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Chapter 5: Behind That Mask

Marco wasn't good with girls. The farthest he ever got with Jackie was a nod, and he couldn't really call that experience. Even in his time in the never zone, he hadn't really gone after any women despite his swagger and "hot bod". He was shy around girls and admittedly it was a part of his personality that he never thought he would be rid of but..

The girl in front of him was beautiful and that was pretty obvious to everyone in the room. Her hair was a golden blonde, and even in the red light it shined like the Sun. Her eyes were an electric blue, frantically scanning over his face for her brain to process this situation they were in. Her red dress seemed to only be highlighted by the light of this blood moon; the color was strikingly alluring. She had hearts on her cheeks, he thought they were pretty cute but it kind of made him uncomfortable for some reason that he didn't particularly care about at the moment. Yes, she was definitely pretty and here he was holding onto her. His arms were around her waist, his hands could feel the small of her back. Her arms were over his neck and her hands seemed to be placed over each other. They were face to face, mere inches apart.

'Wow.' He thought to himself, stunned. Sure, he had seen a lot of pretty girls but he was never in a situation like this with one.

His heart was starting to race, the sound pulsating in his ears. He had fought ghosts, demons, and monsters and yet he never felt as nervous as he was now. He didn't know if that was sad or a good thing but

This felt nice tough..

Marco was not stupid though. Normally by now he would have broken this embrace and apologized because this was an awkward situation if you really looked at it, but he didn't want to for some reason. She was just a good-looking girl, he really didn't need to be standing there with his jaw open but he was. He was captivated, with the moment, the girl, or both he didn't know. Marco did not believe in love at first sight, that was reserved for movies and such, but then why? Why was he so ensnared by this girl? Was she really that beautiful? Marco didn't know. It was like something was telling him to keep this girl in his arms, letting him know that she belonged there, and that wasn't just his hormones talking…probably.

Star was having similar thoughts. She couldn't see the man's face but for some reason that didn't really seem to make him any less attractive to her. She could see the milk chocolate tone of his skin beneath the mask, and his deep brown eyes peered into hers with surprise, like he didn't believe what he was seeing. She could feel his hands behind her, pulling them close together. She looked up at her own arms, locked around his neck. Even though he was a little bit taller than her she couldn't help but think he towered above her. A small blush came to her face. She glanced off to side, hoping that would somehow conceal her embarrassment, Star was a strong girl, she wrestled monsters on the daily, sword fought with the best knights, and had the power to eradicate the universe. Still, she couldn't help but act like the most love-struck girl on the planet right not. Who was this handsome mysterious man that came out of nowhere to sweep her off her feet like some princess in a movie? Even though Star knew that this was her first time seeing this boy, there was something indescribable that she felt in this moment, almost like they were supposed to be here under this mesmerizing red moonlight.

"What is that?" Marco heard a voice say breaking him out of his trance. Looking past the girl in his arms, he could see that high commission was searching frantically in the background of the audience. They stepped through the crowd, no doubt interested in the spectacle that everyone else seemed to be observing. Marco saw Heckapoo step into sight. Looking on as he stood there with this girl. Oh no, now he was in plain sight this was definitely not good. He had the mask though, maybe that was enough? Heckapoo seemingly noticed his staring, squinting a little at his gaze. The audience stared too as if they were expecting more.

As the boy looked on into the crowd, Star got a better look at him. His suit was black and kind of strange too, the shoulder pads making it look a touch weirder than all other suits she had seen in formal events. Her eyes roamed, until something unsavory made her eyes grow. There was blood from a huge gash on his arm, and it was slowly seeping through his suit. Why was he bleeding? Star looked up at his face, concern written all over her face.

"W-Wha-" Star started, but she found herself turned around. The masked man had grabbed her and dipped her. She looked his surprised at the move. His sombrero casted a shadow over both of them. Their faces so close. The moonlight followed.

Marco didn't know what he was doing, he just had to do something. The uncomfortable gaze Heckapoo gave him unnerved him and he just had to act natural, plus this somehow felt…. right.

He looked down to gage the girl's reaction. He saw the look of surprise on the girls face but under it there was something else. Excitement.

