So I've been gone for a couple weeks. I know I said that after my last break there would be regular updates and then nothing happened. I am truly sorry for that. I've taken these last couple of weeks to really think about the story. At first I didn't update because the chapter wasn't done. I thought it was because I was stressed about my job. I recently found out that the guy that hired me lied to me about the hours and I am once again looking for a new job as this one cannot support me. Writing has always been fun for me. I'm excited to share my story with you all, unfortunately I have found that my rigorous update schedule left little time for my real life and little time to really think and edit the story. I have made several plot holes and mistakes. I rushed through it. So as I said I've taken these last few weeks to reflect on the story. It's not fun anymore. There's so much I wish I could change. So I'm not taking Veil of Ink and Gold down because I love all of your reviews and never want to lose them but I will no longer be updating it. I apologize to all my readers for this. Basically I've decided to rewrite the story. I'm going to be taking my time with this story and allowing the characters to really dictate where it goes. I've made several changes to the story and how it will go. The chapters will be better written and composed. I am very happy with it now and writing the first chapter has been fun which is something I've missed. Both my beta and Yule have told me that I am far too stressed about my writing and they're right. So to the question will I be updating Veil of Ink and Gold the answer is no. However I strongly encourage you to check out the rewritten version called Shades of Gray. Thank you for your kindness and understanding. I hope you all have a good day!