate what we have." He said filing some more book away into his locker.

"Yea whatever." She said dismissively while walking away, leaving Marco to his own devices. Marco sighed and turned away from his locker, Janna was really a strange and adventurous girl. He should have guessed she wouldn't like his response

He Started on his way home and froze at the sight he saw coming down the hallway.

Jackie Lynn Thomas.

To Marco it looked like she was moving in slow motion. Her beautiful eyes sparkled as bright as stars, her hair flowing behind her like waves. Marco was absolutely memorized. Jackie looked at him staring at her and simply gave a nod in his direction. He was so spellbound that he almost forgot to nod back. She skated past him and just like that, the encounter ended. Marco just stood there with half lidded eyes, seemingly not being able to move.

"Now that was just pathetic." He heard an eloquent voice say from behind him say. Marco jumped up in surprise and turned around. What he saw surprised him 100 times as much. Behind him was a lizard like human being, he had his hair slicked back and was in a very nice suit. He was sprawled out on the floor, and his clothes were a little beaten up. Marco glanced behind the creature and saw a red light sizzling out behind him. Marco watched in astonishment as he pulled himself of the floor and calmly dusted himself off. He calmly walked over to Marco, his hands behind his back.

"Interesting, the intelligent life of the dimension look extremely similar to Mewmans." The Lizard man said now circling around Marco, seemingly examining him.

"U-Uh who are you?" Marco said nervously as the lizard kept circling him.

"Well you can call me Toffee." He said coming to a stop in front of Marco and straightening himself. Toffee? What a weird name

"Uh, maybe I should have asked what are you?" Marco asked still petrified at this creature.

"I'm a Septarian, not that you would know what that is. We are from a different dimension than this one you call..." Toffee asked fishing for an answer.

"E-Earth." He responded shakily.

"Earth, interesting name." Toffee said looking around lazily.

"U-Uh if you don't need anything else. I'm just gonna go now!" Marco said quickly, before trying to get away from this weird situation. However, he couldn't move two steps before a hand was placed on his shoulder.

"Actual I am in need of some assistance if you wouldn't mind. You see I got into a little incident... and I am stuck here. I ask for a map and some basic knowledge of this world nothing more." Toffee said mysteriously.

"U-Uh yea sure, we might have to go to my house though." Marco said not really wanting to start any trouble with this creature.

"Excellent, lead the way… excuse me I didn't catch your name." Toffee said holding out his hand.

"It's Marco, Marco Diaz." He said shaking the reptilians hand, still incredibly nervous.

'Oh man, oh man, oh man. What am I doing.' Marco thought to himself. This was nuts a weird creature from another dimension just appeared and he had invited him to his house! Marco could hardly believe that any of this was happening.

"Now, off to your home." Toffee said, waiting for Marco to lead the way.

"Yea sure." Marco said awkwardly as he made his way out of the school with Toffee following close behind.

The walk was actually not as bad as Marco thought it would be. Toffee walked calmly, with a disinteresting look in his eye. His hands were behind his back and his posture was perfect. It was weird, he acted all nice and formal but at the same his aura screamed that he was better than you in every way.

"So it seems like people here have fairly good living standards." Toffee said looking around at the nice houses around them.

"Uh yea we got it all. Sewer system, ac, heat, electricity." Marco joked trying to break the ice a little.

"Electricity?" Toffee asked raising an eyebrow.

"Yea it like passing currents through cables to power things like TVs." Marco explained. Toffee had no idea what a TV was.

"Your civilization is quite advanced." Toffee commented offhandedly.

"I mean I guess, we have sent people to the moon and stuff." Marco said actually grabbing Toffee's attention.

"You've actually managed to send people to outer space, my home world has just learned that we actual revolve around a sun." Toffee said actually widening his eyes a little at the information, these creatures were truly advanced.

"Woah that bad. Where do live a place where they still have knights, princesses, and castles?" Marco questioned.

"More or less." Toffee replied.

"So what about military advancement." Toffee asked. Marco looked over at him to answer but saw a pair of kids staring at Toffee with their eyes wide and mouths open. Before he knew it, they ran off seemingly in fear.

Toffee paid it no attention.