He couldn't help but feel it too.

Pivoting on his foot he grabbed the girl throwing the girl across his body. She hung of his arm and fell low. He snatched her back up, making her do a twirl, before they landed in their original positions. This time though, each of them had a hand holding the other in a classic dancing position.

(Blood moon theme is recommended, but not necessarily synched with the story)

Marco moved to the rhythm of the music, moving around together on the dance floor in circles. The music seemed just as captivating as the light that shone upon them. He didn't really know how to describe it. He heard a soft high-pitched tune played by the tapping of piano keys. There was a kind of ethereal undertone though. The notes sounded kind of like the twinkle of a star in the night sky. They continued to dance in circles as the light followed them throughout the dance floor. The audience looked on seemingly dumfounded by the couple, but Marco hardly even noticed them anymore.

He twirled the girl, and then sent her to hang of his arm once again. He pulled her back in, this time her back was against his chest her and her arms were crossed over each other as her hands were locked with his. She looked up gazing at his mask as he peered over the top of her head and down onto her face. He could feel her long blonde hair tickle his chin and the sweet aroma of perfume fill his nose. Everything about this was almost intoxicating, this connection. Marco could swear he was feeling everything she was, the wonderment, the thrill, the little bit of uncertainty. It was like they were just freefalling through the air and the ground just didn't matter.

He gave her another twirl and pulled her back with both his arms, once again back in their original position. They danced in circles again throughout the dance floor, their eyes never breaking. The red-light was hypnotizing, keeping them fixated even if they tried to look away. Marco heard the music start to pick up

Star felt herself lifted into the air, the mysterious man spun her around in a circle, her arms resting on his shoulders as she did so. Feeling her feet touch the ground Star had little time recover before she felt herself being swung to the ground so low that she could have sworn her free hand had touched the ground. Star smiled, feeling exhilaration and blood pumping throughout her whole body. She was pulled back up, her arms rested around his shoulders once again as they moved across the danced floor. She was breathing heavy, but the smile was still gracing her lips as she gazed at him through half lidded eyes.

Marco looked at her again. He didn't know why, but for some reason she looked almost ten times more beautiful. His senses were picking up on everything, his eyes saw her swaying in the mysteriously alluring ruby moonlight. His ears heard every breath she took, even though the music was ringing in his ears. His hands felt the goosebumps on her skin, even through the fabric of the dress.

Marco gave her a twirl before slowing down as the music took a slower pace. They moved back and forth in one spot. Their breathing was quickened by the elaborate dance moves that they had pulled off. Star looked at the stranger's face, the mask still firmly covering it, she moved closer pressing her body closer to his. Her head was practically on his chest, and she could feel the rising of his chest. They stayed like that, swaying for a while, just looking at each other.

Star couldn't understand it. It was just a dance but the way he moved with her… it felt like she had just stepped of a roller coaster. Their eyes were still linked, both of them enjoying the look of each other. Was is crazy to believe that universe had put them here together, because that was what Star was starting to believe no matter how dumb it sounded. Maybe this was meant to be? It was just too perfect, everything, just too perfect.

Star felt a burst of emotions passion, desire, happiness, longing. She felt her face move closer to his, her arms gently tugged his neck down. She slowly closed her eyes.

Marco's heart was beating faster than it ever was before, like a deafening thunder. He knew what she was trying to do, and Marco should have pulled away because he had no idea who she was, but he couldn't. His palms got a little sweatier with anticipation. He felt like he was drunk. His mind was turned off, his body was refusing to think anymore as to savor the moment, everything was pure impulse. He moved his head down, his eyes slowing closing trying to block out every single sense except the one he wanted the most. He pulled her closer, even though by now no room was between them. Her lips brushed against his, so close.

Suddenly all the feeling was gone. It was so abrupt, one minute he was on top of the world and now he felt pain as he heard the sickening crack of his ribs fracturing. He was flat on his back, staring up at the ceiling as the blood moon rescinded. He laid there for a second, his head still throbbing from the pain of hitting the hard ground. He groaned and trying to sit up but hissed as the pain shot throughout his body.

