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Edit 5/9/18: Okay so two changes to the story. For those of you paying attention you will remember that Luca is technically Hungarian however this has been changed. I have changed it so she is called Transylvanian. I know that Transylvania is not a country. At the time Transylvania is a part of Hungry but a part of Luca's heritage plays into the fact that she refers to herself as a Transylvanian and not Hungarian. I won't spoil it but she will explain it. Please have patience with her and me. Second edit is that I changed the name of her innocence. I finally finished refining it and thus it needed a new name. So don't be confused Inkheart is now called Harlequin.

Edit 6/21/18: Yes I know I need to stop changing things. However this is only one and doesn't have that much of an impact on the story. So I ran my idea about Luca being Transylvanian by a close friend and she told me that it made things too confusing and convoluted so I've decided to scrap that idea and go with something else. All I'll say is that there is more to Luca's mother than she's letting on. Anyway I've changed Transylvanian to Hungarian and it's going to stay that way I promise!

A shrill cry echoed through the mist. It was not the cry of a child nor that of an animal. No it was more like a cross of something dying and the sound of a machine whirring. Thundering footsteps followed as the cry turned into an explosion drowned out by the clattering of the train against the tracks. In the dark of the night a lone figure joined the one already standing on the bridge. Together they jumped from the bridge to the train passing underneath. Sliding open the trap door on top, the figures dropped into the train.

"Lady Exorcist! I was beginning to think that you were gonna miss the train." Brushing dark bangs out of her face she smiled at the finder.

"It's fine. I ran into an akuma on my way over. It was no big deal." A train attendant rushed over to them.

"I'm sorry but you can't be here. This is first class." The finder looked at him.

"We are from the Black Order. Please get a room ready." The attendant took a moment to process this.

"We've been expecting you, though we weren't expecting you to come from..." he trailed off as he looked up at the hatch that they had just come through. She chuckled and offered a smile.

"I apologize I was running a bit late. It wasn't hard to catch the train. I just had to wait in the right place." Blinking a few times at how easily she had dismissed jumping onto a moving train, the finder cleared his throat.

"My deepest apologies," He bowed. "Your room is ready. Please follow me." without another word he led them to the first class room. Seated on the plush cushioning of the bench she called out to the finder outside the door.

"Fredrick, join me." The door opened and he stepped inside.

"Are you sure Lady Exorcist? I have no problem standing outside." She gave an easy smile as she crossed her right leg over her left.

"You can call me Luca, besides it's a long trip and I'll get bored in here all by myself. Take a seat." The finder nodded his thanks as he sat down across from her.

"How was your mission? Did you get the innocence?" The toe of her right boot tapped against the wall under the window that she gazed out of, her head resting in her hand.

"Procuring the innocence was easy. There were only a few akuma. In all honesty it was quite boring. Lately things have gotten dull." Her emerald colored eyes met his brown ones.

"Isn't that a good thing?" A smile graced her full lips. Whatever she was going to say was cut off by the door opening. A man stood outside. "Excuse me, but this room is reserved." Fredrick spoke politely but firmly. Luca watched the strange man who didn't speak out of the corner of her eye. "Sir? Did you hear me?" Fredrick asked again.

"Ex-ex-exor-cist." The man hissed. Her hand slid into her jacket to her collarbone.

"Get down Fredrick." She ordered. Obeying immediately he hit the floor. "Activate." Snapping the whip out it split the akuma down the middle before it even finished transforming.

"Thank you for saving me." Fredrick pulled himself from the floor back onto the seat as she slid the dark whip back to it's place on her skin. The warm liquid of it made her wince. It would cool down a bit soon.

"No problem, I'm surprised it found me." Her eyes drifted back out the window content with just having company. Luca stretched as they entered the castle that she called home.

"Welcome back Lu!" Lenalee chirped as she joined her friend in the halls. The shorter girl nodded with a groan. She had gotten some sleep on the train but still wasn't in the best mood. This last mission had been right after another which she had hated.

"Hey Lenalee, where's your brother?" The Chinese girl raised an eyebrow.

"Do you need to report to him?" she asked. Luca shook her head.

"No I want to kill him." This caused the other exorcist to laugh.

"It was that bad?" She asked. Luca nodded.

"He sent me to Siberia." she growled.

"Oh. Cold. Is that why you're mad at him?" Lenalee winced. It was well known that Luca hated the cold.

"I think he's in his office." The Hungarian girl nodded her thanks and went to Komui's office. Not bothering to knock she simply kicked the door open. Komui jumped as the door slammed against the wall.

"Luca you're back!" His smile disappeared when he saw the look she was giving him. "What?" he asked. As she started stalking over to him Komui tried to hide behind his desk which didn't give much cover. Grabbing the desk Luca tossed it across the room.

"You!" She growled as she pulled him up by his coat collar to shake him. "If you ever send me somewhere cold again I will find the Millennium Earl and I will marry Lenalee to him!"

"Not my precious Lenalee!" He sobbed uncontrollably.

"Brother? What's wrong?" Lenalee asked as she came running into the office. Komui immediately latched onto her and continued to sob, begging her not to get married.

"What's going on?" Luca turned to look at the new voice that joined the conversation.