"Welllll, we have these things called guns they shoot these pellets called bullets and they shoot the bullets so fast that they're pretty fatal. Grenades which are like a mini bomb in your hand. Missiles which are giant rocket like things that can destroy a good portion of land and ICBM's with nuclear warheads on them which are so powerful that they can incinerate cities at a time." Marco explained realizing how bad this all sounded as he went on.

"Incredible." Toffee said simplywalking straight ahead. Marco could tell the creature was thinking of something but he didn't know what, he was probably just in awe of how different this world was.

"So how did you get here, you looked pretty beat up." Marco said wondering if the lizard would tell him. Toffee glanced at him for a moment before looking ahead.

"It's a long story, I don't want to really talk about it." Toffee responded. Marco looked ahead too now, afraid that he offended the man. All conversation pretty much died down after that.

They continued that way for a while until Marco spotted a familiar mop of blonde hair coming down the side walk quite far away.

It was Jackie.

"Wait! We have to hide!" Marco yelled in distress. Toffee looked at him strangely.

"Look if Jackie sees me with you, she's going to think I'm like a massive weirdo or something. I mean those kids literally ran away from you." Marco said yelling. Toffee didn't really seem to care.

"And we don't want people asking questions." Marco tried again. Apparently, that was a good enough reason for Toffee and he walked over to a bush to the right. Marco quickly followed after him and jumped into the bush.

Jackie rode by without a care in the world, headphones on her ear and al backpack on her back. Toffee glanced over and saw Marco staring with sparkles in his eyes. He couldn't help but scoff a little.

"Ok let's go." Toffee started to get out of the bush, dragging Marco along until he heard a strange noise come from behind him. Marco turned around and saw a small red and orange portal open up. Suddenly a couple of weird creatures bgan to emerge from the portal.

Toffee groaned a little. He walked out of the bush and walked up to confront the strange creatures. Marco stayed in the bush, almost passing out from seeing these weird looking things. This day just kept getting weirder and weirder, he swore he would end up having a heart attack.

"Toffee, you are under arrest for the murder of Queen Comet. Return with us immediately." A woman with silver hair and a crown said. She was dressed in armor and her hair was braided into one large pony tail. Despite the women's brave look Marco's eyes widened at another piece of information, Toffee had killed someone. He peeked through the bush to get a better look.

"Look, Queen Moon your mother died over 20 years ago and it was during a war. I'm sure you still can't fault me for that." Toffe said putting a hand over his chest.

"Enough! I don't want to hear another word I should have captured you all those years ago." Moon said revealing a what looked to be wand with a crystal heart. Marco swore he could have seen Toffee sweating a little. Marco watched as he a lady with red hair and pale skin whipped out some scissors. A weird crystal head man with two snake hands started to charge up his head?A goat/vampire creature neighing on the top of his lungs. And a skull surrounded by space.

"Who is that behind you, an accomplice?!" Moon yelled at him. Toffee glanced behind him to find Marco was now shivering in fear from being seen by the people.

"No." Toffee said simply.

"Uh can we really trust this guy." Hekapoo said an annoyed look on her face.

"Rhombulus, take the boy too for questioning." Moon ordered watching the boy look at them. He looked mewman, what was he doing with Toffee? Had Toffee managed to coerce a mewman to help him with his plots?

"Now both of you come forward, hands up in the air." Moon ordered pointing her wand at both of them. Toffee did as she commanded walking forward with both his hands held high, it was at this point that Marco noticed a small detail. Toffee was missing a finger, huh.

Despite all his body telling him to make a break for it, Marco knew he wasn't going to get far. He walked out of the bush, hands held high and sweat drenching his body.

They both made their way to the magic high commission until eventually stood right in front of him. Rhombulus made his way in front of Toffee and started to bark out orders.

"Put your hands behind your back." He said and Toffee did so, Rhombulus then shot out a beam of light from his head and crystal covered Toffee hands.

"Marco, I think your price is way too high you might need to do something about it." Toffee said cryptically making the high commission blink. Marco stared at Toffee with a questioning face, but only found that he was staring right back but deathly serious.