He opened his eyes. All watched the mysterious light creep back into the shape of the crescent moon, wonder in their eyes at the strange event.

He glanced down, trying to figure out who had interrupted the moment so suddenly. His eyes caught the ones of a purple man. He had horns, three eyes, and was that makeup? Still, Marco had to feel uncomfortable at the pure unbridled rage that was bouncing in those eyes.

Marco looked on shocked at his eyes slowly morphed to a glowing red. The girl looked on looking a little scared of what he was doing.

He slowly walked up towards him, and Marco scuttled backwards. Marco could tell the man was about to explode, literally if the fire sparking from his fingers told him anything.

"That.." the demon's voice started off calm

"Was meant." Tom said, his voice escalating. He walked closer

"FOR ME!" He yelled.

Suddenly fire, fire everywhere. Columns of it. Marco's head was turning viciously in order to keep up with all the destruction that was happening. The room itself seemed to turn a shade redder at all the fire that was present.

Tables were jetted up into the air, people were diving on the floor to take cover, and destruction was happening at every corner in a scene that Marco would describe as pure chaos.

"What is happening her-" Queen Moon said pulling back a curtain. Her eyes immediately widened at the scene. "What in the name of corn" she said astounded.

"Walk it out and-" Brian tried grabbing Tom's arm. He was immediately propelled into a wall by a column of fire. The wall splintered, and Brian was probably buried a solid foot into the stone.

"Ow." Brian groaned before falling unconscious.

Marco looked at the scene with concern. He had faced many demons before in the never zone, but he wasn't in the condition. His arm was still bleeding heavily, and by now his whole arm was covered. He was starting to feel lightheaded, especially after all that dancing. His side was in such brutal pain, that he could barely stop himself from yelling in pain. He also had no weapons, so basically, he was fucked.

The demon blasted himself into the air, shouting at the top of his lungs as he did so. Columns of fire erupting out of his hands and feet. Marco cowered away, being burned alive by a demon was not the way he thought he would die, but it looked like this was the end. Marco closed his eyes and raised his hand in a pitiful attempt to block the oncoming attack.

He waited for death.

"Cool cube cage!" Star yelled with her wand raised up in the air. The fire disappeared, the atmosphere returned to normal, and everyone looked up surprised by the sudden turn of events. There in the air, Tom was frozen in a solid cube of ice. He hung in the air for a second before failing and hitting the floor. Thankfully the cube was fine, and Tom was just stuck until someone could thaw him out.

Star walked up to the cube, with a look that one would describe as extremely pissed off. Raising her wand, the proud 53 was changed back to 0. She sighed, geez she forgot how angry Tom could get sometimes, that was like majorly bad. Wait.

'Oh that must had just totally freaked him out.' Star thought a little worried that Tom might have scarred him for life.

"Im so, so, so sorry. Tom just get angry-" Star said turning to where she thought he was sitting, except in his place there was nothing but empty air.

Star felt her stomach drop. Her breath was caught in her throat. The shock she felt was something she couldn't really describe. She had never been this floored. Her body was still stuck refusing to move, like she was paralyzed.

He really just… left.

Star had been sad lot in her life, and most of the time it was from her mom telling her to be a better princess, and although this definitely wasn't the worst thing that ever happened to her, she had to say that this fucking sucked.

Her fist clenched, and her teeth grinded together as she let out an angry groan of pure frustration

"You just had to do that Tom!" She yelled kicking his frozen form with almost enough force to put a crack in it. His eyes awkwardly looked the other way, that was about the best response Star was gonna get until he thawed out. She sighed crossing her arms, an annoyed expression on her face.

Maybe she was overreacting a bit, after all it was just a stranger, but…. She held a hand up to her lips, blushing a little. Shaking her head, Star let out another groan. Why did she do that?! He was handsome sure, but there was something else. Star had never felt so high on life. The feeling, oh my corn, what could she say about the feeling. There could have been something there maybe? Star would never know now and that really made her heart ache.

"Star, what in the world happened." Moon asked quickly sprinting up to her daughter. One minute she was talking with Lady and Lord Lucitor in the VIP section and the next the whole place catches on fire.

