Grace Farrell couldn't have been any happier that today was her wedding day! She was finally going to marry Oliver Warbucks after being secretly in love with him for 6 years. She couldn't be any happier to share this wonderful day with her wonderful newly adopted daughters Annie and Molly.

But she couldn't help but to heel sad that her parents couldn't be there to share the special day with her. They would love to met Oliver Warbucks and her mother would spoil her granddaughters. Unfortunately her parents both passed away, her father passed from cancer when Grace was 20 and a junior in college and her mother passed away just one year later. Grace has never seen anyone more in love than her parents and her mother's death seemed to be of a broken heart . She was incredibly close with both parents and couldn't bear the thought of losing them both and so unexpectedly. Grace and her mother were best friends and she even took her last two years from college off to care for both parents until they passed Grace had two sisters one older and one younger Jen and Melissa but Grace and her mother had this extra special bond together because she was the middle child.. Grace never got to finish college and ended up working for Warbucks but she hoped when the girls got a bit older she could go back to school to be a teacher.

When Grace first started working for Oliver she became very close with Helen Pugh, the cook. She was like a mother to Grace and she told her everything and she felt she could confide to her in whatever she was feeling. Mrs. Pugh even gave her great advice on confiding her feelings she had towards Oliver. She could remember the conversation clearly. They were both snuggling in Mrs. Pugh's bed after dinner as it was their nightly ritual.

"Mama can I tell you something?"

"Anything my sweet girl."

"I'm beginning to have feelings for Oliver but I don't think he likes me the same way of if it's even appropriate."

"Well you're a kind beautiful young woman and I could never imagine someone not liking you. Have you talked to him about how you felt?"

"Well I don't want o make things even more awkward as they are what's with me being umm.…black

Mrs. Pugh could see where she was getting at now. She took her daughter's hand and squeezed it.

"Well I'm sure he doesn't see you as any different just because your skin is a different color than his. I'm sure if you talked about ho you felt with him you'll feel much better. You two already seemed like good friends from the start. I think he may like you too."

"Thank you mama that rally helped yes maybe I'll try talking to him about ho I feel and see how that goes. I love you mama good night.

"I love you too Gracie Liz my daughter I've never had Goodnight."

Mrs. Pugh held Grace as she fell asleep into her arms and they both stayed like that for the rest of the night.

Grace has now been calling Mrs. Pugh mama even though she could never replace her real mother or the special bond they shared together growing up. Grace couldn't help but miss her parents today and couldn't help but to cry.

"No time for tears baby it's your wedding!"

Grace jumped up not realizing that Mrs. Pugh walked into her bedroom as she was daydreaming about her parents.

"I know mama I just miss my parents so much today I wish they were here to share this special day and how much Oliver and the girls mean to me."

"I know how much Oliver and the girls man to you I know you miss your parents today baby but just remember that they're smiling down at you right now and they couldn't be any more proud of you and how far you've come along."

"You really think so?"

"I know so sweet Gracie I love you so much and you have been a daughter to me ever since you came to work here 6 years ago . Let's get you finished up the wedding is about to start."

Grace wiped her tears away and hugged Mrs. Pugh tightly

"I love you too mama"

Mrs. Pugh helped her daughter get her last few touches of makeup on and fix her veil.

"There you go my sweet Gracie Liz's you look perfect"

Before they both knew it Drake was standing at the door waiting to give Grace away. It was time for the wedding!

The wedding was the most beautiful wedding Grace has ever seen. Everything was absolutely perfect and it was snowing lightly, one of her favorite time of year was right now when the snow was pretty and white and not muddy and sloshy. Oliver was incredibly handsome up on the alter waiting for her to become his. Annie and Molly were the cutest flower girls with matching light blue dresses and white shoes. The ceremony was a blur to Grace, she was so nervous and excited at the same time. By the time she knew it, it was time for the kiss and everyone stood up clapping and cheering for the new couple.

The reception was beautiful and everyone seems to be having a great time. They hired servants so the staff could be a part of the w doing and didn't have to work. Annie and Molly both seemed to have a gras t time talking eating and dancing. Grace's two sisters Melissa and Jen were their with their kids and Annie and Molly seemed to get along really well with their cousins. Grace was glad that Jen would be staying with the girls this week while she and Oliver went on their honeymoon. That way they could rally bond with heir new cousins. Grace couldn't wait for h many new memories to come with her family. Today was really going to be a day she'd never forget for many many years.