"Can it. Now boy hands behind your back." Rhombulus said. Marco slowly put his hands behind him, his heart going a mile a minute. It seemed like it was only a second ago where he was in a classroom, living a normal life, and now he was about to get kidnapped by extra dimensional beings. His luck was really shit.

Toffee suddenly jumped into front of Hekapoo catching the entire commission off guard. He slammed his wrists into Hekapoo's baldes, severing his hands from the crystal. Blood flew everywhere, and the blades went flying off in Marco's direction

"Now boy!" He yelled avoiding a blast from Moon's wand. Marco quickly put two and two together and guessed that Toffee want him to cut it. Marco quickly picked up the blades and tried to put them back together, but it wasn't really working out.

"Just slice the air!" Toffee cried out staring dodging a strike from Omnitraxus. Marco quickly did as he was told and sliced the air with both blades. A red orange portal opened up and Marco couldn't help but look at it in wonder. What was on the other side?

Toffee jumped around avoiding Omnitaxus' strikes, the blasts from Moon, and Rhombulus' crystal ray. However it was not soon before he got overwhelmed. Moon raised her wand and a ray of blue magic shot out from it. Toffee turned around in time to see the blast hit his torso. Before he knew it the top half of Toffee's body went flying into Marco knocking them both into the portal.


Marco groaned and rubbed his head, finally looking around to see here he was. The place was weird, it looked like he was in some sort of forest. Marco jumped back as he heard a growl come from behind him. Another noise came from in front, and another from the both sides. It seemed like the whole forest was alive. Marco shoved his head into his hoodie and blocked off all the noise from getting to him. His whole body was shaking, things just kept going from bad to worse.

"Marco, would you mind getting us out of here." Toffee said calmly while looking at Marco from the floor. Marco looked back to face Toffee but screamed in horror instead. Toffee's body was literally bisected down the middle, there was little to no blood but Marco could see the inside of his gut pretty clearly. He almost puked.

"Marco this is no time to be sick. We're in the forest of certain death, and I'm pretty sure monsters would go after a person like yourself and that would leave me vulnerable." Toffee said getting Marco to snap out of it. Marco moved behind Toffee and begun dragging him out of the forest.

"How are you alive?" Marco asked awkwardly. Was it weird to start a conversation with a Lizard that had half his body blown off that he was also dragging?

"I'm a Septarian, we can regenerate out body parts, even internal organs." Toffee said.

"Woah." Marco said thinking that was pretty awesome.

Lucky for both Toffee and Marco they were pretty close to the edge of the forest and managed to get out in no time. Marco finally dropped Toffee on his back as they made it close to a river that was not that far away.

"Now we need to head to my cave. I will tell you directions." Toffee said casually. Marco however was not ready to comply.

"Wait Wait Wait! How can I trust you?!" Marco said getting Toffee to look at him.

"You killed that woman's mother! Maybe I should just turn you in instead, then I can be let off the hook for what you did." Marco yelled wanting some answers. Toffee groaned, he really had no choice. Maybe if had only lost an arm he would have healed by now, but half of his body and his hands would take a little longer and he couldn't really afford to fight in this condition.

"Listen to me boy. Her mother fought against me in war between monsters and mewmans. You surely know that people die in a war, it's just how it works." Toffee explained omitting the fact that the war could have ended if he let the former monster general sign a peace treaty.

"Well why were you in a war in the first place. It is fair to assume that you started it, you guys are monsters after all." Marco said not looking convinced.

"I was fighting to reclaim what is rightfully ours." Toffee said raising his ... uh hands?

"What do you mean?" Marco asked crossing his arms, now looking curious.

"A long time ago Mewmans came to this land from across the sea seeking new lands. They came to this land and when the monsters showed them nothing but hospitality, they spat in our face and slaughtered us. They ruthlessly took over our lands and pushed us to the outskirts, because they had magic on their side. They even have a holiday celebrating it" Toffee said recounting the tale. Marco looked down drawing a parallel to how the Europeans treated the American Indians in his own world.

"Till this very day they oppress us, they think we are just animals. We monsters have remained strong trying again and again to repel them from our lands for hundreds of years, but to no avail. The current queen always stops the us whether it be solaria, or Moon. I was a general who wanted what was right for my people, so yes I killed the Queen, but I felt like there was no other way to ensure that we would get what we wanted." Toffee said finishing his explanation. Marco looked down, he knew that what Toffee did was wrong, but at the same time could he really blame him.