"Tom, got a little angry." Star replied her voice dry and full of annoyance. Star sighed, leaning back on the cube like a wall.

"Oh." Moon said a little surprised. She knew Tom was strong, but he really almost brought the Sun to this party.

"Uh yes Thomas does have a little anger problem." King Lucitor said awkwardly from beside them. "Please we apologize for our son's behavior." He continued giving a little bow. Lady Lucitor didn't really seem to agree with her husband, instead huffing a little bit and turning away.

"Ok." Moon said a little confused at the two opposite actions. Suddenly Moon felt her arm being tugged, and then she was being dragged off.

"Come on Mom, lets go." Star said. Moon didn't really know what had happened, but she could tell her daughter was completely ticked off, so she didn't dispute. Star rung the bell again, a demon crashed from the ceiling erupting a couple of shouts from the audience, but Star didn't seem to care. She dragged her mother into the carriage and they flew into the air, bound for Mewni.


Janna was a laid-back person, nothing really worried her. One time in the 6th grade a fire broke out but saw it as an opportunity to summon a flame demon instead of getting to safety. It didn't work, and her parents did end up scolding her for that, but it was in one ear and out the other. However, this time she was really worried.

Marco hadn't shown up for school on Monday. That was fine, even though Marco would risk his precious perfect attendance she had definitely seen him miss school once or twice before. Even the safe kid got sick every once in a while. She did miss out on her fun that day, oh well.

The second day Marco didn't show up, it really confused her. Marco would miss a day for school, but never two. There had been countless times he had drug himself out of bed even if his cold hadn't really fully gone away. That was just Marco, but he didn't show. Ok, it was still fine maybe he came down with something really nasty.

By the third day, Janna immediately checked her tracker. There was no way Marco Diaz would miss three days of school unless something bad happened to him. There was no blip on the map, no signal at all. Did the tracker malfunction, where could he possibly be? There weren't too many people that Janna cared about her parents, Jackie, and Marco. Even then Marco was more like acquaintance that she just liked to screw with, but they had somewhat of a friendship she would say. She would like to say…

But it seemed like Marco Diaz had just disappeared off the face of the Earth. That did not make her feel good.

By the fourth day, the cops showed up to school interviewing whoever had any contact with Marco. That had included her. They told her he had gone missing, and before she knew it missing posters went up across school and everyone was talking about him. It was ironic really, everyone that hadn't really paid him any mind were suddenly talking about him like they really cared. Well it would unfair to say they didn't care at all, after all if anyone went missing you would have to feel bad for the family and for the boy who was God knows where.

Dead maybe…

Janna's skin crawled.

When Marco's mom came up to her, the desperation in her voice, even Janna felt her heart crack a little when she told her that she had no idea where Marco was. If Marco had actually died.. Janna didn't want to think about how Angie would react.

Everyone was still talking about Marco today, Oscar even said that he had driven him to the mall on twitter. That seemed like a publicity stunt, but Oscar wasn't the type to do that. Probably just him being dumb again.

It was nighttime now and Janna was restless. She wandered outside as she so often did. She was collecting some pigeon bones. It was said in some books that she had, that if she collected some pigeon bones, three rat skulls, ceremonial candles, and put them around an item of a person they would reveal where a person was. Janna didn't really know about that, but she really wanted to try because doing anything was better than barely being able to contain herself as she paced with constant what ifs filling her head. Normally the thought of disappearing under paranormal pretenses excited her, but now it was making her feel very uncomfortable.

She laid the items down in a field. She brought several things with her, candles, dream catchers, a hoodie of Marco's , and of course the bones. She cracked her knuckles preparing to set up the items.

She slumped.

What was she doing?

She sighed tiredly. She never thought she would be out here at 2 a.m trying to find a lost boy. She never went through this trouble for anyone, especially for one of the people she messed with on a consistent basis. She thought she would never feel like this. This dread, it was terrible. Janna had always thought she was weird, not caring about other people's pain or suffering. Caring like this, it wasn't her so why was she..

Sighing again Janna stood back up. Those thoughts were for later first Marco. Hey maybe Marco would be thankful when she found him, and then she could mess with him for all of eternity and he wouldn't be able to say anything.