"Allen?" she asked surprised. He looked over at her. Gray met green. A wide smile broke out on her face as she ran over and hugged him.

"Lu!" He returned the hug. The Chinese siblings looked over at them.

"You two know each other?" Lenalee inquired. Luca nodded letting go of the boy.

"Allen and I trained together under General Cross. He's my brother in everything but blood. I was sent here earlier. Honestly I was sure if Allen would survive Master or not." Allen shuddered at the memories. "I'm gonna take a wild guess and say that he didn't come with you." Allen shook a little.

"How did you guess?" She smiled at him.

"Well that's fine. I prefer you over him anyway."

"You didn't tell me that there was another student with you training under Cross." Komui pouted standing up. He was beginning to feel left out. Luca glared over at him.

"I did! You weren't listening. You were bemoaning the fact that I said I wouldn't protect Lenalee from Lavi and Kanda. Not that she needs it!" she snaps angrily. Shaking it away she turned back to Allen. "I'm so glad that you made it here alive. I was beginning to wonder if you died and Master just wasn't going to tell me because then the Black Order would be able to find him."

"No I'm still alive. Honestly I was so caught up in all that had happened I forgot to even check to see if you were here. I didn't see you when I first got here and then I got sent of a mission..." he trailed off thinking back to his first mission.

"That's fine, Allen. I was out on a mission anyway. Actually I had two right in a row. I didn't even manage to make it back between them. It sucks but it does happen." Allen nodded. Kanda had been sent straight to another mission from Mater.

"So do you have innocence to give to Hevlaska?" Lenalee inquired as she pried Komui the rest of the way off her.

"Yeah a couple pieces actually. Wanna come with me Allen? We have a lot to catch up on." Lenalee gave her a surprised look.

"A couple? I thought the first mission was to destroy them akuma accumulating there." Luca nodded.

"It was. The reason the akuma were there WAS because of a shard of innocence. It wasn't hard to steal. There were only a few level 2 akuma and a bunch of level 1s." Allen gave a low whistle.

"I fought a level 2 in Mater. It was such a pain. You fought several?" he asked. Luca offered a shrug as she started to head to Hevlaska's chambers.

"My innocence is different than yours, different abilities means that there are some things that I do better than you, however it also means that there are things that I can't do for the life of me that you can." The lackadaisical way in which she explained it reminded him of their Master.

"Lu," Allen sounded scared. "You just sounded like Master." Said girl shuddered.

"I won't be doing that anymore." Lenalee laughed as the two flinched at the memory of their Master until something occurred to her.

"Lu could I speak to you for a second in private?" The Hungarian girl turned to the taller girl.

"Yeah sure. Hey Allen," she tossed him the bag of innocence shards. "Take those to Hevlaska. I'll meet you there before we have to give them to her." Catching the bag with ease the boy nodded and headed off. "What's up Lena?" Luca asked tilting her head to the side.

"Well everybody is working on the party for Allen so could you keep him from the dining hall for tonight and we'll have the party tomorrow. It would be such a pity if the surprised was ruined." The green eyed girl smiled.

"That's no big deal. I didn't think we would go wandering around. I was thinking we'd go to my room and play cards while we chatted. I'll keep him up late so he will sleep a bit later to give you more time but I doubt it'll take much if any effort at all." The Chinese girl hugged her.

"You're the best Lu!" Returning the hug said girl chuckled.

"Remember that next time Komui sends me somewhere cold." Lenalee cocked her head in confusion.

"What does that mean?"

"Oh nothing, nothing at all. Anyway I'm going to go catch up with Allen and see Hevlaska. Have a good night Lenalee. See ya in the morning." With a lazy halfhearted wave the tired exorcist followed after her friend down to the chambers of Hevlaska.

"Welcome home Luca Blackwood." Luca smiled up at the woman.

"Yeah it's good to be home Hevlaska. I've got three pieces of innocence for you." She pulled all three pieces from the bag that she had carelessly tossed them into when she had started running from all the akuma that had shown up for innocence that she hadn't even known about. Luca had been dragged in by a few villagers. Of course the innocence had to be in the middle of town square where all the people were gathered to watch her as if she was some kind rare animal. She had needed to draw the akuma away.

"So I have heard. Allen was just talking to me about it. I hope you had a safe trip." Her voice was warm and inviting almost like a mother's would be. Blurry memories of a voice similar in sound came to her mind. Vague memories of myths for bedtime stories; soft words murmured in her native language. Shaking her head to rid herself of a time long forgotten she answered.

"It wasn't horrible. Nothing happened that I couldn't handle." Allen looked over at his friend. She had that look again. It was the same one she got when she thought of her mother who had died because of the famine in her homeland. Her voice also adopted this wistful tone.

"Thank you for saving these pieces. I will keep them safe. Sleep well." she bid farewell to the two teenagers as they left. She saw sadness and pain in their future. Hard decisions and heartache in Luca's. Danger was inevitable for the pair. She could only hope that they would survive. For now they would remain blissfully unaware of their fate, for at this very moment they were safe. The winds of change were coming that much was clear to the woman. "Be safe, life is never easy for those who dream but you are creating a better future for others. Your scars are beautiful and prove that you can survive anything."

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