"So what happened, how did you lose." Marco asked. Toffee sighed and faced sideways.

"Moon, the woman you saw. She used a spell that scared my army and scattered them. Ironically, that's the thing she's know for, 'Moon the Undaunated' that's what they call her." Toffee said recounting his biggest defeat, oh how his arrogance had cost him.

"Ok fine, maybe … maybe you have a point." Marco said thinking heavily about the topic. Who would of thought that a dimension like this would have existed?

"In fact in Mewni's history they even got rid of a Queen for falling in love with a monster." Toffee said.

"That's harsh." Marco said letting all the information swim in his head. So the monsters were good? Weird thing to say.

"Ok so where was that cave." Marco said giving a smile.


Taking Toffee all the way to the cave was a lot harder than he thought. Toffee was right though the monsters he saw living here were in extreme poverty, most of them lived in shacks. When he first walked in they all looked at him in annoyance and slight contempt but seeing as he was helping a fellow monster they soon decided that he was ok to enter.

Marco managed to get Toffee up to the cave, albeit took a while though.

"So, are you gonna be ok?" Marco asked.

"I should be fine, but it would be nice if I could have some food brought to me." Toffee said. Marco nodded making sure he would help.

"It will probably take me a couple days to heal." Toffee comented.

"Do you still have scissor pieces." he asked. Marco reached into his pocket and took out the scissor pieces to show Toffee. Toffee uncharacteristically cracked a small smile.

"Well you should head home, your family might start to worry. I should be ok for now." Toffee said. Marco looked unsure, but Toffee didn't look worried at all so he decided to cut a portal with the scissors. Before stepping through, he looked at Toffee once last time making sure that his was all real. Then he was gone.

Mewni castle next day

"I can't believe they got away." Hekapoo yelled in frustration. Currently they magic high commission was in a meeeting to discuss the return of Toffee.

"And you say you just found him." Glossaryck asked.

"Yes, I was tipped off by the mail man that he was residing near the Forest so we went to scout it out and lo and behold he was there." Moon said also frustrated that Toffee got way.

"He also looked to be with an accomplice. I though he was mewman, but it turns out he could've also been a human from this recently new dimension we stumbled into." Moon said

"To be honest he looked really scared. I think we accidentally just roped the poor kid into it." Rhombulus said.

"Still he was helping Toffee for some reason." Hekapoo countered.

"We need to focus on finding Toffee and if the boy can give us information on him, then we need to find him too. Star is getting my wand later today and we need to get Toffee while he's down. If he heals, I won't have a wand to battle him next time." Moon said a little concerned about that, still she knew she was powerful without the wand and with the high commission there was pretty much nothing they couldn't handle.

"Also, we need to address the fact that they know have a pair of dimensional scissors." Hekapoo said irritated. It had literally taken a whole day before someone from the castle realized they had been gone too long

"Yes, that is a small problem." Glossaryck said not really that stressed about it.

"A small problem? We just let one of the most dangerous criminals have access to all the dimensions, there's no telling the amount of damage he could do!" Moon exclaimed mad that Glossaryck wasn't taking this seriously.

"Yes, I suppose. But everything will work itself out, or maybe not. Who knows." Glossaryck said shrugging. Moon sighed.

"In any case we need to keep Star safe in Mewni castle just in case Toffee tries anything. My daughter isn't ... the smartest you could say. The wand must remain safe along with the spell book." Moon said looking to side, slightly embarrassed.

"Agreed." The entire magic commission said at the same time.

"Hekapoo I need you to find the dimension that they went off to." Moon ordered as Hekapoo nodded.

"Until we have a lead all we can do is wait and keep are guards up, meeting adjourned." Moon said getting up from the table and heading out the door. Everybody else got up to leave, but Glossaryck stayed behind.

"Hmm interesting development. I did not expect it to go this way at all. Tails it is then." Glossaryck said to himself watching the other members file out of the room following suit not too long after.


A/N: So yea I got a lot of stuff in store for this story. Some things will change and others will remain the same, or will they?