Suddenly Janna heard a tear, almost like something had just ripped a piece of paper in half. Janna turned back at the noise; she could have sworn there was some flash of light but what she saw laying in that field removed all those thoughts.


Mewni castle

Star was restless. She tossed and turned in her bed unable to stop thinking about that boy. Star knew she got a little boy crazy sometimes, but it wasn't even really like that this time. It was something deeper. She had so many questions. Who was he? Why was he bleeding? What did he look like? So many questions she'll never get the answers to. She buried her face in her pillow.

"Ughh this is so frustrating." She cried, but her face was muffled by the pillow. She glanced to the side, her head resting on the pillow as she looked out of her balcony. She saw the moon in its entirety. It seemed bigger than ever before, its light illuminating everything. Why did she feel this longing?

She shook her head. It was just a stranger she told herself but.. she had almost kissed him. Star's mouth curved downward, maybe he was just like those lady killers who came in looking for a girl to smooch up on, and she had barely even resisted. It made her seem easy and she did not like how fast she had fallen into that temptation.

"Come on Star you see a thousand magical things every day and some boy has you thinking about stupid stuff." She said to herself. Still she looked at the Moon in all its glory, somehow teasing her with its silence. The crickets chirped, filling the grim silence as Star continued gazing out the balcony.

Suddenly she reached for her night stand. With her compact now in her hand, she scrolled through her list of contact before pressing on the one she wanted. Waiting a second as a couple rings went through, she heard a voice on the other line.

"What up B-fly!" Pony head responded in an excited whisper. Pony seemed unusually reserved for some reason, it made Star raise an eyebrow but that wasn't really important to her right now.

"Hey pony you won't believe what happened to me."

Royal meeting room

"So why have you called me here." Moon asked. Her hands folded over each other. She had barely stepped into her bedroom before the magical high commission had dragged her here with no explanation.

"It's problematic. We seemed to have a little security breech." Omnitraxus said a little apprehensively.

"A little! That guy stole my nose!" Rhombulus declared slamming his snakes onto the table. Lekmet let out a noise. "I do have a nose!" Rhombulus yelled pointing a snake at Lekmet.

"Shut up you two can we focus on how Toffee's accomplice got into the castle!" Hecakpoo declared, her own hands slamming on the table leaving little singe marks. Moon looked at her shocked at the revelation.

"What!?" she asked, like she didn't hear it the first time.

"Yea Toffee's little friend got through the barrier and the castle guard like it was nothing." Heckapoo declared shocking Moon again.

"What how?!" Moon demanded, a look of shock and anger gracing her face. Mostly anger.

"We don't know, it probably because all our knights are a bunch of idiots." Heckapoo said sitting back down in her chair.

"But that doesn't make any sense, why would he come here?" Rhombulus asked, confused why he would even bother to infiltrate the castle. Hecakapoo sighed.

"Isn't it obvious, he was after the wand. He was coming down the stairway where the royal bedchambers are. His plan must have got ruined because when he was coming down the stairways there was no wand in his hands." Heckapoo stated.

Moon suddenly remembered the armor stand. Was that….

Yes, it had to be, there was no one explanation besides that. To think he had come so close, even in their own kingdom. It almost made Moon fall back in her seat. It had barely been a couple of days and Toffee had already almost gotten the wand. If Star had been in that room by herself…

"We chased him, but he ended up using the scissors to transport us to various dimensions. He lost us in the underworld. Actually, at the same party you were attending. We didn't want to inform you because we saw that Star was with you, so we waited until you got back." Heckapoo concluded.

Moon was silent, she took a minute to process all the information as the high commission waited for their queen.

This was obviously bad. The wand and the spell book were still at risk even in the castle. Toffee had already gotten close in his first attempt. There was no telling what he planned next. Moon rubbed her head, there wasn't a lot of options now. If Mewni wasn't safe, then where was?

Her head jolted up, catching the attention of the other members.

An idea popped into her head, Star wasn't going to like it but it was for the safety of the kingdom and for her sake too. Moon stood up.

"Bring Star here first thing in the morning."


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